Queer College [5sos]

in which four boys attend an LGBTQIA+ university, going through classes, identities, and maybe falling in love.



It's been about a week since attending university. And so far I have made:

0 friends.

0 test grades (literally, failing).

0 times I've had the dorm to myself (except for now, at least. So I guess that'd be one).

Jay hasn't been paying attention to me either. It's like, ever since we hit college and graduated high school, we just drifted away. You know how when you graduate, you and your best friend plan on doing everything together? Moving in together, going to the same college together, having the same classes together, etc. Well, I've learned the hard way that that almost never happens. And, well, compared to the billions of people in the world, maybe it wasn't the "hard" way and more of the "normal" way of losing contact, but still. It hurt.

Jay found a group of fellow FTM and MTF transgender people who were, incidentally, one of the so-called "popular" people. It was just like high school, except now the queer people were popular. (We're all queer here, but you know what I mean.) Not all transgenders were popular, but the group oddly consisted of only them. I've met many lovely FTM and MTF transgenders that weren't popular, but for some reason a lot of them are popular.

The first time I saw Jay, he was sitting in the union surrounded by a bunch of the popular transgenders. They were all in awe - touching his hair, asking about his piercings, giggling, laughing. Obviously, Jay had a free pass into the cool kids club. And after that, whenever I tried to call, text, or even look at Jay, he'd just pass me a hey-stranger smile and go back to talking to his friends.

Maybe I made a mistake coming here.

My thoughts are interrupted by keys being inserted into the door outside and being pushed wide open. As it made me jump (I've been doing that a lot lately - jumping, flinching), my eyes shot to the door and I took in the 6'1, cheeky, curly-haired boy. By the dimples and glued-on grin that took place on his face, I could tell he was a very positive person. Made me envy it. And quite honestly, he wasn't the least intimidating, contrary to EVERYONE ELSE that I've met here so far.

"Hi!" he chirped. "I'm Ashton!" Someone here who didn't right-off-the-bat say their identity?

I blinked. What? "I'm Luke?" I said, sounding like it was a question again even though it was most definitely not. "Uhm- how did you get into my room? Or- how do you have a key?"

In that moment, the bubbly boy widened his eyes and gasped subtly, the smile still somehow featured. "I'm so sorry! I probably scared you, didn't I? I'm the dean's son, and my dad gave me a key to access all the dorms to try and make friends. No idea why he insinuated me to just break in the room. Talk about horrible first impressions."

Ashton cast out a huge, dramatic sigh, seeming somehow exhausted or stressed. "Kind of hard being the dean's son when you didn't even want to go to college in the first place, eh?"

"Right..." I mumbled, and then softened up as I scoffed, chuckling, "Tell me about it. My mom's an algebra teacher and wanted me to go to Harvard, Yale or Brown or some shit. In a different country! Totally feel you."

"Exactly!" he exclaimed. "God, it feels good talking to someone. Anyways, why are you here?"

Shrugging, I glanced down at my hands before looking back up at him. "I mean, my mom didn't like it, but she still respected my choice in coming here. I'm gay."

Snorting, Ashton bit his lip, "Nice to meet you gay, I'm Ashton!" This is the part where Ashton burst out laughing hysterically. "Ahh, dad jokes. Anyways, in all seriousness, I'm polysexual and transgender. Female to male. I'm still on testosterone, 7 months to be exact, but I can totally pass as a guy, huh?"

Damn. He looked so masculine, the thought of Ashton being FTM didn't even cross my mind.

"Really?" I said in surprise. "Awesome! I didn't even know you were trans*!"

"Thank you," Ashton's smile got wider, if even possible.

As we talked, bonded, and got to know each other, I kept checking the alarm clock on the bedside table and turned out it had been almost 30 minutes.

"Hey," Ashton mentioned. "You know how there's Greek houses? Sororities, fraternities and all that? I mean, we don't have those because they're gender-categorized, we just have houses, but you know those?"

Nodding, I raised an eyebrow curiously. "Yeah, why?"

"Well there's a party going on tonight. I wanna check it out. It's at the Alpha house. My dad wants me to join to be part of the whole thing, but I talked him out of it if I agreed to go to one of the parties and reconsider. Wanna go with me? As, like, protectors/buddies? You're my only friend here."

My stuttering.

My social-awkwardness.

My anxiety.

But could I say no to my first friend?

"Yeah, sure," I agreed. "What time should we go?"

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