The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


660. 660

“Mmmmhunnng,” Bucky moaned as something rubbed his balls. He drifted between sleep and wakefulness. He opened his eyes, lifted his head, and looked down between his legs. Thistle was standing on the bed with her head between his legs, nosing his balls with her muzzle. He heard the kelpie giggling.

It felt good and was a wonderful way to wake up.

“They’re just so funny looking,” Thistle said as she rolled Bucky’s balls over her snoot.

“What are you doing?” Bucky asked, the awareness of his morning wood now creeping into his brain. It twitched once and bounced against his belly.

Still tittering, Thistle looked up from between Bucky’s legs and gave Bucky a heavy lidded, smouldering stare. “Playing with fire.”

Lifting her head, Thistle moved forward, past Bucky’s balls, and there was a flash of orange as she stuck her orange tongue out. She placed the tip of her tongue on the base of Bucky’s shaft, and then with a smooth motion of her head, dragged it the entire length.

The kelpie felt a strange feeling of power knowing that she had almost caused Bucky to jump out of his skin. She began to laugh in earnest now, and she stood with her head just above Bucky’s cock. “It’s so funny looking. So ridiculous. I can’t stand looking at it. I am not at all sexually attracted to cocks… I like looking at marehoods… but I love the feeling of cocks. Why must they look so silly?” Thistle gave another lick and was rewarded with a rush of power as Bucky squirmed.

When Thistle took the head of his cock into her mouth, Bucky’s whole body tensed as her tongue circled around his flared head and the hole in the middle. He had trouble breathing, he felt himself gasp, and every muscle in his body jerked.

Thistle, a kelpie, was a creature designed for eating fish, swallowing them whole, allowing for the fish’s entire length to slide down her throat. Thistle, knowing that she could do this, had an idea. Bucky’s cock was girthy though, but Thistle had eaten big fish before. Her lower jaw could open far more than a regular pony’s jaw. She tumbled the idea around in her brain as she continued to tease Bucky, causing him to huff and puff.

Pulling away, Thistle lifted her head for a moment and looked Bucky in the eye. A ribbon of drool dribbled from her chin. Giving Bucky a sultry stare, Thistle whispered, “I’m a dirty filly.”

And then, as Bucky watched, Thistle gobbled up his dick as though it was a fish. She pushed her head down along the length, getting her lips around it, and he felt the worrisome tickle-prickle of her needle teeth. She pushed her head down and Bucky was seized with the dreadful need to grab Thistle by her head, push her down against him, and screw her face until she was senseless. More and more of his cock vanished, and then Bucky felt his tip press against the soft, fleshy folds of her throat.

Thistle, a kelpie, did not have a gag reflex. Thistle had a swallow reflex. This was no different than a big troublesome floppy trout. Thistle gulped as she took more of Bucky’s cock in. She rubbed her tongue along the bottom, she tasted something salty in her mouth, something that tasted like fish roe, something salty bitter. Berry Punch had described the taste as being awful, but Thistle found she loved the taste and wanted more.

Fish roe was the most delicious treat that Thistle knew of and this flavour was similar.

All four of Bucky’s legs cramped as instinct took over, a painful need to brace his legs and began humping something, a vigorous need to be a stallion and impart his seed into a waiting fertile plot furrow. Only he was not buried in a plot furrow, his cock was halfway down Thistle’s throat and she seemed determined to take in all of it. He could feel her swallowing around his flesh, taking more and more of him in, and the feeling of suction was powerful.

His eyes crossed and he sucked in a deep breath, trying to hold back, trying to keep from blowing his load right here and now. He gritted his teeth and did all that he could to keep himself together.

The kelpie realised this was going to be the first time that she had the entire length of Bucky’s cock hidden inside of her. She felt proud, accomplished, and she felt her lips slide over the thick fleshy ring as she continued to push her head down and keep swallowing. It was just like gulping a fish down, her throat muscles had evolved for this sort of action. Fish fought back, they flopped and thrashed, fish didn’t want to be swallowed whole and alive.

Thistle had once swallowed a very cranky two foot long freshwater bass that had taken offense to being eaten alive, it had been a real fighter, and it had been a whole lot longer as well as a whole lot thicker than Bucky’s cock. She had gulped it down a little at a time, which is what she was going with Bucky’s throbbing and pulsating length.

Gulp, gulp, gulp.

With a sense of triumph that could not be described, Thistle wrapped her lips around the base of Bucky’s shaft, applied suction, and pulled back just a little bit as she swallowed.

Whimpering, Bucky closed his eyes and fought the urge to buck his hips as he felt his entire length sliding back and forth inside of Thistle’s undulating throat. Soft, warm flesh massaged his length, pulling him in deeper, it gripped him, tugged at him, pulled on him.

Thistle’s eyes bulged and her nostrils flared. She had no trouble at all breathing, she had encountered some trouble breathing when she had gobbled down the massive bass, but this was nowhere near as bad as that. She recalled having to drag it ashore to subdue it and begin the process of getting it down her gullet.

