The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


429. 429

Bucky, once again in equine form, carefully flipped though the spellbook that Princess Celestia had given him, licking his lips nervously, and looking for a specific spell he had been curious to try. The foals were asleep. When the sun had gone down, parts of him had woke up, and with the full moon, his inner lunar nature was wide awake.

“Ah,” Bucky gasped when he found what he was looking for. “Perfect Understanding,” he read aloud in a soft voice. “The description is vague. Celestia promises that this spell shifts the balance of power within a herd and over time, offers perfect understanding between herd members. This is a powerful transmutational spell. Celestia writes in her notes that it is safe and has been thoroughly tested.”

“I’m game,” Berry Punch remarked.

“Me too,” Derpy added, the grey mare giving a sidelong glance at Berry.

Following the instructions, Bucky thought about thoughts of love and understanding, just as Celestia had written in the notes, and he began to weave the spell from threads of harmony magic. Closing his eye, he focused his concentration, feeling the magic flow though him. Harmony magic was all about balance. Understanding. This magic felt natural. Bucky felt an odd tingling when the spell completed and he wondered what had just happened.

He opened his eye to discover that he was eye to eye with something. That something was dangling beneath Berry Punch, who was suddenly a lot taller.

“Wow… I have a penis!” Berry Punch exclaimed as she peered down between her front legs, grinning crazily at what she saw dangling beneath there. “And I’m taller too… feels funny… being pregnant and having a big floppy cock.”

“Bucky,” Derpy gasped. “You’re so little… small… filly sized,” she continued.

Shivering, Bucky realised that he was indeed filly sized, not much larger than Ripple. Berry was taller, and Bucky was shorter. Bucky also realised that he was missing something from between his hind legs. He tucked his tail between his legs, suddenly feeling very shy, vulnerable, and uncomfortable. Berry Punch was gifted... not as girthy as Bucky had been, but she was long. He began to back away from Berry Punch, who now towered over him.

“I’m getting bad vibes here,” Berry Punch said in a worried voice. “Our physical bodies have changed, but not our minds… Bucky is still male where it matters.”

“I just can’t get over how small and cute he is… He’s so small,” Derpy commented. Reaching out a wing, she touched Bucky gently. “Too small and delicate to take advantage of. Berry, this is wrong… he’s so scared… he’s shaking.”

“That is physically intimidating… I’m not like that to you am I?” Bucky asked in a low worried whisper as he brushed up against Derpy’s side.

“No Bucky… you’re kinda little and harmless. Don’t be angry about me being honest,” Berry replied in a very honest voice. She watched as Bucky got look at himself in the mirror.

“I’m the ugliest mare ever,” Bucky remarked. “I’m hideous.”

“Shut up!” Derpy commanded as she prodded Bucky. “Focus on where you are beautiful. Look how little and delicate you are. Slender and graceful.”

“This no longer feels right. I know Derpy is willing… but I don’t feel good about this,” Berry Punch admitted as she shook her head. “I mean I want to… I mean, let’s be honest here, Bucky is so small that it makes my new dick feel huge by comparison, and now I totally get why some stallions are into smaller mares… huh… understanding. I just learned something,” Berry Punch said, revealing her feelings and thoughts.

“I just feel so ugly and unattractive. Mares are supposed to be pretty. Both of you certainly are. Look at my face now… it is somehow even worse on a feminine body. There is nothing shapely or becoming about my legs legs or my plot. I’m all ribs. It all seems worse somehow… I think I understand how some mares feel about pregnancy now and how it magnifies their feelings of imperfection,” Bucky said as he continued to check himself out in the mirror. Turning around, he hiked up his tail and had a good look at his new filly bits. “Should those even look like that?” he asked.

Feeling genuinely bad for her husband, Derpy stretched out her neck and planted a kiss upon the good side of his face. “I still think you look beautiful. And you just have a really tight opening back there with thick lips. You don’t look bad… just different.”

“You have a really meaty labia,” Berry remarked as she lowered her head down near Bucky’s dock to have a look. She licked her lips and gave a sniff. “You know Bucky… you should go into Bon Bon and Lyra’s room… Derpy and I will stay here.”

“What about if the foals wake up?” Bucky asked as he continued to look in the mirror.

“Derpy and I will look after them. You just go and spend a little time with Bon Bon and Lyra. Don’t be insecure. Those mares love you. I think we’re all going to reach a bit of understanding tonight,” Berry Punch answered in a low soothing voice.



Feeling vulnerable, Bucky gulped as Bon Bon and Lyra looked him over. Both smelled strongly of soap, both were fresh out of the shower, and Bucky immediately began to worry if he smelled okay, a thought he typically didn’t spend much time thinking about.

