The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


457. 457

“I’m worried about Bucky,” Derpy remarked as she settled down into the soft confines of the couch with Harper beside her. The pegasus mare turned her head back and gently snoot-bumped the foal, which made Harper giggle.

“He took the news rather well,” Berry responded as she cuddled Cadance and gave the drooling foal a rather soggy muzzle to muzzle nuzzle. “Foal slobber keeps your skin so soft… yes it does,” the earth pony mare insisted in foal talk.

“That’s why I’m worried,” Derpy said as she turned to look at Berry. “He took it too well. No anger, no emotion, no nothing. He just shrugged and then acted like nothing happened.”

“Now that you mention it, that is worrisome,” Berry Punch agreed as Cadance bit down upon her ear and began to chew. “I wonder how Thistle is.”

“Comfortable,” Derpy stated. The grey mare looked at her wing and noticed a feather was sticking out at an odd angle, which caused her to raise her eyebrow. “She wants to stay in the lake for a while. We should let her. We can go out and visit her. She’s been in so much pain.”

“All she does is lay on the bed… poor thing,” Berry murmured as she pulled her ear free from Cadance’s slobbery maw. She watched as Cadance’s lips began to quiver after she had been denied an ear to chew on and tried to hold back a smile.

Berry Punch failed.

“Kelpie,” Harper blurted out in a chirpy voice.

“Yes, we were talking about Thistle,” Derpy acknowledged after she gave Harper a smooch on the cheek.

“Where kelpie?” Harper questioned.

“In the lake,” Derpy replied as she shot a glance at Berry Punch.

“Lake?” Harper inquired as the foal became very serious looking, at least as serious looking as a foal with a poofy orange mane could look.

“Like a big bathtub,” Berry Punch explained.

“Blub blub tub?” Harper asked in a very studious and serious voice.

Nodding her head, Derpy gave Harper a praising smile. “Blub blub tub.”

“Oh,” Harper responded as a look of concentration appeared upon her face.

The relative quiet of the living room was utterly destroyed by shrill squawking, the flapping of wings, and a griffoness flying through the house. Belisama came soaring through the air, flew through the living room archway, and came in for a bumpy landing on the couch beside Berry Punch. Belisama’s feathers were ruffled, her fur was mussed, and she was clearly panicked.

“I’m sorry!” Bucky’s voice announced from the back of the house.

“What happened?” Berry Punch asked.

Flexing her talons, Belisama curled herself into a small ball and wrapped her wings around herself, hiding her head and ducking down behind Berry Punch.

“I’m really sorry!” Bucky called out again.

“What just happened?” Derpy asked as she closed her bad eye and looked at the miserable ball of fluff and feathers that was Belisama.

“He nibbled me…” Belisama said in a voice muffled by her wings and the couch cushions. The griffoness drew in a deep shuddering breath and curled up even tighter.

“I don’t understand,” Berry Punch said as she turned her head to look at Belisama.

“He was kissing me… and I liked it… and rubbing my tummy… and then I felt him nibble me and I got scared because I could feel his teeth and it was where I could feel his teeth and where he was nibbling me and I was so scared that I wet myself, only I got Bucky too and I’m a terrible mate,” Belisama blurted out from beneath her wings.

It took every ounce of will she had, but Berry Punch kept a straight face and did not burst out laughing. She could feel the corners of her mouth struggling to betray her, she could feel the muscles in her neck wanting to pull her ears back, she could feel every traitorous fibre of her being and somehow, she held them all in check.

“Are you alright Belisama?” Berry Punch asked in a Berry serious voice.

“I don’t think she’s alright… she’s embarrassed and miserable,” Derpy said in a soft sympathetic voice. “Belisama… love, would it help you if Berry Punch and I showed you what Bucky was trying to do?”

The griffoness did not reply.

“I know you have no interest in other females Belisama,” Berry Punch said in a soft low voice. “But it couldn’t hurt you just to watch. We don’t have to touch you… you can just watch so you’ll know what to expect,” the earth pony mare offered.

“I could do that,” Belisama whispered from beneath her wings.

Wishing she could see Belisama’s face to make sure the griffoness was truly okay, Derpy peered at the huddled miserable ball that was Belisama. “Later tonight then… once everything settles down and you’ve calmed down a bit.”

“I was so close to getting over my fear… and then I felt him… down there,” Belisama moaned through her feathers.

“Well, Bucky likes being… being down there,” Berry Punch hesitantly explained.

The sounds of subdued sobbing filled the living room as Belisama’s body shuddered and rocked as she wept. “I’m so sick of living in fear.”

“No harm done, everything is cleaned up, new sheets on the bed, everything is currently in the wash, and everything is fine,” Bucky announced as he came into the living room. He smiled at Cadance, then made a silly face at Harper, looked at Berry, and then smiled at Derpy.

