Rosco the Rascal's December Magic

It was Rosco's first Christmas eve with the McKendrick family. Rosco the German shepherd knew someone would be coming down the chimney late that night. So what was that sound on the rooftop? Mandy had mentioned some reindeer...
A Rosco the Rascal Tale for Christmas.


2. Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

Rosco slipped through the doggy door out into the frosty night. He'd have a good view of whoever was on the roof from the far edge of the backyard, if he could only get there without being seen. He didn't want to scare away Santa.

Soon he made it to the edge of the yard, and turned to look up at the McKendrick house. There, a large, beautiful, red sleigh sat balanced over the tip of the roof. It seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. Wow! He was impressed. Now, that's what you call a sleigh, Mom, he thought. But he could see no one up there—no jolly old man in a red suit, not even one reindeer—just the sleigh.

But this had to mean Santa Claus was here! So, where was he? And where were the nine  reindeer that Mandy had mentioned?

Rosco thought maybe he could get a better view from the other side, on the street—so he crept quietly back across the damp lawn and out toward the driveway. Maybe I'll get a lick of that reindeer food while I'm out there, he thought. Like most big dogs, Rosco was always hungry for a snack.

Once again he was in for a surprise. Not only could he see no reindeer from the other side of the house, but the reindeer food on the driveway was all gone! Not one red or green sugar crystal was left to sparkle in the night. The reindeer must've already eaten it up! But, how had they eaten it so quickly without being noticed? And where were they now?

He walked out onto the street in the dark night and sniffed about, carefully searching for traces of the nine reindeer. They couldn't have gotten far, could they? Although, Mandy said they can fly, right?

Just then Rosco heard a loud clunk on the rooftop, followed by some jingling bells, like the sound that the horses had made on the wagon ride. He heard an animal whinny and stomp its hoof. He thought he saw the tips of antlers moving about on the other side of the roof.

Ah ha!

He could not miss his chance to see those reindeer! He started to run, heading across the driveway and toward the backyard.

But he had not looked closely at where he was going and it was dark out. His paws hit a long, wide, frozen puddle on the pavement.

Zip! Flop!

Rosco sailed across the ice, slipping and sliding until he smacked the cold, hard, dry pavement at the other end of the frozen puddle with the full force of his body.

Ouch! That hurt, he thought, sprawled out on the ground, resting his aching legs. I should've seen that coming. But maybe there was still time to see Santa and his reindeer if he hurried. I'd better be more careful, though. He scrambled to his feet.

In the backyard, everything was silent again—not a reindeer in sight. He looked to the roof. The sleigh was gone! How had it disappeared like that? he thought. It was just there a few moments ago!

Rosco sighed heavily.

Defeated, he lowered his head and shuffled slowly back to his doggy door. Rosco was fast and strong and smart. He was usually very good at sniffing out and finding whatever he was after. So how had Santa Claus and nine full-sized reindeer managed to get by him?

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