Dear Normal Neighbors (preview)

How would you feel if you had a crazy neighbor? What if your crazy neighbor was actually normal? This story is written in the format of one sided letters from a crazy neighbor to the somewhat normal neighbor.


2. Chapter 2 No Potluck!


Dear Normal Neighbors,

We know why no one attended our Potluck! Thanks a lot! Calling our family spastic simpletons! We are not!

We thought friendship with our neighbors was possible! Emily and Lily were really disappointed that Charlotte and Raven never showed up. Harry was stuck playing in the bounce house alone! Now we are seeking REVENGE!

You Snotty Smith's have crossed the line! This is war! By the way if you want to keep your sanity I would not recommend walking out to your S.U.V. Let's say revenge has begun.

I never knew revenge could taste so good. Especially the chocolate type we covered your car in. Strawberry is good too. If you don't like strawberry I would avoid your second floor window.

Well I guess we all know now what sweet revenge is. This is only payback for making us suffer.


Arron Patterson

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