Kidnapped by one direction

A girl got kidnapped by one direction, I know it is every girls dream. But this girl has a different thing in mind. She is not a big fan of one direction. She would rather be with her family in New York, New York, with her family and friends in her school and neighborhood. But even though she hates one direction, she starts to fall in love with one of the kidnappers


5. Getting out

Christina/Angel P.O.V


     I woke up to a dark, quiet room. My eyes felt heavy, as if they were carrying boulders. Though my tiredness, I sat up to find out where I was. I had forgotten everything, why I was here and why. I had gotten out of bed, my bones feeling like they were string, to look at the window by the bed. From the look at it, it seemed like Kansas, or somewhere with a ton of land.

     Then I realized where I was and why. My head was racing as started to remember everything. I sat back down on the bed, the world spinning faster. Even though I had felt weak before, the more I thought about what happened the stronger I felt. I had gotten kidnapped by four people... oh wait or was if five.... I couldn't remember. All I knew was I had been sleeping in a random person's bed, random person's house, random person's city, and I had no clue what to do next.

" I have to get out of here" I whispered to myself.

" I have to find a way, any way possible" I continued.

      I got up from the bed, My bones feeling healthier by the minute, Tip toeing to the door. I grabbed the cold, silver handle of the door and tired to open it.

"Shit it's locked"

 As soon as I said it, I heard footsteps coming up the hallway. I scrambled back to my bed and covered myself with the sheets. I closed my eyes and pretended to fall asleep.

"Where you going Niall" Someone yelled of in the distance.

"To the bathroom" I Assumed it was Niall's voice speaking.

     The breath that I was holding in finally came out,  a long exhale of relief. I didn't want them to know that I was awake.

"I still have to get out of here" I mumbled under my breath.

      My head was still pounding, so it was hard for me to think clearly. To be honest, I couldn't think because I was afraid of them. Why did they want me? Why was I here instead of home? How can I get out? All of these questions popping into my head like balloons.

     I sat up right from the bed and thought. *DING* an idea popped into my head. I slowly turned my head toward the window and smirked.

 Harry P.O.V

       We were down stairs watching T.V, Just me and the lads. Even though I was having a great time, I couldn't stop thinking about Angel. I stood up from the couch, walking towards the stair, heading for her room.


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