The Plague

This story may keep you on your toes so beware....


2. What in the World

A shiver makes its way down my spine.  I take a deep breath, drawing in the winter air surrounding me like a blanket.  The air feels like ice in my lungs, the sensation burns but feels refreshing all at once.  I suck it in, the cold air is like a drug, I am addicted to the cold weather!  I love tying my brown sugary hair up into a messy bun with my fluffy white north face jacket, black jeans, and gray high heel boots.  My eyes are green like the leaves on the trees.  


Memory from 10 years before

"Layla, what are you doing outside without a coat on?"

"I am a winter princess mommy, I enjoy the cold" I say to my mom

"Well if you catch a cold, don't come running to me." She says with a smile.

"Yes ma'am, and I promise I won't." I reply.


I smile at the thought of my mother.  People used to tell me that I was a spitting image of her.  I miss her terribly.  I slowly make my way down the street.  The snowflakes start to swirl around me as the wind rushed passed like someone had breathed a strong current of breath in my direction.  I paused.  I unzip my jacket and stand there soaking in the cold like a sponge.  The wind becomes faster, I begin to slowly twirl around through the air like a ballerina at her recital.  The wind only grew stronger with each step I layed on the cement beneath me.  I kept twirling and twirling, I suddenly was not cold anymore, all I could feel was the rush of wind as it pressed against my body.  All I could feel was joy, no more pain, no more worries, not a care in the world! I slowly came to halt and the wind suddenly dropped.  "What was that about." I sigh into the winter air as I zip up my jacket once more.  

I begin to walk down the street once more.  I peer through each of the windows on my way down the street, still no sign of life anywhere to be found.  I walked a few more miles until I reached the city pond.  The pond had been frozen over for a few weeks now so I knew it was safe to walk on.  I take a courageous step out onto the ice and made my way to the very center.  I stare at the ice beneath my feet and imagine what wonders the pond may hold beneath the ice that I am standing on.  I slowly make my down onto the ice and cross my legs.  I sit here meditating on all of the great things I am experiencing in this moment.  I try not to think of where everyone has gone.

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