Moving towards an overstuffed chair, Bucky took a seat, settled in, remaining silent, snatched up Belisama in his magic and levitated her over. The griffoness kicked and struggled a bit, resisting Bucky’s embrace, but finally went still and allowed herself to be held. Her head popped out from beneath her wings and she blinked up at Bucky.

“I feel so bad,” Belisama whispered.

“Shush fluffybutt,” Bucky replied as he pulled Belisama a little bit closer. “That was my fault. I moved too quickly and I didn’t communicate as well as I should have. I wasn’t thinking.”

“We’re all going to get together later and give Belisama a little demonstration,” Berry Punch said to Bucky. “Hopefully… we can get you up for it.”

“Ugh, puns and innuendo,” Derpy grumbled as she gave Harper a squeeze.

“I feel safe right now,” Belisama admitted. “Just like this.”

Pressing his snoot into Belisama’s feathers, Bucky sniffled and snuffled around. “Good,” he breathed into the soft flesh just below the griffoness’ ear.




“Yes Loch?”

Looking over at Loch Skimmer, Sparkler gave the charcoal grey pegasus filly a warm smile as she ate her reheated dinner. She would be leaving soon, out on the town for another long night of keeping others safe.

“I feel funny… kinda depressed,” Loch Skimmer admitted as her ears drooped. She pursed her lips and blew her mane out of her glass green eyes.

“Loch?” Sparkler said around a mouthful of roasted garlicky potatoes.

“There is no more dawn brigade. No more crafting the mornings… the birds are all gone and I feel really out of sorts… I don’t know what is wrong with me but I’m not my usual happy go lucky self,” Loch Skimmer confessed as she slumped over the table.

Sparkler shoved in a forkful of glazed carrots and looked at Loch Skimmer, not knowing what to say about what she had just heard. She chewed for a few moments, swallowed, and then stabbed a few potatoes on her plate. Lifting her fork in her magic, she pointed it at Loch Skimmer for a moment.

“Take up a hobby. I know you love your work… and for you, the dawn brigade really was ideal work… given your cutie mark being what it is and all… you’re a very lucky pony to have a job so specific to your talents and that accentuated your purpose,” Sparkler said as she reversed her fork. She crammed the potatoes into the mouth and began to chew noisily, smacking her lips and making faint ‘nom nom nom’ sounds as she scarfed down her food.

“All of my hobbies are work related… if I am not in school, I am either making the dawn happen or working at the hospital and waiting for a emergency call… which there hasn’t been too many of lately. My hours have been cut,” Loch Skimmer replied as she stared off at a shelf full of knick knacks and photographs in little frames. “I want to feel like I did in Baltimare… I felt so alive… life made sense. At the end of the day, my wing joints ached but I felt good about everything I had done.”

Leaning her head down to her plate, Sparkler slurped up her pile of buttery corn, sucking it all down in one go, swallowing, and barely chewing any of it. She licked her lips and looked at Loch. “Come with me on patrol tonight Loch Skimmer… I can deputise you and you can get a your daily dose of purpose dealing with Ponyville’s nightlife.”

“Sparky, I’m not a brawler… the idea of actually hurting something makes me feel queasy,” Loch Skimmer responded as she watched a yellow-white kernel of corn slip from Sparkler’s snoot. “I know I talk tough sometimes and I know I’m a pegasus, but I don’t want to hurt nopony.”

“Good,” Sparkler answered as she patted her stomach. “Just what I need in an officer. Somepony quiet and gentle, who can patch somepony up if there’s been an incident of some kind. Thunderlane got bonked in the head with a thrown bottle the other night… split him open. Might've been nice to have somepony with us that knew what to do.”

“I have school in the morning Sparky,” Loch Skimmer retorted in a doubt-filled voice.

“So? I’ll let you off at midnight… Father is going to start offering late afternoon secondary school classes just for me and Rising Star and others who might be busy in the mornings. He’s lining up the teachers for it now. I’m actually itching to be back in school if I can cram it into my schedule,” Sparkler said as she wiped her muzzle with her foreleg.

“Keep me safe from harm?” Loch Skimmer asked as she gave Sparkler a raised eyebrow and a crinkled muzzle.

“Promise,” Sparkler replied. “If trouble happens, just get airborne and I’ll let them wear themselves out on me.”

“Sometimes I feel that you are more of a pegasus than I am,” Loch Skimmer admitted with a soft chuckle.

“Sometimes I just want to feel a pegasus,” Sparkler responded as she waggled her ears at Loch Skimmer.



Pacing back and forth, Ripple looked at her Raptors, smiling with pride. Her breath was visible in the chilly night air. The sun had just gone down but the moon had not yet risen. The pegasus filly’s wings were flared out in a display of dominance.