“You’re so small,” Bon Bon said once more, just as she had said when she had first seen Bucky standing just outside the small spare bedroom door, the room that she and Lyra shared for more private moments.

“This feels weird,” Bucky whispered.

“I’ll say,” Lyra agreed as she rubbed her body up against Bucky.

“Come to bed with us Bucky,” Bon Bon commanded, her voice gentle.

“This… this is a mistake,” Bucky protested as he took a step backwards towards the door. “There will be kissing…”

“Yes, I suspect there will be that,” Bon Bon acknowledged as she raised her eyebrow. “Why do you feel that this is a mistake?”

“When we kiss there are lines we don’t cross… we keep things… well, you know… if we kiss the way that lovers do… it will be awkward later if we go back to how things were,” Bucky stammered in reply as he felt Lyra step behind him and cut off his exit.

“Then we just keep kissing like lovers once this is over,” Bon Bon responded in a soft silky whisper. “How do you feel about that Lyra?”

“I think I’m okay with that,” Lyra replied as she ran her chin over the small of Bucky’s back, trying to comfort and reassure her mate.

Fluttering her eyelashes, Bon Bon offered a seductive smile to Bucky. “Now come to bed Bucky… Lyra and I are going to show you what it feels like to be a mare that has been loved… aren’t we Lyra?”

Nodding, Lyra gently nudged Bucky towards the bed. “Bonnie has a thing for vulnerable mares… trust me… I know… just take a deep breath and let her make you feel safe… we’ll be gentle.”

“Okay,” Bucky breathed as he took a step towards the bed. He saw Bon Bon taking a step towards him and his heart began to race. The way she was looking at him. The way her eyes lingered over his body. The frozen feeling of insecurity began to melt as Bucky realised that he was seeing genuine desire in Bon Bon’s burning sultry stare. He could feel the now much larger mare breathing heavily upon his snoot when she drew near. Lifting his head, Bucky looked up, swallowing nervously, feeling strangely naked and vulnerable.

A moment later, Bon Bon’s muzzle pressed into his own. He felt her lips part… and the boundary that they had always kept between one another crumbled away when he felt Bon Bon’s tongue gently sneaking into his mouth, a rough but still somehow smooth invader between his lips. He could feel the tip trailing over his own tongue, teasing, lingering, and then it was under his tongue, exploring in strange places, first upon one side, then the other, before finally tickling the top of his tongue once more. Even Berry Punch and her curious tongue had never kissed him like this.

His body tensing, feeling panicked, Bucky felt his tail being brushed aside and hot heavy breathing on places that he was still unaccustomed to having. He started to cry out, but Bon Bon increased her suction, which made him go lightheaded. His legs felt wobbly as he felt Lyra’s nose brushing up against his new acquired feminine lips. As Bon Bon’s tongue continued to explore, Bucky felt a rough wet sensation against his nethers, and he realised that Lyra was licking him.

“Bonnie… he has the most amazing lips back here… he… she… this is weird but who cares,” Lyra announced and then ran her tongue over her lips. “So thick and full… so nice to bite… mmm.”

When Bucky was certain that he could no longer continue to breathe, Bon Bon pulled away. His muzzle felt damp and he could feel Lyra nibbling upon his marehood, which flooded his body with strange unknown sensations. Cautiously, almost bashfully, his breathing heavy, Bucky lifted his head, took Bon Bon’s lower lip between his own two well moistened lips, and gave her a playful tugging nibble as his ears alternated between being raised in a hopeful manner and splayed out sideways in a submissive posture.

Bon Bon pulled her lip away and made a gesture with her head. “Get in the bed Bucky… so that we might have our way with you,” commanded Bon Bon in a gentle but firm whisper.

Feeling a little nip upon his dock, Bucky let out a startled cry and shot towards the bed. His whole backside tingled with a odd sense of need after the dock nip. He could feel himself undulating, parts of his new anatomy were spasming.

“Mmm… I see something winking,” Lyra announced in a heated whisper. “The dirty little mare is presenting to me… get in the bed… little mare.”

Watching as Bucky scooted for the bed, Bon Bon licked her lips and then playfully swatted Lyra across the backside with her hoof. “Mmm Lyra sounds frisky and aggressive.”

Freezing in place, Lyra hissed, raised her tail, and she let out a needy grunt.

Bucky could not believe what he was seeing. He felt something on him going hard, but he no longer had his usual colt bits. He could feel something throb, it pulsed and convulsed, slipping in and out of him as he spasmed, the feeling of being surrounded by searing hot flesh and cool air driving him into a near frenzy. In spite of his distraction, he remained focused upon Lyra.

