The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


761. 761

Sitting in their small, or as some might say, cosy, but well appointed cabin, Rarity heard the door open behind her. She did not bother looking up from her book, already knowing that it had to be Coco coming in. The earth pony had an odd, solid daintiness about her, the way she moved, the way she was, the way she did everything. Coco was perfect, subtle, perfection.

“Welcome home, Coco,” Rarity said as Coco moved through the small stateroom aboard the Sol Sempiternus. Rarity did not hear a reply. She started to turn around, but was surprised by Coco wrapping her forelegs around her from behind. She could feel heavy breathing upon the back of her neck. “Coco—”

“Hush…” The word slithered out from Coco’s lips like a serpent.

Rarity could feel Coco behind her, moving, and she did not know what Coco was doing. Rarity started to say something, but then something was placed over her eyes. Soft silk slid over her skin, was pulled taut, causing the wrinkles and little folds to vanish. Rarity, suffering dirty thoughts, thought it was very much like Coco’s feminine folds just before Coco came, causing all of her muscles to clench and flex, the little wrinkles drawing tight as Rarity’s tongue lingered over them. When this happened, Coco released a little something that Rarity liked to call Coco-butter, and Rarity was fond of the golden, gooey liquid.


There was a jerk on the silk over Rarity’s eyes and Rarity heard the word, “Hush.”

Blinded, Rarity sat in the chair, not knowing what was going on, but feeling a growing sense of arousal. She started to titter, but was reprimanded with another yank on the silken blindfold. She felt something slide over her muzzle, and before she realised it, she was gagged. It was not a tight gag, but it sent a clear message. Coco was in control and Rarity had been told to hush. Twice now. A third time would have consequences. Delicious consequences? Perhaps.

Gasping through her gag, Rarity felt herself being lifted out of her chair. The book fell to the floor with a thump. Coco was carrying her, Rarity had been lifted in Coco’s ever so strong forelegs. A moment later, Rarity was dumped on the bed. Confused, aroused, Rarity waited, every muscle in her body tensing.

She felt her right foreleg being tugged on and then felt soft cloth wrap around it. Something not silk, it was a bit more grippy, Rarity had trouble figuring out what it was. With growing fascination, Rarity realised that she was being tied down. So that’s how it was. Coco was tired of being Coco, Rarity’s most dutiful and helpful assistant, and was now becoming Coco, Rarity’s most demanding and dominating mistress. Her left foreleg was being tied down now. Rarity could feel her dock clenching and the muscles in her belly went taut.

A foreleg grazed over her exposed belly, over her navel, and brushed over her teats. Her left hind leg was seized, bound, and Rarity could hear the sounds of fabric rustling together. Holding back a whimper, Rarity felt the first bead of moisture go rolling down her swelling lips, over her clenching, flexing, alabaster anus, and dribble down into the crook of her dock. It tickled something awful. Now her right hind leg was being tied down to the bed, leaving Rarity spread open.

All Rarity had to do to make this stop was shake her head no and the blindfold would be off in a jiffy, but she didn’t dare. Not now. This was just getting interesting, and Rarity wondered what was in store for her.

There was a creak as Coco climbed onto the bed with Rarity and then a sound like ice rattling around. Rarity’s ears perked. She tried to make out what she was hearing and—oooOOOoooh! Something cold touched her belly, pressing in on her navel. The ice cube began to make slow, lazy circles, working out and away from Rarity’s navel. Rarity let out as much of a moan as she dared as her belly muscles tensed from the freezing tickle-touch, knowing that if she was bad, she would be punished. Rarity wasn’t certain she was in the mood to be a bad filly tonight, Coco could be a little rough if Rarity was bad. Rarity kicked her hind legs as much as she could, but her bonds were tight enough to keep her still and didn’t allow for much movement. She wiggled and shimmied in the bed, trying to squirm away from the ice cube trailing over her tender, sensitive, supple, belly flesh.

Beneath the blindfold, Rarity closed her eyes and tried to get as much as she could out of the moment. The ice cube was moving closer to her teats, teasing, tickling, titillating, torturing... the anticipation was killing her already and Rarity hoped that it would last a little longer. She clamped her teeth together and tried to close her hind legs as she felt another bead of moisture escape from her clenching folds, only to go rolling down over Rarity’s too-tight pucker.

The ice cube lingered on the soft edge of Rarity’s left teat… of all the worst possible things that could happen… this was the worst… possible… thing… ever… Rarity’s hips bucked upwards and a loud squelching sound filled the cabin as Rarity’s needy twat tried to suckle a throbbing cock that wasn’t there.


Oh no… Coco sounded angry! The wet slurp wasn’t Rarity’s fault. She hadn’t meant to sound like a needy, dirty, wanton little whorse. The ice cube vanished, gone, and Rarity lamented its departure. There was a creak as Coco left the bed. Rarity wondered what was about to happen. She waited, hearing hooves, and then the sound of somepony rummaging through the luggage. What was Coco doing? Dripping, Rarity couldn’t wait to find out.

There was a teeth clenching wonderful pain in Rarity’s right teat and she felt pressure closing in on the tip. The velvet wrapped teat-clamps! Rarity had no idea that Coco had smuggled those in the luggage. A moment later, the cruel sister of the first teat-clamp was placed over Rarity’s left teat. There was a good tug to test their grip. Kicking her hind legs, Rarity had to swallow her cry. She had brought this on herself, she had been told to hush, but she hadn’t listened.