“Raptors, something is rotten in the ruins of Fillydelphia,” Ripple announced as she paced. She paused mid step, craned her head, made her neck pop, and then resumed pacing. “Lugus has received a dispatch that a mated pair of wyverns have taken up residence in the ruined half of the city, and are preying upon the populated half of the city.”

“Oh sod it,” Branwen swore. The small albino griffoness peered up at Ripple. “A mated pair are going to be extra protective of their nest.”

Flench, who was busy sharpening a hook sword, looked over at Branwen. “I’ll protect you if you’ll let me tug your tail,” he offered.

Fluffing up to three times her normal size, Branwen opened her beak and hissed at Flench. She raised her wing and extended one central primary at the pudgy male griffon. “And who will protect you?”

“Ooh snugglekins, don’t be like that,” Flench begged as his crest dropped down.

“Listen up you little hairballs… we’re leaving for Fillydelphia in the morning. We’re going to be going with Lugus… and we’re going to deal with the wyverns. Lugus will be along in an advisory position… if Lugus has to step in to save us… I’m going to kill the lot of you with long distance flight training… under a full load!” Ripple said in a commanding voice.

“I like the way that sucks,” Loki muttered.

“SHUT UP LOKI!” Angus snapped. “Just because you like being miserable doesn’t mean the rest of us do you incomprehensible halfwit!”

“Piss off porcupine puss!” Loki retorted.

“We’re going under full combat load. Crossbows. Swords. Slings. Princess Luna wants those wyverns dead. They’re pony eaters with a confirmed taste for delicious pony flesh,” Ripple barked as she paced in front of her group. “What do we do with pony eaters?”

“We flay the filthy flesh right off of their bones?” Freyja replied in a hissy whisper that reeked of feline evil.

“I love when she talks like that,” Callum remarked as he looked over at the griffoness. Reaching out, he gave her tail a tug.

Looking over at Callum, Freyja grabbed the smaller male and pulled him closer. “Later,” she promised in a predatory voice.

“Tomorrow, we fly to Fillydelphia. I want all of you rested and ready to go by dawn. We have ponies to save! Raptors… let’s leave a good impression!” Ripple shouted.



“Yew Wood and Bittersweet are looking after the wee ones… so we have plenty of time for ourselves,” Berry Punch said in a low seductive growl to her companions as they entered the bedroom together, Berry entering the door first and the others following after her.

“Fresh sheets,” Derpy announced as she sniffed. “I love the smell of clean laundry.”

“When is that cast coming off?” Bucky asked as he entered the room with Belisama riding on his back and clutching his mane. “Soon I hope.”

“She has an appointment the day before Nightmare Night,” Berry remarked as she flopped down upon the bed and bounced.

A moment later, Derpy threw herself into the bed beside Berry Punch and then gave the earth pony mare an affectionate nuzzle. Feeling the need to look desirable, Derpy began to preen herself, pulling her long primaries through her lips and smoothing them out carefully, leaving them glossy and shiny after a few passes.

As Derpy lay there preening, Bucky carefully eased himself into the bed, mindful not to dislodge Belisama from his back. He sprawled out on his belly and kicked his hind legs out behind him as he folded his front legs in front of him.

“It is strange to think about how griffons are denied the pleasures of oral sex… no lips. The closest they can come to any kind of action in that neighborhood is preening one another. Yew Wood and I talk about it a lot,” Berry Punch said in conversational tones. “No blow jobs… no radish hunting. No invading the root cellar and hoping to find a treat. Nothing.”

Looking over at Derpy, Berry Punch pulled her lips back and licked her teeth.

“I like it when Bucky preens me when he’s in griffon form,” Belisama admitted. She paused for a moment, looked at Derpy, flexed her talons nervously, and then clicked her beak together. “It was nice when Derpy preened me. It is good to know I am accepted into the pride.”

Lifting her head, a thin train of slobber hung from Derpy’s mouth. “Of course you’re one of us… pride, herd, whatever you want to call it. You belong with us.”

“Thank you,” Belisama said politely.

Reaching out with a hoof, Berry Punch carefully wiped away the string of drool and then flung it carelessly away. “Pegasi,” she muttered.

“Sentinel is worse,” Derpy replied in a low hushed voice.

Reaching out with his right front hoof, Bucky prodded Derpy right in the bubbles. “Hey, you leave him alone,” he said teasingly. “So… who is dining on who tonight? Cause I’m totally in the mood to watch a little mare on mare action right about now.”

Sighing, Berry Punch cast a longing lustful look at Derpy. “Tonight I dine on pegasus flesh… Bucky, does pegasus actually taste like chicken?”

Blinking once, then twice, and then looking Berry directly in the eye, Bucky shook his head. “No. Not really. Not sure I like chicken.” Bucky paused and then looked around at Belisama with a mischievous gleam in his eye. “I could get a taste for griffoness though.”

