The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


562. 562

“Feeling better?” Berry came into the room and locked the door behind her. “Let’s see… you’ve had plenty of fluids, a bath, a good meal, a bit of cuddle time with a very grumpy Cadance, a little time with Bell, and a moment with Bandua, who Tourmaline says can only feel hunger and cold. Hmm, I think you should  be good to go.”

Bucky looked up from his book and noticed how Berry Punch was sashaying through the room. “I, uh, was actually having a bit of quiet downtime. I’ve been in enough trouble as of late.”

“Yes… introverts and their downtime.” Berry raised her eyebrow and flicked her tail. “I’m an extrovert… and I’m looking for a little uptime.

A loud gulp could be heard from Bucky.

“A while back, you shagged me silly. I was so breathless that I couldn’t even bleat out a proper Shetlands mare orgasm. No warning, no romantic words, no nothing, you just jumped on my back and gave me a fine how do you do by slipping it right in.”

“I’m sorry?” Bucky’s eyes darted for the door and he wondered what his chances where.

“Not yet you’re not… but you will be.” Berry glanced at the door and then at Bucky. She shook her head to let Bucky know his chances. “Now… be good little plaything. Get in the bed.”

The book snapped shut as Bucky set it down. He could see that Berry’s tail was hitching, flicking, moving in a most provocative manner. His head held low and his own tail between his legs, he hurried to the bed and jumped up.

Berry moved, a smooth fluid movement that was beautiful to watch. She moved with kinesthetic perfection and her hips swayed like a bell as she approached the bed. With an almost catlike grace, she lept up into the bed and sat down beside Bucky.

“You are going to please me, do you understand me, plaything?”

Bucky nodded. “Berry, I’m sorry, I really don’t know what came over me. It was like a dark cloud had been lifted from over my head… and I just wanted to feel you… from the inside too I suppose. I really hope you’re not too angry.”

“I’m not angry at all… I was just playing around with you Bucky… look, if you’re really apprehensive about this, we don’t have to do this, you can always say no and we can just do whatever—”

“And now I feel worse… I didn’t give you the option to say no… I just… jumped your bones and I was rough with you.” Bucky took a deep breath and fell over on the bed.

“And I liked it. I’ve been waiting for you to do that for a long time… that… that was the best sex I’ve had in my whole life… and now, I want to indulge in a few of my other fantasies with you,” Berry said as she patted Bucky on his ribs with her hoof. “I suppose you need a bit of communication before we get into a bit of roleplaying or rough play. I don’t.”

“See… you’re talking to me… making me feel better about this… I didn’t do that. I pulled your mane… I feel bad about that. I don’t know what came over me.” Bucky closed his eyes and went limp.

Berry leaned down and placed her lips next to Bucky’s ear. “But I’ve been telling you to pull my mane for a while… you’re really bothered by this, aren’t you?”  

“It was a loss of control. What if you weren’t in the mood or you had said no?”

Shaking her head, Berry blew into Bucky’s ear, causing it to twitch.

“So how can I make it up to you?” Bucky asked.

Laughing, Berry Punch fell over and rolled on to her back. “Plaything… I have a special punishment for you. Lick my hooves.” Berry Punch extended one well toned leg and waggled her right hind hoof.

Opening his eyes, Bucky turned and looked at Berry.

“Go on… this hoof ain’t gonna lick itself,” Berry said in a teasing voice.

Sitting up, Bucky extended his talons, took Berry’s hoof into his grasp, and lowered his head. He stuck out his tongue, closed his eyes, and unable to believe he was doing this, dragged his tongue over Berry’s frog.

With a suddenness that startled him, Bucky went lightheaded. It was like having a strong drink. He licked again, heard Berry giggle, and blinked a few times to clear his blurry vision. His tongue tingled and a strange metallic taste filled his mouth. He licked again, this time placing some real pressure behind it, dragging his rough tongue with agonising slowness over Berry’s frog.

The earth pony mare let out a long low moan of appreciation, her ability to giggle stolen away from her.

Bucky could feel Berry’s leg twitching and she trembled in his grasp. He stabbed the tip of his tongue into the soft flesh of Berry’s frog, teasing it, and then he dragged the length of tongue over the sensitive flesh.

