The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


495. 495

Derpy stood just inside of the doorway, her wings out, her eyes were narrowed, her head was low, and she raked the carpet with one hoof as she snorted. Bucky backed away, all of his deep thoughts and philosophical musings now forgotten. Derpy was in quite a state and Bucky could tell by the flare of her nostrils that she was worked up.

“Derpy, love, we’re expected,” Bucky said as he watched Derpy’s tail swish from side to side and her head dropped a little lower.

“Not for a while,” Derpy replied as she took a single step forward. “You’ve been distracted and out of sorts all morning. Berry is busy distracting Celestia and the others for a while.”

Bucky raised an eyebrow. “And I suppose that you’re here to wear me out so I’ll behave.”

“Yep.” Derpy’s single syllable carried with it a sense of finality.

“The pegasus domination display is impressive,” Bucky said, offering up a compliment.

Derpy shook her head and gave a snort. “Save your words and save your breath. Get in the bed and don’t try anything funny.”

Glancing at the bed first and then at his mate, Bucky smiled. “Pegasi romance… nature’s most romantic courtship.” He took a step towards the bed, heard a snort, then the flutter of wings, and then an angry sounding stomp. “You’re already worked up and in quite a state, aren’t you?”

As Bucky was leaping up into the bed, he heard the flutter of wings and the rush of air. A second later, something solid tackled him from the side, bowling him over. A crazed laugh escaped his lips as he felt himself being rolled over. The sound of Derpy giggling was one of his favourite aphrodisiacs.

Straddling Bucky, her tail twitching against his belly, Derpy reached out with one hoof and booped his nose. “You’re a silly pony.”

With a grunt, Bucky tried to roll out from beneath Derpy, but the mare would have none of it. She moved with him, knowing each of his moves all too well, and Bucky felt the wind whoosh out of him when she threw herself down on top of him once more, pinning him to the mattress.

Feeling pleased with herself, Derpy ground herself against Bucky’s body and gave him a squeeze. “I didn’t hurt you did I?”

Wiggling, and still trying to get free so he could roll her over and have his way with Derpy, Bucky twisted his head around and looked at her. “Nope.”

“Well good, because I’m about to if you don’t stop trying to escape.”

Bucky’s ears splayed out. “Don’t you have needs that need looked after?”

Knowing all too well that Bucky was attempting to be clever, Derpy giggled. She reached out with her wing and tickled Bucky’s side. “Yes, and I am about to look after them. Now hold still and stop squirming!” Derpy wrapped one foreleg around Bucky’s neck and pulled him closer, crushing his body against hers. She had already taken most of the struggle out of him. Pressing her nose into Bucky’s neck, she could feel his coarse shaggy hide against the soft flesh of her snoot. She inhaled, taking in his scent, and could feel Bucky’s snoot pressing into her own neck.

“So this is a quicky… scratch the itch and then into the shower… is this what we’ve been reduced to in our marriage,” Bucky whispered as he placed his forelegs around Derpy and tightened his grip. He watched Derpy’s ear twitch as his spoken words tickled her.

“You have responsibilities. We have foals to look after. It’s only going to get worse.”

The rounded bulge pressing against his own stomach was the ultimate turn on for Bucky. He pressed his lips against Derpy’s own and ran his talons through her straw coloured mane, being careful not to pull. Derpy’s lips parted and Bucky found himself inside of her and she inside of him. The grey mare’s aggression was gone, the act now over, and Bucky could feel her gentleness with every move she made.

The aggression was always an act and Bucky was the willing victim, knowing all too well that if he made so much as a yelp or a whimper that Derpy would fly into a fit of panic from causing him real pain. For all of her bluster, for all of her seeming brutishness, Derpy was the most gentle out of all of his wives.