Her crest rising, all of Belisama’s feathers fluffed out at once, causing the griffoness’ appearance to double in size. Her beak opened and she began to pant slightly, her tongue visible. “It feels warm in here,” she remarked, her voice coming from deep within her throat.

Feeling aggressive, Berry Punch shoved Derpy over and then crawled up between Derpy’s legs to have herself a good look of the spread eagled pegasus. “You dirty little mare… you’ve been preening your wings to get yourself off,” Berry Punch said as she looked down at Derpy, who was already a little damp. Pulling a hind leg up, Berry Punch delivered a playful swat to the rounded curve of Derpy’s perfectly pleasant perky plush protruding plump plentiful posteriour, paddling perversely, provocatively provoking, poking, plus, playfully pucker prodding the passive pregnant prone panting perpetually perverted pegasus.

Sucking in her lower lip, Derpy hissed as Berry Punch began to work her over.

“You know, it can be scary to feel somebody touching you down here… with their teeth… in a place they could bite you and make you hurt. Especially if you are already afraid of sexual contact to begin with. And maybe come from a culture where this kind of thing just doesn’t exist,” Berry Punch said as she pressed a hoof into Derpy’s now winking snatch, twisted, pushed, and kneaded.

“Hmmmmm,” Derpy moaned as she went limp on the bed and closed her eyes.

“See? Trust. She trusts me enough to close her eyes and allowing me to do as I please,” Berry Punch explained as she pulled her hoof away and settled down upon her belly, her muzzle now scant inches away from Derpy’s now sodden cleft.

Puckering up her lips, Berry Punch blew lightly over the crinkled parted flesh, which caused Derpy’s wings to spring out from her sides a bit. The quivering mound inches away from Berry’s lips swelled slightly, causing it to open invitingly.

When Derpy’s winking clitoris presented itself for a moment, Berry’s tongue whipped out with lightning speed and gave it a quick lick, teasing the tip over Derpy’s generously sized nubbin.

“Derpy once told me that Berry’s tongue can go so deep that you can feel it tickling in the back of your throat,” Bucky whispered to Belisama, causing the griffoness to titter.

Berry Punch’s tongue snaked out, twisted sideways, and the tip of it ran along the left protruding lip of Derpy’s blue-grey glistening gash. With a flick of her tongue, she licked again, applying enough friction to tug at the left lip, separating it from the right, and revealing the dark purple-blue-grey flesh within.

Mewling, letting out little pleading whimpers, Derpy flailed around on the bed as Berry Punch alternated between teasing the left side, then the right side, with the occasional penetrative lick right up the middle, leaving the tip of her tongue lingering over Derpy’s winking spastic clitoral mound.

Reaching up, Derpy stuffed a hoof into her mouth and bit down on it as she let out a long low lazy lusty moan. Reaching down with her other hoof, she tried to reach between her legs, but Berry Punch gently pushed Derpy’s hoof away, so Derpy rubbed her own belly instead, which was now clearly showing her pregnancy.

“We’ve all gotten a lot better at this,” Bucky whispered into Belisama’s ear. “When we started out, Derpy and I were pretty clumsy, Berry was the one with experience. Now, my tongue play is almost as good as Berry’s… but she has a longer tongue.”

Lifting up her head from between Derpy’s legs, Berry Punch licked her lips and cleared her throat. “Not to mention, I can actually tie my own tongue in a knot,” Berry bragged.

To demonstrate, Berry Punch waggled her tongue out, allowing it to spill out full length, formed a loop, and then in an amazing display of dexterity, slipped the tip of her tongue through the loop, forming a loose knot. Grinning, Berry Punch pushed the knot into Derpy’s now slurping snatch, which devoured Berry Punch’s tongue and with powerful suction, pulled it inside.

With a lewd wink, Berry Punch rapidly rammed her tongue knot in and out of Derpy’s masticating minge, which appeared to be chewing on Berry’s outrageous organ. She went deep, held it, pulled it out oh so slowly, almost bringing it to the surface, causing the blue grey labia to stretch and change shape, before forcibly plunging back down into Derpy’s delicious delightful dew-filled depths.

With a wet pop, Berry Punch pulled free of Derpy’s snatch, unfurled her tongue, and waggled it around a bit. “Thungue crampth,” she mumbled.

Leaning over to whisper into Belisama’s ear, Bucky allowed his lips to brush up against and tickle the griffoness. “You might not believe this, but Berry Punch lifts weights with her tongue… she can wrap it around a shotglass, pick up said shotglass, and then pour the drink down her throat. I’ve seen her do it.”

“She… can lick… the bottom… of a beer… bottle,” Derpy panted breathlessly as her eyes crossed, uncrossed, drifted apart, looked straight ahead, and then finally closed as a blissful expression overtook her face.

