Kidnapped by one direction

A girl got kidnapped by one direction, I know it is every girls dream. But this girl has a different thing in mind. She is not a big fan of one direction. She would rather be with her family in New York, New York, with her family and friends in her school and neighborhood. But even though she hates one direction, she starts to fall in love with one of the kidnappers


8. New Favorite member






I had woken up in the same room that I had tried to escape from. At least they didn't move me. I thought to myself, with a blank expression on my face. I looked at the alarm clock to the left of the bed 1:21 It read in big, bold green letters.

I can't sleep no more..." I said to myself, louder than I expected to.

I sat up on the bed, Criss cross apple sauce spoons in a bowl.

 "The way we did it in kindergarten" I murmured to myself.




      I walk into a room filled with screaming, crying, smiling kids. My head is dizzy, and I can't tell what is left and what is right. I walk straight over to the teacher, trying to find my seat.

     Once I finally find my desk, I walk over to it. In one seat next to me, their is a young girl with blond, curly hair. 

 "My best friend, who's always been their for me." I whisper to myself, with a smile on my face, though tears streaming down it.

     "Skylee Tembrink" It wrote in beautiful hand writing on the top of the desk. Her desk was filled with the most colorful things you could ever imagine.




      I curl up to a ball, as all the amazing thought steam through my head. My stick arms were the only thing that wouldn't let light come into my sad, curled up ball. With my head still between my legs, I hear the door swing open, with a bit of a creek following it.


      Footsteps came from all the way from the door to the bed, as the person sits themselves next to me. With my head too weak to lift itself up, I keep it down in its own ball. I felt startled as a arm swung around my right shoulder to my left hip.

  "Shhh, Why are you crying...... Angel." He spoke in a calm, sweetening voice.

  My head shout up fast than the fasted man in the world. "How do you know my name?" My hoarse voice spoke out, but still in a whisper. His curly, brown hair flew over his eyes as he looked at me. His emerald green eyes drilled into me like a screw driver.

  "Do you not remember me?" He questioned me.





      The chair next to me, other than my new best friend, was completely empty. Nothing on it, except one name tag that looked rugged then the rest. "Harry styles" It wrote with a harsh hand writing.

     The next day the desk was no longer empty. Now it was filled with pencils, notebooks, and many other school supplies, but most of all, it was filled with a boy, about the same height of me. He had curly hair, and the most prettiest eyes I have ever met.




      "You're the boy who sat next to me in kindergarten." I finally spoke out, my voice not as hoarse.

     A smirk spread across his face as soon as I said it. "Good memory of yours, isn't it?" His voice still sweet and calming. I nodded quickly to the question.

      My sobs slowly started to come back, running a tear down my cheek. He lifted his hand & softly  stoked it away. More tears came as I remember what happened in the van. Though I felt safe with his arm around my shoulder, I knew this wasn't right.

   "How can I be feeling safe with a person I'm kidnapped by." I thought to myself as I felt safer & safer with him by my side.

   "What do your want with me?" I questioned him, breaking the silence between the house and us.

   "I can't tell you" He spoke, still answering my question, but still not what I wanted to hear.

    "And why is this?" My voice getting louder with every word. 

    "Calm down, Angel." He spoke out, still surprised that I rose my voice.

         We were about three inches apart, staring into each others eyes. I pressed my lips against his, breaking the space between me & him. Did I just kiss him!! I screamed beneath my skull.


      I tried to pull away but I knew I didn't want to. Our lips were syncing together like how they were in the movies. After a couple of moments, His tongue wiped its way down to my lower lip. After he slowly swiped one more time it started to explore my mouth like a safari. My hand played with his curly locks, while he twisted my hair into his fingers.

      He played me down onto the bed, him taking control. He played on me, leaving a space between his body & mine. 

  "You're a great kisser" HE explained, as a felt a smirk between his lips and my ear, as we switched sides. Me going on top of him. We did this for what felt like all night, kissing & whispering sweet things into each others ears while we turned in the bed.

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