Only In The Dark

A boy with his eye on two worlds and a disappearing family, Oliver Shawl is put to the test to finish his father's work and save man kind from the monsters and demons that walk among us in the dark.
This was my Nano write that I, unfortunately, was late to sign up for due to technical difficulties.


10. Funeral

The sky was crying and the sun was covered by the heavy grey clouds, threatening lightning and thunder. Oliver stood with his back facing the hole and staring off at his grandmother. She stood under a tree and looked off into the distance, over the many different graves and hills. A few older men and woman were there their bodies covered in black. What a sad color. Oliver didn't seem to notice the black hearse that pulls up behind him on the gravel covered road. His mind only on his grandmother who couldn't bear to meet the people face to face. Their hands full of flowers or some sort of gross pasta that, for some odd reason, people gave to their grieving neighbors like it's supposed to magically help them feel better and bring happiness.

    I don’t care if you brought us pasta. Please just leave. Oh yes we are just fine considering my grandpa, her husband, just died. Yes we are just fantastic. Thank you for the pasta Mrs. White. Get away from us. No we don’t want anymore pasta Miss. Ball. “She’s fine she just needs some space.”

    “Well maybe I should give her some advice. After all I did go through the same sort of problem but now I’m married again and…” Mrs. Blu went on and Oliver stood there smiling, trying to be as nice as possible. “We are doing good but I feel like he’s cheating-”

    “That is so interesting Jenny but I have other people to attend to and check on my Ma. Have a good day.” He set her pasta down and rushed off away from her. Jesus does she ever shut up? That woman is so annoying. Oh! hello Mr. Dyrick! Oh yes what an occasion! Oh I just want to kill myself, but that's alright.

“I'm sure you and your grandma ll’ be alright.”

“Oh yes I'm sure we will.” Oliver keeps a fake smile stitched to his face as he moves away from the people. Ignoring the men pulling out the black coffin and moving it over to the ditch. Oliver could only see black. Black clothes. Black cars. Black souls. Black hearts. Half of the people that came to join them only came here to show their pity. We don't need your damn pity. We don't need your food. Leave us alone. Papa wouldn't want you here. His heart was heavy just picturing his grandpa standing in front of him with a stern face “Be nice to your guests. Show respect for your elders.” I'd rather die. I should have died not you.

“I miss you.” He mumbled under his breath. Not realizing he was standing in front of someone and making conversation with him.

“Excuse me?” Oliver’s vision of his grandpa disappeared and he was looking at a woman's face. Her hair was long and grey and her cheeks were wrinkled. Her eyes held a darkness to them that always kind of freaked him out.

“Oh I'm sorry Karen. What were you saying?”

“Well I was saying how you should get those ugly metal things out of your face. Your poor grandmother must be so upset right now that the last thing that she needs is a goth teenage boy in her home.” He clenched his fists and tucked them into his black suit pant pockets and gritted his teeth behind his lips.

“I'll be sure to live up to what my grandmother needs by asking you to go home right after my grandfather is buried.” He smiled then left her to gape at his back. He walked over to Britney. Her face was covered by a shawl and her black hat. He could tell she was crying by the way she gasped every few seconds. He then took her by her trembling hand and held it firmly. “I'm so sorry Mama. I wish it had been me instead.”

Britney turns on him and snatches her hand away. “Don't you ever say that! We were meant to protect you whether we die or not!” Tears continue to fall and she starts to sob into her hands. Oliver hugs her to him tightly.

“I'm sorry ma. I won't say it again I promise.” They stood like that for a long while until it was time for the burial. Standing up in front of those people and saying the closing words were the hardest for his Ma. That he couldn't save her from and she knew it.

She cried through the whole thing and her accent and grammar became worse till it was just a whisper and wailing. Everyone watched her in pity and Oliver grabbed her hand and moved her away from the crowd. Sittinger her down in a metal chair. He then came back and set a red rose on the top of his coffin then threw the dirt on top of it.

“My grandfather was the greatest man I've ever known. He wasn't the kind of man to judge someone because of their appearance. Throw a homeless man a quarter. Say a bad word to an annoying neighbor. Or even raise a fist to solve a problem.” His eyes began to water and he tried his best to keep his voice as even as possible. “Kingston was the kind of man to give a homeless man $5. He would solve a dispute with words and take a punch if it meant keeping peace. He would pretend to be happy just to keep his family in a good mood. This man raised me like a father should and he married the most amazing, gorgeous, perfect woman a man could ever ask for. He never treated anyone with disrespect no matter how much the other person disrespected him. And that's how I'll always remember him and how everyone else should remember him.” There was a long silence as he looked down at the coffin. The tears had vanished and he turned to his grandmother and helped her out of her chair. The grave digger began to push the dirt over the coffin and the crowd was dispersing. People whispered and talked amongst themselves towards their vehicles but Britney and Oliver stood by and watched their loving family member move on to a better place.

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