The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


48. 48

“I guess everything changes now,” Derpy said, looking at her mates, her face solemn. They stood in the living room, eyeing one another, eyeing the stairs, all of them a little nervous.

“Yes, it does,” Bucky said, taking both of his mares and holding them aloft in his magic. It was simple and effortless on Bucky’s part. Berry Punch gave a nervous giggle and Derpy Hooves let out a low cry of alarm. Bucky moved towards the stairs, the mares in tow, held in his magic aura.

He climbed the stairs slowly, making sure not to bump those he held dear into the walls or the ceiling. He walked slowly and calmly, a stallion that had accepted his fate.

He knew that these mares were going to destroy him. He faced what was ahead with grim determination. He had a terrible shuddering thought about walnuts.

“You know, the alpha usually carries the stallion to the bed,” Berry said.

“I don’t give a damn about traditions,” Bucky said. “Besides, both of you have carried me many times, I feel like I owe you.” He pushed open the bedroom door and stepped inside. Standing by the bed, he gently lowered both mares and waited, not knowing what to do next.

“You’re probably really scared… you should know that neither one of us has plans to actually hurt you. Celestia wanted us to tease you a bit and push you out of your comfort zone. We’ve done that. But I don’t want to actually hurt you,” Derpy confessed.

“Nor I,” Berry Punch added.

“I suppose I needed a good shove,” Bucky confessed. “What now?”

“I dunno, I am really scared actually,” Derpy admitted. “I mean, I haven’t done this since Dinky’s father. I am so worried that I am going to disappoint you, and that you’ll hate me…” the grey mare trailed off, her breathing heavy. “Berry is so experienced and I am so scared that she is going to please you better than I ever could.”

“I have the same fears, I was worried that I would let you down,” Bucky admitted.

“Oh,” Derpy mumbled.

“Alright, enough of that, both of you, we are going to operate as though this is the first time for both of you and I am going to help you both. Bucky, you get on the bed with us and lay down,” Berry instructed.

Bucky did as he was bid, moving slowly. Berry shoved him down and rolled him over, planting a gentle kiss on his lips as she did so.

“I’ve never done anything with a mare before, so this is a first time experience for all of us,” Berry announced.

Derpy took a bit of initiative and straddled Bucky, sitting on his belly. Taking a deep breath, she leaned down and kissed him. It was a slow smouldering kiss, full of all the sensuality that only a pegasus could muster, Derpy’s pegasus salivary glands producing lots of extra oily waxy saliva with its oddly sweet taste. Derpy was getting into the kiss, her body now grinding up against Bucky’s. Berry gently coaxed them on, rubbing them with her hooves, releasing a flood of feel good hormones into both of them from the glands deep within her hooves.

The pegasus mare, who had been so aggressive before, kissing sometimes with bruising intensity, was now shockingly gentle, and the contrast inflamed Bucky’s mind. This was the mare he had chosen to be the mother of his foals… and right now, he wanted foals more than anything.

The air was filled with the heady scent of sweet perfume. It was stronger now than it had ever been. Something began to peek out of its sheath, the tip tickling Derpy’s velvety belly. The mare giggled, her wings becoming slightly sprung, and she hiked her backside up into the air, her hind legs now straight, her front legs folded, her barrel still pressed against Bucky’s.

Berry, seeing Derpy’s backside up in the air in the “come mount me” position, took advantage of the situation. With a hoof, she brushed aside Derpy’s tail, causing the grey mare to squeal with alarm, her cry muffled as she maintained her liplock with Bucky. Never being the one to be cautious or go halfway, Berry Punch thrust her muzzle forward and plunged her tongue in the swollen blue grey lips of her fellow-wife.

The flavour was not quite what Berry expected. More tart than anything, with a vaguely wine-like flavour that she could not place.

Derpy, feeling a tongue suddenly invading a very intimate area, pulled away from the kiss and gasped, her ears folding back against her skull. The tongue continued its probing, prodding every crevice it could find.

Craning his head, Bucky could not believe what he was seeing. His brain responded the in the only way it could. It sent a signal through Bucky’s body that brought him to near total hardness in seconds.

Berry hooked her forelegs around Derpy’s hindlegs and plunged even deeper, Berry’s infamous bottle licking tongue now finding a new purpose for its extraordinary length and dexterity.

