The Plague

This story may keep you on your toes so beware....


3. The Mystery

I feel it is time that I find out what happened to everyone in my town.  I honestly have no idea what could have happened.  I still sit on the pond in the center of Brokeville.  I peer between my legs onto the ice beneath me, I see something stirring in the water below.  I lean in closer.  I slide my legs behind me to lay on my stomach and watch what is under the three inch layer of ice underneath my feet.  


Memory from 1 year before

"Honey, be careful out there!" My mom calls with caution

"Mom! I have already told you! The ice is already thick enough to skate on." I told my mom last year

I slide my skates onto my feet like they are slippers and begin to lace them up.  They are white leather with silver prong and thin silver blades on the bottom.  My skates are as white as the snow around the pond.  The blades on my skates are freshly sharpened, sharp enough to slice a flea into two halves.  I have been skating since I could walk.  Now that I am twenty that makes it about 18 years that i have been able to skate on the ice.  My dad was the one who taught me how to skate in the first place.  My dad, he was a skinny man who always wore his hair up in spikes in the front and flat from the back to the front.  He had dirty blonde hair, with deep sea blue eyes.  He had a smile that could make you trust him in an instant.  

"Mom, I am twenty years old and have been skating for eighteen years now." I say with a smile and a slight laugh.

I stand on the center of the pond and take a deep breath, closing my eyes, and release all of the tension in my body.  


I stand in the middle of the pond, where I always stood before I began skating.  I draw in a deep long breath, close my eyes, tilt my head to the sky, and release all tension in my body.  I sit in the moment and think about all of the good things in my life.  I slowly breathe out, opening my forest green eyes and watch my smoke-like breath hover before me and slowly rise into the atmosphere.  This is technique my father taught me when I was young. I have used this in lifes most complicated moments.  Now that I am twenty-one, it helps me work through all of the problems I face in the life on my own.  



Sorry about the short chapter... I am still trying tp place myself into the story and not end it in a really cheesy way... Thanks for bearing with me!

Much Love,

EZNovelist xoxo

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