Unable to hold back any longer, Bucky climaxed and blew his load down Thistle’s throat, shooting a massive wad of cum out deep inside of her. He blew a second load, then a third, and with a feeling that made his balls ache, his guts convulsed as his body worked loose a fourth load of spunk.

Thistle could feel the hot salty treat backing up in her throat as she pulled her head up and the length of Bucky’s cock slid along her still swallowing throat, trying to pull it all back in. She licked, hungry greedy licks, not wanting to waste a drop. This was a lot like fish roe, salty, bitter, it was delicious and Thistle was determined to get every precious glop. She kept swallowing, refusing to release the flared head of Bucky’s cock until she had coaxed out every last drop of cum that she could get. Her tongue lapped and she applied as much suction as she could muster.

For a moment, Bucky thought he was going to pass out.

When no more spunk seemed forthcoming, Thistle pulled her head away, allowing Bucky’s cock to slip free from her lips. “Mmm, thanks Mister,” Thistle said as she bounced off the bed and went pronking away.

Grunting, wincing, Bucky had to work to unkink his cramped legs so he could get up.



“Thistle seems perky for some reason,” Berry said before she took a bite of muffin with one hoof and shoved the newspaper over towards Barley and Luna with her other hoof. “Have a look, Barley.” Berry Punch’s words came out from around her mouthful of bran muffin.

“What am I looking at?” Barley asked as he picked up the newspaper.

“Good news, good news everywhere,” Berry replied after she had swallowed. She waved her muffin around in one hoof and gestured at the paper with the other. “Read the article about agreeing to disagree. Some of the representatives, even though they don’t like certain measures, have agreed to negotiate and come to a deal that will benefit everyone in some way. A little give and take. Makes me feel real good to read it.”

Barley raised his eyebrows. “Compromise?”

“Compromise is better than division, that is the quote from Representative Carroway. He said that we need to start finding common ground and presenting a united front. Carroway is a member of the monogamist party and believes in a class structure based on tribe, but he is willing to make compromises and reach across the divide.”

“So what is the compromise and what is he supporting?” Barley unfolded the newspaper and began to read.

“He has voted for the education reform act, even though he disagreed with it, and he voted for a funding increase for the Crown’s postal service, but that is a neutral issue. In return, Rising Star got a whole bunch of ponies to vote for the big guard retirement increase, which has not been raised in a very long time… so Carroway got something that he wanted. His family has a long and noble service record in the guard...  so it looks like everybody gets to go home happy on these issues.” Berry stuffed the entire remainder of the muffin into her mouth.

Sitting in silence, Princess Luna chewed her food, her expression thoughtful.

“Wait, we’re dividing into political interest parties?” Barley asked, his brows furrowing as he read. “How is this bringing ponies together?”

Shrugging, Berry swallowed. “It is an easy way to label your interests and make your affiliations known. Seems like a lot of groups are forming, but I think over time the smaller groups will band together and we’ll see fewer groups but with a broader base of interests.”

“This sounds like a recipe for anarchy.” Barley snorted, folded the paper back up, and laid it down. “Still, these first few steps are going to be the most precarious.” Barley’s hard scowl softened and he shook his head.

Clearing her throat, Luna tapped on the edge of the table with her hoof and then said, “This is a good first step… it addresses my own biggest issue with democracy. Everypony calling out for something different all at once. It is my fondest hope that these individual voices will band together and exchange whatever it is they want for the benefit of everyone involved. They might not get everything they want, but with luck and patience, society might get what it needs.”

Setting the paper down upon the table, Barley nodded. “I have stuff I need to do today. Need to get myself off to the brewery.” He leaned over and gave Luna a chaste kiss on her cheek.

“Who will take you?” Luna asked. “You can’t walk that far… do be careful, it is slippery outside and there has been fresh snow.”

“Lima Bean offered to take me. Lima Bean has a keen interest in brewing, but his mother, Dandelion Fluff, she gets a bit testy when he brings it up,” Barley replied. The old stallion sighed and looked over at Berry and then back at Luna. “It would be a terrible thing if he got a cutie mark for brewing… his mama would be beside herself. I hope that doesn’t happen today when he is helping me. Poor lad remains blank but his interest in brewing keeps growing as his mama keeps saying no.”

“How is Pinto Bean after his back surgery?” Berry asked as she held back a chuckle after hearing what Barley had to say.

“His back is still bad. They say by spring he’ll be healed up, but he’ll never lift anything heavy ever again. He’ll never pull a wagon. He’s worried that we’ll toss him out and find other caretakers. I dinnae know how to reassure him that he’s one of us and we look after our own,” Barley replied.

“I think I’ll go pay them a visit today.” Berry rubbed her front hooves together and looked at the plate of muffins sitting in the middle of the table, looking tempted by what she saw.

“Go on, lass, take one. Ye know ye want to.” Barley looked at his niece and grinned.



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