Hold the Throne

Once they put his now cold frozen body in the ground I officially became the Queen. I was going to finish what my father started. I was going to become the Queen and hold the throne.


4. My Little Elizabeth

Blue P.O.V. 

When we get back to castle mother almost has a heart attack when she sees me. 

"What happened?"

"I didn't kill the man he'll be working for me," I say and try to get past her but she stops me. 

"What Mother?"

"Then who's blood is this?" She says pointing at my dress. 

"A commoner who tried to kill me so I killed him," I hiss. 

She flinches and shakes her head. 

"This is not what your father would have wanted Blue"

"Well if he wouldn't have shot me with a arrow then he wouldn't have gotten one is his throat," I smile and walk away. 

I defended myself and that's all that matters. 

"Was that your mommy?" The girl asks. 

"Yes that was but you can call her Mary okay?"

The little girl nodded and put her thumb back in her mouth. 

I walk back to my private room of the castle and sit the the girl on the bed. 

"Alright we're gonna go through some simple rules. You can't pee in my bed. No touching anything. I will get you some toys. If you are hungry tell me and I will have a maid get you something okay?"

She nods and plays with her fingers.

"So what's your name love?"

"Elizabeth," She whispered. 

"Well Elizabeth is it fine that I call you Lizzy?"

She looks up and her eyes are bright. She nods and smiles. 

"Now you must be hungry so what  do you want to eat?"

"Candy," She smiled 

I give her a smile and go to the bathroom and start a bath. 

"Come here Lizzy,"I yell. 

She comes padding her bare feet across the marble floors. 

"Strip and get in the shower okay? I'll be back with some bubbles and maybe a toy," I smile and leave her in the room. 

I walk out and into Lizzy's room. I grab some of her soap and one of her dolls and take it back to the bathroom. 

When I come back she's splashing water around. It makes me wonder if I wanted kids. I mean many royals have kids so that they continue the bloodline. But I just don't know. Who would I find that meets my standard? They would have to be a royal most definitely. Though mother was a commoner when father met her. So maybe I would do the same.

I shake the thoughts form my head and fill the tub up with the soap.  

"So are you my mommy?" She smiles playing in the bubbles. 

I never thought of that. I was most likely not going to have children so maybe I could adopt her. 

"Yes and you're my little Elizabeth," I smile back rubbing her curls. 


Excuse the mistakes....

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