Light pollution

Deltager i sci-fi konkurrencen. Mulighed 3.
Sometimes you get lost in things you aren't in charge of. Sometimes miracles happen. Sometimes light pollution prevent you from finding those miracles.


2. *

She walks the streets once covered in the footprints of our early generation

bathed in grey as people suffer from the loss

of sanity

because the society has collapsed

and no one has the right

to say that something is wrong

when they order you to fall to your knees

taste the dirt

taste the claustrophobia

taste your life slowly being handed over to someone else


She walks the streets once belonging to the people who put together this earth

thinking of the possibility that it might someday

be her

getting pushed past towering buildings 

which rise towards the enemies in the sky

a sky lit up by light pollution

and technology from the future

there to inform you

there to watch you

there to replace you as you’re not as useful as you thought you were


She rushes through the streets once full of beauty and humanity and life

hoping the metal inside of her is enough for them

to let her live

because they took her love

and they brought him to the hospital

where they cut him open

and filled him with imagination

to make him forget

to make him their own

to make him and her and everyone pay for ever trying to stop them 


She stops at the end of the street that’s now covered in frigidity and death

looks up at the blacked out façade of the building

that threatens his life  

and she’s wondering what to do now

that the metal aches inside her chest

and her vision is blurring

tears streaming down her clean face

making her hungry for life

making her miss him more

making her fall hard and heavy between the lines of good and bad  


because there’s nothing she can do to make him know

that she will always be there

for him

that she will always think

of him

that she will always try to find a way out


So she forces her gaze away from the building and onto the streets that suddenly seem friendly

promises herself to come back

to save him

and she’s going to bring every single flower

that grows in her booming mind

so that the power in her hands

will erase every warning flashing in front of her eyes

because he has her

because she will get him back

because everything from now on will be worth all the stars in the galaxy

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