Dear Normal Neighbors (preview)

How would you feel if you had a crazy neighbor? What if your crazy neighbor was actually normal? This story is written in the format of one sided letters from a crazy neighbor to the somewhat normal neighbor.


1. Chapter 1 Introduction?


Dear Normal Neighbors,

We are your neighbors. No we are not the boring neighbors who live on the left side. No! We are the Patterson's we will always be on the right side of life.

Hahaha do you get it? The right side of life! We are on the right? Well anyways we were hosting a potluck and where wondering if you would come.

Don't worry I made a bounce house for the kids and we will be having live music. No more boring potlucks! We will all have a amazing time!

If your worried about my DIY bounce house you have nothing to fear. The last child that went on it only broke his finger and we fixed the problem. In case you were wondering it was his pinkie finger that broke not any of the important ones.

We hope to see you and your wonderful family down at our house tomorrow!


The Patterson's

Jewel Patterson,

Aaron Patterson,

And Emily, Steven,

Lily and Harry

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