The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


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Blinking her bleary eyes, Berry Punch focused upon the newspaper. It had been a long night, made longer by the fact that the twins had been awake for hours, running laps inside of her uterus. At least, that is what it felt like. She leaned forwards and rested her elbows upon the table. Scowling, she rolled her hips around, or tried to, trying to shift her pelvis around, hoping to find the elusive and hard to find comfortable spot. All of this shifting and wiggling caused her insides to slosh around, which in turn caused the twins to bounce. Her efforts to get comfortable caused a long bassoon note of flatulence to come squealing out, starting out low and flappy, before rising in pitch, going from a wet flapper to a dry sounding fizzle.

Berry Punch heard the thunk of a coffee cup hitting the kitchen table. She lowered her paper and saw Sentinel peering at her with wide, accusing eyes. “What?” Berry Punch looked at Sentinel, who seemed to have taken his father’s place at the table. The colt did not respond, but sat there, silent, his accusatory gaze still locked upon her. “I’m pregnant. With twins. I’m allowed to do anything I want to get comfortable. I don’t care how sensitive your sense of smell is.” Berry Punch fanned her newspaper at Sentinel.

In a rare moment of Sentinel displaying a sense of humour, the colt proceeded with a pretend faint, falling over in the most dramatic way possible, clutching at his throat as he tipped over out of his chair with a gurgle. He hit the floor, went and limp, with the exception of one leg twitching.

“Oh come on! You eat dead woodchucks and you once tried to eat a skunk.” Berry Punch rolled her eyes as she heard Lyra giggling. Berry’s nose crinkled and she used her newspaper to fan away the stench.

Lyra began to cough.

After a moment, Sentinel rose, shook himself, and got back into his chair, adjusting his glasses as he sat down. “Any good news?” he asked, looking at Berry with some concern as she continued to try and get comfortable.

“The Rendezvous is happening today, according to the newspaper,” Berry replied.

“The entire world going to war, united under one banner.” Sentinel picked up his coffee cup, took a sip, swished his coffee around in his mouth, and then swallowed. “So if the Rendezvous is happening, that means that the fleet is now assembled off of the coast of Fancy. Which means the invasion can begin at any time. We’ll go in, draw our enemy out, force them to fight, destroy them, the fleet can return home, and this will all be over.”

“I doubt it will be that simple,” Lyra said as a scowl replaced her smile.

“Oh… this is bad… this is real bad…” Berry Punch’s eyes narrowed as she read the fine, neat print. “There was a raid on Endovelicus Pharmacological Research Labs yesterday. The facilities were conducting illegal experimentation on earth ponies… the researchers and the company heads fought back, killing several guards before fleeing the premises. A running battle took place on the streets of Baltimare. The escape was aided by none other than Doctor Caballeron—” Berry Punch made an abrupt pause and stared at the paper. “Why does that name sound familiar?”

“In the Daring Do novels, he is one of her primary antagonists,” Sentinel replied.

Her mouth hanging open, Berry Punch set down the paper and gave Sentinel a blank stare, her discomfort now forgotten. She remained stupefied by what she had read. She saw Sentinel’s brow furrow and then she heard the colt ask, “Why would Doctor Caballeron, an earth pony, help a company experimenting on earth ponies?”

Shrugging, Lyra lifted the paper in her telekinesis and had a look. “I didn’t know that he was a real pony, much less a real villain. This is news to me.” Lyra found the article and began reading through it for herself. “Now I’m wondering if whatsisname, that Ahuizotl fellow is real.”

“He’s real,” Sentinel said. “Luna has talked about him. He’s kinda crazy and he wants to steal the sun from Celestia. He hates the cold and he wants to turn the whole world into one big sweltering jungle.”

Rubbing her stomach, Berry Punch wondered if the twins would ever calm down and go to sleep. She thought about what Sentinel had said and after a moment, she had this to say. “So he’s crazy.”

Sentinel nodded. “More or less. But dangerous crazy, enough so that Luna had warned father about him and they’ve discussed him as a potential Equestrian threat.”

