Only In The Dark

A boy with his eye on two worlds and a disappearing family, Oliver Shawl is put to the test to finish his father's work and save man kind from the monsters and demons that walk among us in the dark.
This was my Nano write that I, unfortunately, was late to sign up for due to technical difficulties.


26. Demons

Oliver awoke with a scream and he shot up into a sitting position. His body was covered in sweat and the memories, other souls’ memories, were filling his head. More screams came from him and he held his head, it was burning and felt like his skull would crack open. His body twisted and he fell off of whatever he was laying on and crawled to his knees. “W-What’s happening?” He asked himself as he twisted and fell to the ground in pain.

    Then, all at once it stopped. The memories, the pain, the burning. His body lay on the ground unmoving besides for his chest which dragged out each breath heavily. His body was soaked in sweat and his muscles felt weak. He was staring up at a cement ceiling and a mattress was on the ground next to him. The room he was in stank of feces and urine, the bed he was laying on was damp and stained. He turned his head slightly to look around him to see he was in a cement room with bars over the door a couple feet away. His head lay back as he caught his breath then carefully sat up.

    He groaned in pain and effort until he was hunched over his knees and he stretched out his back muscles. Everything on him felt heavier and it ached. He could hear someone walking closer to his… cell? Definitely a cell. But was it closer? All though his weary capsule begged to rest, he sluggishly stood up and sauntered to the door. A dim fluorescent light rocked on the ceiling above him and everything was still. He began to notice everything around him, such as the tiny particles that leisurely floated around him. He could hear his breath exiting his lungs and the noises coming from above him. Such as the stepping noises he was hearing.

    He backed up and fell onto the dirty bed, he lay back but he didn’t feel tired in his mind. He felt awake and energized. His muscles had grown twice the size they were and he lifted his shirt to see his rock hard abs. He admired himself for a while and laughed a little, thinking of what Talon would say. He was too caught up in himself that he didn’t hear anyone walk up until the metal door opened. A woman walked in calmly, her hair was a darker red that he’d ever seen. Her body was hidden under a tight long black dress that dragged behind her on the floor. Her face was pale but stunning from how clean yet it made him want to stare. Her lips were a dark red and her eyes were the color of the ocean.

    He couldn’t look away from her, and she knew it for she smiled her breathtaking smile at him. He knew she wasn’t human and for some reason his body knew that too because his hands clenched into fists by his side. Her soft chuckle broke the silence and she stood in front of him. “Hello Oliver, I’m Lilith… You know you can’t kill me without your sword.” His name on her tongue was like a cold metal fist in his gut but it smelt of honey and flowers.

    “That may be true; but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t hurt you without it.” His response surprised him. He’s never been so… so…

    “You’re a very smart alec human. I suppose you’re all like that though.” Oliver didn’t respond to her mockery. “So was it your mother that sent you? She’s been very risky lately, but I didn’t she’d ever send her own son! How did you get here any way?” Again no response. “I see… You wouldn’t have happened to use this would you?” She held out the pocket watch for him to see. He instinctively tried to grab it from her but she held it away and smiled. “Ah ah ah. I knew this day would come, but I never expected you to be so handsome.” She laughed a little. “You look a lot like Tim, you know?”

    Something ticked inside Oliver to his father’s name. He realized his mom hadn’t told him about what had happened to his father. “You know my dad?”

    She laughed again. “Everyone knows your dad Oliver. In fact, everyone is quite scared of him these days. Terrified even. He’s been very helpful to us and very much of a… surprise so to speak.” Oliver sat up and looked at her expectantly.

    “Where is he? He’s still alive?” He ignored his burning and aching muscles and stood. The woman didn’t move.

    “Yes, he very much is ‘alive’.” She chuckled. “Would you like to see him?” Oliver looked at her uncertainly.

    “How do I know this isn’t a trick or something?”

    “You don’t.” She held out her hand for Oliver to take. He didn’t take it but instead insisted that she take him to him. “Very well.” She led him out the cell door and into a long hallway with other cells that were closed. As they walked by he glanced in at the monsters inside them, since there's actually had windows with bars over them. He followed her out of the hallway and into a tiny room, an elevator. They rode it a couple floors up, silently standing beside each other.

    Oliver was somewhat excited to see his father. He had been wanting to see him for so long, him and his mother. His mother. All he’s been doing was blaming her for what happened when it wasn’t even her fault. He felt ashamed of himself. Finally the elevator stopped and the doors parted to a large opening. A living room that had a few couches and chairs, a pool table that a few monsters were playing at. The walls were painted black and the candle holders and tables were pure gold, along with frames. There were famous paintings and artifacts around the room, probably all over the house. In the front of the room was 2 large chairs and a table full of fruit and meat.

Sitting next to the chairs on the floor was a shadow of a man with no eyes and just a mouth. It's head was low and it's arm rested on it's knee like it was resting. Oliver examined him, knowing it was the monster that had attacked them multiple times. His body tensed and his teeth gritted to the thought of his hand around the monster's neck. It brought him a sick sort of pleasure.

Lilith guided him to the chairs, to the demon, and stopped in front of him. “You have a visitor Tim.” Oliver watched, horrified as the figure lifted his head to face Oliver. It’s mouth opened wide into a large grin. Lilith walked up the small steps and sat in her throne and watched. Oliver stumbled back as the demon in front of him stood up.

“What? Is this a trick? Where’s my dad? What did you do to him? That’s not my dad!” All the monsters gathered around in a circle to watch them. Oliver felt week and completely destroyed as he looked at the demon in front of him. It was twitching a lot like it was having self doubts and trying to pull itself out of it’s trance. It stepped towards him, the sinister smile was stitched from ear to ear and it never wavered. Everyone watched amused at the father and son reunion.

