Kidnapped by one direction

A girl got kidnapped by one direction, I know it is every girls dream. But this girl has a different thing in mind. She is not a big fan of one direction. She would rather be with her family in New York, New York, with her family and friends in her school and neighborhood. But even though she hates one direction, she starts to fall in love with one of the kidnappers


7. Helping out.

Angel P.O.V

      I shot up like my ass was on fire. I grabbed the chair by its arms & placed it where I found it. As I started to scramble back to the bed, but all of the sudden my knees locked, throwing me across the room, close to the bed.

      Thankfully, my brain had been working, so I caught myself as gravity pulled towards the ground. I grabbed onto the handle of the dresser that was right beside the bed.

      That was a horrible Idea... I thought to myself as a clear, glass cup came hurdling down to the rugged floor. Phewwww that was close....  I mumbled threw my head as the glass came down and didn't crash open. I placed it back on the top of the dresser and jumped onto the bed. I grabbed the frozen sheets & pulled them up so the edge was touching my nose.

      My heavy breath sat their with me until I held my warm breath, inside my lungs, as I knew the kidnappers were still there. My heart slowed down its beat as I slowly exhaled the breath that had been in me for seconds. I sat there for a couple minutes... I thought they gone back down stairs. My eye lids started to feel heavy again and my brain stop running like a cheetah threw the jungle. My eye lids started to slowly close, as I started to daze off into sleep.

      I was about into a complete sleep, but then I heard a slow, quiet creek coming from the other side of the room. The door is opening I thought to myself as I heard slow, steady breathing in the same direction. Calm, Angel, Calm I had thought to myself as I didn't hear the door creek again, meaning it wasn't closing. I assumed they were looking to see if everything was fine. After what felt like a million years, I heard a click coming from the door. It was the door closing, it was followed by a whisper with quiet footsteps.


 Harry P.O.V

      I knew she tried to escape. I told the boys that everything was fine, but I knew it wasn't.... for them. I had pretended to lock the door but I didn't at all. I had hoped she had caught on to that, so that she could get out of this hellhole she was in. Once me and the boys got back to the couch, I turned of the volume so high I thought my ears were going to bleed. I thought that when she found out the door was unlocked, that she could have some sound is something messed up. I would do anything for her, even if it meant that my ears were literally bleeding.


 Niall P.O.V

      Harry was acting wired, It was like he did something he shouldn't have. Me, Louis, Liam, & Zayn had all looked at him every time it looked like he heard something or was listening for something. And every time we did look at him, he would have a brief look of grief. I knew, and I'm sure the lads to, that harry was up to something no good.

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