Possessing a quick mind, Lyra sat up straight and blurted out her conclusion: “Hey, if he wanted to turn the world into a jungle, he’d need to make stuff grow… like how earth ponies make stuff grow—”

“Lyra Heartstrings, we don’t even know if Ahuizotl is involved in this mess,” Berry Punch said to her fellow-wife.

“But he might be, and it’s fun to think about conspiracies,” Lyra replied, now grinning.

Rolling her eyes, Berry Punch snorted. “Conspiracies.” The pudgy, pregnant earth pony looked at Lyra. “Conspiracies. Next you’ll be blurting out is that Bon Bon is really a secret agent who is hiding out and making candies for some obscure reason.”

Lyra began to giggle. “That’s absurd… Bon Bon’s cutie mark is for candy making, not espionage… if she had a pair of binoculars or something, I’d be concerned.”

The two mares began to laugh together and Sentinel lifted up his coffee cup for another sip.  



“No more, I can’t take it anymore!” Belisama panting, reached down, grabbed Bucky’s ear and gave it a gentle tug. She felt her toes curling as Bucky’s tongue lingered in a hot, moist place. “Take me… I want to feel you mount me…”

Lifting his head, Bucky licked his lips and then replied, “Uh, that’s easier said than done. I’m a bit bigger than you, I’ll crush you into the bed or smother you.” He glanced downwards and stared at Belisama with a greedy unsatisfied need. Her kitty bits were swollen with need and her vibrant pink insides were peeking out. Her slit, when not all hot and bothered, was little more than a tight almost unnoticeable wrinkle, but now, it was a wet, glistening, inviting place. A bead of moisture began a slow roll down the exposed internal flap of skin. Reaching out his tongue, Bucky lapped it away and as he did so, he heard Belisama yowl. Her hind legs kicked around the sides of his face.

It was a good thing he had sound proofed his cabin.

“Take me on the edge of the bed… I have needs… I need to feel you against my back,” Belisama said in a needy whisper. She lifted her head, looked down between her legs, and saw Bucky staring back up at her. “Some itches can only be scratched the old fashioned way.”

Feeling a strong sense of need himself, Bucky slipped off the bed. Belisama began to wiggle around, but he saved her the trouble, pulling her to the edge of the bed and then rolling her over onto her belly. Reaching down with his talons, he lifted her tail and gave it a few loving, gentle tugs to announce his intentions. He then mounted the griffoness, placing his front hoof and his talons on either side of her body before lowering himself down a bit on top of her, giving what he hoped was enough weight, without it being too much weight. She vanished beneath him, her head bumping up against his breast bone, and he heard her moaning.

He lined himself up and gave her a few prods, trying to find his way in. After a few pokes, he found something hot and wet, something that made him throb on contact. He took a deep breath and reminded himself to be careful, Belisama was tiny and delicate. He could feel her wiggling her spine against his belly. He pushed forwards, encountering some resistance, and then with a grunt, he felt himself inside a place of slippery heat.

A needy peep escaped from Belisama’s beak. She clenched her talons, digging into the blankets, getting a grip and pushing backwards as Bucky pushed into her. She could feel the skin on her back sliding forwards over her spine in the most delicious sort of way, and she could feel Bucky’s reassuring weight settling on top of her, which awakened her most primal needs. She rolled her hips, changing the angle of entry, and she could feel his shaft sliding along the tiny bead of flesh that was now protruding from a mass of hot, well slicked folds. She let out a needy screech and kicked her hind legs, which hung over the edge of the bed. With each thrust, she felt something heavy and meaty slapping up against her mons. It made her want to begin shredding the bed with her claws and it took every ounce of willpower that she had to keep herself from going wild in a frenzy of lust.

