The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


530. 530

A fire crackled in the grate. The room was warm. The scent of honeysuckle and lavender candles filled the air with a heady aroma. Holiday treats were strewn along the table. The holidays, a season of giving, was a time to make sure that those you loved got what they deserved.

Sunset Shimmer had known of two winter holidays in her life. One was Hearth’s Warming, the holiday she had known her entire life as a pony. The other was Christmas, a holiday she had known while on the other side of the mirror. Both were similar, close enough to cause eyebrows to raise, and while Christmas was pleasant enough, there was something to be said for celebrating Hearth’s Warming once again.

Looking over at Trixie, who was laying beside her, Sunset Shimmer got a faint nod from the unicorn. It was time. Time to execute their well thought out plan. It was time to give Bartleby a holiday to remember. This had been discussed a great deal. While there had been all kinds of experimentation with the trio, there was one thing they had not tried.

Trixie’s horn ignited and Sunset Shimmer watched with interest as Bartleby was pulled over to them, held in the soft magenta glow of Trixie’s magic. The griffon squawked in alarm, his toucan beak open. His wings flapped but to no avail. He was trapped.

Bartleby was plopped between the two mares. It was time to reward the long suffering servant and let him know that he was appreciated.

“Oh Bartleby… we needed you for a moment,” Sunset Shimmer said in a soft silken voice, a voice that she reserved for Bartleby or Trixie. “We wanted to tell you how special you were to us. How happy we are to have you. How incomplete our lives would be without you.”

Trixie nodded. “Trixie is most pleased with her little Bartleby.”

Bartleby, caught off guard, fluffed out and his crest rose. “I’m flattered.”

Raising an eyebrow, Trixie smiled a crooked showmare smile. “Oh… we intend to do far more than flatter you. Just think of a couple of F words and you might get an idea of what we have planned.”

Sunset Shimmer leaned her head down close to Bartleby’s ear, hidden as it was under feathers. “Yes… this is the season of giving after all. Trixie and I have been practicing. All of these peppermint candy canes have given me the most wonderful idea.”

There was a breathless gasp from Bartleby, who shivered as Sunset’s breath tickled him. He fluffed out even more when she blew into his ear, ruffling his feathers. “Thanking me is not necessary… I am glad to serve.”

“Oh… thanking you is necessary,” Sunset Shimmer replied. “So very necessary. You are so much more than just my assistant, my friend, or my mate. You put up with not one, but two impossible mares. We spend long hours studying. I disappear for days at a time. I am always at the Master’s beck and call. And you… you my dearest Bartleby, you are always there right when I need you, usually with a tray of tea and biscuits. And that hot rock massage that you’ve been teaching yourself…” Sunset Shimmer sucked in her breath with a seductive hiss.

Trixie moved her head closer to the other side of Bartleby’s face, so close that her lips brushed up against his feathers. “We have an odd living arrangement. You are the domestic one. You cook and you clean. You look after our every need, thinking of what we need before we even know that we need it…”

Bartleby shivered and shook as Trixie spoke, her words blowing into his feathers like a hot wind, tickling him, and making cold quivers go running up and down his spine.

Offering no warning, saying nothing, Sunset Shimmer pushed Bartleby over on his back. The griffon tried to get up, but Sunset pinned him down with one foreleg. “Oh look Trixie… the best part of Bartleby is being shy… think we can coax it out?”

“The Sultry and Seductive Trixie has it within her power…”

Sunset giggled, breaking character, and unable to follow the plan.

“HA! The Brilliant and Hilarious Trixie has made you laugh. When next we do battle, I get to paddle YOU with the hairbrush until you cry for mercy!”

“Oh dear,” Bartleby said in a low whisper.

“Rules are rules… if we make ’em, we have to follow them,” Sunset said, still giggling.

“This isn’t necessary… I am glad to serve.” Bartleby squirmed beneath Sunset’s foreleg, trying to wiggle free. Already feeling aroused, Bartleby tried to cover himself.

“He’s so shy,” Trixie said, falling out of character for a moment.

Realising the situation needed to be salvaged, Sunset Shimmer darted her head forward and locked lips with Trixie. It was a big open mouthed sloppy kiss, the worst sort, it was noisy, it was messy, and it dribbled drool everywhere.

It was the sort of kiss between two mares that if a male was watching, would cause an uncontrollable reaction. There was a click when Bartleby’s beak clacked shut. The griffon’s crest began to rise as he watched the slobbery exchange. He felt something stirring as something else besides his crest thought about rising.

The two mares kissing sounded like two wet fish being slapped together.

Knowing how important it was to put on a good show, Trixie put on a shameless display. She would never do this in public, not like some ponies might, but these were the ones she loved and she was at home, in private. All inhibitions were cast aside.

After fighting a losing battle of tongues, Sunset Shimmer pulled away, leaving a long string of drool connecting both her and Trixie. Breathless, heaving, Sunset saw that the ridiculous sloppy kiss had the desired effect. Something reddish purple was peeking out from between Bartleby’s hind legs. It had a pointed tip.

It was small, but that was never mentioned. Bartleby was careful, Bartleby was attentive, and Bartleby had a bone in there that allowed him to stay hard for hours. After many hours of experimentation, Bartleby knew what he was doing.

It wasn’t the length, it wasn’t the size, it was how many times Bartleby could make it rise.