Derpy began to moan wildly and wiggle her backside, her back arched, her tail now lifted high. Overcome with pleasure, she resumed her slobbery makeout session with Bucky, kissing him passionately, never once bothered by the fact that he had no idea what he was doing and that he was a clumsy kisser. He had passion and that is all that mattered to the mare right now.

Berry Punch, always brave, always adventurous, withdrew her tongue and placed a slow wet lick over Derpy’s blue-grey pucker, causing the mare to shriek with her mouth full of Bucky’s tongue. Berry licked her lips, pondering the odd flavour. Salty, sweaty, with a rubbery texture. She licked again, this time with real force, dragging her tongue over the pucker, using her head for leverage, the friction causing quite a bit of tugging on Derpy’s plothole. Derpy gave an almost orgasmic cry and a dribble of clear liquid trailed from her gaping filly bits, her swollen oversized clitoris very visible now.

Berry Punch dragged her tongue over Derpy’s dark purple-blue-grey jelly bean and made the mare scream. Derpy pulled away from her kiss with Bucky and tossed her head around wildly as she cried out several times.

“I… I need you right now,” Derpy said breathlessly to Bucky. She eased her backside down onto Bucky’s stomach, feeling something prodding at her now slick marehood.

“Easy there,” Berry coaxed, nudging Derpy’s backside with one hoof and lining up Bucky’s cock with the other. “He’s hung like a barrel, so go slowly,” Berry warned.

Derpy eased herself backwards, feeling something prodding at her entrance. It was big. Something wide awaited her. It took some effort for it to finally penetrate, and she gasped. She wrapped her forelegs around Bucky’s barrel and held on.

“It almost feels like giving birth again,” the pegasus grunted as she pressed down, her clitoris trailing over Bucky’s pelt, making her shudder. It wasn’t even that far in yet and an orgasm threatened to take over the mare.

Berry eased both of them together, and when the chance presented itself, she bent down and gave a lick to the tightly stretched lips wrapped around the girthy cock that Bucky was gifted with. Bucky, feeling the lick, became startled and jumped, driving himself into Derpy several whole inches at once, causing Derpy to let go of him and sit up, which caused her to completely hilt Bucky.

Derpy screamed an equine nicker of lust and began to grind on Bucky’s short but girthy length now completely secured inside of her, her oversized jelly bean pressing into Bucky’s belly as she ground her hips.

Berry maneuvered around behind Derpy, placed both hooves on Derpy’s wing joints, and then pressed down on the mare, driving Bucky in even deeper somehow, and causing Derpy’s love button to get even more friction over the now slick pelt of Bucky’s belly.

Lewd squelching could be heard with every thrust.

Derpy leaned back into Berry, trusting the earth pony to hold up her body, and began to let go, feeling an explosive orgasm coming. She tossed her head back, her tongue hanging from her mouth, and both of her ears splayed out sideways.

Finally, she could not take any more, and Derpy screamed as the first waves of violent full body spasms crashed over her like an avalanche.

“Unngph I made you go off before I did!” Bucky grunted and gasped, looking pleased, his face contorted with effort, save for the small area where he was paralysed. He thrust his hips upward just as Berry Punch was jamming Derpy downward, and something gave way.

Bucky had his first orgasm and it blew his mind. He lay there, now limp, violent spasms forcibly injecting semen deep into Derpy, who was still grinding away on top of him. She let out another yelp as she orgasmed again, and let out breathless panting cries as she felt her body wrack and shudder, while Bucky lay below her, feeling the mare clech violently around his cock.

Derpy’s whole body was hard as she went into the final throes of her second orgasm, and she collapsed backwards into Berry Punch, panting and mewling with pleasure.

Berry gently eased Derpy down on to her side, and Bucky slipped free from Derpy’s clenching marehood with a sloppy wet pop. Derpy lay down, trying to catch her breath, feeling light headed.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Berry Punch confided. She leaned down and gave Bucky’s half hard cock a lick, slurping up a bit of semen that was dribbling down the shaft. Bucky twitched at her touch. Seeing him twitch, Berry gave another lick with her curious tongue.

“Oh, too sensitive…” Bucky warned.

Berry licked the tip, her tongue circling the opening for a moment, causing Bucky to squirt forth a final small spurt, which nearly went up Berry Punch’s nose. She licked her lips and gave a happy grunt. She crawled over Bucky and threw herself on top of Derpy, kissing the grey pegasus wildly, wiggling her rump around and trying to give Bucky a good show.

