The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


54. 54

Derpy had gone to take the foals on deck, so they could all look at the ocean together, leaving Bucky and Berry in the stateroom together, and she had left with a knowing wink.

“Later, I’ll get mine,” she had said as she left, shutting the door behind her.

Berry looked pointedly at Bucky, licking her lips in a seductive manner and narrowing her eyes. “Very clever that mare, luring the foals away so we have some private time together, you and I,” she said in a husky voice.

Bucky fanned himself with a hoof, it suddenly felt a bit warm in the room.

“I haven’t bathed for awhile. I’m taking a shower, and then I’ll be back to deal with you. Just hang out, relax, and wait for me. I need to make certain parts of me lickable,” Berry said in a Berry seductive voice. She vanished into the bathroom and Bucky heard the water run.

Sitting in his chair, he suddenly felt very flustered. Derpy straddling him and then Berry being Berry had left him in quite some mood. A brave mood. Berry had once ambushed him in the shower, and turnabout was fair play, or so Berry always said.

He spilled out of his chair and moved as stealthily as possible, creeping his way into the bathroom and towards the shower. He pulled open the door and stuck his head in. The shower was small. Not large enough for two ponies.

Berry turned and shot him a glance over her shoulder, watching Bucky stare at her wet backside. “Well, I honestly did not expect you to follow me into the shower,” she admitted. She whipped her tail over Bucky’s muzzle, a slightly stinging slap. “This shower is very small however.”

Not bothering to wait for an invitation, Bucky planted his snoot directly into Berry’s hot wet snatch, blowing a raspberry and making Berry laugh riotously. He plunged his tongue into her dark plum folds, feeling her clench around him as she laughed. Her laughter quickly faded into a long shuddering moan.

“Hold on sweet thing,” Berry said, wiggling free of his ministrations. She stood on her forelegs and with a quick well balanced movement, wrapped her hindlegs around Bucky’s head.

This was intriguing.

Directly below his muzzle like a feedbag waiting to be devoured was the object of his desire. He was now half in and half out of the shower, the front half of his body now soaking wet, the water running down his face and running rivulets into Berry’s glistening glossy gash.

“You’re amazing,” Bucky said breathlessly, his breath blowing hotly over Berry’s exposed berry. He punctuated his words with a lick directly to to Berry’s berry, making the mare wobble on her forelegs.

“Don’t let me fall,” she said in a pleading voice.

Bucky could feel her hindlegs squeezing the sides of his head, her muscles quivering, her legs scissoring slightly and rubbing the muscles along the top of his neck. He blew on her button, his breath blowing over her wet winking sex, causing Berry to wobble once again on her forelegs.

Once again, Bucky plunged his tongue down deep into her moistened mare flesh, tasting her tartness, and slowly probing the whole cunny crevasse, feeling around to see if anything made her react.

Berry gasped, feeling the hot snorts from Bucky’s nostrils blowing over her pucker, the heat causing the sensitive flesh just under her dock to clench violently, causing her twat to tighten. She felt his tongue making slow clockwise probings, going round and round inside of her in a slow lazy circuit. Then she felt the direction reverse, now going counter clockwise.

“Ummmmph,” she mewled. “You have no idea how good that feels,” she murmured. Berry whimpered a few times, trying brace her front legs and push her backside higher, so Bucky’s tongue would plunge deeper. “You are... becoming really... good at that...” she gasped, making little feminine cries between her words. “If you keep... that up... I am going to go off…”

Bucky replied by dragging his tongue over Berry’s cork, sliding the entire length directly over the protruding knob of flesh. It caused Berry to begin making bleating sounds down below him, inciting him to continue licking her nubbin directly.

Not intending to do so so quickly, Berry climaxed. It started off with a faint quivering shiver that ricocheted through her filly bits, and then became a violent spasm that made her spine contort. Her legs gave way, and for one terrifying moment, she thought she was going to crash face first into shower floor, but then she felt the warm tingle of magic surrounding her body and pulling her back up, and the tongue lashing continued.

The tongue flailing almost became violent, a frenzied frenetic fantasy of foreplay. Each loving lick caused Berry to bleat, her forelegs now pulled up and she hugged her own barrel, squeezing herself, her eyes closed, water running down her body, along her face, and dripping from her nose. She ground her hips and clenched her hind legs, trusting completely in Bucky’s magic to hold her aloft.

The orgasmic tongue tickling continued for several minutes, until Berry couldn’t take it anymore. She was biting down on her own lip now, wanting to beg  for it to stop, but not wanting for it to end.

