The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


99. 99

The two mares watched as Bucky ate, the sounds of their heavy breathing an indicator of their impatience. It had become obvious as to why the pair were impatient, and just what was about to take place. Every action they took part in affected the herd as a whole somehow. Every act of affection, every act of communication, everything was watched and affected somepony in some fashion.

Ripple and Loch Skimmer noted the eagerness of the two mares and the total lack of fear. This wasn’t something that the mares were dreading, it was clearly a happy occasion. This gave them hope. For Dinky and Piña, this was more of an indicator that things were returning back to normal, even as things grew stranger and stranger as the chaos increased. For Thistle it was anticipation, knowing that soon, she too would be a part of this, and that she would finally have what she wanted, which was a secured place within the herd. For Sparkler and Rising Star, they took comfort in the fact that two of their herdmates finally saw the goodness that could be found in the act, and Sparkler was joyful that her parents could finally have a moment alone together. Even Sentinel felt better… he understood that ponies were supposed to spend lots of time engaging in the act that created more ponies, and that hadn’t been happening at all since he had met them. And for Lyra and Bon Bon, both of them wanted Bucky happy and looked after.

Bucky ate in silence, well aware of every eye that was staring at him for whatever reason. He finished the last of his cold fried oatcakes, something they always kept a platter of around in their room for moments just like these, licked his lips, and then looked at Sentinel. “Take note Sentinel, never keep a mare waiting for too long, or you will regret it,” Bucky warned. He rose to his hooves, eased himself off of the sofa, and then walked slowly to the door. Derpy and Berry fell into pace behind him, and the trio departed out the door.



“I understand,” Bucky acknowledged. He was sprawled out in the grass, Derpy on one side of him and Berry on the other. “I don’t see why you were so worried my stormy little pegasus. I would never want to hurt her. I’ll hold off on that until you feel that it is safe to try it.”

“After she has her foal and has had time to recover,” Derpy said in a calm voice.

“You made too much of a big deal over it,” Berry said. “Now… while we still have daylight, how about less talk and more boning?” she suggested.

“How are we doing this? I don’t think Bucky can make the beast with six legs anymore,” Derpy said regretfully.

“Well, we could always go heads or tails,” Berry replied.

“Heads or tails?” Derpy asked.

“Well, between you and I, we figure out who gets which end. One gets a little pony ride while the other sits on his face and then you and I can make out while we straddle him,” Berry explained.

“Who gets which end?” the pegasus inquired.

“I’ll sit on his face. Really, I don’t care just so long as I get to go off,” Berry purred.

“Uh, ladies,” Bucky said shyly, some of his old nervousness coming back. “I know a spell… from that spellbook that Celestia gave me. It is called the “Mirrored Mare” and it is for occasions like these,” Bucky offered.

“What does it do?” Berry inquired.

“Well, from the notes, which, uh, seem to be written by Celestia herself, it allows a group of mares to all feel what the others are feeling. I mean, a stallion can only penetrate one mare at a time, but this allows a group of mares to all feel the penetration. And other things. And it works both ways, the mares will share in each other’s pleasure. So, uh, if I understand the notes correctly, if I am nibbling on Berry, Derpy, you should be able to feel it while you are being rutted. And Berry should be able to feel what Derpy is feeling,” Bucky explained.

“That sounds… nice,” Derpy said slowly, one eyebrow raising as she spoke.

“I just need permission from both of you. Celestia said to get consent and do nothing unless I asked first,” Bucky stated.

“You’ve been out here performing forbidden magic, you’ve violated the natural order, and now you are worried about Celestia taking you to task for a bit of erotic magic?” Berry asked incredulously.

“Yes… yes I am. You weren’t there that day that Princess Celestia gave me a sex talk. She might forgive me for everything I’ve done, she might not, but if I was to ever use my magic to harm or coerce either one of you in some way, I suspect I would be taking a lunar vacation,” Bucky said fearfully.

Berry Punch nodded and rolled her eyes. “How could I say no?” she asked.

“I’ll try it, I’ve always wanted to know what it felt like to be Berry,” Derpy asked.

“This might be a way for Thistle to enjoy what Bucky has to offer,” Berry said.

Derpy blinked a few times and nodded. “That’s a good idea,” Derpy said.

“Yeah it is,” Bucky said. “We can make her feel loved.”

“And no stinging backside,” Berry said.

“So…” Derpy said impatiently.

Bucky closed his eye, concentrated, and his horn flared in a soft blue green light. His lips moved slightly and the air was filled with warmth. “That should do it,” he announced.

“Shouldn’t we feel something?” Berry asked.

