The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


601. 601

Pulling Harper into a hug, Sentinel gave her a squeeze as he watched his father gather up stuff from around the library. Papers, books, folders, important things… but none of them seemed as important as what Sentinel was holding.

“Kiss Harpy… kiss Harpy now.”

Sentinel did as he was asked, bending down his head and kissing Harper on the cheek, getting a faceful of frizzy orange fluff for his trouble.

“Father? Must you be going?”

Still working, stuffing a few books into a saddlebag, Bucky nodded. “I’ve been slacking off since the day of our defeat in the winter games… the day you went through the…”

There was fear in his father’s voice. Sentinel could hear it. He felt it too, a cold dull ache.

“Breakfast sissy.” Harper wiggled in Sentinel’s embrace and clapped her front hooves together. “Mama?”

“Sentinel, look after the house while I am gone. I should only be gone a few hours.”

A lump in his throat, Sentinel could not reply. He nodded and then wrapped a wing around Harper. She was warm, rather fuzzy, and let off a continual static discharge that Sentinel found pleasant. It was like hugging a leaky thundercloud.



“I dunno about this… this seems… wrong somehow.” Derpy, holding a long handled hairbrush in her fetlock, looked at Berry.

“Ponies do this all the time. A little bit of light domination never hurt nopony. Come on, pretend I’ve been a bad foal and just give me a spank… it isn’t bad if it is consensual,” Berry said.

“Rope, spanking, where does it end with you?” Derpy asked. She looked at the hairbrush she was holding.

Giving Derpy a salacious wink, Berry replied, “It ends with a large puddle of cum in the bed. Or not. Might be just getting started at that point.”

Turning herself around, Berry hiked up her tail and waggled her hindquarters at Derpy just as Bucky was coming in through the door that led out to the hallway. “Hello, handsome.”

“I walk in and see one wife presenting to another while the other holds a hairbrush… interesting.” Bucky stood in the door and did not move.

Shrugging, Derpy gave Berry a swat.

The perverted earth pony blinked. “That was it? I hardly felt that. What gives?”

“This feels wrong…” With a sheepish grin, Derpy stared down at the hairbrush she was holding, squinting one eye so she could focus on it better.

“Just spank me you silly pegasus!” Berry demanded. “Put some pepper on it!”

Derpy, wincing, raised her foreleg, wound up, and then brought the hairbrush down on Berry’s plot with a thunderous crack, on the crack. She hit her where biology split her.

Berry’s eyes went wide for a moment, began to glisten, and then one eye narrowed while the other went wide. Then, the narrow eye went wide as the wide eye narrowed. Berry’s lip quivered. Her muzzle wrinkled as it scrunched. One ear gave a little twitch for just a second, and then went still.

A single tear rolled down Berry’s cheek, made it halfway down her face, and was absorbed into her pelt.

“Why would ponies do this to one another?” Berry asked in a strained whisper. She let out a pained bleating sound and then took off running, running around and around in a circle. Her tail, hiked up away from her tender burning flesh, swished back and forth as Berry tried to cool off her flaming backside.

“I’M SO SORRY!” Derpy cried as she lept off of the bed and followed after Berry, limping, hobbling, having trouble walking.

“My foal hole!” Berry was running, her hind legs were bowlegged, and she went in a circle chasing her tail. “You spanked me right on the foal hole!”

“You told me to spank you!” Derpy cried.

“Why do ponies do this?” Berry asked, chasing her own backside.

“Let me kiss it and make it better!”

“Just stay away! You’ve done enough!”

Standing in the doorway, Bucky shook his head.

“Stay away! You’ve committed violence on my vulva!”

“You told me to!”

Hissing, sucking air through her gritted teeth, Berry walked with her hips bucking and flexing as she tried to wiggle away from the burning, blinding pain centered on her marehood.

“Spank me!” Derpy begged.

“No! I could never do this to a friend!” Berry waggled her backside around, trying to cool it off, the flames burned ever brighter as he began to throb back there. Running in circles with Derpy just behind her, Berry Punch let out another bleating cry.