Sliding in and out between Belisama’s fuzzy thighs, Bucky realised that he was not going to last very long. He was overstimulated and something about mounting the yowling, screeching griffoness had awoken the most primal and bestial parts of his nature. The wooden bedframe creaked with each thrust and Belisama was almost ground down into the mattress. He could feel her wings fluttering and flapping against his ribs. He eased himself down onto his elbows, closed his eyes, and continued thrusting, mindful of how deep he went, knowing that Belisama could not take his full length. He narrowed his stance, Belisama’s hind legs were in between his, and this caused her to tighten around him a little more, adding a bit of much needed friction.

A strong, powerful need to push himself deep inside overtook Bucky, a need to push deeper and stay deep within the moist recesses of searing hot flesh. Shuddering, his face contorted into a crazed expression of maniacal lust, one eye narrowing, the other going wide, his lips pulled back from his teeth, one ear went sideways while the other stood straight up. His nostrils flared and his body trembled as a powerful orgasm overcame his body. His hips ground and humped up against Belisama’s clenching backside as he pumped his seed deep within her body while her needy yowls filled his ears. His dock seized and went tight, causing his tail to hitch and rise. His spine arched as his back muscles tensed and quivered. He could feel Belisama’s legs kicking, the outside of her thighs rubbing up against the inside of his thighs, and her tail thrashed against his belly, pinned between their bodies. He gave one final thrust, trying to pump out just a few more drops of seed, and then with a gasp, he fell over onto his side, rolling off of Belisama.

After taking a few moments to recover, Belisama rolled over onto her back to cool off, drifting in the endless ocean that was her afterglow. She lay there, peeping, panting, her feathers were dishevelled, and her fur was damp as well as matted from Bucky’s frothy sweat. Her feminine places were sore, hot, stretched out, and tender, but Belisama wouldn’t have it any other way. The feeling of Bucky against her back, mounting her, had satisfied some deep emotional need, something that had gone unsatisfied up to this point, some animalistic and instinctual need that dwelled deep within. She felt a foreleg hook around her middle, pull her over, and then she felt two lips pressing into her feathers, kissing her.

“Is that what you wanted?” Bucky asked, knowing that his words would tickle Belisama’s ear. He felt her squirm in his embrace and shivered as his body cooled from his evapourating sweat.

Belisama sighed and her feathers fluffed out. “Yes.” She stretched, catlike, and then rolled over in Bucky’s embrace, presenting her stomach. “Now I want my belly rubbed. I need to feel appreciated.”

“Oh, is that so?” Bucky placed his talons upon Belisama’s damp stomach, mindful of his claws. Belisama had been showing him how to sharpen them, and now the bladed edges could shave hair from flesh, much like any other well maintained griffon’s claws could do. As he began to rub her tummy, Bucky realised that the griffons’ talons could sum up their existence. They were fierce, gentle creatures, a living contradictory extreme. They could be gentle, loving parents, their claws never once drawing blood or piercing flesh, while still being murderous melee combatants. He waxed philosophical as his talon tips trailed over Belisama’s skin.

“When I am sitting on your back, when I speak to inspire others… when I play music, I have a powerful feeling come over me. I can’t explain it,” Belisama said, engaging in a little pillow talk.

“You feel like a queen?” Bucky asked.

“Maybe… I don’t know. But everything feels right. When I am sitting on your back, I feel I could do anything, face anything, I feel like I have the courage to fight,” Belisama replied.

“So am I your loyal steed?” Bucky grinned and gave Belisama’s belly a light tickle.

Closing her eyes, Belisama giggled at Bucky’s tickle-touch. “Yes, yes you are, pony husband, you are my loyal steed.” She grasped Bucky’s talons with her own, and squeezed his talon fingers in hers. “You complete me. You’ve given me back my sense of self. I’ve figured out who and what I am, and know now what I must do.” Belisama opened her eyes, craned her head around in a crazy boneless manner, and looked Bucky in the eye.

“And what must you do?” Bucky asked.

“I must survive this conflict, make a name for myself, I must preserve my subjects, and then when all of this is over, I must ride you off into the sunset,” Belisama replied.

Bucky grinned. “You’re a silly a cat-birdy creature… we’re going to be expected soon. Up for a shower?”

“Just a few minutes more of this… I know others need you, but I need you too…”



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