Sensing Derpy’s weakness, Berry Punch sprang, pounced, diving muzzle first into Derpy’s bitch ditch and using her nasal bridge to apply simulation to Derpy’s clitoris as she plunged down and licked as deep as her tongue would allow.

“Flibbertigibbets!” Derpy shouted as her eyes sprang open and bulged out.

“The mother of all ‘f’ based expletives,” Bucky gasped as he pulled his head back.

Clamping her fetlock over her mouth, Derpy giggled and then let out a low longing moan.

Pushing herself in a little deeper, and ignoring her need for air, Berry Punch allowed her tongue to slither over every slick inch of Derpy’s foal hole, wet squelching noises filled the room, and the pegasus began to grunt as Berry Punch pushed her over the edge.

Pulling out with a loud raspy gasp, her muzzle dripping with snatch snot, Berry Punch sucked some air in and then resumed licking as she huffed through her nose, her tongue wetly slapping against Derpy’s clitoral mound, catching the flesh with friction from the rough bumpy surface, pulling and tugging as Berry Punch lapped aggressively at Derpy’s well watered plot furrow.

Her eyes squeezed shut, Derpy could see colours dancing on the inside of her eyelids. Reds, blues, yellows, spots of colour darted about, a cinema of visual bliss. She could feel the static building in her wings as they fluttered against the blankets. She could feel her frogs as they began to sweat. Her dock muscles spasmed as her body’s muscles began to contract and tense rapidly. Each time Berry’s tongue touched her, Derpy felt her whole body jerk from the electric ecstasy of Berry’s teasing ministrations. Her breath was so hot that it felt as though it was searing her nostrils.

Inhaling deeply, Derpy herd ringing in her ears as her whole body clenched up and went stiff, all four legs kicking slightly as she felt her own winking marehood squeeze upon a cock that wasn’t even there, trying to draw it in, trying to draw in seed that would never come, at least not from this orgasm. She let out a phlegmy gurgle, her tongue went dry, and a lightheaded feeling overtook her.

“See?” Bucky whispered to Belisama, knowing that his lips were tickling the griffoness’ neck as they brushed up against her feathers. “This is why lips and a tongue are awesome.”

“Whew!” Derpy gasped as she rolled over and pulled away from Berry Punch, closing her legs, and wiping away sweat from her nasal bridge.

Flopping over, Berry Punch lay there on the blanket and grinned a self satisfied and rather smug looking grin. The earth pony licked her lips and sighed. “Well, that was a job well done.”

“I feel warm,” Belisama confessed in a low whispery voice that came from deep within her throat. “Right now I feel as though I have too much fur.”

“Yep, I’m that awesome,” Berry Punch agreed in a voice that radiated smug satisfaction.

“Berry, you and I are going to go finish this up in the shower… as soon as I can walk that is. Belisama and Bucky need some time alone together,” Derpy said in a somewhat breathless voice as she lay on the bed on her side, her eyes closed, drawing in deep breaths.

“Have fun you two… if you need us Belisama, give a squawk,” Berry said as she rolled over and looked at Belisama. The earth pony drew in a deep breath, held it for a moment, and then let it out slowly.

Reaching out with his magic, Bucky gently grasped Belisama’s tail and gave it a soft yank as he turned his head so he could see Belisama’s reaction. The griffoness fell over, went limp for a moment, and then rolled over and presented her fuzzy tummy.

“She’s adorable like that,” Derpy whispered in an almost drowsy sounding voice.

“We should get going,” Berry Punch suggested in a low seductive growl. “I know a dirty dirty mare that needs a shower and a spanking.”



Running his nose along Belisama’s throat and working his way slowly downwards, Bucky sniffed, snuffled, and occasionally planted little kisses along the tender and exposed vulnerable areas on Belisama’s body.

Reaching out with her left talons, Belisama grabbed Bucky’s right ear and gave it a tug, making an odd sound in the base of her throat as she did so. She made a cooing sound, almost like a dove, and then she closed her eyes. “You have these silly looking ears… I love them.”

Pausing just above Belisama’s breastbone, Bucky lay there, frozen in place, with Belisama tugging on one ear. “My ears are silly eh?”

“I agree with Lugus… they are. Such a vulnerability. Something dangling off of the side of your head where something could grab it,” Belisama responded as she opened her eyes and gave another tug. “They’re so soft… silky… and your ears with those tufts… it feels like griffon cub down.”

“Would you like to have a couple of little cubs?” Bucky asked in a low soft whisper, his words being breathed into the place on Belisama where fur and feathers mingled together.

“I want to tell you yes, but hippogriffs are very rare,” Belisama said in a sad sounding voice. “Lugus and Yew are both quite frustrated… they want offspring.”

