Only In The Dark

A boy with his eye on two worlds and a disappearing family, Oliver Shawl is put to the test to finish his father's work and save man kind from the monsters and demons that walk among us in the dark.
This was my Nano write that I, unfortunately, was late to sign up for due to technical difficulties.


32. Courage

Tanith sat awake at the end of the couch opposite of Talon. There bodies were tucked under different blankets and she stared out the front window at the empty street. It was almost 5 in the morning and she was extremely tired but too stressed to sleep. She sighed every so often, the future events were worrying her and it hurt her head to think about it. But she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

    “You alright?” Talon’s groggy voice startled her but she nodded and looked back out the window. “Scared?”


    “Yes.” He corrected her then slowly sat up he took a deep breath and began to cough so he grabbed his inhaler and held it to his mouth. Pressing the button and taking in a deep breath. He held it then let it out slowly. “It’s alright to be scared sometimes. Just know that you’ll be safe because Oliver will take good care of you.”

    “Why do you say that?” She asked curiously.

    Talon scoffed. “Because you’re his only way home.”

She pursed her lips. “Yes. Right.”

“I mean, I would go but my lungs aren’t doing too well from the recent happenings as you can see.” Wiping the blood off his hand and onto the sweat pants. “I’ll have to wash these.” He laughed a little as Tanith watched him.

“You should really go to the hospital. Those spore things could have done some serious damage and you could get lung cancer.”

“Thanks for the help Doctor Phil. But it’s not like they could do anything anyways so it wouldn’t matter if I went anyways.” He stuck his tongue out like it was funny. She was beginning to see that when Talon was scared, worried, mad, or upset he wouldn’t show it; but instead made everything out to be a joke.

“That’s not something to mess around about jerk.”

“Haha. I’m just messing around.” He looked out the window and up at the stars. “Oliver would protect you even if he died for it.”

Tanith blushed a little. “No he wouldn’t. He thinks I’m his stalker.” Talon laughed a little.

“No he doesn’t. He was just angry when he said those things, plus you lied to him and did stalk him.” She gave him a glare and he chuckled. “But I can tell he likes you by the way he looks at you when you don’t notice.”

“Whatever!” She could feel her cheeks burning and covered them with her hands, continuing to look out the window again.    

“I’m serious. I have a feeling he likes you.” He laughed a little at her and she hid a smile. She felt a little better. She got up when she saw the taxi pull up to the driveway and took in a deep breath. “Be careful out there.” He stood up and pulled her to a hug She hugged him back and smiled then head out the door. 

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