He could feel her hot breath huffing out from her nostrils and blowing against his face. Bucky could feel her tail whipping down between his hind legs, the soft silken hairs trailing over his skin and exposed delicate places. He could smell her arousal now, a whiff of musk, all of this and the sounds of her heavy breathing already had him in the mood. The soft velvety hairs of her belly were now rubbing up against his unsheathed and hardened cock.

Derpy lifted her head and pulled it back, away from Bucky. She closed one eye, her bad eye, and looked down at her husband with her good eye. “There’s never enough time anymore.”

There was less time than Derpy realised, but Bucky said nothing. He could feel her moving on top of him, sliding upwards along his belly, up to his barrel, and then he felt himself being pressed against her damp folds. Then, once more, Bucky felt himself inside of her as she moved downwards, a well practiced move that had once seemed so awkward in what seemed like a lifetime ago. He heard her gasp as her slick wet flesh was parted, and he felt her pushing herself down upon him. Her inner depths were hot, almost too hot, and for a moment Bucky was distracted by the sharp contrast between the cooler damp flesh on the outside compared to the hot fevered flesh hidden deep inside.

There was a crack as Derpy’s wings snapped out, fully extended, and both of her eyes closed. Her whole body trembled as she settled in. She angled her hips, trying to grind herself against Bucky in just the right way, and she felt a shiver come shooting up her spine as she hit the sweet spot. Her sensitive nub of flesh traveled along Bucky’s length. She felt warm metal talons wrapping around her right front leg, holding on to her, and after a few moments of stradling Bucky, she had all of him inside of her. She opened her good eye and looked down at Bucky who was flat on his back beneath her. The bulge in her stomach was noticeable now, she was getting larger; it made moments like this one more and more awkward. Derpy liked being on top, even though the position was not commonplace for ponies. For a moment, Derpy thought of the first time, those first few awkward fumbling moments, the lingering feeling of shyness she had felt. She could see that Bucky’s eyes were closed, both of them, and she could see him biting down upon his lip.

Now, nothing was held back.

Derpy braced herself, placing her left front hoof down on the mattress, her fetlock touching Bucky’s ribs, and a low rumbling nicker reverberated through her barrel.

There was something about being balls deep in a mare that had a way of clearing one’s mind. At the moment, all Bucky could think about was Derpy. His eyes were closed. He focused on the sounds of her breathing, her frantic hip thrusts, and he could tell that she was going all out to get herself off. She was holding herself at an odd angle, he could feel her clitoris sliding along the top of his cock and the angle caused a lot of friction along his flared head. There were wet slick sounds that accompanied Derpy’s steady breathing. Opening his eyes, Bucky looked down along his belly, Bucky could see himself sliding in and out of Derpy. He could see the bulge of her belly and her teats bounced with every one of her pelvic thrusts.

A part of him wanted to roll her over and take charge, but Bucky was content to allow things to continue. Powerful suction was pulling him in now, he could feel her contracting around him, growing tighter, he could feel himself being tugged, pulled, drawn deeper with each grinding thrust. He could feel the delightful stretch of skin near the base of his shaft. Each time he was hilted he could feel the sticky wetness of her plot furrow resting upon his balls, soft skin sliding together, clinging, slippery, and then Derpy pulled away, leaving him exposed to the cool air. The alternating feeling of heat and then coolness was stimulating, Bucky found that he quite enjoyed the sensation.

“Do you love me?”

The question startled Bucky, he had not expected the question now, at this moment. Derpy’s words were breathless and her good eye was locked upon him. Caught by surprise and unable to reply right away, the moment was becoming awkward.

“Of course I do,” Bucky replied after collecting his wits.

“Has our marriage become boring?” Derpy asked.

Bucky was getting too close to the edge for these sorts of questions. What had started out as a pleasant surprise was becoming strange and weird. He didn’t know what to say or how to answer. No one had told him what to do if nookie became an awkward interrogation.

“Are we just going through the motions because we’re together or is the spark still there?”