“I know,” Bucky responded, his words causing Belisama’s feathers to ruffle, which made Belisama quiver beneath him. “I want my flesh and your flesh to be knit together… I want a little piece of me to live on with a little piece of you… and I hope that our young gets the very best from both of us.” When he was done speaking, Bucky resumed slowly working his way downward, mindful of Belisama’s talons clutching his ear.

Feeling Bucky’s snoot now past her ribs, Belisama tensed, her muscles going taut as she realised a maw full of terrible teeth was now lingering over an area of flesh that had no protection. Without meaning to, she squeezed down tighter on Bucky’s ear, her foreleg jerking slightly, and she felt Bucky freeze.

Realising that he had stopped because of the panicked ear tug, Belisama gave another tiny tug and a gentle squeeze to silently communicate that she was okay. Reaching out with her other talons, Belisama placed them upon the good side of Bucky’s face, on his cheek, and stroked it softly, feeling the thick silken hairs on the pads of her talon fingers. She felt his lips upon her belly, and could feel the hard points of fangs behind those lips, softly pressing through Bucky’s flesh and the hardness pushed into her own.

Realising that she was in control, Belisama pulled upwards on Bucky’s ear, and she felt his lips trailing over her breastbone once more, leaving behind little kisses, and the feeling of his hot breath once more ruffled her feathers.

Knowing this, Belisama began to push Bucky downwards slowly, her right talons sliding up along his face and grabbing his left ear. Looking up, she could see his horn directly above her. She had touched it a number of times now, and knew it was nothing to be afraid of, other than the fact that it was cold. Feeling Bucky’s lips now kissing just below her navel, Belisama shuddered, which made her beak clack together several times in succession.

Letting out a faint hiss, Belisama could feel the long hairs on Bucky’s pelt tugging slightly upon the cast around her rear leg, and then she felt his breath on flesh that was already too warm for comfort. Squeezing his ears, she could feel him sniffing, could feel his searing moist breath upon folds of flesh that were already ablaze. She felt her hind toes curl and her tail wanted to pull up to cover her belly as fear slowly crept through her.

And then, Belisama felt two lips press into her own.

With fearful reflex, Belisama tugged upwards, pulling Bucky’s head towards her navel once more as she panted from fear. She looked down, twisting her head around, and saw Bucky’s eye looking up at her, a patient looking expression upon his face as one eyebrow slowly raised expectantly.

Her toes tensing and flexing, Belisama pushed Bucky downwards once more.

Inhaling sharply, Belisama felt a curious tongue touch her folds, lingering on the surface, the moist heat settling in, and then a feeling of coolness as it was withdrawn. The sudden cool sensation made her tingle strangely, it made her throat feel tight, and made her vocal cords tense. Then, she felt it again, more pressure this time, a gentle lick followed by the touch of two lips pressed against her own as a slow lingering kiss was planted. She felt Bucky’s head turn sideways, at an angle, so his two lips were more lined up with her two lips, and she felt the curiously damp sensation of his lips gently kneading her still tightly clenched slit.

Bucky’s tongue was rough, bumpy, yet still somehow curiously smooth. Belisama felt it play along her entrance, lingering above the folds, and then she felt the edge of his tongue part her slightly, slipping in, spreading her open ever so slightly, and then brushing across what was found within.

Quite without meaning to, Belisama moaned. Squeezing Bucky’s ears, she pulled his head downward, forcing his muzzle down between her legs, and her whole body quivered as she felt the delightful pressure of his lips locking on and forming a seal with her own.

Mid-lick, Bucky’s tongue stopped and she felt his head pull away slightly.

“Berry was right… you have a filly ribbon… er… griffoness ribbon? I don’t know… it is small and thin… it might hurt a little when it breaks. Please don’t tear my ears off,” Bucky said, offering up a warning.

“Just… take care of me,” Belisama urged in a soft utterance, her beak not moving.

Belisama felt him again, there was the sound of fur rustling up against Bucky’s pelt, a faint wet sucking sound, and then, a feeling of pressure as Bucky’s tongue probed ever deeper. She felt something tugging, something that made all of her muscles in her hindquarters tense and flex, and made her tailhole pucker. Squeezing Bucky’s ears tightly, Belisama felt the pressure build, as though something was pulling on her insides, and then the pressure was released. There was a faint stinging sensation but no real pain, it was like a stinging slap on exposed flesh. She could hear Bucky lapping and part of her mind registered that he was probably tasting her blood right now.

The griffoness shivered and bucked her hips upwards, and she was mindful that she did not sink her claws into Bucky’s tender ear flesh as she squeezed. “This feels good.”

His tongue pressing ever deeper as Belisama’s flesh relaxed, Bucky growled into Belisama’s blossoming folds, causing the griffoness to convulse with giddiness.

