The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


791. 791

As Bon Bon pounded out her candy confection, she could not help but feel that some… thing was watching her. Of course there were ponies watching her, she was working, and ponies always loved to watch when candy was being made, but this was something else. Bon Bon looked around the shop to see what she could see; two ponies kissing in a booth, two griffons engaged in a bit of heavy petting after sharing some chocolate covered crickets, Helia was sweet talking her husband, Gofannon the griffon, and Golden Harvest was discussing current events with a customer.

“Helia, you’ve been on your legs too long, go sit down,” Bon Bon said as she returned to her work. She slugged the candy with her hoof; the candy, only being candy, succumbed to the blow, almost going paper thin where Bon Bon had bopped it a good one.

Rolling up the candy, Bon Bon then began to pound it out again, slamming it flat. This was a long, involved process, and it made the candy chewy, but with a creamy texture. Before her, Bon Bon had a big blob of chocolate, another blob of vanilla, and she was currently working on the strawberry. When done, all three flavours would be combined to form neapolitan, which was always a favourite, and then the candies would be rolled in toasted coconut. It seemed that Bon Bon could never make enough of these candies, they always sold out within the first few hours of being made. The local bridge club had a bounty that could be collected by anypony coming to tell them when these went on sale. For Bon Bon, this was a modest sign of success.

She slammed and pounded away on the strawberry candy, flattening it, rolling it over, pounding it down, and this time, just to try something different, she sprinkled just a little bit of toasted coconut onto the smooshed out strawberry confection. She rolled it up and began to pound it out again, her hooves landing steady, effective blows.

It could be said that Bon Bon was a happy pony because she spent her days punching things into perfection. Bon Bon’s ear twitched; it felt as though something had tickled it. She ignored the odd sensation, it was probably sweat or the heat blowing out of the air vent.

After slamming the confection a few more times, Bon Bon paused. If there was one thing about pregnancy she didn’t like, it was the troublesome, frequent need to pee. Reaching up, she wiped her brow with her foreleg, shook herself, and dropped down on all fours.

As she made her way to the back of the store, she felt something slide over her teats, a faint, teasing tickle. It was almost too much to bear. She clenched her teeth and hissed, the need to pee even stronger. She had to squeeze herself to hold everything in. She dismissed the feeling as her imagination, pregnancy caused all manner of strange feelings, and continued to the bathroom, going up the stairs and into the old apartment she had shared with Lyra.



Sitting on the toilet, Bon Bon had the curious sensation that she was not alone. Feeling a little creeped out, Bon Bon wondered if the stress was getting to her. Work, home, family, Harper was sick, Bucky was away and there was no way of knowing if he would come home intact… Bon Bon wanted him in one piece. Bon Bon had been in a strange mood as of late, more than anything she wanted to just cuddle another pony, any of them would do, but she wanted to give Bucky a good, quiet, perhaps even intimate snuggle. Perhaps a cuddle by the fire, with nuzzling, and ear nibbles, and gentle squeezes.

Closing her eyes, Bon Bon could almost imagine it as she sat on the toilet. It felt good letting everything out, almost orgasmic. Being pregnant had done something to her bladder. A warm tingle in her nethers caused Bon Bon to shiver.

She shook her backside, causing a few more drops to trickle free, and then stood up. She flushed, turned towards the sink, and saw herself in the mirror. She looked… sweaty. It was far too warm in here with the heat on.

“It’s just the heat bothering me,” Bon Bon said to herself as she turned on the sink.

Bending her neck, she went to wash her face, placing her muzzle beneath the faucet. The water was cold and feeling it flowing over her nose caused her whole body to tense. It felt good, real good. Lifting her head, Bon Bon opened her eyes.

There was a face in the mirror, a face not her own. Two terrible Taint filled eyes. An iron grey face. Horrible pointed teeth. A hideous scowl. One glowing red horn. Bon Bon blinked, and when she opened her eyes again, there was a pony skull in a black hood.