Spreading her legs, Berry began to grind her filly bits against Derpy’s exposed and winking clitoris, making the grey mare whimper and beg for another release.

And Bucky had a great view of what was going on back there from his vantage point. He could hear the wet slick sounds of the two marehoods being rubbed together, and he felt his partially erect cock starting to throb again.

Berry was growing more and more bold, grinding violently against Derpy, and Bucky recalled a word he had once read.


Bucky felt a powerful need to penetrate something when he saw Derpy’s oversized clitoris vanish inside of Berry Punch’s damp wine coloured folds.


Berry had just sucked it right inside and was now squeezing Derpy between her lips, grinding her hips to create friction.

Bucky nearly blew his second load right then and there.

Derpy, unable to take any more stimulation, tossed Berry Punch off of her, and then rolled away, shuddering and seizing, clenching and contorting, her body lost in another full body orgasm.

Berry, determined to not let her prize get away, went after the mare, intent to drive her over the edge once more, but something grabbed her hind leg and hauled her back across the bed on her belly.

Bucky was on her back a moment later, one foreleg wrapped around her barrel, the other hooked over her chest. Berry wiggled her tail aside, and seconds after doing so, felt something pressing against her entrance.

“I’m a tough mare, but but careful, I’ve never taken anything so wide,” Berry cautioned, arching her back and thrusting her hips upwards.

Bucky gave a gentle thrust and Berry hissed in pain.

“Oh THAT STINGS!” Berry cried, feeling herself already stretched out to the point of pain from just the tip. Bucky pulled out. “I dinnae say to stop ye numpty!” Berry said, slipping into her lilt.

Bucky tried again, gently inserting the tip and then giving a bit of a push. It felt so tight. So warm. There was so much friction.

Berry shot out from beneath him with a cry of painful alarm, scooting over the bed, and falling over the edge, rubbing her backside as she escaped.

“I am so sorry, what happened?” Bucky cried, now frozen in terror.

“Wrong… hole…” Berry grunted in pain. “You son of a bitch, you gave me a fudge turnover from behind!”

“UGH! I am a bad husband, I am so sorry, I won’t tou-”

Bucky’s apology was cut off when Berry tackled him violently and kissed him. Derpy watched the two ponies going at it. She wasn’t sure if this was love or not, but it was…hawt.

Berry was in control now, pinning Bucky down and kissing him, grinding her mareflesh against Bucky’s cock for more lubrication.

The tables turned suddenly when Berry was lifted high into the air and then slammed down on the bed. Bucky crawled over her belly and dropped himself down on top of her, one foreleg around her barrel, another wrapping around behind her neck and pulling her close.

Derpy felt incredibly aroused again.

“Pin her down,” Derpy shouted.

Bucky had done exactly that, using his magic and his body to keep Berry still, but also making sure to do nothing that would actually hurt her. He still felt pretty bad about invading her brownie bakery  and made sure not to make the same mistake twice.

“Sit back on your haunches Bucky, and line yourself up,” Derpy suggested.

Bucky sat back, Berry still pinned in place with magic. She was licking her lips now, and lust burned in her eyes. She looked at Derpy with a touch of fear and anticipation.

“Ease it in slowly, she’s never had a foal, so she is going to be tight,” Derpy said, worried about her herd mate.

Bucky poked in the tip, which caused Berry to squirm.

“Now slowly, just a tiny bit at a time,” Derpy instructed.

Bucky did as he was told.

Berry writhed as inch after stinging inch slowly stretched her out. She moaned and kicked her hind legs out as wide as possible.

Derpy straddled Berry’s barrel, and then slid herself backwards a bit, lifting her tail and presenting herself to Berry, who was trapped beneath her. She was facing Bucky, and she leaned forward to kiss him.

Bucky almost went off, the feeling of slow penetration and now the sound of Berry Punch’s furious wet sloppy lapping filling his ears. Derpy gave a moan and a grunt, grinding and shifting her hips as Berry Punch worked over her already oversensitive marehood. She leaned into her kiss with Bucky and wrapped her forelegs around him.