It felt like ants crawling over her skin, or flying outside through the freezing rain. Belisama gasped, squawked, and then she hiked her good leg upwards, wrapping it around Bucky’s head, and then sliding it down his neck slowly, grabbing his mane with her toes and giving little tugs as she slipped downwards. The feeling of his long silky pelt trailing over her sensitive footpads was almost too good to believe, it caused her leg to kick and jerk slightly, and she had to be mindful to keep her hind claws carefully retracted and away from Bucky’s skin.

Belisama failed.

One claw caught on Bucky’s flesh, snagged slightly, catching the skin just enough to sting, which caused Bucky’s muzzle to plunge downwards as his body reacted to the soft teasing clawing.

Pulling himself free with a wet smack of his lips, Bucky looked up at Belisama and saw she was looking at down at him. “Kitty has claws!”

Using her hind leg, Belisama drug her footpad over Bucky’s pelt, teasing his flesh with her claws, this time being far more careful and mindful. She felt his muscles flex, twitch, and spasm under her ticklish touch.

Overcome with an emotion that she could not identify, Belisama froze in place, her toes tugging on Bucky’s pelt, her eyes locked on his eye, both of her talons still clinging to his ears. She let go of his ears, allowing them to slip free from her grasp, and she flexed her talons nervously as she folded her forelegs over her girth.

“I love you,” Belisama said in a confessional whisper. “You set me free. You gave me life and a reason to live and be happy… I met you on the worst day of my life and every day has been better since.” Her foot slid down Bucky’s side and then fell to the bed with a soft thump upon the rumpled blankets.

Saying nothing in reply, Bucky ducked his head down and gave the griffoness a slow loving lick, his tongue probing until he found a tiny nubbin of flesh hidden within pink folds. Tiny, smaller than a pea, Bucky could feel it as he continued to explore.

Belisama felt it too. When Bucky’s tongue brushed over her she felt her whole body tingle as though she was flying through a freezing thunderstorm full of sleet and lightning. Grabbing the blanket with her talons, Belisama squeezed as she allowed Bucky to freely explore, finally trusting him, letting go, and allowing the moment to happen.

With each lick, each penetration of his tongue, Belisama felt herself opening up more and more, her flesh was relaxing and allowing for easier entry with each pass. When she felt his tongue move over a spot just below the place where she felt the electric tingle, she felt her whole body come to life.

“More there!” Belisama begged as she unclenched her talons from the bed and then reached down to stroke Bucky’s face with the sides of her talon fingers, her claws angled away from Bucky’s face. She felt Bucky respond with one lick, then another, and then she felt him angle his tongue to drag the much rougher side edge along the spot that felt so good.

Reaching up, Belisama grabbed her beak and gave it a squeeze, not knowing what to do with her talons. Drawing in a deep breath through her nostrils, she tried to let it out slowly as her body began to feel peculiar. It was difficult to breathe and Belisama wondered if she was panicking. There was suddenly an annoying cramp in her side, which she ignored, determined to see this out as she was.

There was a firm push of Bucky’s tongue, followed by a swirling motion around what felt like a second heart to Belisama, and then the griffoness found that she couldn’t breathe at all for a moment. Her whole body seized, her body quaked, and then her girth suddenly heaved as she sucked in one shuddering breath.

Letting out a long feline yowl, Belisama experienced her first orgasm.



Yawning lazily and enjoying the afterglow, Belisama pressed tighter up against Bucky’s side, her tail twitching, and her heavy eyelids staying only half open. She felt Bucky roll over, and she scooted over to remain pressed against him, until something bumping against her backside made her pause.

The griffoness’ half open eyes went wide from surprise.

Reaching out a foreleg, Bucky pulled Belisama close, hugging her to his barrel, her back pressed tightly up against his ribs. The griffoness wriggled, not to get away, but to reposition herself slightly as she understood what was about to happen.

Grabbing ahold of Bucky’s metallic prosthesis, Belisama got a good grip and braced herself as she lifted her tail out of the way, laying up against Bucky’s body, draping it over his side.

“Mounting you would only smoosh you into the bed,” Bucky whispered as he tucked his head downwards closer to Belisama’s head. “But I like spooning… if at any time, you feel uncomfortable, scared, or worried, just pull away and I’ll pull back.”

Wrapping her talons around one of Bucky’s demon steel talon fingers, and then wrapping her other talons around his talon thumb, Belisama pulled her hind legs up to her belly, pulling her backside taut and exposing herself, leaving herself wide open and accessible from behind.

“You’re much stretchier down there than I thought you would be. I don’t think this will be too difficult or hard… still worried about hurting you… you’re so small,” Bucky breathed as he stroked Belisama’s ribs with his right front fetlock.

Gently pushing Belisama downwards, Bucky thrust himself upwards, paused, and then got a feel for the lay of the land. Belisama really didn’t have a plot furrow, there was no fertile valley back there, her backside was mostly flat. He poked, prodded, probed, and pushed, brushing his flat flared tip all over Belisama and making her squirm.