Bon Bon was not amused, nor was she scared. Her eyes narrowed. “Bucky… get out of my mirror… what are you doing here, you horrible creep… spying on me while I’m in the bathroom… for shame.”

“I was also tickling your teats and playing with your ear,” Bucky admitted from within the mirror. “Hi Bonnie… I was missing you… and worried about you… how ya feeling?”

“I just saw Sombra and then the reaper pony in my mirror… so I’m feeling a bit annoyed with my husband at the moment,” Bon Bon replied.

“Aw, Bonnie, I was only playing.” Bucky poured out of the mirror like smoke rising from a fire. His body coalesced and the faucet in the sink was turned off by an invisible force. “Did you miss me? I missed you.”

The bathroom was now a bit cramped with two ponies inside of it. Bon Bon could feel Bucky’s body pressed up against hers. She snorted, but stretched out her neck and gave Bucky a grudging kiss on the cheek.

“Most ponies would have lost their minds from fear… this is why I love you Bonnie.” Bucky rubbed his cheek against Bon Bon’s, then angled his head, and rubbed his ear against the corner of her jaw.

“Buttering me up isn’t going to help you.” Bon Bon was tempted to pull away, but the affection that Bucky was lavishing upon her felt too good. She gave Bucky a little hip bump, pressing her cutie mark against his.

“Well, nuts… I guess there is only one thing to do,” Bucky said in a low voice.

Taken by surprise, Bon Bon felt Bucky move. He was fast. She couldn’t recall Bucky moving like this before, his movements were predatory, almost fierce. In the span of an eyeblink he was no longer beside her, but in front of her, his muzzle pressed against her own, applying powerful suction, her lips had been parted, one leg was now wrapped around her neck, and the almost pointed tip of Bucky’s tongue was tracing little circles over her lips.

Feeling lightheaded, dizzy, Bon Bon’s legs began to wobble. She sat down on the tile floor, leaned forwards into Bucky, and then, with great effort, she lifted her front legs, wrapped them around Bucky, and pulled him down into a sitting position with her. The smooth, cool touch of Bucky’s cloak against her skin made Bon Bon shiver, her muscles clenching and spasming.

It took all of Bon Bon’s willpower to pull her head back, away from Bucky’s feverish kisses, and asked in a breathy whisper, “Bucky… why do things have to be complicated between us?” She felt Bucky’s muzzle pressed against hers, but not in a kiss. It trailed over her face, brushing against her eyelashes, until she felt two lips against her ear.

“I don’t know.”

“Bucky, I want you… I want you real bad, and I want you right here, right now, in this bathroom,” Bon Bon said in a low, needy whisper. “I have a powerful need, Bucky, but this always gets complicated.”

“Lyra,” Bucky breathed.

“Yes, Lyra,” Bon Bon replied as she gave Bucky a squeeze, pulling him closer, now feeling his belly against her belly. “I can’t have Lyra hurting over me having something she couldn’t give me.”

“I know, and I would never hurt Lyra like that.” After speaking, Bucky took Bon Bon’s ear between his lips and gave it a teasing, tantalising, tender tug. He was rewarded with a faint moan from Bon Bon.

His horn igniting, Bucky soundproofed the bathroom and made certain the door was locked. Once that was finished, he extended his will, reaching out with his telekinesis, and probed Bon Bon’s moist folds. He felt her gasp and her whole body tensed. He made his telekinesis vibrate, he made it ripple, it made it feel as though droplets of water fell.

“What about you?” Bon Bon asked.

“Don’t worry about me,” Bucky replied as he intensified his magic. His ears perked when he heard a lewd squelch. “Oh Bonnie… I love you crazily.”