Derpy began to feel Berry Punch rocking back and forth beneath her, as Bucky continued to penetrate the overly tight snatch of Berry Punch. Derpy broke away from her kiss with Bucky and looked down, seeing Bucky half in Berry Punch’s now swollen and red lips, which were stretched out tightly around Bucky’s wonderful girth. Derpy could feel Berry’s moans and whimpers travel through her probing tongue as it circled Derpy’s flexing outer lips and occasionally lapped over Derpy’s nubbin, causing Derpy to shudder.

“Now,” Derpy said breathlessly, “just push the rest of it in in one slow go. Don’t stop unless I tell you.”

Bucky leaned into it and gave it all he had, finally pushing his ring in, and then slowly easing in his remaining inches, causing Berry Punch to kick and whimper, but she never cried stop.

Finally, Bucky was hilted, balls deep, and he could feel Berry’s abused and flamingly hot pucker against his scrotum.

Derpy pulled away from Bucky, scooted her hips back a bit more, and then lowered herself down to Berry’s tightly stretched marehood. She gave an experimental lick to Berry’s exposed clitoris, with caused Berry to squeal. She licked again, causing another squeal. Finally, she pulled Berry’s button inside of her mouth and began to suckle as Bucky pulled out to his ring and then carefully slid back in.

Berry Punch let out a few muffled screams of pleasure and returned the favour, sucking on Derpy’s oversized jelly bean.

Bucky, feeling a bit more confident, pulled out again to his ring and then jammed his way in rapidly, causing Berry to wrap her hind legs around his middle and squeeze him violently. He could feel contractions deep inside of her. He pulled out and then rammed his way inside again, working up to a rhythm.

With Bucky’s each thrust, Berry lashed her tongue against Derpy’s nubbin, which made Derpy squeeze Berry’s cork between her lips with a shivery pleasurable sensation for both mares.

Bucky was watching the two mares perform sloppy oral sex on one another while he banged away. He wrapped his forelegs around Berry’s hips and began to thrust harder, which made Berry cry out with each thrust.

“Don’t stop!” Berry begged, tilting her head back for a moment to speak and catch her breath. She latched back on to Derpy’s button and began to suckle wildly, as she felt her orgasm approach.

Bucky angled his hips and now, his tip pressed along the soft spongy tissues of Berry’s g-spot. Bucky had no idea what he was doing, but he knew it felt good pressing his tip into the hot inviting flesh.

When Berry finally orgasmed, Derpy seized down on her cork and gave her a strong suckle, overwhelming poor Berry Punch who began to bleat like a sheep.







Finally, Bucky couldn’t take it anymore and rammed it in as deep as he could, coming explosively as he sank himself in balls deep into the plum coloured mare.

Hearing her mates in the throes of orgasms sent Derpy over the edge, and a hot sticky flood of fluid spurted from her nethers, soaking Berry Punch’s face.

After a few more thrusts, grunts, and licks, the three ponies finally collapsed into an exhausted pile.

“I am only catching my breath, I ain’t done,” Derpy panted.

“I can’t believe Bucky tapped my bung,” Berry gasped, her entire backside on fire.

“I can’t believe I just had a threesome,” Bucky said. “I love you both more than words can possibly express right now.”



“Does anypony feel left out?” Bucky asked, laying on his back, panting somewhat.

“I’m good,” Derpy groaned.

“My bunghole is sore,” Berry complained.

The three ponies lay sprawled out in the destroyed bed. The sheets were damp with… something All three of them were soaked with sweat and who knows what else. The room stank of hot sweaty pony sex, oversexed mares, and spunk. Lots of spunk.

“That smell, it is driving me crazy,” Bucky said, feeling himself already beginning to harden. He rolled over on his back and there was a disgusting wet “splorch” sound as he rolled into a puddle comprised of questionable liquids.

“I cannae take another shaggin',” Berry said, admitting defeat.

“I can take another go, but I might get a little screamy, I am really sensitive,” Derpy said, reaching down and absentmindedly scratching at a sex-goo encrusted teat. “We’ve been going at it for hours now, I wonder if we can make it till dawn.”

“I don’t know, but I can’t stop getting hard. I think Cadance did something. I felt odd magic,” Bucky moaned.

“I want you to take me like a mare,” Derpy said, rolling over on her belly and wiggling her hips. “But I don’t think I could stand up right now if my life depended on it.”

