The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


545. 545

Belisama, standing the doorway, looked around the room. Berry and Bucky were piled together, covered in a blanket. Thistle was on the bed, a foal on each teat. The room was filled with the unmistakable scent of ponies screwing.

Violet, standing beside her, snorted and then took off down the hall, chuckling as she went. Belisama turned and watched Violet go. After a moment, she turned her attention back to the ponies in the bed. She waddled into the room, shut the door behind her, and then approached the bed. It took a little effort, but with a few flaps, she got airborne long enough to land in the bed beside Thistle.

Saying nothing, she patted Bell Heather and then Cadance.

“I’ve been in the mood all day.” Belisama’s admission broke the silence.

“I’ve been in the mood since watching them,” Thistle said in a low voice. She looked over at Bucky and Berry, who were almost drowsing.

Reaching behind her, Belisama rubbed her back. It was filled with a dull ache that wouldn’t go away. Between her legs there was heat, a fire that needed to be tended to.

“I can’t even see my own snatch,” Belisama said, her words an irritated sounding mutter.

Thistle stretched out her foreleg and touched Belisama. “I know all about feeling fat.”

“And backaches. I know that you know about backaches.” Belisama reached out her talons, wrapped them around Thistle’s hoof, and gave Thistle a soft squeeze. “I can’t stand it anymore… it is like I am on fire down there. I can feel myself throbbing… it is like I can feel my little nub throbbing in time to the throbbing in my back. I can’t stand this anymore.”

Bucky, his ears drooping, lifted his head. “I know what you need. Come here you dirty little cat bird creature and let me help you.”

For a moment, Belisama did not move. She lay there, still holding Thistle’s hoof. Grunting with exertion, she let go of Thistle and rolled over. Wiggling along on her belly, Belisama crawled over to Bucky.

“This bothers me… I don’t like that you get me off and there is nothing I can do for you.”

Shrugging, Bucky looked Belisama in the eye. “Believe me, I’m good. I don’t need to get off. But you do.”

The griffoness rolled over, huffing and puffing, feeling the odd throb in her loins, a low burning fire in her belly. She felt a little tug on her tail, something that had once filled her with so much panic, but now she only giggled, a sound that came from deep within her throat and chest. She felt hot breath blowing over inflamed skin.

Belisama let out a low warbling cry when she felt the first lick, a careful lick that didn’t part her, but left her feeling wet and eager for more. The second lick had a bit more force than the first, starting low and trailing upwards, lingering over all of the right place.

There was an odd sensation between her legs. Belisama felt it, it was almost painful, a feeling of pressure, followed by a feeling of release. It felt good. The griffoness moaned.

The third lick parted her, she could feel the tip of Bucky’s tongue prodding around what she knew to be her hood. Feeling a little embarrassed by Berry Punch and Thistle being so close, Belisama moaned. Most of the time, these moments were far more private, she liked being alone with Bucky, but this need was almost unlike any other.

With the fourth lick, Belisama felt her nethers clench, followed by a hot almost orgasmic rush. It was a fantastic feeling, Belisama felt her whole body stiffen, every muscle quivered, and she dug her talons into the bed, hoping that she wouldn’t tear the sheets.

“What the… did you just cum?” Bucky asked, lifting his head. “You are one gooey little griffoness.” He smacked his lips and licked his drenched muzzle.

“Bucky! You moron! Her water just broke! Oh cripes what a mess! Thistle, go get Violet right now!” Berry said, rolling over and coming to life as she began to panic.

“Oh no! I broke her water!” Bucky cried, jerking his head back and crawling away from Belisama with a worried whimper.

“Oh please… don’t stop!” Belisama begged.



“Hmm, musky.” Celestia, standing the doorway, looked into the room, taking note of the various states of panic. She knew full well what had been going on in here, there had been no napping, that much was obvious, but teasing Bucky would have to come at a later time.

Celestia felt Violet dart between her legs, moving beneath her.

“We need to get her to the med bay. I have everything set up and waiting. I have prepared for this. Bucky, I need your help. Belisama needs you just like Thistle needed you.” Violet looked at Bucky. It took a moment, but she saw the panic receding as his need for control took over.

Feeling helpful, Celestia reached out, lifted Belisama with her telekinesis, and then took off down the hall, her hooves moving with a high stepping prance. “Somebirdy is going to be a mother!” Celestia announced in a sing-song voice. She heard the sounds of hooves stomping around behind her and muffled voices.

“No you twit! Your tongue didn’t break her water… where is a newspaper when I need one? Just get a move on you witless wonder! And to think that you are one of the royals in charge of this whole mess!”

Celestia chortled as she turned the corner. Held in front of Celestia, Belisama had her beak open and she was panting. Her feathers were fluffed out and her lower half was soaked.

“Why did he have to stop? It felt so good,” Belisama asked as she was whisked down the hall. She looked at Celestia, reached out her talons towards the white alicorn, and then closed her eyes. “Tell him to keep going… he’ll listen to you.”

There was the scrabble of claws on wood and Celestia knew that she was being followed. She turned once more and went down the stairs, moving to the lower deck. The stairs were a tight fit for her, nopony was ever considerate enough to make anything with her size in mind. Down here, the hall was narrower. Detecting movement, lights flickered on, banishing the darkness. Reaching a door, Celestia threw it open with her magic.

