Hold the Throne

Once they put his now cold frozen body in the ground I officially became the Queen. I was going to finish what my father started. I was going to become the Queen and hold the throne.


2. All Hail the Queen

Blue P.O.V. 

When we finally arrived at the cathedral the atmosphere had changed from gloomy to happy. There was a crowd of people cheering and throwing blue roses and white carnations at the car. It made me smile. Though they were all sad I knew they wanted a new Queen to take power and protect them. I opened the door but it was soon closed by Harry. 

He was one of our security guards and he was very protective of us since dad's passing. He blamed it on himself and he swore if he could stop it he would do anything to keep us from harm. 

"Harry I have to get out," I whispered through the window. 

My breath fogged up the window and I was left with no reply. I looked at mother but she just mouthed 'wait a minute'. I sighed but sat back in the seats and waited. It was probably 55 degrees yet the crowds kept cheering. Kept smiling and laughing. 

Soon about ten armed bodyguards walked in front of the car. They were blocking me from the crowd. 

"Now Blue," One of the men said. 

I took one last breath before opening the door and the roar of the crowd finally hits me ears. They were loud. Yelling 'King Edward will live on'. It made tears threaten to spell out. This is how much my father meant to them. They wanted someone just like him and if it kills me I'll be that Queen. Ruthless and with no mercy. I'll make Sapphirious a world power once more. 

Mother and Esmeralda get out and follow me up the Cathedral steps surrounded by security. I notice one of the men as Jack. He was a guard for my father and had been for at least 20 years. 

"Hi Jack," I say giving him a sweet smile. 

He gives me one of his old man chuckles before opening the doors and letting us in. Once we're in the doors are shut and locked. I turned towards the alter and Father Fredrick was standing their with the Royal stick and smiling. 

I bowed and knelled down in front of him. He nodded and began to recite the Royal promise. 

"Do you Blue promise to protect Sapphirious and promise to sacrifice yourself if needed? Do you swear to commit yourself to the needs of the Sapphiriousen people?"

"I promise," I said with closed eyes. 

I felt him tap the Royal stick on each of my shoulders and once he was done I stood. He turned and opened the case holding my father's crown. He carefully removed it and slowly walked towards me. I bowed my head and felt him place the crown on my head. I raised up saw my mother crying and Esmeralda playing with her dress. 

"I know bestow you the name of Queen Blue of Sapphirious," He smiled. 

"Thank you Father," I said bowing one last time. 

"You are just like father Blue. And I hope you become a great leader like him too," He said and hugged me. 

I nuzzled my head into his neck and breathed. 

I was no longer the school girl attending Church School. I was the Queen. 

I removed myself from him and was about to hug mother when the doors bust open. One of the two guards was panting. 

"What happened?"

A look of fear and sadness crossed the boys face. 

"Well tell me or be put into prison," I yelled. 

The other hit the other one on the arm and he straightened. 

"Your majesty. Michael and his men have attacked us on the east side," He frowned. 

I clenched my fist and teeth. Micheal. Michael was the one who made the peasant kill my father. And I want both of their head's on a stick. 

"I want you to find me the peasant responsible for my father's death. I want him brought to the town's square. And as for Michael and his men I want you to withdraw our men and let them rest. Give them a feast for all their handwork. Because they'll need their energy for the war we are about to enter," I say calmly. 

"You're going to hang the man? A hanging hasn't occurred here in at least a 100 years"

"Well maybe I'm old-fashioned. Now deliver my message and find the peasant," I demand and send them out. 

They nod and leave out the doors in a hurry. 

"Honey maybe a hanging isn't such a good idea. You don't want the children to see do you?" My mother sighed. 

"The people of Sapphirious just watched their King be put into the ground because some peasant wanted a few pounds. I think they would like for him to put to an end. Now we have to go back to the castle and get settled," I say and rub her shoulder.

She gives me a look I can't decipher but picks up Esmeralda and we head out into the crowd. Most of the crowd has gone home but there are at least a hundred or so still surrounding the Cathedral. I stand on the steps and clear my throat. 

"I have just been alarmed that we have been attacked," I speak. 

The crowd gasps and erupt in whispers and yells. 


The crowd goes silent and turns back to me. 

"I will do my best to fight them even if that means going into the fight myself. I will protect you. I will protect our kingdom," I finish. 

The crowd cheers and Jack leads me down the stairs in into the car. Once in my mother is no longer crying but smiling. The wrinkles showing around the eyes. 


"It's like your father made you from hand," She laughed. 

I smile and look at the windows. The people were waving and smiling. My people. 


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