Only In The Dark

A boy with his eye on two worlds and a disappearing family, Oliver Shawl is put to the test to finish his father's work and save man kind from the monsters and demons that walk among us in the dark.
This was my Nano write that I, unfortunately, was late to sign up for due to technical difficulties.


21. Daddy's Little Girl

After they had nourished themselves they all walked out, at Talon’s pace, to the car in the front yard. It was an old Caprice that looked like it was beaten up by something big. Talon stared at it before walking over. “How did she do all this?”

    “Ask her when you see her again.” He was still pouting as he followed him to the car, Tanith trailing behind.

    “Those were the best apples I’ve ever eaten!” They got into the car.

    “Hopefully they aren’t poisoned.” Oliver looked out the passenger window as Talon started the car while coughing into his palm. “You okay?”

    “Yes. You need to stop being a jerk and accept what your mom is doing for us.”

    “She isn’t my mom. Mom’s don’t abandon their children at the age of ten.” He mumbled.

“Yes well my mom died so I never get a chance to make up for the years that have past.” He pulled out and drove away from the house, his eyes glued on the road. “I don’t think you understand how great of an opportunity you have to make up with your mom. It’s not every day that a parent disappears for years on end and then you finally see them again and they are looking out for you. I lost my mom and I never get to see her again until the day I join her, wherever she may be. But you get to at least get to see yours and, if you have to, say goodbye. Next time you complain or say one rude thing about her, I’m gonna punch you. This time it’ll hurt more since I ain’t drunk.” Oliver was silent as he listened to his friend. He felt sorry for him and he felt guilty for being such a jerk without considering his friend’s feelings. After all, she did save his life and his own multiple times.

The map had a path marked all the way to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It took 3 hours to get there and they switched off drivers every hours and stopped each time to use the bathroom and stretch. Oliver was the last one to drive and when they got in they were all somewhat relieved. But there were more monsters here than New York, some were even bigger and it scared them to see these things walking around. They were giants and had terribly scary faces from what they could see. But it didn’t pay them any attention as they drove by. Oliver was thankful because he did not want to get picked up by one of those. There were ones that flew threw the sky that looked like gigantic birds with a dog’s face but more twisted and had a longer snout.

When they got to where the path ended they were in front of another old house but it looked more kept like someone lived there. They stopped in front of the house and Tanith gave it an odd look. “This is my old house.” Her eyes sparkled as she jumped out of the car. Talon and Oliver looked at eachother before the ran after her.

“Tanith wait! We don’t know what’s in there.” She threw open the door and ran inside to see a thick, solid, shadow sitting in a chair. It stood up quickly when she entered and tears filled her eyes as she looked at the figure of her father. Talon and Oliver ran in after her to see her standing in front of the man.

“Daddy?” Her voice cracked and her body was trembling. A sort of smile spread across his face and she ran over and he embraced her.

“Hello sweetie.” He ran his fingers through her hair as she cried into his shoulder.

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