He was rewarded with a breathless whimper.

“Oh… I had no idea this would feel this good… don’t you dare stop… you keep going, plaything.” Berry felt the first hints of moisture between her legs, moisture and heat. “Lick!”

Being a good pony was important, so Bucky did as he was told. One long slow lick, followed by several quick flicks of his tongue. He felt peculiar, light headed, joyful. Almost euphoric. Berry’s left hind hoof was raised. Needing no command, he grabbed it and went to work with enthusiasm. The first lick caused his mouth to have the odd metallic taste again.

Closing her eyes, Berry gave way to the sensation of Bucky’s tongue on her frog. Each lick, each lap of his tongue caused her leg to tremble and shake. Her muscles spasmed along her thighs. She felt a hoof rubbing down her thigh, moving closer to her now moistened minge.

Reaching down her forehoof, she slapped Bucky’s hoof away. “No! Bad plaything… you keep licking.” Berry’s head settled down into the soft blanket as she once again lost herself to sensation. Berry smiled when she thought about other things that needed licking.

As Bucky slurped on the soft flesh of her frog, Berry took a deep shuddering breath. “Lick my teats, plaything. Worship me as a vessel of creation you dirty, servile, cheese smelling unicorn.”

She gasped as she felt Bucky’s hot breath blow over her snatch for a moment. Then two lips closed around the soft flesh of one of her teats. Reaching down, she shoved Bucky’s head away. “Bad plaything! I said lick!”

Berry had to bite down upon her lip when she felt the side of Bucky’s tongue being drawn over the tip of her teat. She heard lapping and realised that Bucky had gotten the milk he craved anyway. She was leaking. She could feel him lapping at her soft flesh, cleaning up every drop of spilled milk. The tip of his tongue traveled the length of her protruding teats, first one, then the other, and Berry could feel her milk trickling out. The length of Bucky’s tongue scraped over the soft tip of one of her teats and Berry felt her spine tingle. Her hips bucked upwards, she wanted something inside of her. Every muscle in her body tensed as Bucky’s tongue continued to travel with horrible teasing slowness.

And then Bucky did it again to the other teat.

For a moment, Berry wasn’t sure who was the top and who was the bottom in this bit of play. Her teats had gone rock hard. Reaching down, she grabbed Bucky’s head between her forehooves.

“No more milk for you… lick my bunghole, plaything.” Breathless, Berry’s words came out as a gasp as she tried to reassert her dominance. “I know you like it… because you’re a dirty servile unicorn that likes serving earth ponies and pegasi. Before you lick it, say it!”

There was silence.

Berry squeezed her front hooves together, Bucky’s head still between them. “Say it!”

“I’m a dirty little unicorn that likes to lick my wives’ plotholes!”

Berry felt a rush of power, it was heady, delightful, it caused a rush of wetness to ooze out from between her legs, and she could feel the bead of moisture rolling down her flesh, and then sliding over the wrinkled flesh of her pucker. She shivered and felt her dock tense.

After a moment that seemed to stretch on forever, Berry felt Bucky’s head slip from between her front hooves. There was hot and heavy breathing on places where Berry liked to feel hot and heavy breathing. And then, there was the exquisite feeling of a rough bumpy tongue being dragged over her almost dry, clinging, tight-clenched pucker, the friction tugging at it and causing it to stretch.

Berry had to bite down upon her lip to keep from crying out. The first few licks were an odd sensation of wet and dry, which made her pucker tense up. Each lick moistened her up though, relaxed the soft rubbery flesh, and caused her to loosen up. For a moment, the tip of Bucky’s tongue almost separated her, pushing in just enough to make it known that there was an invader seeking entrance at Berry’s back door.

“You… you’re a dirty pervert. A dirty shameful… pervert!” Berry said, trying to scold Bucky as she became short of breath.

Unable to bear it any longer, Berry Punch pulled away, rolling over on her side. She sucked in air, almost wheezing, feeling drunk with a sense of control. There was a final parting lick that trailed over the skin of her dock, digging deep into the dimple that existed between her pucker and the base of her tail.

