Hold the Throne

Once they put his now cold frozen body in the ground I officially became the Queen. I was going to finish what my father started. I was going to become the Queen and hold the throne.


1. Funeral for a King

Blue P.O.V. 

I watched as they put his now cold frozen body in the ground. The funeral people did a good job making this the event of the year. His casket was made of the purest gold and silver. There were blue and purple and dark green ribbons on his casket to represent me, my mother, and my sister. There are at least a hundred roses and carnations, his favorite flowers, surrounding his casket. But no gold or ribbon could make up for the hole in my heart. 

I loved my father. He was my idol. He was the idol of everyone in Sapphirious. He was our hero and some peasant took his life. Some stupid poor peasant who would kill his own king for a piece of bread. It was pitiful and I was to make sure that I find the peasant and cut their head off myself. I wanted it on a stick to have outside the castle to show our enemies that I wasn't some child. That I was a Queen now and I would be taken serious. 

And with the recent attacks by Michael and his people my first order as a Queen is to eliminate him and his men. But until I'm crowned officially by Father Fredrick I couldn't initiate an attack. And according to my mother I shouldn't attack at all. But how is Sapphirious supposed to show power and strength when we can't fight a little army? If father were alive he would've killed them already. 

I feel a tap on my shoulder and look up to see my mother was talking to me. 

"Sorry what did you say mother?"

She frowns but rubs my back. 

"I'm going to take you to Doctor William if you have one more blackout," She whispers. 

"Mom I'm fine I was just thinking. It wasn't a blackout," I said giving her a small smile. 

She sighs and turns her head back to the service. The takers had finally put him in the ground. Some of the flowers had been carried by the cool autumn wind and now were flying loosely in the air. Making the dark scene a little brighter. Once they safely dropped him they took off the rope and began to ring the royal bells. And they are soon followed by the cathedral bells. 

I wipe my red nose and stand up from the chair. I grab Esmeralda's hand and she grabs mother's. And together we walk across the graveyard and into the city streets. Everyone was on the sidewalks. Either they had a white rose or a blood red carnation. They all had their heads bowed down in respect. But what really made me look at the people was a little girl quietly crying. You could still hear her little sniffles.

Once we get to Edward street, the street named after my father, we arrived at the family car. John opened the door with a bowed head and we got in. The familiar seats of the Rolls Royce made me think of just a week ago dad had tickled me as punishment for not saying 'thank you' to him. The memory makes tears swell up in my eyes but I bite my lip to keep them back. If it was one thing I'd learned from my dad it was to leave your emotions behind your eyes. Keep them from everyone but yourself. Because if you show emotions then you show weakness. 

John starts the car and we are off through the streets on our way to the Cathedral for my crowning and blessing form Father Fredrick. I can't help but pull at my dress at nervousness. I was going to be the ruler of a whole nation in just a few minutes. I was no longer daddy's little girl. I was the Queen of Sapphirious. 

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