The sterile scent of disinfectant and cleaner stung Celestia’s nostrils. It was chilly in here and she noted that Belisama was huddling up. Reaching out with her telekinesis, she flicked the thermostat to turn up the heat. It had been turned down to conserve power and resources.

Celestia laid Belisama down upon the bed, unfurled a blanket, tossed it over the griffoness, and then turned to look at the griffons behind her. Even with beaks, Celestia could see a lot of worried faces, many of them were wringing their talons together.

“Lugnut, Spanner, I want both of you by the door. I would like for both of you to keep the others at a respectful distance just outside the door. If you all behave, we will leave the door open so you can watch. I know all of you are worried, but we need room to work.” Celestia looked down and waited. The mass of griffons parted, moving aside, clearing the doorway.

Lugnut and Spanner took up positions inside the room, each standing on one side of the door. Spanner, standing bipedal, crossed his forelegs over his chest as he craned his neck, trying to get a better look at the bed, while Lugnut stood on all fours.

Celestia summoned a fresh washcloth, drenched it under the faucet with hot water, and waited by the door, tapping her left front hoof upon the floorboards. Violet entered first, moving as Violet tended to move, full of purpose and vigour. Berry followed next, her eyes snapped to the bed as she came through the door.

When Bucky came through the door, Celestia ambushed him. Ignoring his protests and his cries, she scrubbed his face, cleaning him up and making him a bit more presentable for when he greeted his cub into the world. It just wasn’t proper to meet your new offspring with its mother’s bodily fluids still upon your face. Using the corners of the cloth, she even scrubbed inside of Bucky’s nostrils, being very thorough.

“At least you took my advice about being generous with orgasms to heart,” Celestia said.

Thistle, carrying Bell Heather in her teeth, came stomping through the door. She stood there for a moment, looking up at Celestia, and then looked around the room with her eyes.

Taking a hint, Celestia conjured up several cushions.

Thistle dropped Bell Heather on the cushions and then turned to look at everypony else. “And none of you thought to grab the foals. Poor Cadance is still in the bed asking for her daddy.”

“Oh snot!” Bucky started to head for the door, froze, and then looked at Belisama, who had begun to moan.

“I will go and get Cadance, hold on,” Celestia said, taking matters into her own hooves.



Bucky paced back and forth, never taking his eyes off of Belisama. The griffoness seemed to be enjoying everything that was happening, laughing, she seemed very relaxed about everything in general.

Offering no warning, Bucky snatched up Spanner from his spot by the door, holding the griffon up to eye level in a blue-green telekinetic field. “You’re lucky that you're gay.”

The griffon, flummoxed, went limp and stared at Bucky. “I beg your pardon?”

“You are lucky that you are gay. You will never know the agony of worry when the one you love is giving birth, being torn open horribly because of something that you did. You have an ideal life… you have cubs and the one you love and all is well and perfect.” Bucky pulled the griffon closer, coming beak to snoot.

From her chair in the corner, Magpie struggled to hold back her laughter.

“I suppose I have it pretty good… sir,” Spanner said in a low voice, his beak a mere inch from his king’s fleshy and fresh scrubbed snoot. The griffon peeled his eyes away from his king and looked over at the corner where Thistle lay, looking at his own cubs, who were sitting with Cadance and Bell Heather, being quiet and well behaved. Spanner realised that he did indeed, have an ideal life.

Bucky dropped Spanner, who landed on all fours and scurried away, moving back to his post at the door. As Spanner resumed his watch, he looked up at Lugus, who towered in the doorway.

“Are you going to tell me to stand outside the door with all the others?” Lugus asked, his voice a low growling rumble.

Spanner nodded and began to tremble. He looked up at Lugus. “Yes, if you would, please stay outside of the doorway.”

Lugus took a step back, careful not to step on any smaller griffons, and looked down at Spanner. “Good. Guard your queen. You might be the royal mechanics, but today you are the queen’s guard as she welcomes her cub into the world. Do your duty.”

Spanner blinked, his fear vanished, and he looked up at Lugus. Clenching his talons, he placed his fist over his heart and then saluted with his wing.

Standing on the other side of the door, Lugnut did the same.

Still pacing, Bucky paused by the bed for a moment, sniffed, and then resumed his vigil.

Not knowing what else to do, Berry Punch went over and laid down with Thistle. Reaching out her foreleg, she scooped up both Sprocket and Cog. She kissed them, each one in turn, and then gave them a squeeze.

Tourmaline, sitting in a chair beside Magpie, watched everything that was going on with wide curious eyes. She felt everything, every emotion, and it was overwhelming. She stayed quiet, sat still, and kept to herself, not wanting to cause trouble.

“When is something going to happen!” Bucky, bellowing, destroyed the quiet subdued atmosphere with his voice.

“Bucky, these things take time. Be patient. Go hold one of your foals or something,” Violet said in a soft voice. “Belisama is having an easy time of this so far, so relax.”

Going still, Bucky stared at Violet, his eyes watering. “I’m having a rough time. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately. I’m sorry I shouted.”

“Bucky… just… just go over there with Thistle and Berry for a while. Take a seat. Get off your legs. Everything will be fine…”


Author's Note:

Fun fact! Performing cunnilingus during birth can actually help your wife with cramps and make the birth a whole lot easier. Orgasms release all of the right hormones and chemicals, lowering stress rates, and will actually help the muscles relax.

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