“Just let me kiss it! A kiss will make everything better!”

“NO! You’ve done enough! My coont is ruint!” Berry shouted, slipping into a Shetland’s lilt as she kept herself out of Derpy’s reach.

Bucky marveled at how ‘coont’ and ‘ruint’ rhymed with one another. Coo-ent and roo-ent. Mares were silly creatures. He sighed and decided he would say goodbye to these two later.



Bon Bon smelled of sweetness, of something spicy, and the faint nose tingling scent of sweat. Bucky rubbed his chin along her spine as he pulled up beside her, something he had learned triggered certain instinctual reactions in a mare. It was an ancient greeting, around from a time when ponies had little spoken language if any, and translated into modern language, it meant, “Hello, I am giving you a warning that I am about to mount you. Prepare your body.”

Sure enough, Bon Bon’s tail hiked up just a little bit, her dock tensing and flexing, a biological reply that translated into, “My body is ready. Give me foals.”

“How do you feel?” Bucky asked.

“No different.” Bon Bon turned her head towards Bucky and gave him a nuzzle as she stepped backwards to bring his head closer to hers.

“I wanted to ask… because… you know, communication being so important…”

“What is it, Bucky?” Bon Bon’s expression softened and she pressed her sides up against Bucky.

“About us… about our agreement… about how we are now intimate with one another but there is that one thing I won’t do, but we’ll do everything else…”

“Just spit it out Bucky.”

“Because of Lyra’s reservations… do you… do you hold yourself away back from swinging both ways because you love her and don’t want her to hurt? I mean… if she knew that you were… um, enjoying having the pony making bone slipped into you, do you worry that it would only hurt Lyra further because of her… issues… I’ve made a mess of this.”

“I think I understand what you are trying to say.” Bon Bon blinked, her eyes glimmering with raw emotion. She kissed Bucky on the cheek. “Lyra and I do everything together as we try to enjoy life. And yes, this is one thing we can’t do together. If things were different, then yes, you and I might do more than just kiss, fondle, and grope. But yes, I suspect that if you and I worked to wake up any of my lingering bisexual feelings, I think it would destroy Lyra. She would know there is something I wanted that she couldn’t give me.”

“I wouldn’t want to do that,” Bucky said, shaking his head. “I love Lyra so much. I have trouble expressing it sometimes… I don’t want to sound tribalist, but it is because we are unicorns… and to be honest… I don’t like unicorns. I just don’t. There, I said it. But I like… no… I love Lyra. I guess I don’t like unicorns as a whole but there are those I love as individuals. I don’t know, all of this is really complicated and I haven’t sorted it out yet.”

“Bucky, Lyra loves you so much that she cries sometimes because she can’t find the words to express it. It confuses her and she doesn’t know how to deal with it. To be honest, I thought this would break Lyra… but she’s been sorting stuff out… she’s shown a lot of strength.”

“When will we know?”

“It may take a while Bucky… but I really hope that I have a little part of you inside of me right now. Lyra wants this just as bad as I do. She wants to experience a pregnancy through me.”

“If not, we’ll try again.” Bucky’s lips brushed up against the corner of Bon Bon’s mouth, lingered, and he stood there for a moment, sharing breath with her, breathing in the same air she was breathing out, and he could feel her ribs pressing up against his own.



“Daddy is leaving.” Piña Colada frowned.

“I know. He’s said goodbye and told me that he loved me. He also said he’d be back before morning, so he’ll be gone while we are sleeping.” Dinky did not look up from her book.

“I hate it when daddy leaves.” Piña stomped her hoof.

Looking up from her book, Dinky twisted her head upwards to look at Piña, who was standing on the ceiling. Piña’s pink mane and tail were hanging down towards the floor. Not a true suspension of gravity, but a sticky hooves spell. “Piña, why are you up there?”

“Trying to see if I can think better with more blood flowing to my brain,” Piña replied.

Shrugging, Dinky looked back down at her book. “Piña, I don’t understand all of this hypotenuse nonsense. This geology—”

“Geometry,” Piña corrected.

