The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


891. 891

From the living room, Bucky heard soft, subdued laughter. The littlest ones had just fed not too long ago and were now sleeping. His ears perked as he tried to detect the sounds of waking. He waited and heard nothing coming from the nursery. He sighed, feeling just a little bit disappointed, and perhaps a little bit guilty for wanting one of them to wake up. He was in the mood to cuddle something. The laughter in the living room continued, and he heard the sounds of Sour Mash’s voice telling a story to Dinky and Piña.

“Buibui?” Bucky asked in a hushed whisper.

“Yes?” The spider golem popped out from beneath the sofa where it had been hiding.

“Has Vox de Sole been given the latest upgrade?” Bucky peered down at what had to be his most faithful creation.

The little golem’s legs tapped upon the floor and he skittered closer to Bucky’s chair. He paused when he was a foot away and stood there, tapping one leg upon the floor. “Vox has received all necessary upgrades. The Keeper of the Sky Orange has further upgraded Vox for both offensive and defensive capabilities.” The little spider golem tapped one leg with an impatient staccato rhythm. “When will I get a beam emitter to burn down my enemies?”

Reaching up with his talons, Bucky scratched his nose, unsure of how to answer. He didn’t want Buibui becoming a weapon of war. He rather liked Buibui as a household pet. He had a mental pause and corrected his thinking. The spider golem was not a pet. It was a sentient, self aware entity with free will and a right to live. Buibui was also special, because he was one of the few survivors of the first generation.

“Buibui…” Bucky began.

“Yes?” Buibui continued tapping one tiny pointed foot upon the floor, waiting.

“When you have a little filly or a little colt that is madly affectionate with you, chases you around, and you become their constant companion, I will give you the means to defend them from harm.” Bucky raised an eyebrow while he looked down at the spider golem.

“Defending them from harm is not the same as getting a focused heat ray that hits nine thousand nine hundred and forty eight degrees.” The little golem sounded miffed and several other legs now began to tap.

“Buibui… you must forgive me, but I cannot channel the power of the sun through you. I do not have that power. The best that I might do is a freeze ray, but I would be hesitant to give you something so dangerous. Anyhow, go and make friends. Thank you for your assistance.”

The golem turned around, ready to head for the door, and then froze after taking one scuttling step. It turned again, its round, spherical body now facing Bucky once more. “Creator?”

“Must you call me that?” Bucky asked.

“You created me,” Buibui replied.

“Yes, but I do have a name you know.” Bucky rested his talons upon the arm of the chair and waited for the golem to say whatever nonsense or garble the golem was probably going to say.

“Creator, I overheard Scorch and Rising Star talk about souls… do I have a soul?” Buibui asked.

Bucky nodded, feeling relieved this wasn’t yet another mindless question. “Yes you do. Upon your creation, I gave you a sliver of my soul so we would be connected.”

“Is that all I am?” Buibui asked. “Just a sliver of existence?”

Bucky’s talons clenched into a loose fist. “No.”


“No.” Bucky shook his head. “Buibui, from what I understand, having spoken to Scorch about this very thing, when a soul is shared with something, in time, that fragment of soul grows with life experiences and the like. In my school, there is a little demon boy named Dee. He got half of his mother’s soul. She’s a demoness and she loves him. Now, Dee, he’s not going to spend the rest of his life with only a half of a soul. It’s like a seed that gives new life. In time, it grows, blossoms, and becomes something new and different.”

“So I am my own creature?” Buibui asked.

“Yes,” Bucky replied. “I created you, but you are not mine. You are like my foals… my offspring that I created with my wives. I helped to create them, but that does not make them mine. They are their own creatures, free to be whatever they wish to be.”

The golem tapped a few times, paused, tapped again, then made a sound that was almost like a sigh. “Is the growth of my soul determined by the relationships I cultivate with others? Does Vox’s soul grow when Tourmaline chases him?”

“I don’t know,” Bucky said in a low, patient voice. “Maybe. To be honest with you, Buibui, I don’t know the answer to the question you just asked. There is a lot I don’t know or understand. But I do know that our lives are defined by our interactions with others.”

Saying nothing, the golem stood in place for a moment, its legs twitching, and then it scurried off, hurrying for the door, departing in total silence.



Looking up from his planner, Bucky saw Derpy standing in the doorway of the library. She appeared to be a little sweaty, her mane was mussed, and there was something of a wild look in her eye. There was also a dangerous smile upon her muzzle. She pushed the door shut with a click, and using her wing, she locked the door behind her.

Eyeing his mate and trying to read her body language, Bucky set his planner down on the table beside him as the grey mare approached his chair. He caught a whiff of sweaty pegasus stink as the grey mare came closer.

Much to Bucky’s surprise, Derpy crawled up into his chair with him. She pushed him back into the cushion and straddled his lap, all while giving him the most smouldering wall-eyed stare. He could feel her trembling as she slipped her forelegs around his neck, and then he felt her grind her stomach against his.

“What’s got into you?” Bucky asked as he soundproofed the farmhouse library.

“Lots of teat feeding,” Derpy replied in a breathless whisper, “and a touch of spring fever, I think. Doctor Gotland said I should be fine.”