“It’s no trick kid. You wanted to see your father and here he is.” She laughed then she demanded. “Kill him Timothy. Rip him apart! Piece by piece! Then throw his head out for the hounds.” Oliver’s heart was pounding in his chest as his father neared him, it went to grab him but he ducked and twisted around Tim to shove him behind his back. Tim stumbled forward then spun around to look at his son. The smile would not disappear. He looked happy to kill his own son.

Tim lunged at him again and Oliver immediately rolled out of the way. He had no idea how he was so good at it, then he remembered the sword. The sword! How will I save myself if I don’t have anything that could kill a demon? How could I kill my own father? This caused Oliver to pause long enough for Tim to, once again, grab Oliver by the throat. He could feel his fingertips digging into his neck and he grabbed at the demon’s arm helplessly. There was nothing to look at besides for Tim’s pitch black face and white gritting teeth. He tried to scream but nothing would come. He could feel his lungs trying to collapse in on itself and his neck was bruising.

Everyone laughed at Oliver’s body in the air and just before his eyes could close the pressure was gone from his neck and he was on the ground gasping for air. The laughter and cheering had stopped and everyone was quiet. He looked up to see his mother was between him and his father, her hand was on his neck and he was off the ground, still smiling.

Lilith clapped her hands together. “Ah! Jen! I knew you would come! Look everyone! We have a family reunion.” Laughing and cheering from the monsters. Oliver held his neck then stood up to look at his parents. Both of them demons, and both of them at each other's throats.

“I see you’re still trying to destroy our family. Don’t you ever get tired of these games? Maybe you should go find some other monster to torture.”

“I thought he was dead!” Oliver cut in, glaring at his mother. She didn’t turn to look at him.

“That’s what you thought. I never confirmed it.” His head was pounding again and it hurt to look at them. It hurt to see them against each other.

“Why is he like this? Why are you guys like this?” He was holding his head from the pain it was in. Jennifer glanced at him then back at Tim who didn’t move from her grasp. She was speechless.

“It’s because your father was attacked by Hell’s most vicious demon. Think of it as the werewolf curse; but instead of every full moon it’s permanent. It’s called Vignette. It was sent to kill Tim but it only scared him over his eyes and that’s why he has no eyes. Jen here feels guilty because she left him to go back and get you and that’s when he was attacked. He’s actually a better demon than the last one.” She laughed a little and then ordered, “kill them both Tim.”

Almost instantly the demon’s arm came up and smashed down on Jen’s forearm, causing it to snap in half and she stumbled back. She screams in agony and Oliver catches her from falling to the ground. “He has to snap out of it…” Oliver mumbled to Jennifer and she shook her head, holding her arm in pain.

“He’s far too gone Oli. I tried already.”

“Well we have to try again. Can you get us three out of here?”

She stuttered, “I-I-I don’t know. I can’t take him when he’s struggling.” The demon tilted his head to each side, cracking it before stepping to them.

“He won’t be.” He set her on the ground and then stood to face his father one on one. The monsters around them roared in applause and cheered on Tim.

“What are you going to do?” Jennifer worried as Oliver walked forward to meet Tim half way, his mother watched in utter remorse at her son and husband fighting. Oliver didn’t reply. The atmosphere was intense as both threw a few punches or lunged for each other. Both of them dodging each other’s moves. Jennifer tried to break her arm back into place; she bit on her lip to hold in her screams and whimpers.

With a every punch there was a counter attack. By the time they were 5 minutes in there were bruises all over Oliver’s face and body. Blood dripped from his lip and he was exhausted from the useless fighting he was conjuring up. He fell to his knees in front of Tim and spat out blood onto the floor. The crowd roared as Tim drew closer, his long claws grabbed a handful of Oliver’s hair and lifted him. Jennifer snapped her arm back into place with a scream then was next to Tim and Oliver in a second. Both hands were on their shoulders and in a blink of an eye they were in the living room of Oliver’s grandparent’s home.

Tim threw Oliver aside and went to grab Jennifer, but she was too fast and she hit him over the head with the TV. Tim stumbled a bit, the smile disappearing as he hit the ground. Oliver was on his feet again and rubbing his head. He winced at the feeling of his scalp being torn by his hair holding his weight. “How do we keep him here so he can’t warp off somewhere?” Oliver asked.

“There should be some salt in the kitchen. Get it.” Oliver obeyed his mother and ran to the kitchen to get the salt. Appearing back in the room she tossed the table onto the couch and removed the carpet. She pulled the demon body of Tim in the middle of the living room. She took the big plastic bottle of salt and drew a big circle around the body with it. She then made little symbols outside of the circle on four sides. Oliver recognized them as spiritual containing spells. Probably another gift the sword gave to him. The sword!

“Crap! They have the sword still!” Oliver exclaimed pulling at his hair in annoyance.

“We’ll get it back. It may be the only way to kill them but there are ways to slow them down.”

“Wait. How come Bael let you leave?” Oliver asked.

“Just know that their are 2 ways to technically kill a demon. One is to use the sword which basically imprisons them. The other is to kill it without a spiritual weapon but it just sends them back to Hell and they can get out sooner or later but it’s difficult.” Jennifer mumbled then began to whisper a spell in another language. Oliver watched his mother closely, sitting on the couch.

“How did you learn all this? These spells and curses and such. The monsters names.”

“I’ve been here a long time and the only person you can talk to is yourself or another demon. I’ve also been reading a lot of books on my free time. Trying to find a way to…” She didn’t finish her sentence. “Done.” She sat down beside Oliver and watched her husband… the demon sleep.

“What happened? How did you get here?” Oliver asked under his breath. She could barely hear it but knew it was coming. She was quiet for a while, thinking about how it had all happened so fast.

    “It was about 5 years ago and we’d been missing for a year…”

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