Kidnapped by one direction

A girl got kidnapped by one direction, I know it is every girls dream. But this girl has a different thing in mind. She is not a big fan of one direction. She would rather be with her family in New York, New York, with her family and friends in her school and neighborhood. But even though she hates one direction, she starts to fall in love with one of the kidnappers


3. Waking up

Louis P.O.V

     We had just gotten the girl in the van and she was knocked out cold. 

"I think I hit her to hard with van." Niall said softly.

"Why are talking so quietly" Asked Liam

      All of the sudden, we bursted out with laughter, well almost all of us, Harry just sat there quietly. I think he felt sorry for the girl. I did to but I didn't wan the boys to see. We were doing this for a reason, I thought to myself.

     After I had a talk with myself we heard a low, quiet moan coming from the corner of the van, where the girl was laying. Liam walked over to her and looked down at her. Her eyes slowly fluttered opened, When her eyes opened half way she tried to sit straight up as fast as she could, but she couldn't

      Zayn had tied her down with his and some of our belts. They were so tight, I wouldn't be surprised if she had marks on her arms once we got out of here. 

      She laid there, horrified, looking up at us while we were looking down at her. We could see a small water fall streaming down her face, smearing her makeup. She looking beautiful without makeup, even though it was all over her face.


Christina P.O.V

     Before this I was a normal, fifteen year old girl. I went to school & had friends. (Who called me Angel). I had to do stupid homework & do all of my chores before 9:00. I wan't sitting en a random person's van and crying Hysterically.

    As I laid there, my head still banging, the one with the curly brown hair came closer. I started to shake with fear, and the fear grew bigger the closer he got to me. The fear was growing like a flower in a pot, with increasing speed. I kept shaking until we swiped away the mascara & tears running down my face like a river. And for those three seconds, I felt safe, or at least a bit safe. My heart started to slow down its beat the more he comforted me.

The van turned all of the sudden "We're here" said the one with blond hair.


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