“Bucky... mount me... right here in the shower... take me... just be... gentle and give... me time... to take you in,” Berry panted and begged.

She was gently lowered to her forehooves, which wobbled, and then her hindhooves hit the ground. She stood on all four legs, trembling.

“This shower is too small, the only way we’ll both fit in here is if we are stacked,” Bucky said breathlessly, recalling words Berry had once said to him when she had invaded his shower.

He shoved her roughly into the shower and then mounted her. This was his first time standing up. He placed his forelegs along her barrel, adjusting himself and pulling himself forward. She wiggled and bucked a bit beneath him, trying to scoot him into position. He wrapped a foreleg around the front of her chest and pulled the rest of the way forward, sliding along her slippery soaked pelt. He could feel her heat near his tip, a beacon to guide him in.

Berry was still orgasming beneath him, Bucky could feel her spine arching, her muscles contracting, and her muscular haunches flexing. He pressed against her entrance and began to apply pressure.

At first, nothing happened, and then with a wet squelching sound, he achieved penetration, which caused Berry to throw back her head and let go with a shrill scream. “Don’t stop,” she commanded, her voice ragged. “That first plunge always stings a bit.”

Berry splayed out her hind legs slightly and rolled her hips upward, trying to spread out as much as possible to take him in.

Bucky continued his slow relentless penetration, pushing in deeper and deeper, never letting up for even a second, pressing himself in inch by tantalising inch. His girth was widest around his penile ring, and when he pressed that part in, he felt Berry begin to buck and squirm with vigour.

“That all you got?” Berry challenged, baring her teeth, trying to wiggle away from him, her ears splayed out sideways from her head.

Bucky, using the foreleg he had wrapped around her chest, pushed her backwards and thrust his hips forward, making Berry growl. She began actively trying to shake him off and Bucky froze, confused.

“Want me to stop?” he asked, worried that he was hurting her.

“NO YOU DIMWIT, I WANT TO MAKE ME YOUR MARE!” Berry snarled, angry that the rutting had stopped.

“You want this rough?” Bucky asked, not moving, slightly confused.

Berry’s reply was to bring her head down sharply and bite down savagely on Bucky’s leg wrapped around her chest. His sudden jerk caused him to plunge deeply into her, making Berry moan.

“You told me to be gentle,” Bucky growled, feeling a bit peeved that Berry had bitten him. He squeezed her tightly and gave her a solid thrust, almost driving himself balls deep.

“Only at first,” she growled in reply, feeling him deep within her. She began tossing her head around. Berry went crazy, her hind legs jumping in little mini-bucks, causing Bucky to slide forward along her back and achieve deeper penetration.

Bucky, not knowing what else to do, gave Berry exactly what she seemed to want. He pulled out most of the way and then hilted himself with one violent thrust, his balls slapping so hard against her that they began to ache. Berry threw her head back and howled, clenching tightly around him. He did it again a moment later, and then again, using his forelegs for leverage, trying to pull himself forward, trying to shove her backwards under him, his tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth, the hot water from the shower head beating down upon his body.

There were no longer any words, only fierce grunting, both of them slipping into dirty animal rutting, Bucky slipping it to her as hard and as violently as he dared, and Berry reciprocated by bleating like the filthy little hard screwed ewe that she was.

With a finale plunge that caused his tip to ram into her cervical wall, Bucky blew his load, a violent spastic orgasm that caused him to collapse limply on Berry’s back, his hips still making a few instinctual humps as he continued to try and pump his seed deep within her. They remained in the shower like this, Bucky draped over Berry’s back, his hips occasionally twitching and causing another spurt to be released.

Finally, Berry gave way and both of them lie in a heap at the bottom of the shower, letting the hot water beat down upon them both.

“Next time, pull my mane or something,” Berry invited, kissing Bucky passionately after she spoke. She pulled away after several minutes. “I am going to get cleaned up, you are going to rest, and then I am going to watch the foals while Derpy gets to have her way with you.”

Bucky nodded. With a grunt, he pulled himself free from Berry’s still grasping gash with a wet sucking slurp, causing Berry to have one final lip biting case of the shudders, her final orgasm causing semen to gush forth from her stretched out snatch and go circling down the drain.

He kissed her again, thrashing his tongue against hers, keeping lip locked until dizziness threatened to overtake him. He pulled away breathlessly. “You’re crazy,” Bucky quipped.

