Bleeding Cure

When a young girl named Libby Edger is kidnapped by a man in a mask & forced against her own will as a test subject to take a secret serum that can potentially change her blood type to something extraordinary. She finds that her rare blood type can cure of medical diseases. But when the government uncovers the secret serum, he orders all test subjects to be killed. Will she make it out alive? Will the man in the mask protect her? Will she cure people with her findings? Read to find out.


1. Unexpected Appearance


I awaking, laying in a small field coated with wild yellow flowers. "Where am I?" I thought. I looked at my hands and notice there weren't any scars

remaining from where they once remained, from the incident. But why? Why were the scars absent? I also noticed that I was wearing a long white dress 

with the  sleeves that rested off of the shoulders and a silver heart-shaped necklace with the words "My Love" written on it. I notice a deer walking with pride

near a temple gate and I heard the noises of a river flowing by the forest walls. My breath began to feel heavy and my heart pounded through my chest.

"Huh, why  do I feel this way?" I wondered. I have never been here before but I felt as though I've been here in the past, maybe I was once here in a dream?

This place seems so real, though. I looked around me once again, taking the time to study some more of my surroundings deeply. I saw a tall gold figure eight

designed gate framing the taupe colored temple and many willow trees shading the stone path leading to the golden gate's door. "What a lovely place. It

seems so perfect here." I thought to myself. I heard the noises of leaves being stepped upon and shaken and I wiped my head to my right to find that a man

was approaching me. He was wearing a black leather jacket with a red button up shirt and dark blue skinny jeans. I also notice he had his hair gelled up at

the front and he wore glasses. He smiled at me. I, however, was a little taking back by his fast appearance. He held out his hand for me and offered to help

me up. I kindly accepted his offer and grab his hand. "What brings you here umm?" He looks to me expecting an answer "Libby..." I quickly replied. "Libby,

right! well, what brings you to River Falls," he questioned, I rubbed my chin and studied my words before answering his question. "I'm really not sure, I

don't even know how I got here in the first place," I answered, though I shuddered a little, I felt I got the message through. "Well then welcome to River

Falls, I'm Tommie if you didn't know." "I didn't..." I blurted out. He glared at me and crossed his arms, I laugh. "I'm only joking with you. Gee's, can't take a

joke?" I raise an eyebrow at him and continued giggling to myself. “Well, I can already tell you’re the humorous type.” He lipped still maintaining his cocky

attitude. A bell rang from the distance which quickly pulled me away from his attention and to where ever the sound was coming from. It was forceful

and made my ears ring. “God! What is that dreadful noise?” I exclaimed, holding my hands over my ears. Tommie looked to me with a concerned face and

tilted his head to one side “What noise? I don’t hear anything.” He replied, “You don’t hear that bell ringing?” I responded growing with trepidation. He,

however, just shook his head, disagreeing. The bell continued to ring and It felt as though it was ringing in my heart like an alarm clock resting upon my

chest, the rings got louder and louder and I wrapped my hands around my chest shaking in distress. the deafening rings were soon replaced, however,

with thumping and tugging. I quickly come to realize that it was not a bell ringing but my heart pounding and racing in my chest. My vision became blurred

and many soft like voices mumbled through my head. “Jesus! What’s going on with me!” I panicked, everything around me that was once there was gone and all that I could see was darkness and silence. Tommie was gone, the beautiful field was gone, EVERYTHING WAS GONE! I opened my eyes, “Huh? It was only a dream. But that place, Tommie, everything, it all seemed too real” I wondered to myself intensely. I don’t get it, just when everything seemed so perfect and peaceful for once, I awaking to this hell cage I call home. Back to the cage that I’m stuck in! I feel like a bird or a hamster, I feel like I’m somebody’s pet sitting in a cage to rot and or be disposed of. This cage is so empty, so abandon, so quit and yet I’m trapped here, waiting for his appearance, waiting to hear that man’s raspy voice call out to me, waiting for him to pump me with his drugs and findings. The man in the mask is what they call him, I, however, call him a monster. Such an evil human being. Such a sinful person, all because of him are the reasonings of why I am here. His research and findings of a serum are his real motives of why he is such a devil of a man. He brought me here, it wasn’t a warm welcome, he kidnapped me and force me into this hell hole. He used me as a test subject to his little serum. I hate him! God, I hate him!! If it wasn’t for him, I’d still be with my lovely family, enjoying all the simple things in life but no, I’m here and I will continue to be contained here until I die, well unless I escape that is. It’s crossed my mind many times but there’s never been a real opportunity, I know if there was, needless to say, I’d be out of here, out of this devilish hell and home free with people a love. I wish there was a good ending to this, but most of the time life is just unfair itself. This is cage is empty and lonesome, quiet and dark. I’m treated like a prisoner here, I sleep on the cold surface and eat off of the prison floors like a hungry dog. There’s no comfy beds, nice plates or good service here. I wear the same outfit day by day, an old ash gray long sleeve t-shirt with black baggy sweatpants. Jesus! If I had an opportunity to change into something new, I would grab that opportunity quicker than a black Friday sale, and don’t even get me started on the scenery of this place. The cage is painted with a charcoal like color and there’s writing with numbered like codes written on the walls. It’s always freezing in this room and there’s raspy like voices that echo through the halls constantly. I find myself always looking back at the same four walls, cement floors, and the same cracked damaged leaky roof. Outside of my cage, you can also see boxes of research papers and file cabinets overflowing with the man in the mask’s findings and failed test subject’s drugs that cover the floor. There’s a long corridor like hall to the left of my cage and an elevator with an out of service sign taped to the door on my right. The lights flicker and when it storms, the walls leak and the floor get soaked in water. The place in its self, looks like something off a horror movie. You got to be strong and wise to stay alive in this hell of a place. Though I depend on myself, there’s still likely to be other subjects in this dated abandon warehouse. I can sometimes hear other’s cries for help and screams of pain, I can also hear doors being slammed and guns being fired off. Sometimes I wish this was the dream I had instead of the one with Tommie In the meadow, and sometimes I like to think that I’m in a coma and will wake up soon in a hospital or something. But then again, that’s just my delusional thoughts kicking in. I’d be out of here by now if any of those theories were true.


( So sorry about the weird spaces and sizes of the words near the end. I couldn't fix that problem.Oh! and thanks for reading!!  It really means a lot! If you don't mind to leave a comment on what you thought about this story, I would really appreciate it.)


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