Tonight though, it was time for something new. Something different. It was time to make Bartleby feel special. Stretching out her neck, Sunset Shimmer gave Trixie’s lip a little nibble, going in for another kiss. Trixie reciprocated, and after a moment of lip lock, slurped Sunset’s lips in, suckled upon Sunset’s lower lip for a moment, and then pulled back, giving Sunset’s lip a gentle tug.

There was a panting groan from Bartleby who was still pinned in place.

Pulling away from Trixie, Sunset Shimmer turned her attention upon Bartleby’s cock. After a moment of consideration, she figured it was very much like a reddish purple carrot, given that it was of a similar size and shape. Narrow at the tip, broad at the base… ponies liked carrots. Taking a deep breath, Sunset told herself this was nothing more than a carrot.

Letting her tongue dangle out at full length, Sunset licked Bartleby’s cock, dragging her tongue along it’s short length. Bartleby whimpered, but she did not notice. She smacked her lips and wiggled her tongue around the inside of her mouth.

“Hmmm, musky… salty,” Sunset said to herself.

Bobbing her head down, Trixie followed Sunset’s lead, wrapping her tongue all the way around Bartleby’s base and then with slow deliberation, she dragged her tongue up towards the tip. When she was done, she slurped her long tongue into her mouth.

“That’s not bad at all,” Trixie said, ignoring the cross eyed expression upon the griffon trapped beneath Sunset’s foreleg.

Sunset Shimmer nodded. “If I had to had to compare it to something, I’d say it tastes like smoked white cheese.”

Angling her head downwards, Trixie took another long lick, pressing the tip of her tongue against the now throbbing griffon meat pole. She paused near the tip and waggled her tongue around. She paused for a moment, looking thoughtful, and then said, “Trixie agrees.”

Bartleby peeped and flexed his talons together.

Sticking out her tongue, Sunset Shimmer slid the side of her tongue along Bartleby’s length, working her way up with a sawing motion, and then working her way back down, still sawing with the side of her tongue. She felt Bartleby’s whole body tense and his tail went stiff.

“He’s so adorable!” Trixie said, her words a seductive coo that she whispered, allowing her hot breath to blow against Bartleby’s wet prick. She stuck out her tongue and joined Sunset Shimmer, engaging in a favourite game.

Tongue wrestling.

Fighting for dominance, Bartleby’s dick became a battleground as the two mares struggled to lick the same places and push one another out of the way. Like so many other things, this became a juvenile contest of ego and dominance.

With the two slashing tongues, everything became slippery. A glistening drop of moisture oozed from the tip of Bartleby’s cock, but it was licked up unnoticed in the struggle.

For Bartleby, the only way he could describe the sensation he was feeling was to compare it to having his dick surrounded by slippery writhing eels on all sides.

It was Trixie who escalated the contest when she took Bartleby’s entire length into her mouth as an act of denial for Sunset. Realising she had a cock in her mouth, Trixie’s eyes went wide. This was new. She applied suction, her cheeks sinking in against her teeth, and she undulated her tongue against the griffon’s shaft.

Reaching up, Bartleby grabbed his own beak and gave it a squeeze, not knowing what else to grab. A long low nasal sound came from the griffon, now lost in pre-orgasmic throes.

Trixie pulled away with a pop, sliding her tight lips along the full length as she pulled away. She licked her lips. “It tastes saltier now. Kinda like when Trixie kisses away your tears.”

Saying nothing in reply, Sunset Shimmer gave it a go. Mindful of her teeth, she took in all of Bartleby. She rubbed her tongue up and down against him and made her lips vibrate. She knew she was doing something right because Bartleby’s hips were bucking up and down as he tried to get release.

The first time, Bartleby never lasted too long, but afterwards, after the pump was primed so to speak, Bartleby was a goer.

Trixie watched as Bartleby struggled to hump Sunset Shimmer’s muzzle. She felt a rush of wetness in her nethers. This part of the plan was never discussed, who finished Bartleby. As Trixie watched, Bartleby let out a shrill cry and then Sunset Shimmer’s eyes went wide with surprise. Sunset choked for a moment, almost a close mouthed cough, and then she pulled away from Bartleby.

Closing her eyes, Trixie felt Sunset’s lips press against hers and the pair shared a salty, somewhat bitter kiss. Trixie realised that Sunset was sharing Bartleby’s spunk with her. After swallowing, Trixie licked the saltiness off of Sunset’s lips and then licked her own.

Panting, his small body heaving, Bartleby lay there, trying to catch his breath.

“That was sexy… I feel like a mare… I think I liked that,” Sunset said as she lifted her foreleg off of Bartleby. She took a deep breath and let it out a little at a time, her whole body trembling. “I have never been so turned on in my whole life as I am right now.”

“Hrm, Trixie is getting the hairbrush… a naughty mare needs to be paddled until she begs for mercy.”

Closing her eyes, Sunset Shimmer thought about the sweet sting of a good swat, the heat that formed in the skin, and the way a good spank on the plot made everything vibrate and rub together back there. She felt herself clench and then there was an embarrassing sounding squelching sound as she heard herself winking.

“I have an idea… you get the hairbrush… and I’ll go to work on Bartleby again,” Sunset Shimmer said.

“Hmm, perhaps, but Trixie also wants to try. Trixie demands that our toys be shared and you’ve already had a turn!”

With an alarmed squawk, Bartleby realised it was going to be a long night.



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