Seeing Bucky’s concern, Bon Bon’s expression softened. “I never strike her hard. Just a little tap, honest. I discovered she had this reaction by accident. Um… don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t secretly whip Lyra behind closed doors,” she explained.

Blinking, Lyra snapped out of her moment of stunned stupour and then looked at Bucky as he climbed into the bed. “Oh he’s a winker…” Lyra breathed.

“I see that,” Bon Bon remarked as she pushed Bucky over and rolled him on his back upon the bed. The big bossy mare lept up onto the bed and then settled in beside Bucky. “Lyra and I are going to do things to you. Terrible wet sloppy things. We’re going to give your new filly bits a thorough working over. And after were done… if you survive… we are going to let you take a nibble of our secret treats… because to be honest… I’ve been wanting to let you nibble on my candy for quite some time… because I love you.”

Hopping up on the bed, Lyra crashed down on top of Bucky, pinning him to the bed. She placed her front hooves on either side of Bucky’s head, gently holding him, and then she pressed her muzzle into his. Parting her lips, Lyra allowed Bucky inside of her, her body warming in more ways that one, she felt a flood of emotions as she shared a truly intimate moment with somepony that she loved and trusted just as much as she did Bon Bon. Lyra, while she had initiated the kiss, was actually the passive one between her and Bon Bon; she allowed Bucky’s tongue to explore, feeling its way around, her own marehood clenching as she wrapped her lips around Bucky’s tongue and began to suck on it. Straddling Bucky, she rubbed her rapidly moistening cleft against Bucky’s thigh, leaving him sticky as she left behind little trails of liquid Lyra love that glistened in the warm yellow lamplight. Bending her leg, Lyra rubbed her own thigh against Bucky’s small puckered slit and Lyra felt her body tense when she heard Bucky hiss.

Bon Bon, feeling incredibly aroused, leaned over Lyra’s wiggling backside and got herself a good look at everything going on at that end. She could see that Lyra wet… dribbling, glistening beads of moisture trailed along Bucky’s leg from where Lyra was rubbing back and forth during her long kiss, and it warmed Bon Bon’s heart to see Lyra be so open and so trusting, a sign that Lyra was healing, or so Bon Bon hoped. Reaching back with her hoof, she reached just under Lyra’s dock and began to rub Lyra’s pucker with a gentle circular motion, which made the mint green mare moan into Bucky’s mouth, which in turn, caused Bucky to clench his nethers, and Bon Bon heard the wet slurping sound.

“I think he’s about to cum Lyra,” Bon Bon whispered in a heated voice. “Yeah… he’s a goer… he has that big chubby knobby clitoris that keeps peeping out… we’re gonna make him our little mare tonight.”

Breathless, needing air, but determined to keep going, Lyra teased the tip of Bucky’s tongue with her own as she continued to suck on his tongue with her lips. She felt Bon Bon kneading her flexing pucker and let out a long low moan as she continued to grind away upon the smaller mare that was Bucky beneath her.

Overcome with sensations that he had never experience before, Bucky experienced his first female orgasm as his slick oversized nubbin trailed along Lyra’s silken sopping pelt. It was an orgasm entirely unlike his own, the orgasms he was used to experiencing, and he felt his whole body clench and writhe beneath Lyra as he needily ground himself against her leg, trying to scratch what felt like a terrible itch. He broke away from the kiss and then he cried out, whimpering, crying, heaving out a breathless moan.

Lyra pulled away from Bucky and watched as he collapsed into a quivering mess.

“I think you broke him Lyra,” Bon Bon whispered. “We’ve barely even started and already he’s been screwed stupid.”

“He’s not used to his female body I don’t think,” Lyra said as she rolled over onto her side and wrapped a foreleg around Bucky. “I was just getting warmed up too… what a pity.”

“Bad little mare… you broke our new toy!” Bon Bon scolded as she threw herself down on top of Lyra and rolled the unicorn upon her back. Reaching one of her front hooves down between Lyra’s legs, Bon Bon rubbed the knob of her fetlock against Lyra’s moistened minge.

Squealing, Lyra threw her head back and wordlessly begged for mercy, letting out little squeaking cries as Bon Bon kneaded on her marehood in the same way that Bon Bon pounded on taffy. She wrapped her forelegs around Bon Bon and held on for dear life as the earth pony worked her over.

“Prepare to be Bon Bombed Lyra,” Bon Bon growled as she hoof humped the poor green unicorn into submission. “Show Bucky how to have a proper orgasm… do it!” she commanded.