The idea frightened Bucky. He didn’t think it was true but he was caught off guard and had no way, no time, no means to think of the right words to banish Derpy’s concerns and make them go away.

“Bucky, it scares me that we’re just settling in, I’m worried that the romance is gone, that we’re just going through the motions with one another and everything is cooling off, we wake up and each day is almost the same as the day before,” Derpy said, her words coming out in breathless gasps.

“Derpy, did you have to bring this up now?” Bucky asked. He looked up at Derpy, feeling concerned, worried, unsure how to reach her, how to reassure her, how to fix this situation.

“I feel like we’ve drifted apart… on the isles, we were always so close to one another, every day, every hour, and now each of us is off doing our own thing, you hardly even come to bed anymore, you barely sleep, sometimes it feels like the only time we really see each other is at the table when we eat.”

“Why didn’t you say something before now?” Bucky struggled to hold himself together, Derpy was still grinding away and he was too close to blowing his load. Now seemed like an inappropriate time to do so.

“I was scared.”

Derpy’s admission bothered Bucky and he was forced into a strange sort of struggle, his growing concern was killing the mood. His own insecurities kicked in and he began to think about that if he stopped doing what he was doing, Derpy might see it as evidence that he was displeased with her or bored with her. What had started off as a romp was now a real struggle.

Trying to take charge of the situation, Bucky began thrusting upwards with his own hips, forcing his body to perform, hoping that vigorous action would be enough to keep him going.

“Things have fallen into a routine and everything feels boring,” Derpy said as she closed her eyes. Bucky’s deep penetrating thrusts were hitting just the right spot and she felt her dock grow tight. Her tail twitched; everything was wet and sticky back there.

“So you feel the romance is gone and we’ve moved on to maintenance?” Bucky asked as he felt Derpy clenching with a regular rhythmic squeeze that was working in time with his thrusts.

Derpy gasped as she drew ever nearer to her own climax. “Yes!”

“How do I fix it so you don’t feel this way? Because I don’t feel this way, I’m still madly in love with you… you even scold me because I won’t leave you alone sometimes.” Derpy was bouncing up and down on him as he spoke, and it caused Bucky’s words to come out in grunts.

“Well, don’t leave me alone,” Derpy replied. “Please keep pestering me, oh please oh please…”

A strong sense of confusion and sexual bliss settled over Bucky, two feelings that should never happen together. “I thought no meant no… Derpy, this is all very confusing to me—”

Derpy moaned and her head jerked back. “Me too… me too, I don’t know how to fix it but I’m so scared… when I say no now you actually stop and leave me alone… you behave yourself and I hate it even though sometimes I just want to get stuff done and you used to keep pestering me when I said no and it makes me wonder if you’ve become bored with me.”

Bucky could feel Derpy slamming against him now, a savage motion, unrelenting, and he knew that she was climaxing. No sense holding back now, Bucky gave it all he had and gave Derpy the business. As she froze up in the throes of her orgasm, Bucky sat up and pushed her over onto her back, a quick sudden movement that made Derpy cry out in alarm. He was on top of her in a fraction of second, slamming into her, railing her, his own actions gaining intensity as his need became painful. His balls slapped into her hard enough that it made the thin skin sting.

There were no more words, only grunting and growling. Bucky buried his face into Derpy’s neck, his snoot pressed in just below her ear, and he could feel her throbbing blood vessels against his cheek. He felt her hind legs wrap around his hips and a vice like grip forced him in deep. Derpy’s forelegs locked around his barrel, crushing him, robbing him of his ability to draw deep breaths. All concerns had been lost in the moment and then Bucky felt himself going off, trapped deep inside of the grey mare, locked in place by her embrace.

Breathless, Bucky blew off load after load, the final burst was almost painful. With a gasp, he collapsed on top of Derpy, resting his head against her neck. He could feel her quivering beneath him. As he lay there trying to catch his breath, he could feel Derpy breathing words near his ear...

“You still want me… I felt it…”




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