The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


694. 694

Biting her lip, Luna agonised over something she needed to do, something she needed to say before her sister returned to Canterlot. It was something that would be easier to do in private, but Luna knew she wanted others to hear it. She looked around the room, meeting the eyes of several ponies. Shining Armor was spending a little time with Cadance. Bucky was busy washing down a bottle of naval strength gin with Twilight. Thistle and Celestia had just wrapped up a conversation about water purity.

Something dreadful had taken place in the astral realms, Luna was certain of that, but so far, everypony had been tight lipped about what had taken place. The magical amplifier had been placed into Bucky’s vault and would be moved to Hidden Hollow Fortress later.

“Sister?” Luna’s voice was a shrill squeak.

Turning her head, Celestia looked at Luna, and saw that her sister was trembling. "Do you need something, Luna?”

“Yes,” Luna replied, her ears drooping down to the sides of her face. She took a step closer to the big cushion that Celestia was laying upon. She stumbled, almost fell, she was far too nervous about what she was about to do. She lifted her head, looked Celestia in the eye, and gulped. She licked her lips, took a deep breath, and said, “Sister, please forgive me.”

The room went silent. Shining Armor turned his head, his flickering weak projection now watching the interaction between the two sisters. Bucky slammed down his glass of gin, poured another, and refilled Twilight’s glass, of which she had drank, very, very little.

“Forgive you for what, Luna?”

“For what I did… hurting you… hurting our ponies,” Luna replied.

“Luna, I have already forgiven you—”

“No… I broke a promise to you… I hurt you… I did such awful things.” Luna shook her head and her pale blue mane spilled over her face. “It hurts so much… I cannot bear it anymore.”

Scurrying forwards, Luna lept onto Celestia’s cushion and threw her forelegs around her sister’s neck. She squeezed with all of the strength that her small foal body could muster, closed her eyes, and clung to her sister. Luna’s body was half on and half off of the cushion.

“Luna, you are forgiven,” Celestia whispered as she wrapped her wings around Luna so that she might pull her sister closer. “Please, Luna, I am begging you, you must not torture yourself over what has taken place.”

“I was the Element of Loyalty… I was supposed to be the strong one… I betrayed you… it hurts so much sister… I was bonded with the element and I still feel the wound it left in my spirit when it tore itself away from me… I cannot make the hurting stop.” Luna’s voice was a pitiful, pained whine, and her whole body trembled as she clung to her sister’s neck.

Feeling eyes upon him, Bucky turned his head and saw Twilight staring at him. Her eyes looked haunted. The stunning revelation of the Element of Obedience was still fresh in his mind and now poor Twilight was hearing this. He saw her wings flutter and her lower lip quivered.

Bowing her head down, Celestia placed her mouth near Luna’s ear “When I banished you, I lost my bonds with the Elements as well… I think that means we were both at fault… they abandoned me, and I did not see them for almost a thousand years. I failed you… please forgive me…”

A faint pink light flared from Cadance’s horn and her eyes took on a rosy pink glow. Energy crackled, and bright pink sparks arced from the tip of the alicorn foal’s horn. The room was filled with the overpowering smell of roses. An explosion of warm pink light burst away from Cadance and when the bright flash was over, Cadance had undergone a profound change. Her mane and tail, which had been hair up to this point, had become ethereal. It was now tri coloured rainbow of violet, of gold, and rosy pink. Little pinkish red hearts bubbled through the waving ethereal mass. Her mane and tail wafted about on unseen currents, blown by an intangible wind.

Cadance vibrated, her whole body trembled, and she blinked her eyes at Shining Armor.

“Cady bug?” Shining Armor’s head tilted off to one side.

“Uh oh!” Cadance said as she continued to shake. Her wings fluttered and her horn grew brighter and brighter.

“Cadance?” Celestia began to look alarmed.

Raising his eyebrow, Bucky knocked back a whole glass of naval strength gin. He lifted his talons and tried to shield his eyes from the pink radiance that Cadance emanated.

“Whoops…” The word was spoken as Cadance exploded. There was a violent explosion of pinkness through the living room, filling the air with the scent of roses and little pink hearts. Little pink and purple sparkles glittered in the air, drifting down like snowflakes. “Oopsie doodle.”

Trembling, Bucky blinked a few times, trying to clear his vision. He lifted up Twilight Sparkle’s undrank glass of naval strength gin, guzzled it down, set the glass upon the table, picked up the bottle, drank the remains in a few swallows, set the bottle down, and then wiped his muzzle with his right foreleg.

“If you will excuse me, I am going to screw my wives,” Bucky said as he got out of his chair. He sauntered out the room, walking funny, leaving behind a trail of drool as he departed.

Celestia blinked as she watched him go.

“You know what?” Twilight nodded her head. “That sounds like a really good idea. I have ponies I could be screwing as well.” Saying nothing else, she lept out of her chair, bounded for the front door, opened it, stepped out, pulled the door shut, and then Twilight Sparkle was gone.

“I need to go!” Thistle squeaked, taking off in hot pursuit of her husband.

“I wonder if there is something wrong with me, but I do not feel aroused,” Luna said. She looked her sister in the eye. “Are you okay, sister?”