Bucky felt something damp grinding up against him, he felt wet flesh just below two rock hard teats. Parts of him were waking up as Derpy situated herself on top of him, and she wrapped her hind legs around his sides in such a way that her plush, plump backside slid down between his legs. Her tail flicked as she ground herself up against him, Bucky was startled by her strength.

As she ground herself against him, wasting no time, Bucky could feel her winking in and out. It wasn’t long until the fuzzy hairs of his stomach and his groin were soaked. He felt Derpy rub her cheek against his and her wings were now fully extended, the feathers twitching as she continued to stimulate herself against him.

“Sometimes,” Derpy gasped, “I get so turned on… all day I’ve had some little adorable fuzzball sucking on my teats and it started to drive me crazy.”

Bucky’s ears stood up straight as Derpy gasped and fell silent. He felt her teats smash into his stomach, she ground them up and down, left and right, and her wet cleft trailed over his pelvis, soaking him. He felt her whole body clench, each muscle going rigid, her eyes closed, and then there was a flood that soaked his stomach and his balls.

“Did you just…” Bucky clung to the pegasus that had gone still against him and felt even more wet stickiness come dribbling out of her.

The grey mare did not reply, but nodded her head, rubbing her muzzle against Bucky’s ear as she did so. He felt her shudder, tense, and then her hind legs tightened against him as her hips bucked upwards for a better angle. With a grunt, she started grinding again, setting a frantic, frenetic pace, squashing her sopping marehood against the firmness of his pelvis.

Bucky felt himself growing hard and his now protruding length grazed against hot, wet, fevered flesh. He gripped Derpy around the her soft, pliable middle and gave her an aggressive squeeze. As he did so, she convulsed again, gritted her teeth, and let out a squealing whinny as she came again, releasing another gushing flood into Bucky’s lap and soaking his chair.

“I’m sorry,” Derpy gasped in a breathless whisper into Bucky’s ear. “I was so pent up… I hate using you, but the way you smell right now”—Derpy inhaled, sucking in a deep breath—“and everything about you.The feel of your body against me. I couldn’t help myself.”

Getting a better grip around Derpy’s middle, Bucky rolled and bucked his hips, trying to find the best angle for entry. He felt hot, slick flesh against his tip and before he could do anything to plunge himself into those delightful depths, Derpy had already taken control once more.

She slammed herself down upon his length, and Bucky found himself balls deep. He could feel Derpy’s throbbing, pulsing, oversized nubbin pinched between the hard length of his cock and the firm flesh of his stomach. Her teats teased over his skin. He growled, a sound he did not intend to make, but it just slipped out. His forelegs snaked up Derpy’s back, closer to her wings, and his talons wrapped around his hoof just over Derpy’s spine on the spot where her wings connected.

The grey mare wasted no time, but bounced up and down in Bucky’s lap, and Bucky could feel that he was stimulating her throbbing button of flesh from both sides in this new position, his cock rubbing from behind on the inside, and his stomach from the outside as she winked. Derpy threw her head back, tightened her grip around his neck, and Bucky felt her walnut crushing marehood grow tight around him.

She fought him, wanting to grind against him at her own pace, and he denied her. They struggled against one another, each fighting for dominance, both growling at one another as the delicious tension increased.

“Let me cum, Bucky,” Derpy breathed.

In spite of his best efforts, or because of his best effort, Derpy came a moment later, almost ripping Bucky’s cock off as she spasmed. Spent, Derpy went almost limp in Bucky’s embrace after a few more convulsions, and he found that he was free to do as he pleased.

The exhausted mother pegasus collapsed against him, her weight almost crushing him, but that did not deter Bucky. He continued plowing away, enjoying this new position a great deal, as it allowed for super deep penetration, which made him feel longer. With each thrust, there was a wet slurp, followed by a meaty smack as he buried himself and his balls slapped upwards against Derpy’s quivering pucker.

He thought about invading the back door brownie bakery, but he wasn’t going to last much longer. His thrusts became frenzied humps as he raced for the finish line. There was no point in prolonging this, or trying to get the grey mare he so loved to cum one more time, she was spent. She had already worn herself out on him.

She bounced up and down upon his lap, her wings bobbing, and her sweaty mane slapped against her ears as her tail swished up and down. Which each balls deep thrust that Bucky gave her, she squeaked, squealed, or whinnied, drifting on post orgasmal bliss while still being furiously plowed with almost earth pony like dedication to seeing that the field was properly seeded.

Bucky buried his face against her neck, closed his eyes, gritted his teeth, and then blew his load deep inside of her. He felt her tighten around him as his girth flared, and then he was seized by suction as her sopping snatch slurped semen, securing it away. He gave a few more humps once the overwhelming need to hilt himself had passed, and then, Bucky too, went limp beneath Derpy.

It had been a long day. Too long of a day. The release felt good and Bucky gave his mate a feeble kiss on the corner of her mouth. He could feel Derpy panting against him, and, with a sigh, her wings went limp as real exhaustion set in.


“Yes, Love?”

“Just so you know…”


“After the birth, I haven’t been taking any of my pills…”




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