“Lay back on the bed you dirty little pervert.” Berry sat up and gave Bucky a hard shove, pushing him over. She placed a hoof upon his barrel, pressing him down into the mattress. “Look at you… shameful… you went and sprouted a boner without permission!”

Reaching down, Berry grabbed Bucky’s cock, grasping it in her folded fetlock. She gave it a hard squeeze. She heard Bucky gasp and his whole body tensed. Berry could feel her clitoris winking now, and it was throbbing like a second heart that had grown down between her legs.

“There is only one thing that can be done with dirty little colts that go popping boners without permission.” Berry gave a rough tug on the cock she had in her firm grasp. She heard Bucky whimpering. Relaxing her grip, she slid her soft fetlock down the length of Bucky’s cock, trailing her velvet grip along the now rock hard prick. She heard Bucky inhale, a hissing sound.

Stroking Bucky off, Berry Punch reveled in her power. “I bet you want to shag me… you dirty little arsehole licking pervert!”

Bucky nodded, his eyes were bulging.

“Too bad! One of us is gonna cum and and it ain’t you!” Berry, still stroking, flexed her grip and gave a surprise hard yank. She shoved her left front hoof into Bucky’s muzzle. “This hoof ain’t been licked!”

She felt Bucky’s tongue as it licked the soft spongy flesh of her frog. With each lick, she gave a rewarding stroke, a slow steady push of her folded fetlock down Bucky’s shaft. When he licked faster, she picked up the pace of her stroking.

She could feel him approaching what had to be orgasm. She gave another hard tug and then let go, leaving Bucky gasping and whimpering.

“No cumming for dirty little arsehole licking colts!” Berry Punch pulled her front hoof away and crammed her right front hoof into his face. She could see a glistening ooze creeping out from Bucky’s twitching cock, it dripped on his belly and left shiny spots on his pelt.

Inflamed by the sight, Berry throbbed. This was almost torture to her as well. Bucky’s tongue lapped over her frog and she felt her belly muscles tensing up as she clenched and winked.

“Berry, it hurts… my balls ache…” Bucky pushed Berry’s hoof away from his muzzle. “I will be your slave if you—”

“You are already my plaything!” Berry Punch climbed over Bucky, pushing him down, and straddled his face. “Serve me!” She ground her marehood against Bucky’s muzzle. She felt a tongue penetrating her, plunging in, and Berry pushed down, wanting Bucky to lick just the right spot.

She turned around, looking over her shoulder, and saw Bucky’s twitching cock. She thought about having it inside of her. It wasn’t long, but it was girthy. It stretched out all of the right things that needed stretching and placed friction on the things that needed delicious friction. As Bucky licked, lapping at her loins, his cock twitched, bouncing against his belly, and drooled out a never ending stream of dribble.

Biting down upon her lip, Berry Punch held back her own orgasm, not wanting to give Bucky the satisfaction of making her cum. He was servile when it came to that, he had trouble getting off unless she got off first, and Berry knew it. So denying him her own orgasm was the worst sort of torture. Bucky was a giver and a pleaser… Berry bit down on her lip a little harder, it was getting even more difficult to hold back, but she was determined not to give Bucky the satisfaction. He was working so very hard, doing all of the right things, he knew where to lick, how to lick, he knew every inch of Berry Punch’s spasm chasm. With all of the time he spent down there, it was no wonder that he knew it so well. Berry was fighting a losing battle.

A faint bleating cry escaped her lips in spite of her best efforts.

She pulled away from Bucky and sat down on his barrel, suspended on the edge of her own orgasm. With every ounce of will she had, she fought back against herself, reasserting control over her own body.

“You… dirty… little… pervert… you tried to… make me cum… when I… didn’t give you… permission… to do so… just for that… you… are going to bed… with your dick dry.” Berry Punch clambered away from Bucky, taking what she knew to be a calculated risk. Bucky was pent up, frustrated, and just as needy as she was.

She wondered if Bucky would let her go.

She was almost to the edge of the bed when she heard Bucky growl. A moment later, Berry Punch felt Bucky tackle her and push her down onto the mattress. His breath was hot against her neck, he was panting, huffing and puffing in a way that made Berry gush.

