The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


544. 544

“That golem is strutting… what’s got into him?” Bucky lifted his talons and pointed at the golem strutting its stuff on the floor. The golem strode about with a purposeful walk and Bucky waved his talons at it as if his gesture explained everything.

Celestia raised her eyebrow. “Strutting?”

“I never gave him that walk cycle,” Bucky replied.

“Sometimes a creation outgrows their creator and they find a new walk.” Celestia turned her head and watched the essence of orange infused golem work the floor for all it was worth. As she watched, the golem raised two legs up high, waving them about, and then scurried around on six legs. She thought about her own creator. Had she outgrown him? Were all of these stumbles she had been making a new walk?

With no warning, the golem ran up to Tourmaline, who was standing beside Celestia, and it tapped upon one of her hooves. It then took off in a hurried run. Tourmaline, surprised, squealed and took off at a trot, off to chase the golem, departing the room.

Her excited cries could be heard as she went running down the hall.

“This happens all the time.” Celestia turned her head to look at Bucky and a somewhat worried expression crept over her face. “How does it feel?”

“Like being in a hot bath or something. I dunno. How is it supposed to feel?” Reaching up with his talons, Bucky adjusted the torque around his neck. “I… I feel relaxed or something. Like I can let my guard down.”

“Good. I hope this works,” Berry Punch said as she extended her neck and nosed Bucky.

Embarrassed, Bucky did not mention one effect he had noticed. Laying on his side, he brought his legs together, hoping to preserve whatever sense of modesty he had left at this point in his life. He felt warm alright.

“So, uh, you used some of Cadance’s magic in this?” Bucky asked.

“Just a little. It should help prevent feelings of isolation, of being lonely, and should help ward off the depressive states that make it easier for Sombra’s shadow to get to you,” Celestia replied.

Bucky took a deep breath and tried to ignore the scent of Thistle’s flowers. Between his clenched thighs, it was springtime, and Bucky worried that the groundhog was going to come out and have his first look of the season.

Springtime, when foals were born and mares without foals wanted to make more of them. Without realising he was doing so, Bucky leaned his head over and inhaled, drawing in Thistle’s scent.

A feeling of warmth was creeping through Bucky, causing a strange need to frolic, the need of all ponies when exposed to the spring… or to the summer when mares went into uncontrollable heats, moved by the power of the sun.

The groundhog emerged, did not see his shadow, and immediately set about to put an end to the long winter which had lasted since Bucky’s shower this morning with Berry Punch. Biting down on his lip, Bucky rolled over onto his belly and jerked his hind legs in, trying to reassert some control over himself.

“Are you sure you are okay?” Celestia asked, looking at Bucky and taking note of his odd posture. “You seem on edge. Out of sorts.”

Not knowing what else to do, Bucky yawned, a fake yawn. He licked his lips and blinked a few times, trying to look sleepy. He yawned once more and tried to ignore his growing problem.

“Oh… I see. You are trying to stay awake. This will be a good test of the enchantment. Try having a nap. I think I might try to get a bit of rest myself.” Celestia paused. “The responsible thing to do would be to keep an eye on you though. Scoot over.”  

“No, no that’s okay,” Bucky said in a nervous squeak as Celestia took a step closer to the bed. He could feel his growing problem rubbing against the blanket. “I’d just like a little time alone with my wives. So we can talk about… stuff.”

“Oh. I see. If you end up in trouble, I will come running,” Celestia replied as she turned and headed for the door. “Have a nice nap.”

When the door shut, Bucky waited, each second was agony. He glanced over at Thistle, inhaled once more, tore his gaze away from Thistle knowing that she was still healing up inside, and looked at Berry Punch, who was laying on the bed beside him, sprawled out on her belly, her long curvaceous legs folded up against her belly.

Her rounded belly.

Bucky felt sweat beading up along his brow.

Berry had said to come to her at any time with any need. There was a need alright. Bucky felt as though his boner was about to run out of skin and explode. He watched Berry’s tail swish from one side, then the other. It was curly, soft, silken, there had been many times that Bucky had buried his face in it and had become lost in the mass of what had to be one of Berry’s best features. Berry had the sort of tail that you wanted to rub your face in. It moved in all the right ways, covering her most of the time, but sometimes twitching aside to offer just enough of a peek to cause interest.

Thistle let out a startled cry when Bucky sprung into action and pounced, catching Berry Punch unawares. As she watched, Bucky was on Berry’s back in a second, his forelegs wrapping around her middle, just ahead of where her stomach bulged. Thistle’s ears were filled with the sound of frantic grunting.

Thistle, wide eyed, became aware of the fact that she wasn’t watching two ponies in the act of lovemaking. No, this was animalistic and crude. There was a loud lewd squelch and Thistle saw Berry Punch’s lip curl back into a savage snarl. Berry’s hips bucked upwards, her hind legs bracing, and then Berry’s ears pinned back.

Rolling over to the edge of the bed, Thistle hung back to watch the show.



Berry Punch did not know what had overcome Bucky, but she liked it. Bucky, always so careful, always so considerate, had never been one for rougher stuff or domination, something Berry wanted. There had been plenty of needy moments, but they had always been tender needy moments for the most part.

The most that Berry had managed to get out of Bucky was getting him to hold his muzzle against the soft part of her neck where she could feel his pointed teeth and then getting him to growl.

