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Part of the Poetry Writing Competition


1. Perchance


Perchance a newborn’s cry 
Means joy to the newlyweds 
Resignation for the mother of five 
Nothingness in the abortion-turned-adoption teenager 

Perchance words “I” and “Quit”
Causes agony in the diehard gamer 

Solace to the addict’s wife
Suicide for the Tiger Mother

Perchance positive
Is balm for the depressed
Eureka to the chemistry student
A death sentence to the boy in hospital gown

Perchance ‘Tis the Season’
Equals annoyance for the harried uncle
Toys to the commercialized child
A farce for the Grandma they treat as ancient furniture

Perchance separation
Indicates freedom for the rebel
Brokenness for the fiance
Bitterness to the estranged father

Perchance a man stepping to the podium 
Leads to grief of the false hopefuls
Satisfaction for the deprecated
Tension in the masses 

Perchance magic 
Spells glee for the avid Pottermore fan
Happiness to a budding friendship 

Fear among Salem towns today 

But they are all people, 

All survivors,
All human.

Perchance someday, different will be the new black.

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