“I know.” Bon Bon let out a gasp. Bucky was good at what he did, perhaps too good. His magic was pushing all of the right buttons in all of the right places. “Bucky, I love you,” she breathed as she closed her eyes. “You and I… we don’t spend as much time together as we should… we’re the workers in this family.” Bon Bon was having trouble making words happen. She leaned forwards onto Bucky as a powerful wave of euphoria overtook her. She could feel something stabbing her in the stomach. She knew what it was… and she knew what to do.

Turning Bucky away from her somewhat, Bon Bon angled him in such a way that she could reach his turgid, throbbing cock. She wrapped her fetlock around it, squeezing, applying pressure, and she gave him a tug, not allowing her fetlock to slide over his tender flesh, but an actual tug, pulling on him. She felt his whole body tense. She relaxed her hold a little and her fetlock slid along Bucky’s length.

As far as stallions went, Bucky wasn’t very long… something that Bon Bon knew that Bucky was sensitive about, but Bucky had girth. Bon Bon’s love fevered brain thought about Derpy and Berry’s descriptions about how Bucky’s chubby little prick would stretch them out, hitting all of the right places. He was hung like a pickle barrel. She slid her fetlock back down his shaft, squeezed, and then stroked him a few times in rapid succession.

Feeling dirty for even thinking about it, she tried to imagine Bucky slipping inside of her. The feeling of pressure at her entrance, pushing, shoving his way inside, and then there would be a delightful sting of being stretched out, the elastic lips of her labia being stretched out, filled to bursting, the solid, meaty feeling of her clitoris being crushed by the girthy invader. That wonderful sensation of a tight fit.

Bon Bon’s strokes intensified as her own climax approached. She could feel something brushing up against her clitoris in light, almost lapping strokes, a feather touch tracing over the tip of it, enough to titillate but not enough to satisfy. A warm, kneading massage began over her teats, and she could feel the tips being tugged upon, a gentle squeeze. She closed her eyes, spread her legs somewhat, and began humping up against Bucky’s hipbone, she was hornier than a secondary school full of teenage unicorns.

She could hear Bucky’s laboured breathing. Eyes still closed, still giving Bucky’s leg a good humping, Bon Bon’s lips sought out Bucky’s as she felt her body bracing for what was certain to be an explosive climax. She kissed him, but Bucky seemed a bit distracted, and Bon Bon knew why. She squeezed with her fetlock, tugging instead of stroking, applying pressure at the base, and without realising it, she was preventing him from cumming.

Sweaty, hot, and dying for release, Bon Bon’s flat, square teeth bit down on Bucky’s neck, pinching, nipping at a roll of his flesh. She latched on, unable to help herself, fulfilling some ancient, primal need that equines had to bite down and hold on as they climaxed. Bon Bon’s hips churned, writhing up and down as the tickle of magic inside and all around her twat grew to be too much. A dribble of squalene oozed out from Bon Bon’s candy pink folds, leaving Bucky’s hops plant slick with mare cum. Bon Bon let go of herself completely and began banging her filly flaps against Bucky with reckless abandon, all while her teeth were locked upon a tender bit of Bucky’s neck flesh.

Snorting, Bon Bon was unaware that her heavy breathing was pushing Bucky over the edge. She had never given a hoofjob before, she had no idea what she was doing, but she applied firm, sturdy, steady strokes to Bucky’s stubby shaft, trying to help him grind out his own frustrations.

Bon Bon unlocked her jaws from Bucky’s skin, letting go, and then she buried her face into Bucky’s mane. She could not stop herself, she cried, tears spilling out of her eyes as her orgasms slammed through her guts. Strange emotions filled her, a need to be close to Bucky, the heady feeling of love, the knowledge of motherhood, the feeling of relief from climaxing so hard.

The mare went limp, leaning on Bucky, her foreleg kept going, kneading, stroking, Bon Bon was a tireless worker, and her orgasm-addled brain realised that Bucky was cumming. She could feel him flaring, and then she could feel his seed travelling up his shaft. Something hot and sticky dribbled all over Bon Bon’s foreleg. She felt Bucky go limp against her, in more ways than one. His body slumped over and his twitching cock was already starting to go soft.