Derpy rolled over on to her hooves, rose, stepped over Bucky, and dropped down between Berry’s legs. In true pegasus fashion, she gave no thoughts to the consequences and blindly charged on ahead. She ran the length of the edge of her tongue over one of Berry’s overly sensitive teats.

And she could feel the sensation as it traveled over one of her own. The grey mare squealed and jerked her head back, panting and now breathing heavily. “So sensitive,” she gasped.

Berry’s eyes rolled back into her head and she wrapped her hind legs around Derpy’s neck. “My teats,” she moaned. “Why are they so sensitive so early?” she asked, not really expecting an answer at this moment.

Bucky rolled over onto his side to watch the two mares. This was exciting. As he watched, Derpy’s head dropped down and she gave an experimental lick to something else on Berry, causing both of them to shudder.

“It is like licking myself,” Derpy said breathlessly. “I could feel my tongue sliding over my own slit,” she announced.

That got Bucky’s attention. He felt the first real powerful feeling of need in his loins as he watched Derpy trying to figure out the nature of the spell.

“Oooh I know what I like,” Derpy whispered seductively. Her head dropped and she went exploring just below Berry’s dock with her tongue. The grey mare could feel the hot slippery feeling of something applying pressure on her own pucker, and Berry moaned as her whole body tensed. Not only was the feeling of the tongue pleasing, but Berry could feel Derpy’s sensations of pleasure.

As the two mares went about exploring one another enthusiastically, Bucky felt himself growing hard. Derpy was relentless in her explorations. As he watched, the pegasus’ tongue pushed Berry’s now slick folds apart and plunged deep, causing both mares to clench and whimper with need.

“This might be the greatest thing ever,” Berry breathed. “No no, down a bit, that little wrinkly place just below my berry… UM YEAH RIGHT THERE!” Berry Punch’s teeth ground together and she pounded her forehooves against the earth. Derpy reacted as well, her whole body freezing in place and tensing up.

“This is hard,” Derpy huffed. “Berry loses control, and then I lose control, and then the sensation sort of slips away,” she explained.

“Yeah,” Berry agreed. “I could see how it would be easy to be overcome.”

“We need Bucky… and then we can just ride out what we feel,” Derpy whispered.

Berry looked over at Bucky. “I think he is enjoying the show,” she stated.

Derpy nodded and then wrapped her lips around Berry’s nubbin, applying gentle suction that she felt in her own now dripping snatch. Berry was hot and warm beneath her, and Derpy could feel every quiver of every muscle in Berry’s powerful form. The grey mare plowed onwards out of sheer force of will, trying to endure the powerful sensations shooting through her own nethers.

“If… he… screwed… one of us… the right way… all of us would be… satisfied,” Berry said between heaving breaths.

Bucky rose and circled the mares a few times, moving around them slowly, watching them as Derpy tried to work out her own frustrations by trying to relieve Berry’s needs. This was quite possibly the most erotic thing he had ever witnessed.

“I had no idea that Berry had that little ticklish spot right there,” Derpy said, pressing her damp muzzle between Berry’s teats and chuffing, blowing hot air over Berry’s overly sensitive flesh. Both mares jerked from the stimulation.

“The level of… trust needed… for this,” Berry moaned in between heaves. Her mind raced as she engaged in physical activity. She was keenly aware of what Derpy was feeling.

This is sexual communion Berry realised.

Bucky moved behind Derpy and eased his haunches to the ground, sitting down and making himself comfortable. He saw Derpy’s backside rise on wobbling legs, and then it dropped. He gently lifted her haunches in his magic and lifted her tail off to one side, revealing her hidden places to himself.

He looked at her bubbles, the mark of her destiny, and he reached out and gently touched them with his fetlock. She tensed at his touch. He looked at her, studying her, now able to look without shame, and he thought about a day that seemed so long ago when Berry had tried to get him to look at her.

He leaned in closer to the glistening folds and saw a rivulet of moisture sliding down one swollen edge. Before him was life, the source of all life. Something precious and sacred to him. Perhaps the only thing he held sacred anymore. He had broken his oaths as Celestia’s student, dabbled in forbidden magic, violated the natural order, and contemplated death on a massive scale. But before him was the only thing that really mattered. Bucky realised it wasn’t so much about sex as he tenderly kissed the engorged flesh. He heard both Derpy and Berry hiss and moan. Foals would be coming out of here. His foals. This is what he fought for. What he was protecting. Bucky reveled in his state of philosophical arousal. This wasn’t just some hole for him to rut mindlessly, as it might be to other stallions. This was a sacred place. A place of worship. If he left an offering, it would give him something in return, something he valued.