“I don’t know that I’m going to last long… I’m really pent up,” Bucky confessed as his tip found a searingly hot and wet place below Belisama’s tail.

Feeling Bucky’s whole body tense, Belisama felt something pressing against her. The pressure built, continued to grow in intensity, she felt her body stretching, and then she felt the edge of Bucky’s cock gain purchase on her slit, parting her slightly and catching on her insides enough to allow more to slip in.

“I busted your ribbon… but I’m about to really take your virginity in just a moment… are you ready?” Bucky asked in a voice filled with concern. “I remember losing mine…”

“Just hurry up,” Belisama urged as she wiggled her backside around, trying to get more of Bucky to slip in. Something itched back there.

With a smooth careful motion, Bucky pushed in, going past her loosened outer lips, and then hitting the much tighter entrance just inside. He pushed slowly, carefully, Belisama’s snatch was so tight around his cock that it pushed the skin back away from the tip, creating pudgy wrinkles down below the head as Bucky’s girth was eased in.

Surprisingly, Bucky kept sliding in with relative ease, slowly slipping into the tight cleft, he could feel Belisama stretching around him, and the griffoness was now hissing like a tea kettle with each inch he gained.

With a lewd sounding raspberry, Bucky bottomed out in Belisama, his cock only almost halfway in and unable to go in any further. He could feel his tip pressing up against something soft, warm, and pulsating. He hadn’t even sunk himself in to the ring.

Pulling out a bit, Bucky sunk himself in again, careful to only go so far. Wiggling his hips, he began to trust with smooth rhythmic regularity as Belisama melted against him, her eyes closing as she let out a soft low yowl from deep within her throat.

With each thrust, there was a wet slurping sound to accompany it.

The silken sleeve into which Bucky thrust his cock was entirely different than an equine plot furrow. It was slicker, tighter, grippier, almost too slippery. It was difficult to get enough friction for good stimulation. A thick runny mucus was being spurted out onto the bed with each thrust, a defensive protective lubricant meant to ease the trauma of being penetrated by a barbed penis.

Gritting his teeth, Bucky picked up the pace since Belisama seemed okay with it.

Yowling with real volume now, Belisama’s tail thumped up against Bucky’s side with each stroke, her whole body was rocked forward with thrust, and she pushed back by bracing herself against Bucky’s mechanical talons.

So tightly stretched was Belisama that her tiny nub of flesh and nerves was sliding along Bucky’s length with each stroke, getting direct stimulation against the veiny wrinkled underside, sliding and bouncing along the bumps and ridges.

After one particularly firm thrust, Belisama hissed, her beak opening wide as the air in her lungs was forced out through tightly clenched vocal cords. She jammed herself backwards, pushing against Bucky’s talons, now anxious for her own release. She cursed her own shallow depths… she needed to feel more of him sliding along her now throbbing fleshy button.

With a snap of her beak as her eyes squeezed shut, Belisama approached the edge and then was pushed over by one well angled slam. Bucky was leaning over just a little bit now, pressing some of his weight down on her body, pushing her into the mattress somewhat, and Belisama sucked in a deep breath as the stallion’s frenzied humping continued unabated.

For a brief moment, Belisama actually wanted Bucky on top of her, grinding her into the bedspread and having his dirty way with her. Each thrust was now causing her to peep as she yowled and hissed. She felt the muscles on Bucky’s stomach ripple and flex, and then there was one particularly hard thrust that was nearly painful, but in a good way. He stayed hilted this time, his cock jerking and spasming inside of her, and Belisama felt something hot fill her insides to a point of feeling strangely full, as though she might burst or pop.

When Bucky pulled himself free, it was difficult to actually pull out, his flared head not wanting to pass through Belisama’s now too tight twat opening. He pulled once, causing Belisama to jump and moan, and then with the second tug, pulled free with a wet ‘schlorp’ sound. Panting, Bucky rolled over onto his back and lay on the bed, trying to recover.

Crawling on top of Bucky, Belisama lay down on top of Bucky’s barrel, her lower half sprawled out over Bucky’s now half erect cock.

“We can’t be done,” Belisama whispered pleadingly, her crest raised as her eyes blinked slowly. She felt her spine tense as an aftergasm rocked through her body and made her wings flutter.

“Just give me a few minutes to catch my breath,” Bucky responded as he stared up at the ceiling and already feeling hungry for seconds.

Grabbing Bucky’s chest scruff with her talons, Belisama gave a yank on the long hair. “But I have needs now,” she said as she slid her hot fuzzy belly along Bucky’s length. “Can we try this with me on top this time?” she asked.

“Yes… I think you’d like that,” Bucky replied and then took a deep breath.

“Good… this night is ours… I want to make it special,” Belisama stated as she lay her head down on Bucky’s chest and closed her eyes.





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