Rarity could hear it in Coco’s hissy voice; that was a warning. Perhaps the only warning she might get from this point out. Protesting the punishment would only lead to more punishment. She thought about shaking her head ‘no’ and ending this game, but then thought better of it. Rarity’s whole body jerked and quivered, adrenaline pumped through her veins, and she was both hopeful and frightened of what was going to happen next.

Oh, this was dreadful. Rarity had stepped in it now. Instead of lots of teasing, teat play, tickling, and then the glorious oral delights, something else was going to happen. Something dreadful. The teat-clamps were causing her teats to feel warm, the pain was exquisite, wonderful, almost unbearable in just the right way.

Rarity heard squelching sounds, but they didn’t come from her. She smelled the tangy, almost sneezy scent of the floral lube that was Coco’s favourite. Lube? She heard Coco hiss, inhaling, sucking wind. What was Coco doing? The sounds of Coco’s heavy breathing filled Rarity’s ears.

Rarity’s teats were swollen now. She felt Coco tug the right clamp. Rarity could not help it, she whimpered as delicious friction took over and the clamp began to slide free from tender teat-flesh. Each little tug caused the clamp slip, to slide, the velvet tugging on her flesh. Rarity writhed but did not dare slamming down with her hips and ending her punishment too soon.

That would only bring more punishment.

She endured it, and then, Rarity felt the clamp slide free. It was over… it was over… and then… the slow process of pulling the left one free started. Rarity cried out through her gag again, her belly muscles clenching in an almost painful manner. Rarity wanted to bite down on her hoof, but she was gagged, she was tied, her hoof was immobile, and she was helpless. The right teat throbbed in the most delightful way, now freed from the clamp, and the left teat was being stretched to the point where the skin felt hot. Rarity sucked in air, gasping, and then let out a needy whimper as the clamp slid free.


Teats throbbing, hard as rocks, Rarity wasn’t sure how much more she could take. She thought about shaking her head and making this end. She was winded, sore… but she still wasn’t satisfied. If Rarity ended the game, Coco would still satisfy her, but it wouldn’t be the same. Coco would be smug, superiour, gloating that Rarity had succumbed.

Rarity could not let that happen. She waited, not knowing what would happen next.

And then, Coco was on top of her. Rarity could feel Coco’s belly up against her own, and each of Coco’s front hooves on either side of Rarity’s ribs, propping Coco up. Rarity felt something slippery prod her clenching, winking marehood. Coco had the strapon! Rarity knew that she was about to be screwed like the dirty little whorse that she was. She felt Coco shifting on top of her, sliding around, and then, Rarity felt quite a surprise.

A second invader, also slippery, prodded her puckered plot hole. This one was smaller. Coco had both of them lined up, and before Rarity had a chance to shake her head no, Coco gave a powerful thrust of her earth pony hips, driving both shafts several inches in.

Rarity inhaled and was about to let out a muffled scream when she heard Coco’s soft, commanding voice say, “Hush…

There was a wet slogging sound, a slurping sound, and then the well lubed double cocks slipped deeper into Rarity. The anal invader wasn’t so bad, but the pain and the pleasure was causing Rarity to sweat. She felt her whole body going damp as Coco worked her way in deeper.

That was how this started. Coco would only be gentle to get started, and then her earth pony strength would ram the strapon into Rarity’s delicate, perfect marehood until Coco had her fill. But now, with the anal invader, Rarity wondered if Coco would be rough. She wondered if Coco also had two cocks stuffed inside of her, a double-double dong.

She didn’t have time to contemplate this scenario. With a grunt, Coco buried herself into Rarity and then began pounding. Feeling a total loss of control, the only thing Rarity could do was let go and let this happen. Coco was railing both Rarity’s delicate pussy and Rarity’s dainty pucker. Rarity could feel her winking clitoris sliding along the well lubed length of the thick fauxcock that Coco was burying into her with each well practiced thrust. Rarity was being screwed right down into the mattress. She felt a growing heat as she smaller fauxcock drilled her tiny, perfect, well bleached little anus.

The first orgasm was rough, painful even, and it hit Rarity like a slap in the face, leaving her breathless. She was drifting now, and she knew another orgasm was rapidly approaching. Coco was a little too good at what she did. Rarity could feel Coco’s belly sliding back and forth over over throbbing, too-sensitive teats.

Unable to stop herself, Rarity began to whimper with each pelvis sundering thrust. Her whole body was drenched with sweat now, she trembled, her body quaking, and Coco showed no signs of slowing down. Only an earth pony could rut with this much force.

Each stab of the double cocks caused Rarity to let out a squeaky cry, it sounded like a massacre of rubber ducks as Coco continued to work out her frustrations upon Rarity. The unicorn thrashed against her bonds as orgasm after orgasm barreled through her, slamming through her body with violent force, leaving her an almost senseless mess.

And just when Rarity didn’t think she could take a second more, the relentless pounding ceased. The double cocks slid out with a wet sounding slurp. Coco collapsed on top of Rarity’s body, and Rarity could feel Coco’s barrel heaving. She felt two lips kiss her on the neck, once, twice, then three times, and then she heard Coco take a deep breath.




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