Hold the Throne

Once they put his now cold frozen body in the ground I officially became the Queen. I was going to finish what my father started. I was going to become the Queen and hold the throne.


5. Visitor

Blue P.O.V. 

I put Lizzy in bed and kiss her pale cheeks. She smiles then her green eyes close. Her long lashes kissing her eyelids. I walk to the bathroom and just stare at myself in the mirror. My face still had it's last light of color. My lips are chapped and my eyes look like a pale ghostly grey color. I sigh and look at my leg. 

There was a hole but not big enough to cause a serious infection. I just need a shower and some bandages. I strip of my bloodied dress and get in the shower. The hot water calms my tense nerves along with washing the remaining blood from my skin. When I turn around it stings the wound but I know the water is just cleansing me. I scrub myself spotless until I smell purely of vanilla.

I step out and wrap a towel around myself and head to my changing room. Usually my assistants would be here to dress me but I wasn't a little girl anymore. I didn't need some old hags telling me what to wear. I get enough of that from my mother. I open my closet and decide on a nightgown. I was probably gonna spend the rest of the day in the castle. I close the closet but when I turn around I see Michael. 

He had smug look on his. His hazel shining in the light. 

"What the hell are you doing in here?"

He lost the smug look and walked up to me. He grabbed my hand and got on his knees. 

"Blue marry me," He smiled. 

At first I thought I'd lost my hearing and I was going crazy. 


"I want you to marry me,"He said and stood still holding my hands. 

"You want me to marry you? The man who cowardly sent a poor man to murder my father. The man who took the most important person to the people of our land away from them.You most be out of your mind. I would rather you kill me than to be married to you,"I spat. 

He flinched at my words and he tightened his grip on my wrist. 

"Look you know Kane is starting to attack the both of us. If we unite we can take him but not separate," He says through clenched teeth. 

"Well you should've thought of that before you had my father killed"

"For the last time. I. Didn't. Kill. Your. Father"

I shook my hands from his grasp and reached for the knife in my closet. I swung but he caught my arm. 

"You think you're tough because you're the queen now huh? Well I'll show you who's the strongest," He pushed me against the wall and slapped me. 

"How'd you get in?" I said slowly reaching for the knife. 

"Well let's just say your guards aren't the best guards,''He laughed. 

I grabbed the knife and swung at his leg. I barely cut him. He let out a scream and grabbed me by my hair. Where the hell were my guards?

"Oh come on Blue. You've gotta be stronger than this"

He lets go of my hair and hovers over me. I try swinging and scratching but he's too strong. He plants my arms above my head until I'm still. 

"I'll give you some time to think over my proposal but until then you better watch your back. Kane isn't the only one you should worry about"

He slices the knife down my arm and I let out a scream. My pale skin was now painted a scarlet color. He lets me go and I fall to the floor. I grab the nearest dress and cover my arm. 

He crotches down and rubs my face with his thumb. 

"My beautiful Blue," He whispered over my chapped lips. 

He plants a soft kiss before walking out. 

"Help!" I yell. 

Where was everyone? I know they had to hear me scream. If someone didn't help me I was going to die. Soon the door is slowly opened and Lizzy appears rubbing her eyes. 


Her forest green eyes become saucers when she sees my arm. 

"Lizzy go get grandma now," I yell. 

She frowns at me but exits the room. 

I sit back against the wall and apply more pressure to my new wound. This was kingdom and I was supposed to protect it. How was I supposed to protect a whole kingdom when I couldn't protect myself. He could've hurt Lizzy and i wouldn't be able to stop him. 


Sorry I took so long to update 

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