“That is one position you and I haven’t tried,” Bucky replied, getting an eyeful of winking pink from Berry Punch who was laying with her legs spread and fanning her filly bits with a hoof.

“I feel like somepony crammed a beer keg up me arse,” Berry grumbled.

“It’s bigger than some ponies’ legs,” Derpy giggled, waving her spunk encrusted tail invitingly at Bucky, who was struggling to roll over.

Bucky finally rolled over. He then crawled over the bed, his throbbing drooling cock snagging the sheets somewhat as he pulled himself along. He paused along his journey to stick his snoot into Derpy’s slick, swollen folds and give her a loving lick. He wasn’t sure what he was tasting, nor did he care. The smell caused his brain to fuzz over and his vision went blurry. He licked again, then again, and, feeling a little brave and adventurous after watching Berry Punch try it, he pressed his tongue against Derpy’s slippery pucker and gave a very enthusiastic lick.

Derpy cried out, moaning loudly as Bucky’s tongue actually slipped inside of her for a moment, the sensation of his rough and bumpy tongue slipping in between the wet and satiny wrinkles of her pucker. She cried out again, grabbing a pillow and hugging it in her forelegs as the tongue circled and then penetrated once more. Another exploratory lick caused Derpy to heave a shuddering cry and clench up tightly around Bucky’s tongue, actually trapping him in place for a moment.

“Oh that feels so good,” Derpy whined as she panted, her tongue lolling out.

Derpy shivered as she felt Bucky climbing up on her back, sliding into place, his pelt rubbing up against hers as he maneuvered his way into a good position. She raised her wings and rubbed them along Bucky’s ribs, making herself shudder yet again.

“No,” Derpy murmured, feeling the tip of a wide cock penetrating her. “Not there, try the other one, I think I can take it,” Derpy invited.

“Have you lost your mind?” Berry asked.

“But the tongue felt so good. It is like scratching an itch. Everything is so crusty back there,” Derpy replied. She wiggled and rocked her hips, feeling Bucky’s spunk dispenser rub over her pucker.

“Just be careful,” Berry warned.

“I am not sure about this,” Bucky said, feeling worried.

“Just go slow, I really want this… I like taking long poops with lots of straining, it feels good,” Derpy confessed.

“Ugh,” Berry grunted.

“Well then,” Bucky quipped.

Derpy felt Bucky’s snoot press into the back of her neck, his hot breath blowing through her mane. He hooked one foreleg over wing joint, and positioned himself for attempting penetration. He wrapped his other foreleg around her chest and then begin to slide forward on her back, pressing and applying pressure against her pucker.

Derpy mewled with painful pleasure, throwing her head back a bit, her mouth opened wide. She kicked her hind legs out wide, and rolled her hips a bit, increasing the pressure on her well moistened anus.

Berry began to crawl around on the bed, moving slowly, until she reached Derpy’s front end. She pulled away the pillow and situated her backside near Derpy’s chest. She kicked out her hind legs and splayed them out on either side of Derpy.

Derpy, seeing Berry’s glistening lips presented, reached down and gave them a loving slow lick. First one, then another, and then another.

As Derpy was licking, Bucky applied enough pressure to achieve penetration, which caused Derpy to push forward and go muzzle deep into Berry Punch, causing Berry to moan loudly, while Derpy’s moans were muffled inside of Berry’s now wrecked snatch.

Bucky halted all progress after gaining the initial inch or so he needed for entry.

Derpy lifted her head high and took several deep breaths, her eyes closed, her nostrils flaring. She focused on relaxing, and, after several moments of concentration, was able to relax enough for Bucky to ease in a little more.

Derpy heaved a shuddering gasp and then plunged her muzzle back into Berry Punch, licking everything but Berry’s cork. Berry was far too sensitive for her nubbin to be directly stimulated anymore. Berry whimpered and made tiny feminine wails as the pegasus went to work.

Bucky pulled out slightly, and then pushed in, feeling the tight wrinkled flesh of Derpy’s pucker strangling his shaft. With each careful thrust he forced Derpy’s muzzle into Berry’s abused folds, Derpy’s hot breath and lips sending a storm of stimulation though the plum coloured mare’s most hidden places. Bucky held to a slow and steady pace. The frantic pounding from earlier had given away to fatigued and lazy prodding.