Right now, at this moment, Bucky had a mouthful of her mane in his mouth, yanking and tugging as he tried bury himself in deeper with every thrust. She could feel his hot breath huffing and puffing against her neck. His forelegs were tight around her middle, and she could feel the cold unforgiving metal of his talons pressing up against her flesh.

It was enough to make Berry Punch clench up tight around what was being rammed inside of her. She felt dirty, she was being rutted silly, she was finally the dirty little sex toy that she always had wanted to be. Bucky’s complete lack of concern for her needs made her feel even dirtier. And Berry Punch liked it.



Feeling what could only be described as a sexual awakening, Thistle felt a dampness creeping from between her hind legs. The room was filled with the sounds of grunting, heavy breathing, little whinnies, snorts, and whickers. There was none of the usual talk or murmured words that happened under normal circumstances. A wet rhythmic slapping sound manifested as Bucky’s thrusts became more forceful. Thistle, who was almost holding her breath at this point, shivered when she saw Berry Punch’s eyes roll back into her skull every time Bucky plunged into her depths. It was almost as if Bucky was pressing some button deep inside of Berry.



As Bucky hilted himself inside of Berry, he could feel her winking clitoris throb. It bulged, becoming engorged as he pulled out, he could feel the slipperiness of it pressing into the soft of flesh along the underside of his cock, protruding, Berry’s hardness matched his own. With a violent frenzied thrust, he slammed himself in as deep as he could go, his balls slapping up against Berry’s swollen and somewhat abused marehood with enough force to cause Bucky to see stars. He didn’t care about the pain or the ache that it caused deep in his guts. As he pulled himself out, he felt Berry clench up around him once more, the hardness of her nubbin stabbing into the vulnerable soft flesh of his prick. She was spastic now, no longer rhythmic, but undulating with wild abandon. If Bucky had any presence of mind left, any capability of rational thought, he would have known that Berry Punch was climaxing.

But Bucky didn’t care. Overcome with a bestial need, he wasn’t thinking about Berry’s needs for once. He redoubled his grip around her and yanked back his head, giving a rough tug on Berry’s mane. He heard a bellowing whinny, the sound inflamed him, stoking his inner fires and making them burn even hotter. He could taste a strange almost soapy flavour on his tongue, his mouth was full of hair. The smell of flowers and hot mare musk flooded his nostrils.



Berry Punch could feel her hind legs quivering, they were going to give out any second. Her front legs were limp, helpless. She lay with her face down in the mattress, panting, trying to hold her backside up as Bucky pounded away with reckless abandon.

She had cum three times already, the knowledge that she was being used, that she was just a plaything, it had a powerful psychological effect upon her. She was being railed like the dirty little earth pony mare that she was, being used for the only thing earth ponies were good for. Euphoric, drifting between orgasmic peaks, Berry felt the manic thrusting come to an end. Bucky was buried deep inside of her. She could feel her mane being tugged upon as he gave a few final humps, she felt a searing heat deep inside of her. She was nothing more than fertile earth, and fertile earth needed seed. Fertile earth had to be plowed.

The land had to be tamed, split open, sundered, few ponies ever realised the violence inherent in farming. Berry Punch had at long last got a proper plowing.

She felt Bucky on her back, his hips quivering as he worked out the last few drops of his seed, and with a cry, her legs gave way. She collapsed upon the bed, Bucky on top of her and still inside of her. She could feel him going soft. She willed her nethers to clench together, trying to hold him in, trying to suck out the last bit of spunk that Bucky had to offer.

There was slobber running down Berry’s neck. Bucky was panting against her and she heard him spitting her mane out of his mouth.

From the corner of the room, from the crib, a small voice asked, “Daddy?”



Using her teeth, Thistle lifted Cadance out of the crib, holding the foal by the scruff of her neck. She crossed the room and lept up on the other side of the bed, away from Berry and Bucky, who were laying in a pile with one another.

She plopped Cadance down and then lept from the bed, off to fetch Bell Heather.

When Thistle returned a moment later, Cadance was sitting up on her haunches, looking at Berry and Bucky with a curious expression. Lovemaking happened around the littlest of foals, Derpy had assured Thistle this was normal, okay even, everything was fine until they were old enough to ask questions about it. Once the questions happened, the foals, in Derpy’s humble opinion, needed to be taught about privacy.

Cadance, lifting her foreleg, pointed at Berry and Bucky. “What?” Her brow furrowed, causing her to have a wizened expression.

Thistle giggled. For a moment, Cadance sounded very much like Harper. And then it struck her, Cadance was asking questions.Thistle sighed. From now on, a bit of caution would be required. She dropped Bell Heather down upon the bed, wrapped a foreleg around Cadance, and pulled both foals close.

Hearing a few apologetic mumbles from Bucky, Thistle began to dream of the time when she was healed up and good to go. It wouldn’t be long… just a few more weeks. And then Thistle was going to get what she had been wanting, one way or another.

“Hug?” Cadance asked, pointing at Bucky and Berry with her foreleg.

Kissing Cadance upon her head, Thistle shushed her, turned her around, and didn’t let her look at Bucky and Berry anymore. She gave both foals a squeeze.

“How would you like to be fed?” Thistle asked, hoping to distract Cadance.





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