Queer College [5sos]

in which four boys attend an LGBTQIA+ university, going through classes, identities, and maybe falling in love.


2. CH. 1 - BUNKS



"Come here!"

I stood, leaning my back against the side of the piano just a few feet away from our front door. My mom walked over in her green pajama pants and that oversized shirt she always wore, rubbing her eyes, clearly a bit frustrated from being woken up at 7:30 in the morning. she groaned, not in a rude way, but more in a Luke-Robert-Hemmings-you-better-have-a-good-explanation-for-waking-me-up kind of way.

With a hand over my mouth in shock, I looked away and stepped back after handing her the thick packet of mail. She gripped it in her hands as she read the letter, moments later slapping her hand over her mouth like I did.

"luke!" she squealed and hugged me tightly, and I embraced my arms around her body happily back. "did Jay get in too?"

Jay was my best friend. Black curly hair, pale skin, and piercings were his three traits. He's alternative. Well, in the alternative style. We met in sophomore year when he moved from California in the U.S. to Australia, and when I called him 'scene' when we first met, he hated me for a solid two months.

And then, we magically became best friends. How? MAGIC DUH.

Long story short, Jay is the Dan to my Phil. (In a non-romantic way, that is)

"He did! I never thought i would get in, mama!" Still not ashamed being an 18 year old who calls his mom 'mama'.

"Oh, hon, I'm so proud of you! I can't believe you got in!"

"Me either!" I almost shouted, too loudly, for that matter.

It was the month of June after graduating from high school, and I still hadn't heard back from any universities yet - okay, well, that's a lie. i had heard from many schools, really good schools that I shall not name because I know a lot of you readers will hate me for not going, but hadn't accepted to attend.

Don't get me wrong, they were all amazing, and the people there seemed lovely, but all of the schools I applied to were what my mom wanted (not that she didn't support me going to an LGBT+ college, just iffy about it). When I had heard about this so-called queer as hell university being a gay student, I knew that I'd fit right in with people who'd accept me.

The application wasn't hard. Anxiety was the worst, but online, it wasn't bad at all. Until the interview. That goddamn interview is what made me think I wasn't going to get accepted.


1 month prior ; The Interview

"So, Luke, what are you?"

"Uhm," I stuttered, trying to keep eye contact like my therapist from junior year had said. "Gay?"

"Have you come out yet?"

That made me smile. "Yes, I have! To my parents and the rest of my close family. They were very accepting."

"That's good," the interviewer-man-person smiled. "So what's your gender?"

In this moment, my socially-awkward potato of a human being wanted to hide under my hoodie. "Cis?" i cleared my voice. "Cis male."

He nodded. Didn't say anything. Which made me think, well, shit.


There was no question whether I accepted or not.


3 months later...


"Mom," I groaned in annoyance, standing in front of the campus entrance. "I'll be fine, stop worrying."

"You have to stay safe, Lucas!"

She calls me Lucas even though it isn't even my real name.

"What about STDs?" she continued, fully alerted. "I heard gay people can get STDs easier!"

STDs? What the hell? The thought of my mother thinking I was sexually active made me laugh. Especially since she is so strongly against me having a significant other, despite the fact that I'm eighteen and a full-blown adult! I'm mature as hell!

Sighing, I knew I needed to give my mom some sort of strong reassurance until she would leave. My mom was like that - strong, confident, caring. I was a total mama's boy.

"Mom," I brought my hand up to her shoulder, squeezing it lightly. "I'll be okay. I promise. I'll stay safe. And I won't get STDs."

"You promise?"

"I promise. Now go tell Jack and Ben I said goodbye. I love you," I smiled, pecking her cheek before she waved and walked off back to the car.

Looking up at the campus and buildings, people of all kinds were everywhere. On the grass, a group of people were sitting down. One of them was wearing this ID necklace thingy, whatever it's called. The strap and fabric of the necklace was yellow, white, purple, and black striped. His hair was just as bright, and his smile was too. When he laughed, he made everyone else in the group laugh too.

I didn't recognize anyone here. That was good.