Rubbing her sweaty cheek against Bucky, Bon Bon sought out his lips again. She pulled him in for a kiss, she needed this kiss, she nibbled on his lip and coaxed him into kissing her, even though he was slipping into a warm afterglow.

“After we clean up, I’ll fix you some coffee,” Bon Bon whispered as she pulled away from the slobbery kiss. A powerful shudder made her whole body tense and she shook, clinging to Bucky, worried, even fearful of falling over. She felt her anus clench as her marehood attempted to swallow itself in one final post-coital orgasm. She gave Bucky a crushing hug and rode out the final shivers, whimpering, tears still streaming down her cheeks.



Smiling, a freshly showered Bon Bon glanced at Bucky, meeting his eyes for a moment, and then she looked away, giggling like a school filly. She tried not to think about how there had been cum on the ceiling, but failed, causing even more giggles and a few snorts to slip out. She lifted up a chocolate dipped tea cake, bit off the end, and watched as Bucky took a sip of coffee. Her orange tongue slipped out of her mouth, licked the tip of the chocolate dipped tea cake, and she watched as Bucky almost dropped his coffee.

Bon Bon, twenty five years of age, felt like a filly again. Reaching out beneath the table, she used her hind hoof to stroke Bucky’s leg. She tittered, unable to help herself, not quite knowing what had come over her, but she suspected it had something to do with the foal now growing in her belly.

“That was some welcome home,” Bucky said as he set down his coffee cup. He lifted up a chocolate dipped tea cake, bit off the end, and started crunching.

Reaching up, Bon Bon brushed her mane out of her face. She looked Bucky in his eye, watching the Taint mist creeping out of his terrible red and green eye. She understood the need for Bucky to maintain his warlock status in public, but she hated seeing him like this. This was an illusion, nothing more. He had been cleaned of the Taint, reclaiming a part of himself that Bon Bon had worried was lost forever.

“I know you’re going to be leaving again.” Bon Bon squirmed in her seat. She leaned forwards, resting one foreleg on the table, and took another bite of her chocolate dipped tea cake. She chewed for a few moments, smacked her lips, and swallowed. “Bucky, don’t go.”

“Bonnie, I have to go. There is something nasty down south, and sending other ponies to deal with it would be their deaths.” Bucky gave Bon Bon a pleading look. “Please don’t make me feel guilty for having to do my job.”

“Why can’t Luna go and deal with it?” Bon Bon sucked in a deep breath when she saw the angry look on Bucky’s face, and she hoped his anger was not directed at her.

“She might not be able to die, but she can be mutilated, mangled, and have horrible things happen to her… I cannot allow that to happen again… you didn’t see her Bonnie… you didn’t see her—”

“Bucky, calm down.” Bon Bon could see his talons flexing and she caught a whiff of ozone. “Bucky, I’m sorry… no, I didn’t see her.”

“She was melted… like wax… what he did to her… what he was going to do to her… he was going to violate her… steal away her dignity—”

“Bucky,” Bon Bon whispered. “Bucky, it’s okay… just calm down.” Reaching over the table, Bon Bon used the soft edge of her fetlock to wipe away a tear on Bucky’s cheek that had slipped out. Bon Bon wanted to say that Bucky could also be mutilated, mangled, and have horrible things happen to him; horrible things had already happened to him. She wanted to tell Bucky that he was mortal, and that if he died, there was no coming back, while Luna would recover in time, just as she had done. But Bon Bon said none of these things.

“Bucky, I love you… whatever has to happen, just… get it done and over with… and come home to us.” The earth pony mare smiled a soft, sad smile. “I hate your job… I hate it so much… but I understand that it’s a job that has to be done.”

“I’m sorry Bonnie… I wish things were different…”




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