He pressed his snoot against the feverish flesh and his own orange tongue darted out, flicking at the rolling bead of moisture that was slowly running down the outer edge. The rough edge of his tongue lingered against the flesh that burned as though it was a furnace. Derpy squealed at his touch and her head lifted away from Berry, and Berry whimpered and writhed in the grass.

His tongue teased at the blue grey folds, probing around the edges, and then as the grey pegasus panted, he finally eased his tongue into the searing hot folds of flesh. Derpy’s hind legs kicked gently, a frantic twitching, and her hooves did not touch the ground. Berry’s legs let go of the grey pegasus and kicked outward, spreading wide.

He moved around the outer edges, teasing just under the surface, working his way downward slowly, his goal a purple-blue-grey knob of flesh that was winking out from blood engorged and clenching flesh. Celestia had been the one to tell him about this tiny button of flesh on a mare, and he understood its value. His tongue lingered tantalisingly close to it, and his own hot breath teased it.

As his tongue lightly trailed over the quivering clitoris, Berry bleated several times and Derpy clenched. The grey mare wasn’t feeling her own orgasm, which hadn’t happened yet, but she could feel Berry’s, and it was a strange and alien feeling to her. Berry’s orgasm was very different from her own, and the realisation was powerful. Derpy was sharing something intimate and private, something that had been up to this point, something Berry could have never shared, no matter how descriptive her words. The two mares were completely locked into the shared sensation and Bucky eased off.

Berry lay in the grass panting. She could feel every probing lick of Bucky’s tongue. Derpy’s marehood was so different than her own, yet so similar. Places where Berry felt very little were so sensitive on the pegasus and Berry experienced all kinds of new first time sensations. Derpy’s larger clitoris rubbed against the thicker and far more muscular lips as it winked, something Berry enjoyed a great deal as she felt it. Berry realised that Derpy could get off by indirect stimulation, just so long as her folds were being tugged and pulled the right way, her large protruding nub would get all the stimulation it needed. Berry on the other hoof required a lot more direct stimulation, having a very small and somewhat shy little button that took a lot of coaxing to get it to come out and play. She could feel Derpy’s head resting on her navel. The pegasus mare was no longer lapping away at Berry’s folds.

Bucky carefully wrapped his lips around the salty bulb of flesh and suckled as Berry continued bleating. He noticed with a feeling of satisfaction that Derpy’s hind legs were going stiff. She was getting close. He increased suction and teased with the tip of his tongue. He could see her folds twitch and spasm. He pulled away, the button of flesh slipping from his lips with a wet pop. Derpy’s wings were fully extended now, stiff as boards.

Both mares moaned as Derpy lingered near the edge.

Bucky gave another teasing lick and then waited. He blew his breath over it, and then took it into his mouth again. The pegasus gave a savage growl that resonated from deep within her barrel and Berry let out a whine of need as she wiggled and twisted in the grass.

Bucky realised that both mares were lost to him at this moment, lost in the throes of Derpy’s orgasm. He eased away and gently lowered the pegasus’ haunches down to the grass. She twitched and kicked, laying on her belly, and after several minutes of grunting, finally lay still.

“Pegasi and earth ponies don’t have the same orgasms,” Berry whispered breathlessly.

Derpy made no reply. She lay in the grass, her barrel heaving, occasionally shuddering.

“One of us needs to look after Bucky,” Berry mentioned. “You alright Derpy?” she asked.

“I could feel you going off,” Derpy replied after several moments of heaving. “I’m overwhelmed. Bucky was working me over and I could feel everything you were feeling Berry and I know that you were feeling what I was feeling and all of it… everything…”

Berry looked over at the pegasus and smiled. “Bucky, I think we finally found a way to wear the pegasus out,” she said triumphantly.

“I’m down, not out,” Derpy protested.

“Look, boners being what they are, we need to strike while the iron is hot. I want to know what it feels like when Bucky bones you,” Berry announced. She rose to her hooves and approached Bucky.

Berry eased the unicorn over into the grass and straddled him, facing towards his twitching erection. She lifted her tail to give him a view and she ground herself against his breastbone.

Derpy snorted and twitched. “Berry has a deep itch,” she muttered. Finally, the pegasus roused herself and approached the pair. She eased her way down onto Bucky and into Berry’s waiting forelegs. Berry pulled the mare close and kissed her.

Bucky looked up at the two mares making out on top of him. He could feel Derpy sliding backwards, easing herself back. He felt himself throb painfully. He wasn’t sure how long he was going to last.