She felt a few frenzied pokes at her plot and then she felt Bucky press up against her pucker. Berry tensed. Would he? A part of her almost hoped that he would. Her mind entertained a feverish fantasy of being held down in the bed and having her bung tapped. There was a rough prodding and she felt Bucky pressing against her. Berry’s whole body tensed, not knowing what was about to happen next. A few minutes ago, she had been in control. She had been in power. She had rode the euphoric high of being in total control of Bucky.

Now, she ran the risk of being his sex toy, her power, her dominance, it was all gone. She had driven Bucky wild, reducing him to a rough terrible beast and he was about to give her what was certain to be a very thorough drilling. She gritted her teeth, waiting, hoping, fearing, she could feel him on her back, he was rough, he was grabby, he was still prodding her, trying to force his way in. She felt a tug on her crest, on the back of her neck as her mane was given a good hard yank.

Just when she thought that Bucky was about to break into her backdoor brownie bakery, she felt his hips slam down on top of hers and the tip of his now flared cock stabbed into her winking clitoris. There was a mix of pleasure and pain, it felt good and awful at the same time, she was a dirty horrible mare that had just forced her husband to lick her arsehole in a humiliating way and now she was getting what she deserved.

A long low bleating cry escaped Berry’s lips as Bucky rammed himself in, going balls deep, his cock scraping over exposed nubbin of sensitive and tender flesh. There was no mercy, no gentleness, he was a wild thing now. She heard him grunting. She felt him pull out and as he thrust his way back in, he gave a good yank on her mane, which forced her snatch to clench tight around the invading organ being rammed into her depths.

Berry Punch wanted to squeeze her legs tight together, she wanted a chance to breathe, to collect herself, she wanted a chance to endure this orgasm as it began to consume her, but she was to have none of those things. Bucky was hammering away now, going at it like a possessed animal, and each time he rammed his way in, he gave a good hard yank on her mane.

It was poetic justice… the dirty little earth pony was being shown her proper place. As Berry thought about it, her orgasm reached a new plateau. All Berry could do was lie there with her legs spread wide, taking in every inch of Bucky’s length that he saw fit to give her. She could feel sharp teeth pressing against her neck, her mane now held right near the roots. Sharp predatory teeth… teeth that could rend her flesh, make her cry out, make her beg for mercy. Teeth that established dominance. Bucky was the predator, Berry Punch was prey. The top had become the bottom.

Berry let out a bleating scream and dug her front hooves into the bed. She buried her face down into the bed and bit down upon the blanket. She hiked up her hips, trying make it a little easier on herself. As she drove her hips up to a different angle, Bucky changed his angle of entry, somehow getting even deeper. Each stroke hammered down on her exposed and helpless button, her now abused and burning clitoris.

Finally, she felt Bucky sink in as far as he could go and hold himself there. She felt his terrible teeth pressed against the soft flesh of her neck. She heard him growling as his orgasm overtook him. She felt a few thrusts, each one squirting seed deep within her now inflamed folds.

Just when Berry thought she couldn’t take a moment more, she felt Bucky go limp on top of her. She felt her mane being spit out. He was still inside of her, but going soft already. She dared not move, she lay there on her belly, struggling to breathe, still biting the blanket.

A powerful orgasm started in her nethers, it crashed around inside of her like a bowling ball thundering down the lane. Biting down ever harder, she cried out through clenched teeth that she feared would shatter at any moment because of the force of her jaw muscles spasming. The orgasm crept upwards, traveling through her guts, banging around her insides, until at last it reached her lungs. With a gasp, Berry had the wind knocked out of her, making it impossible to breathe. Bucky’s body felt heavy on top of her. His forelegs were still wrapped around her. She let go of the blanket, raised her head, and tried to suck in as much air as she could, wheezing from her effort.

At last, the tyrannical orgasm let go and allowed her to breathe. Her head dropped down to the blanket and she went limp. She felt a kiss upon the side of her neck, it gave her cold chills and made her whole body tingle. Sweat began to seep from every pore.

“We need to do this again,” Bucky said, his voice a low growl.

Berry Punch sucked in another heaving gasp and could not reply.

“I love you… I love you enough to let go…” Bucky planted another kiss just below Berry’s ear and slid off of her back, coming to rest against her side.




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