A wave of silence

I am going to make a new cover. Like if you like


1. Prologue





I used to love trips to the woods. I used to enjoy spending time at the lake. Now, it was all gone, because there wasn´t any Sarah to go there with. She wouldn´t be there, sitting next to me, telling me how her day was, or how her dancing lessons went. I remember the days, where we would stay up late, and talk about everything. Those were my favorite days. We used to ride our bikes to the woods, and sit by the lake. Feel free. Sarah loved silence. When it was quiet, she would think about the future. She had it all planned out. I loved hearing about it. Listening to her soft voice. Looking at her smile, and watching her move. And now, everything felt meaningless. I can´t erase the look on her cold dead face. Her blue fingers. It hurts too bad. Who would do this? 



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