“I can feel it poking at the entrance,” Berry murmured after she tore her lips away from Derpy’s. She gasped and continued to grind away on Bucky.

Bucky grabbed Berry by her cutie marks and pulled her backwards towards his eager lips. He probed her with his tongue, causing both mares to cling to one another and cry out. Berry’s folds were slick and waxy with pegasus slobber. As Bucky wiggled his tongue in, he felt himself slip into grippy folds of the pegasus. He decided to let Derpy do the work and he focused instead on Berry’s quivering snatch. Using his lips, he nibbled along the edges of her entrance, working his way up and down along the sides.

As he felt himself sliding in and out of the eager pegasus, he could hear the wet squelching sounds of the two mares as they continued to kiss passionately. He once again slipped his tongue into Berry and he realised that her marehood was flexing in the same way as it would if she was being penetrated.

“Can you feel that Berry?” Bucky asked.

Berry Punch pulled away from the amorous pegasus. “Yes!” she panted. “I can feel it as Derpy slides it in and out. Feels so good. And it doesn’t feel like I am about to be split open,” Berry explained.

Derpy pulled the earth pony back into a passionate lip lock to shut her up. There were better things that Berry could be doing with her lips. The shared sensation of the kiss between two mares was almost too much for the pegasus to bear. The pegasus was light headed and felt drunk.

And it was then that she had an idea. She pulled away from Berry for a moment and licked the slobber from her lips. “I am going to tap your bung,” Derpy whispered seductively.

“What?” Berry said, her eyes flying open wide. She wiggled in the pegasus' iron grip.

Bucky felt sudden cold as Derpy pulled off of him. A breeze trailed over his now wet and exposed skin. He could feel the pegasus squirming above him, shifting and moving around.

Derpy held the squirming earth pony in one foreleg as she reached down with the other to guide Bucky into a different entrance. He was good and slick, and so was Derpy. The pegasus mare was gentle, knowing that if she pushed down too hard, she could bend poor Bucky in half and hurt him. And she didn’t want to hurt herself. Derpy closed one eye and watched with her good eye as Berry reacted to the feeling of a girthy cock knocking at the back door.

Bucky had slipped it into Berry’s bung quite by accident on their wedding night and it had left the poor mare absolutely terrified of something coming anywhere near her pucker. He had only gone in an inch or so, but was enough to leave a lasting impression.

Berry’s eyes went wide at the sensation of penetration. She squirmed and moaned, tense in Derpy’s embrace. She could feel Bucky’s tongue darting away, poking deep inside of her sticky snatch. She could have said no and she knew that Derpy would have stopped, but Berry liked the feeling of being pinned in and held down. She wondered what this would be like if she was tied up and forced to trust in Derpy’s and Bucky’s goodness.

Bucky felt Derpy easing herself down upon him. She moved up and down, scratching her own peculiar itch. The pegasus pucker was a much tighter entrance. He took a deep shuddering breath and focused on getting Berry off, knowing that he was bound to go off sooner rather than later with the tight feeling of grippy flesh wrapped around his pecker.

Berry Punch let out a moan as she felt Bucky’s cock slipping up her ass. He wasn’t actually in her ass, but she could feel everything Derpy was feeling. And Derpy was right. It was almost like taking a dump in reverse, and there was the same sort of odd sensation of relief as Derpy wiggled around and caused Bucky’s cock to slide in and out. She wrapped her forelegs around Derpy and doubled down on her grip on the mare, lost in a completely new sensation. It stung a bit, but no more so than it did when Bucky eased his way into her marehood. She rolled her hips around and could feel Bucky’s tongue working its way under her clitoral hood and digging into the little hidden scratchy place she had underneath there. She could feel his tongue sliding over her nubbin as he did so.

Derpy worked Bucky’s cock deeper and deeper into her pucker. She was keenly aware of what Berry was feeling and Derpy took a secret satisfaction in knowing that she was somehow drilling into Berry’s plot. She was in control of what the earth pony felt. She was quite literally making Berry Punch her mare, and Derpy was quite infatuated with the notion that she could screw Berry Punch and make her moan. She could also feel Bucky’s tongue working Berry over and the feeling of something in both her marehood and her pucker was almost too much. She felt another orgasm coming, and this was one was going to be a doozer.

She hoped it would be… she wanted Berry to feel it too. It was a new dynamic at work, and it appealed to Derpy’s pegasus nature. Combat by orgasm. She wanted the earth pony submissive. Derpy felt confident that she could survive the explosive outcome she and Berry were racing towards. The pegasus reveled in her competitive nature and worked to take in more of what Bucky had to offer.

