The Plague

This story may keep you on your toes so beware....


1. The Beginning

The world surrounding me fell silent. It was as quiet as the still so small breaths leaving a newborn baby's lips. The only sound was the wind curling itself around me in a chilling embrace. I stood alone in the empty street with abandoned homes on both sides of me. I wasn't scared, not until I saw something in the distance.  Lying on the point where the mountains kiss the sky, I saw something, something that was not there a few days ago, something that could make a grown man cradle himself in the furthest corner from it. I had no idea what it was, but everyone else knew. I saw the terror in their eyes, the tremor in their hands, and the shaking of their voices. I always asked what was scaring them, their only answer was a quick glance towards the mountaintop. What was I to do? Was I to investigate further? Was I to just evacuate with them? I had no clue! That next morning I awoke early to the sound of dogs barking to be let inside of their homes. I decided in that moment to go with everyone to wherever they were evacuating to. I quickly gathered my things and sped out the door. I ran to the middle of the street where I found myself looking for any sign of human life. It looked as though everyone had left without me. What is everyone so afraid of?

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