Kidnapped by one direction

A girl got kidnapped by one direction, I know it is every girls dream. But this girl has a different thing in mind. She is not a big fan of one direction. She would rather be with her family in New York, New York, with her family and friends in her school and neighborhood. But even though she hates one direction, she starts to fall in love with one of the kidnappers


4. Getting settled

Liam P.O.V

      "We're here" Niall said. He took the key out of the ignition and grabbed a gray, metal chair. With the chair in his hands, he started to walk to the back of the van. He lifted the chair above his head, but before he hit her in the head he said

"Sorry.... Pretty girl."

 "Wow" Louis had blurted out... seconds after she got hit with the chair.

      Zayn untied her out of the belts so we could carry her into the house.

      Me & Louis had grabbed her arms, by the wrist and the elbow, and Zayn had grabbed her by the legs. We carefully carried her out of the van. My hand had slipped from her wrist and I had let slip out my hands. I wanted her to be out for a longer time, but I didn't tell the boys that.

      I grabbed her by the elbow and the armpit this time and we were off and up the drive way. Harry hurried up to the door before we got there so he could unlock the door for us. We, very softly, took her up stairs. She bonked her head here and there but she didn't awaken. Once finally got the bedroom Niall had gone to door to open it for us.

"Thank you, servant" I said as we walked by Niall, with an evil grin on my face.

"You're welcome, MADAM" He said back as a joke.

      We placed her on the bed, and tucker her in. We had hoped that the room reminded her of her home, So we painted the walls blue and it had purple furniture.

"Do you think she will be okay" Louis whispered under his breath.

"She'll be fine" I replied back to him as I closed the door and locked it.

       We had left her in there for a while, for a moment I thought she was dead. That us until I heard a *THUMP* coming from above.

 "The girl!" I whispered as Me, Zayn, and Louis started to get up and run upstairs.

The rest of the boys had been cursing under their breath as we climbed the stairs. They were probably as worried as I was. If she got out, she would've told the cops, and that is not our plan for her to go out. Harry had already beat us their.

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