“You have no idea,” Berry said, giving him a loving nuzzle, her face drenched with water, rubbing her head along his jawline. “I am going to do terrible things to you someday. Things with riding crops. And maybe a bit of rope. I have all kinds of kinky fantasies that I’ve never trusted anypony enough to try before.”



Bucky had drawn a hot bath and was soaking in it when Derpy came through the door. She had a crazed manic grin on her face.

“Berry told me some saucy things,” the grey mare whispered in excited tones. She slipped into the hot bath, submerged for a moment, and the came up out of the water, soaked, her mane clinging to her face. “I am going to rut your face until you can’t feel your smile,” Derpy promised in an aroused announcement.

“I married two very forward mares,” Bucky groaned.

“Yes you did,” Derpy agreed, nodding as she did so. She rose out of the water, standing up in the tub. She kissed Bucky passionately, pressing up against him, applying her weight down on top of him, He leaned back, allowing the pegasus to press her advantage upon him. Bucky reclined against the back end of the tub, and wrapped his forelegs around Derpy’s neck, pulling her in closer. She resisted, pulling back. Finally, she broke her powerful suction and pulled away. She turned around in the tub, careful not to step on him, and then backed her plot into his face. She was already swollen with desire, her lips puffy and inviting. “Berry told me you made the beast with six legs,” Derpy said breathlessly.

“Yeah, we did, in the shower,” Bucky admitted.

“Well, I want you against my back again too,” Derpy said, pushing herself backwards into Bucky’s muzzle, the time for small talk over. The pegasus was not one for talking, pegasi were creatures of action.

Bucky was nearly suffocated as his muzzle was plunged into slick blue grey folds. He pushed her forward a bit and began to slowly lick around her outer lips, his edges of his tongue trailing over the protruding edges of her lovely labia. Already, her nubbin was beginning to bulge, slipping out from under her clitoral hood. It glistened at him invitingly.

Squalane began to bead up around Derpy’s blossoming mare-flower, looking like morning dew on blue-grey petals. The liquid was both sweet and somewhat sour, and it was quite salty. As more of it began to condense, Bucky licked it off as it formed droplets.

With a suddenness that made Derpy's wings flap, Bucky plunged his tongue inwards, drinking deeply like a hummingbird at a rare nectar rich blossom. Derpy began to get wet, a line of drool beginning to dangle down from her nubbin as more and more liquid began to ooze from her mare-maw.

Bucky slurped the dangling strand of liquid love from Derpy’s oversized button, running his tongue over it slowly, teasing, knowing that Derpy liked her lovemaking a little more loving and gentle.

Derpy hiked her tail even higher, trying to expose as much flesh as possible, trying to give Bucky a hint that there were other things that needed licking. Bucky obliged, starting down low with a lick that ran her entire length, ending with his tongue lapping over her flexing pucker.

“Oh… I like that,” Derpy said breathlessly, her ears now limp and hanging on each side of her face. “More of that would be nice,” Derpy suggested.

Bucky gave another slow loving lick that trailed over her clitoris, up her moistened minge, and then lingered over her protruding pucker. It winked briefly, and Bucky could see pink for a moment, framed on all sides by blue grey wrinkled flesh. Knowing that he had once been in there, that he had been invited in there, welcomed, it excited him and he started another lick at Derpy’s jelly bean and slowly trailed his way upwards, this time teasing her anus with the tip of his tongue and poking in gently, causing the mare to squeal with fillyish delight.

“You really like pucker play,” Bucky said.

“I do,” Derpy admitted. “Nothing feels better than taking a big dump and feeling all the pressure come out. That feeling as everything stretches and pulls back there. For a long time, it was the only thing I really had that felt like something going in or out of me,” she confessed, baring her soul. “I used to get excited when I knew there was a big one coming… ooh oooh ooh ooooh MMMPH!” she cried, feeling a tongue split her pucker and probe just inside her entrance. “You don’t know how relieved I am that you don’t mind doing this… I was so afraid that you would think I wa- oooh oooh uuugh unf unf unf MMM MMM MMM!” she whimpered, letting out adorable little wails of ecstasy. “I can’t believe how lucky I am that you like- Oh my gosh… ooh oooh ooooh HMMMmmmmmuuumph!” she moaned, feeling Bucky’s tongue sliding in and out, in and out, she could feel the edges of his tongue, all the little bumps scraping along the tight confines of her clenching pucker.