“Hunf, hunf, hunf, it is like pinching off the most satisfying loaf ever,” Derpy grunted, raising her head to catch her breath. Licking her lips noisily, she went back to work on giving Berry Punch a case of the shivers.

Bucky enjoyed the new sensation of a different part of Derpy wrapped around him. It was slick enough to slide, but still gripped him tightly, offering a unique feeling of tension of friction. He dared not go in more than a few inches, and he couldn’t even slide in as far as his ring… he was simply too wide at that point. While he wanted nothing more to hilt himself in the delightfully grippy entrance, the thought of actually hurting Derpy caused him to banish those urges from his mind. He continued with his slow gentle pace, never thrusting more than the first few inches in.

Berry Punch began to make fervent bleating noises now, rapidly approaching another orgasm. She reached down and began to stroke Derpy’s ears with her fetlocks.

Derpy could feel the folds of her marehood tugging over her protruding nubbin, each one of Bucky’s careful thrusts pulling and stretching her pucker upwards towards her dock and causing her velvet recesses to slide back and forth over her winking button. The sensation was causing her to build up to a slow crescendo of an orgasm, she could feel it coming, slowly and steadily, and she was afraid of it.

Bucky actually slowed down his pace slightly, realising he was in no big hurry. He was tired, his joints ached, and he could feel a yawn building. Ever so carefully, he slowly pushed in an extra inch or so, increasing the stretching of Derpy’s pucker.

The increased stretching stung a bit, but made Derpy’s silky soaked folds flap and slap against her clit, the sudden change of sensation pushing her over the edge. She buried her muzzle into Berry Punch and screamed a muffled scream, her hindlegs kicking a bit, which caused her hips to roll.

Her rolling hips caused Bucky to slide in further, and, the moment he felt Derpy’s stranglehold around his ring, he suffered his most violent orgasm of the night.

It was downright painful, and load after load of cock-snot went rocketing up the screaming pegasus’ poop-chute. Bucky felt like his balls were on fire. He tried to pull out, to pull free of the pegasus’ plot, but he found he could not. She had a vice like grip on his pecker, squeezing him, and holding him in place as she drifted through her own powerful orgasm.

Berry Punch, feeling Derpy muzzle deep inside of her, each one of Bucky’s thrusts pushing Derpy’s snoot right into her pelvic wall, was finally violently thrown into  wracking orgasm. She snatched up a pillow and screamed a sheep like bleating howl into it as Derpy continued to scream into her, and Bucky finished off his final few thrusts.

Finally, the pegasus relaxed enough to let go, and Bucky pulled free with the sound of a cork being pulled from a wine bottle. He remained on Derpy’s back, completely collapsed, his head resting on the back of her neck. He could feel a runny gush of liquids spewing from Derpy’s still clenching anus and dribbling down his cock, which was now rapidly becoming flaccid. His hips gave one last involuntarily thrust forward, one more reflexive hump, and his flaring still spurting tip rammed into Derpy’s exposed clitoris, causing the mare’s body to tense up yet again and have another mind blowing orgasm that made many of her joints pop audibly from the force of her muscle spasms.

Derpy’s reflexive reaction caused her to lift her head sharply, which made her lips brush directly over Berry’s purple-pink pebble, which made Berry once again shriek into her pillow, sounding like lambs being devoured by some horrible gobbling monster.

After taking a moment to scream and recover, Berry scrambled away, still in the throes of another orgasm, her own hips giving a few involuntary humps at the air.

Derpy crawled out from under Bucky, found her own spot on the now spunk drenched bed, and rolled over onto her back,  relishing the feeling of the cool air over her inflamed filly bits and well pounded and puffy pucker.

Bucky lay where he fell, rolling over onto his side but not having the strength to do anything else. His cock was on fire from the friction and the exquisite tightness of the pegasus’ plot pucker.

Berry Punch let out a soft shuddering orgasmic snore as she drifted off, the side of her face resting in a puddle of unknown sticky liquid. Her barrel rose and fell, her legs all out at odd angles.

Derpy reached down and pulled herself apart gently, letting some much needed cool air inside of her flaming filly bits, her breathing ragged and heavy. She heard a snoring snort from Bucky and smiled even as she panted.

The pegasus mare was finally happy, her dry spell was over. She blew one trumpeting blast from her queef canyon and then began to drift off to sleep, a fine coating of sexual fluids forming a shell over her wings that was going to be difficult to clean later.



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