“Ugh, my brain is fried. The worst part is, I know what geology is… I can’t believe I just said that.” Dinky’s head slumped down and she collapsed into her book. “And I think my eyes are going bad because everything is blurry.”

“You’ve been studying too long.” Piña took a careful step, unsticking one hoof, placing it forward, resticking it, unsticking another, moving it forward, and then the next. It was a complex process that took time.

Without warning, Piña sneezed.

Her concentration broken, Piña plummeted to the floor. She closed her eyes and squealed while bracing for impact. There was no impact. No thump. She opened her eye and saw the floor an inch from her head. She felt the warm fuzzy tickle-prickle of magic all around her.

“Sisters,” Dinky said, her face still pressed down into pages of her book.

“Stick together,” Piña said, getting her hooves on the ground.



Once more, Bucky entered the bedroom. Once more, he stood in the door. Something wasn’t right. Berry Punch was hogtied on the bed, laying on her back, her hooves all tied tight together. A black silk blindfold was over Berry Punch’s eyes.

“I’m so scared,” Derpy said.

The grey mare was holding a candle in her hooves.

“Look, from what I read in the really trashy romance novels, this is erotic and ponies like doing it,” Berry said in a reassuring voice.

“You said that about spanking.” Derpy shook her head. “Why can’t we just lick one another until we get off?”

“Because you are my best friend and I almost lost you and I want to try new things with you while we’re both still young enough to regret it later.” Berry Punch wiggled around. “Now… the book about wax play said to use paraffin wax candles but these beeswax candles should be just fine. Candles are candles.”

Derpy snorted, sighed, and whinnied, sort of all at once, more of a snorswhinny.

“Now… I am a bad little milkmare and you have ways of making me behave.”

Bucky raised his eyebrow.

Derpy cleared her throat. “You are a bad little milkmare! You gave me no milk! Now it is time to punish you for being a bad little milkmare.”


“Okay, I’m sorry, I’ll stop!” Derpy looked panicked.

“No… I was roleplaying… you’re still supposed to dribble wax on me…”

“This is confusing.” Derpy closed her eyes and shook her head. One eye, her good eye opened and she stared at the flame of the candle. “No should mean no. This is how bad things happen to ponies.”

“Stop being a buzzkill… I’m a bad little milkmare and now you, the dominant pegasus, are going to put me, the submissive and meek earth pony, in my place.” Berry Punch’s voice as a sultry growl.

Bucky could think of a few ways to put the submissive and meek earth pony in her place.

Cringing, Derpy placed the candle about six inches away from Berry’s side, tilted it, and allowed some wax to dribble on Berry’s ribs.


“Oh noes I did it again! I just don’t know what went wrong!” Derpy blew the candle out.

“OH IT BURNS! HOT HOT HOT! WHY WOULD PONIES DO THIS TO ONE ANOTHER?” Berry Punch thrashed against her bonds, her legs kicking. “GET IT OFF! TOO HOT, GET IT OFF! I CAN FEEL IT BOILING!”

Derpy, panicked, almost crying, pulled away and looked at Bucky with a pleading look in her eye. “Help!”

Lunging forward, Bucky sucked the heat out of the blob of hot wax, cooled it, and then with a yank of his telekinesis, peeled it away from Berry’s ribs.

There was tearing-ripping sound.

“UUUUUUUUUUUUGH!” Berry rolled around, trying to wiggle away from the ponies that would do her harm in her tied up state. Blinded, hogtied, and afraid, she got too close to the edge of the bed and fell off, landing on the floor with a thump.

Bucky was too stupefied to even respond. He was still holding a blob of wax with an enormous clump of Berry’s pelt stuck to it.

“I feel bad for giving Berry Punch what she wants,” Derpy said.

“Would somepony please untie me?” Berry asked. “I think I’m done with bondage for a while. I’m having second thoughts.”

“What was I just a part of?” Bucky looked at the blob of wax and plum coloured hairs. “Did I… did I just commit mare abuse? I don’t think I can live with myself… I am going to go turn myself into Sparkler now…”



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