Berry Punch stubbornly refused to give in. She could make this stop at any time… but she didn’t want to. She was determined to ride this out. She could feel the perverse pleasure the pegasus was feeling… it was a competitive feeling. Somehow, this had become a contest of wills Berry realised. She was having trouble breathing. She felt hot, too hot, and she realised she could feel Derpy on the verge of overheating.

Berry cried out as she felt more girthy cock sliding up her backside. Derpy was enjoying it a great deal, and that was causing Berry all kinds of new pleasurable feelings. It was strange to feel something that wasn’t actually there. Berry gnashed her teeth and struggled to hold back her own powerful building orgasm. She was determined to let Derpy have it. She dug deep into her earth pony strength, hoping to endure. She was all too aware that Derpy was now screwing her by proxy, and Berry Punch’s nearly delirious brain wondered where she might find an extra large strap on once she finally got home.

Bucky was completely unaware that his body was a battlefield. He was having some of the best loving in his life. He felt himself sliding in and out of Derpy. She was edging him, halting when she sensed that he was close to going off. He wanted to get off, he needed to get off, but he understood that Derpy was pent up so he allowed it continue and tried to endure the now almost painful need to blow his load. He focused most of his efforts on trying new things on Berry’s foal hole, trying to show it the love and affection it deserved for the gifts it would soon offer him. He had found a spot that when licked, caused Berry to clench tightly and wiggle. He had no idea that he was contributing to some mighty struggle, fueling the ancient conflict that existed between earth ponies and pegasi, the never ending struggle of proving dominance over one another.

Bucky had unwittingly created yet another bomb, and this one was armed. There would be no survivors in close quarters once it finally went off.

Derpy’s endurance was nearly spent. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could keep this up. She held everything back, hoping that Berry would go off first so that Derpy could let go and slam the earth pony with a double whammy. Berry showed distressing signs of holding on though, even with Bucky’s tongue and that spot that he kept licking. It was driving Derpy crazy. She needed to gain the upper hoof and pulled Berry Punch back in for a kiss.

Just when Derpy was certain that she would be the last mare standing, so to speak, Bucky was their mutual undoing. Derpy had failed to pay attention to Bucky and now she realised, he was at critical mass. She felt the building pressure. And with a loud groan, Bucky blew his load. Derpy felt her body seize as she felt him cum inside of her. As this happened, Bucky, in the throes of his own orgasm, had his head jerk back, ramming his chin sharply upwards, directly into Berry’s cork. Berry Punch screamed as she felt Bucky’s chin drag over her clitoris and every ounce of control she had slipped away from her. She was no longer able to hold back her orgasm. Just as Derpy was unable to hold back hers.

Berry Punch pulled away from Derpy’s kiss and bleated loudly.

The two orgasms were like locomotives on a train track racing toward one another. Both mares realised just a second too late that they had made a terrible mistake. Their eyes locked together, both of them looking at one another for few precious seconds they had before everything exploded.

Bucky didn’t know what was happening, but Derpy’s body suddenly went rock hard. It was as if she was turned to stone. She clenched down on him tightly. He could feel his cock being squeezed between her cheeks. The sudden clenching caused a him to blow another load, his whole body spasmed from the feeling of of tight hot flesh crushing his cock. Bucky could hear Berry’s spine crackling and popping as the earth pony was suddenly squeezed. A moment later, a flood of liquid rushed from Berry’s slit and nearly drowned him. He coughed and spluttered, trying desperately to get air into his lungs. Berry’s legs clenched and Bucky felt his barrel compress, which didn’t help with his lack of air.

Bucky had no idea what happened next, but a lot of things happened at once.

Derpy was off to one side, he wasn’t sure how she had ended up there. Berry was a few feet away in a different direction. Both mares were panting and whimpering. Nopony could actually move.

“Derpy? Berry?” Bucky asked in a heaving whisper.

There was no reply, just more panting and the occasional cry.

Bucky pulled himself together, the first to recover. He wasn’t sure what just happened, but the spell was broken. A concerned look settled on his face as he looked at his mares.

Berry was on her back, her eyes rolled back into her head. Her tongue was lolled out and she clutched between her legs with her hoof. She looked drunk.

Derpy was on her belly, not moving. Her wings were still sprung. She snorted every so often and made the occasional pained whimper.

His concern faded as he realised that both of them looked quite satisfied. Bucky smiled, feeling good about a job well done, not having any idea of what the two mares had done to one another. He peered skyward. There was plenty of sun left for a quick dip in the lake. He scooped up both mares in his magic and headed off for the lake at a slow trot.






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