Rosco the Rascal's December Magic

It was Rosco's first Christmas eve with the McKendrick family. Rosco the German shepherd knew someone would be coming down the chimney late that night. So what was that sound on the rooftop? Mandy had mentioned some reindeer...
A Rosco the Rascal Tale for Christmas.


3. Chapter Three

Photo copyright Shana Gorian

Chapter Three

Rosco slipped inside the house, ready to return to his doggy bed, pondering the question. How could  Santa and his reindeer have gotten by him? How could he have missed it?

Rosco's tail sagged in disappointment. Oh well. Maybe next year, he thought sadly.

But crossing the living room, he gasped. Colorful presents now surrounded the family's Christmas tree, piled high! Big ones and little ones, some wrapped in patterned paper with shiny ribbons, some not wrapped at all! It was fairly dark inside, but it was easy to see the changes that had occurred while he'd been gone.

The glass of milk was empty and the cookies and carrots were gone! Only crumbs remained.


Rosco was stunned. Santa must've been here, inside the house! He had delivered all of these gifts, and he must've swept out through the chimney, just like Mandy had said he would, in only a few minutes flat!

Magic! It must be Christmas magic, Rosco thought. That's how he does it! That's how they got by me!

Oh, my! James and Mandy will be thrilled when they see this in the morning! Rosco stood there, gazing at the extraordinary sight for a long time.

Finally, he sighed and headed for his doggy bed. Settling in, he smiled a doggy smile of satisfaction. Next year, I'll know what to do.

Merry Christmas from Rosco the Rascal!

The End

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