Cramming her hoof into her mouth, Lyra bit down and squeezed her eyes shut as Bon Bon switched tactics and now began to lightly tease her throbbing overstimulated clitoris. She could feel only the barest touch now, like a breeze blowing over her soaked flesh. She hitched her hips upward, trying to get her itch scratched, but Bon Bon teasingly pulled away.

Coming somewhat to his senses, Bucky twisted his head around to watch as Lyra was teased into submission, the unicorn was writhing and sweating beneath Bon Bon, who was in total and complete control.

“Oh please let me cum!” Lyra begged after she pulled her hoof out of her mouth. “I’ll be a good unicorn… oh please Bonnie… I can’t take it!”

“No!” Bon Bon replied as she continued to tease, a wicked smile now upon the earth pony’s lips. “I want Bucky to see what happens to naughty little unicorns!”

Shuddering, Bucky took a deep breath. If he still had his penis, he was certain that his boner would have just ran out of skin and exploded after seeing and hearing the love-play between Lyra and Bon Bon. He thought about saving Lyra, but he worried about what Bon Bon might do to him… and he was even more worried that he would let her.

Jamming her hoof back into her mouth, Lyra gnawed away upon it as the crushing featherweight touch of Bon Bon’s teasing brought her closer to orgasm. Sweat poured from her body, soaking the sheets, dribbles of liquid Lyra love oozed from her gaping glistening gooey gash and trickled over her puckered clenching anus.

After many minutes of stroking Lyra, Bon Bon pulled away, sat up, and then carefully lowered head down to between Lyra’s legs. The earth pony inhaled, drawing in a deep breath, she puffed out her cheeks, pursed her lips like she was about to blow out a candle, and she blew over Lyra’s quivering cunny. Giving Bucky a wink, she pulled away from Lyra with a smile.

Jamming her other hoof into her mouth, Lyra let out a gibbering whimper. A moment later, she began to flail around upon the bed, all four legs kicking and thrashing, almost like a foal having a tantrum. Her hips bucked and her body rose and fell upon the bed. Lyra let out a keening cry of ogasmic delight as several squirts of squalene shot out of her squelching sundered snatch. After firing off a few more squirts from her queef curtains, Lyra began to giggle hysterically.

“Damn,” Bucky breathed, unable to say anything else about what he had just witnessed.

Laying down on her side, Bon Bon gave Bucky a seductive come hither stare. “I have needs. I’ve heard that you’re really good at looking after those needs,” she said as she scissored her legs open, kicking out one out. She did not reveal herself, not completely, but there was just enough showing to be inviting. “Good unicorns get rewarded… bad unicorns get punished.”

“I wanna be a good unicorn,” Bucky whispered, feeling a bit fearful of Bon Bon and her sexual sorcery. Lyra was still a hysterical quivering mess of pony lost in an orgasmic fog and she showed no signs of recovery, which worried Bucky. “What do I gotta do to make you happy?”

Chuckling softly, Bon Bon closed her eyes and patted the bed in front of her belly. Opening her eyes, but only as seductive slits, Bon Bon stuck out her tongue and bit down upon it for just a moment before sucking it back in with a sultry hiss.

Crawling over the bed, Bucky wiggled to the spot where Bon Bon patted and then went still. He watched as Bon Bon rolled over onto her back and spread her legs wide, revealing her soft rounded milk swollen teats along with her snatch, which was a thin pink line peeking through her cream coloured pelt. The velvet hairs around her foal hole were damp and traces of moisture ran down the inside of her thighs. She wiggled her hind legs, causing her to slitted mound to unstick and split open, revealing even more of the delightful pink hidden within, trailing sticky liquid which beaded up around her ivory off white pucker, and her winking cunny made inviting wet slurping noises as she continued to wiggle her legs.

“This isn’t going to lick itself,” Bon Bon murmured in an almost bored sounding voice. “Now be a good little pony… Or I’ll do to you what I did to Lyra.”

Nodding, Bucky lowered his head and sniffed. He licked his lips, stuck out his tongue, and then gently teased Bon Bon’s pucker, licking away the droplets of moisture to be found on the wrinkled flesh. He heard Bon Bon giggling and felt her squirm.

“Lyra never licks me there!”

Teasing the taut wrinkled flesh, Bucky swirled his tongue in a counter-clockwise circle a few times, savouring each drop of golden liquid, and then began to work his way up, then in. After a few licks to get a taste, he plunged his tongue into Bon Bon’s feminine folds. He shivered when he heard Bon Bon hiss and felt her clench around his tongue. He licked a little more, finding that he enjoyed Bon Bon’s rather unique flavour. Waggling his tongue, he drew in a deep breath and held it before plunging his muzzle in and snout screwing Bon Bon. He slowly sunk his muzzle in, a little at a time, pressing his way deeper and deeper; once he was in as far as he dared, he extended his tongue as far as he could and gave Bon Bon a lick upon the spongy flesh that existed behind from where her clitoris was. Angling his neck, he dragged his rogue tongue over Bon Bon’s tender flesh and heard the the earth pony mare squeal in reply.