"Hi!" a person chirped in front of me. He wore a dark green sweatshirt and had chocolate-colored, light brown hair. It was a bit curly too I noticed, but is anyone here straight anyways? He had dark brown eyes to match and by his tall physique, he was definitely in shape and did some sort of sport. "Are you new here?"

Looking up at him, I nodded my head a few times, words wanting to speak out of my mouth, but couldn't.

"What's your name?" he asked. I just now noticed the clipboard and shit ton of ID necklaces hanging on his arms.

"Uhm," I stammered, saying that annoying 'uhm' like I always did. "Luke. Hemmings?"

"'Hemmings?'" the boy repeated my words, grinning from ear to ear, mocking. "Is that a question, or?"

"Luke Hemmings," I said firmly, more firmly than it should've been, making me sound like an army general.

The boy bit his lower lip, suddenly making me all meek and shy as he stifled in a quiet laugh. "Right, yeah. Here are your keys, and here is your ID."

Handing me the rainbow-striped ID necklace and silver set of keys, he quickly checked off something on his clipboard and looked back at me. The teasing grin on his face disappeared and in its place was a friendly smile. First day and I've already gotten friendzoned by a cute boy. Go, luke!

"Your dorm is in Building G, room 277."

Nodding, I looked back at him, suddenly gaining the confidence to ask, "So, uh- do you, by any chance, I mean, it's totally okay if you don't, because I can find out later when they come over, obviously-"

"Stop rambling and ask, Hemmings."

"Right," i mumbled. "Do you know who my roommate is?"

He looked back on the list, tracing the pen down until he reached mid-paper before looking back up at me. "Michael Clifford."

"Okay. Thank you!" I squeaked, about to turn around before he spoke again.

"I'm Calum, by the way. Sophomore."

"I'm Luke. Freshman," I said back, quietly, like I always was.

"I know that already," he beamed, letting out a laugh.

That was when I walked away.


When I arrived in Building G in the exact room Calum told me, I was mid-way through unpacking everything until I heard a knock on the wooden door. Standing up from the small bottom part of the bunk bed, I placed my hand on the cold doorknob and opened the door wide to see the boy from earlier, the one with the bright hair sitting on the grass in a group, laughing to his friends.

"Hey," he said. "Are you my roommate?"

Such a simple question, but my mind that day was everywhere. "Y-yeah," I stuttered.

"I'm Mike," he held out his hand for me to shake, which I gladly accepted. "Agender and asexual. All ace here."

"Um," I blinked. "What?"

"Agender and asexual," he repeated. "Do you know what that means?"

I did not.

"Of course!" I replied. "Yeah. I do."

Crossing his arms, he furrowed his eyebrows and said, "So what does it mean?"

A minute passed. No answer from me.

"Agender means the absence of gender. Genderless. Not male, nor female. So I use they/them pronouns," they reminded me. "Asexual means I don't experience sexual attraction. Romantic attraction, yes, but sexual, no. If I didn't experience romantic attraction, then I'd be aromantic."

I still had a lot to learn, didn't I?

"Oh!" I nodded. "Right."

Rolling their eyes, they sighed, as if I were an idiot (which I am). "So if you didn't know what agender was, did you just assume my gender?"

Another minute passed. No answer.

They sighed again. "I take top bunk."





i mean...

i'm back on movellas!! after 2 months or 7 months but who's counting right?? i've been busy but i had an idea for this story and really wanted to show you all.

this /will/ include, along with all genders and sexualities along the spectrum, NON-BINARY GENDERS. for example: genderfluid, agender (as you just read), bigender, etc. there's a bunch of controversy on non-binary genders, so if you don't like that, then click off.

'queer college' is COMPLETELY UNREALISTIC. just a chill story that i thought of during math class and, yes, okay, i'm aware that this will never actually happen (unfortunately).

anyways, in this book, michael is agender and uses they/them pronouns. more details on that later in future chapters. when talking about them in this story story, please refer to them as such. (notice the they/them pronouns i added while describing michael?)

thank you!


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