“I am filled with love and affection,” Celestia replied, lying through her teeth. “You are still a foal, Luna. So of course you are not aroused. And I am filled with my love for you.” Right now, more than anything else, Celestia wanted the coldest cold shower in existence. Perhaps liquid helium would do the trick.

“Are you sure you are okay?” Luna asked.

“I am fine,” Celestia replied as she struggled not to grit her teeth. “Cadance just had a little love surge. Nothing to worry about. Nothing at all.”

Cadance giggled.

“Oh my, look at the time… I gotta go,” Shining Armor said. “I love you, Cadance…” There was a fizzle as Shining Armor vanished.

“I feel so very affectionate,” Luna said. She craned her neck, tilted her head, and kissed her sister on the cheek. She hugged and squeezed her sister’s neck. “I really am sorry, you know.”

“I know that, Luna. I am sorry as well.”

“I want so very much to promise that I will never hurt you again…”



Bucky woke with the taste of Bon Bon upon his lips. His whole face felt crusted and sticky, the hair upon his muzzle was stiff and matted. One of Bon Bon’s hind legs was still draped over his neck and her fuzzy foal hole, which was inches away from his muzzle, winked good morning at him. Looking down, he saw Thistle’s head between his legs, she was drooling, her mouth open, and her neck was pressed tight against his balls. Bucky tried to shove Bon Bon off of him, he would never say to her face, but she weighed a ton, and when he did give her a little shove, there was a moan from Lyra.

Lifting his head, Bucky saw that Bon Bon was using Lyra’s teats as a pillow, and pushing Bon Bon had caused her to rub against Lyra. Reaching up with his talons, Bucky rubbed his head and tried to remember just what had happened last night.

Cadance had happened.

Bucky had gone back to the bedroom to see who was awake only to find that everyone was awake and that he was outnumbered. He had given it a valiant effort though. He rubbed his head some more. He wiggled, trying to get out from under Bon Bon. Her tail twitched as his shoulder brushed up against her teats. He bumped up against Belisama, who gave him an irritated half awake squawk in retaliation.

Little Belisama, who was shy about doing things while the others were around. The others had pulled pillowcases over their heads and while Bucky had been giving Belisama a little pony ride, there had been a lot of blind groping of each other’s bodies done by the others.

At least boundaries had been respected. No penis had been slipped into Bon Bon or Lyra, even by accident. Lyra had to be sore though, having been the victim of the game ‘who can make Lyra cum the fastest.’ Bucky could not remember who had won, it was hazy, but he supposed it could be said that Lyra was the ultimate winner. Lyra at least, could give herself over in complete and total trust now.

When Bucky moved his body again, Thistle’s bulk shifted, sliding down between his legs, tugging on his balls. Her head ended up down there and he felt the sharp points of her teeth against tender flesh. Eyes now opened wide, Bucky was very, very careful about extracting himself.

He slipped free from Bon Bon’s big heavy plot, shook his head, and slipped out of bed.



It was still early, too early for most of the house to be awake. Bucky stood in the shower, letting the hot water rain down upon his aching body. A few new scales were growing out on his backside. Half awake, Bucky thought about how showers were not ideal for equines. The shower came down upon the back, on the neck, on the head, and even on the backside. Washing his belly took effort though, standing up, to twisting around, because rinsing off the soap was of vital importance.

His mind drifted to other things. He had killed a pony last night. Celestia and Luna had a chance to have a much needed talk. Cadance had transformed into the very equinomorphic embodiment of immortal love and all of its aspects last night.

Including lust.

No telling what that did to the other household members. Or how far the surge had traveled. A few more of those and there could be population issues within the year. Bucky let the water beat down upon his face, his eyes closed, and he felt his mane become waterlogged.

He contemplated the effect of Cadance’s surge upon his griffons, if it had traveled that far. The back of his mind also worried about Rising Star, Sparkler, Loch Skimmer, Ripple, and Bittersweet.

His mind reminded him that he had killed a pony. He gave the thought a violent mental shove and reasoned with himself that he had killed a golem made of meat. His brain, not willing to let the issue drop, reminded him that it was pony meat. Bucky’s mental retort told his conscience to shut up, that golem made out of pony meat was going to try and kill Twilight and that Twilight was pregnant.

The shower curtain was pulled back and one very sleepy looking griffoness flapped into the shower. She landed on Bucky’s drenched back, settled in, and rested her body against the back of Bucky’s neck and his head, her beak coming to rest between his ears. Bucky pulled the shower curtain closed. He heard a peep and a yawn.

He reminded his brain that Twilight Sparkle was the Scholar and that he was the Guardian. She was the Librarian and he was the Knight. The back of his mind suggested that his enemy had been subdued and could have provided useful information. Feeling annoyed with himself, he decided to ignore his nagging conscience.

He felt talon tips rubbing his neck, and the soft prickle-prickle of sharp claws almost but not quite teasing his skin. He felt the pads of Belisama’s rear feet rubbing his shoulders and his front legs.

“Good morning, kitten.”

“Good morning, tiny horse husband...”



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