As he was about to lick Bon Bon once more, Bucky felt his hindquarters being grabbed and he felt a tongue teasing him upon his own fleshy lips. He jerked his head out of Bon Bon and his ears perked straight up.

“Wait,” Bon Bon said, lifting her hoof.

Following Bon Bon’s lead, the three ponies rearranged themselves into a triangle, with Bucky’s muzzle in between Bon Bon’s legs, Lyra was face first in Bucky’s crotch, and Bon Bon found a tasty treat to nibble on in the form of Lyra. Each of them lay on their sides, heads resting in each other’s thighs, and Bucky could feel two swollen teats pressing against this throat as he acquainted himself with Bon Bon’s bon bon. Unable to help himself, he slid the side of his face along Bon Bon’s silken thigh, pulling his head back, and latched on to a teat for a moment to have himself a suckle. The milk was sweet, warm, nourishing, and never failed to make Bucky feel lightheaded when he partook of it fresh from the source. He felt a curious tongue probing his depths and he tried to relax, but found that his stomach kept tensing and he kept wanting to close his legs, which was impossible. Lyra had her head sandwiched between his thighs and was busy sliding her tongue in and out in a slow lazy fashion.

Letting the teat slide from between his slobbering lips, Bucky pushed his head deeper between Bon Bon’s legs and found himself snoot to clitoris with brawny Bon Bon’s baby bakery. He gave a little lick to the knob of flesh and then followed through with a lick that ran the length of her cotton candy coloured cunt. Somepony moaned, but Bucky couldn’t figure out who… everything was muffled as his head was squashed between Bon Bon’s cream coloured thighs. Lyra’s tongue had found a spot that was making it difficult for Bucky to breath and he could feel her lips brushing up against his own newly acquired clitoris each time she opened her mouth to flick her tongue out.

Carefully probing through the slick pink wrinkles, Bucky found a tiny little pucker of flesh hidden inside of the deep dark pink fold that he was probing with his tongue. He allowed the tip of his tongue to linger on it, and he felt Bon Bon’s whole body tense just as he knew it would. He had found her urethra, which was hidden away deep within, and he knew from experience that it was sensitive. After a few warm up licks, he applied the flat broad surface of his tongue directly and allowed the full length to slide along the urethral fold deep within. He felt Bon Bon shudder and the mare moaned, he could feel her whole body shake as she let out a muffled cry, her own face buried into Lyra’s snatch.

Licking a little longer, until he was certain that Bon Bon couldn’t take another, Bucky focused upon the soft flesh around her nubbin, he took the entire clitoral mound into his mouth and began to suckle. He felt his body tensing in weird ways as Lyra was doing something to him, he couldn’t quite make out exactly what was happening, but it he felt his body growing tense and his dock kept clenching up.

“I want to be a good unicorn,” Bucky breathed onto Bon Bon’s clitoris as he pulled away for air after suckling upon the quaking flesh for a few moments. Bon Bon’s whole body was jerking now and Bucky worried that her thighs could crush his head. He lovingly trailed his tongue in a circle around her clit a few times and then teased his way under the clitoral hood, leaving no inch of Bon Bon’s flesh unexplored. Mid lick, he felt Bon Bon’s whole body clench, her legs squeezed his head, her marehood clenched up tightly, and Bon Bon let out a smothered cry.

“She came!”

Bucky could feel Lyra’s words against his flesh, her lips trailing over his own sopping wet flesh. Bon Bon was still convulsing and Bucky pressed his advantage, he began lapping away at the moisture that was now oozing from her squelching snatch. Each stroke of his tongue caused Bon Bon to squirm, she moaned again as his tongue lingered over her fevered flesh, and Bucky was finding it harder and harder to lick as he felt his own orgasm rushing to overtake him.

As Bucky approached his peak, he felt the cool prickly sensation of magic tingling over his sodden snatch. He needed air… he pushed Bon Bon away and rolled over… he heard Lyra giggling evilly as stars began to fill his vision.

“He’s gonna blow!” Lyra warned as Bucky wrapped his forelegs around his own barrel and sucked in a sharp breath. She intensified her magic upon Bucky’s feminine folds as Bon Bon lay on her side, gasping and still shuddering from her recent orgasm.

And then, the levees broke, and Bucky felt the flood overpower him.










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