“I need you inside of me,” Derpy begged, pulling away sitting down in the water, the hot sting of her pucker making her quiver. She felt herself being grabbed from behind, and pulled to Bucky’s barrel. He was gentle and slow. She reclined, leaning back into him. She could feel his legs wrapping around her barrel and lifting her, sliding her up along his body. She could feel something hard probing around her entrance. After a moment of inexperienced fumbling, she felt him slide in, and he began to lower her down upon his girthy cock. Her wings flared, slinging water everywhere.

Derpy reclined against Bucky’s barrel, feeling full inside off her. He lifted her again, sliding her up along his length, and then slowly pushed her down, working his way in a little deeper. Derpy moaned, leaning her head back against his neck, melting in his embrace.

“How much do you love me?” the mare asked.

Bucky did not reply. Not with words. He knew better.

Instead, he reached down under the water with one foreleg, and, using his folded fetlock, began to rub in slow lazy circles over Derpy’s nipples, causing the mare to wiggle in his embrace. He lifted her again, using one foreleg, drawing her up until only the tip remained inside, and then slowly brought her down.

This was a different sort of love making for a different sort of mare. This wasn’t frantic rutting. It was slow and lazy, and more about holding one another, with actual rutting added mostly as an after thought. He moved his fetlock over her nipples, teasing her teats, making the pegasus writhe in his embrace.

He lifted, held her up for a moment, teasing her with the tip, and then slowly brought her down, filling her up, and hilting himself inside of her, easing her down oh so slowly. This time, she shivered, and he could feel her clenching around him.

His exploring fetlock dropped lower and he felt her nubbin against his joint. He opened his fetlock slightly, closed it around the swollen knob, pinched it lightly, and then gave it a gentle tug.

Derpy’s whole body braced against him, her spine arching, her teeth gritting together, both ears standing erect, each wing quivering with delicious tension. “Harder,” she whimpered.

He grabbed her again, pinching her in his fetlock, lifting her up, and then he slid her down as he gave a gentle tug, plunging his way in deep as he squeezed and pulled on her distended tumescent clitoris. She tensed again, kicking out her hind legs.

Bucky took both of her hind legs and gathered them up, pulling them to her barrel, folding her in half, making her backside well rounded and inviting. He lifted her up and lowered her slowly, sliding in deeper than ever.

He hugged her hindlegs into her barrel even tighter, her hind hooves up near her neck, and then he gently slid her along his barrel, now kissing her neck, before gently shoving her downward and plunging in to the point of bottoming out inside of her. He wasn’t the longest stallion in the world, but he understood leverage, and he was dedicated to making his mares happy.

Derpy began to make plaintive squeals of joy as the lazy lovemaking continued, the pace slow. She wiggled her hips and arched her back, trying to pull Bucky in as deep as possible, and the clenching of her own legs squeezed her clitoris tightly.

This continued for nearly a half an hour, one slow lazy thrust every few moments.

“You need release,” Derpy said.

“Where?” Bucky asked.

“Oh, right where you are. I’ve gotten my rocks off a few times, let yourself go,” Derpy said breathlessly.

Bucky picked up the pace, sliding her up and down rapidly on his pecker, He set to his task with vigour and candour, picking up speed as he went along.

Derpy found herself going off yet again, the hot bath water stinging slightly around her taught well stretched spasm chasm. She could feel Bucky’s grunting laboured breathing on her ears, his barrel heaving against her spine, his ribs rubbing against her sensitive wings and causing her all kinds of paroxysms of pleasure. Bucky was huffing and puffing now, drilling away at her like a steam piston. She could feel her pucker sliding up at down along the tip edge of his cock because of the angle of penetration. It began to get very warm from friction.

Finally, she could feel him, his body shuddering, his thrusting needy and wanting, and he buried himself in her, fractically twitching as he rammed home an explosive hot load deep inside of her, the first hard spurt slamming into her cervical sphincter and making her whole body violently seize. They trembled against one another, breathless, greedy for more, Bucky still buried deep within her, flooding her with seed. He held her like this for several minutes, she could feel several more spurts happen, and then he let go of her. She kicked out her now freed hind legs and collapsed against her love, soaking in the tub, unable to believe just how well she had just been rutted.

No words were said as the two lay there together soaking. Derpy felt Bucky going flaccid against her spine.

She twisted her head around and kissed him, biting on his lip gently and giving a tug to say she loved him.

Bucky wrapped his forelegs back around her and held her close, his hot breath blowing into her soaked mane and tickling her ears.



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