The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


421. 421

Bent over the kitchen counter, Pinkie Pie moaned. Behind her, she heard Cheese Sandwich grunting; she could feel his warm body pressed tightly up against her, his forelegs wrapped around her sides. She could feel his laboured breathing, every hot breath as he breathed in and out, panting from his exertion.

“Harder Cheesy! I think we’ve almost got it!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed breathlessly.

“Too tight! Pinkie Pie! Too tight!” Cheese grunted as he strained and struggled.

“Keep trying Cheesy! We’re earth ponies!” Pinkie Pie commanded as she felt Cheese Sandwich rubbing back and forth against her back. “Try ramming it in all of the way and then yanking it out!” the pink party pony suggested.

His barrel heaving with exertion, Cheese Sandwich did as he was told. He slammed it in as hard as he dared and then yanked out as hard as he could. “Pinkie… it’s still stuck. I can’t get it more than halfway out!”

“Harder Cheesy! Harder!” Pinkie Pie demanded as she was banged into the counter by Cheese Sandwich, who redoubled his efforts at her request. “Brace your back legs and shove it in there as hard as you can! Really hard Cheesy! Use me for leverage!” Pinkie Pie shouted. When she felt Cheese Sandwich’s whole body tense up for the big effort, she moaned in anticipation as she felt his taut tummy muscles flex against her croup.

“What’s going on in here?” Cup Cake asked as she entered the kitchen, looking rather concerned. She frowned. “Oh dear, is it stuck again?” she asked. “Carrot! Get in here!” The somewhat chubby earth pony trotted to the counter, reared up, and wrapped her forelegs around Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie.

“Coming honeybunches!” Carrot Cake announced as he came into the kitchen and drew near. He reared up and wrapped his forelegs around Cup Cake, Cheese Sandwich, and Pinkie Pie. “Okay everypony, family effort. Remember, Pinkie Pie is a tough little scrapper, she can take all we give her and then some. All together now!”

“I tried to tell Cheesy that if he didn’t bang it in just right it would get stuck again!” Pinkie Pie complained as she felt three earth ponies now leaning against her back. “Now we have to gang bang to fix this problem. Shame on you Cheese!”

“I did it again! It’s hung up in there! I can only pull it out just a little bit!” Cheese Sandwich shouted as he redoubled his grip around Pinkie Pie. He could feel her soft curly tail brushing up against his right hind leg and he tried not to giggle from the ticklish sensation.

“Carrot, you know I’m a sturdy mare… use those long legs of yours and brace yourself. You give me a good shove, I’ll give Cheese a good shove, and I’ll drive him right into Pinkie Pie as hard as the three us can. Pinkie Pie, make sure to wiggle it up and down it as it goes in,” Cup Cake commanded.

“Is it stuck again?” Twist asked as she stood in the doorway staring. She shook her head. “My new parents are weird,” she complained in a nasal lisp. Shaking her head, Twist trotted off, snorting with amusement. “You need to bang harder! Even I know how to bang it properly and I’m just a foal.”

“Heave!” Cup Cake commanded and then braced herself as she felt her husband ram forward, slamming into her back. She exhaled breathlessly when she felt her husband’s finely muscled body against her.  She braced herself against Cheese and pushed forward, using her husband’s momentum. Cup heard Pinkie Pie let out a grunt as she was plowed into by Cheese Sandwich.

“OoooooOOOOOoooooOOOooh! That hit the spot!” Pinkie Pie squealed as she felt the crushing weight of three earth ponies behind her, driving her into the counter. “Pull out! Pull out! It’s coming!” she commanded.

Working in unison, all four earth ponies yanked and finally the stuck kitchen drawer worked free. All four of them fell backwards onto the floor, heaving and panting with exertion.

“Stupid drawer! We really need to get that fixed!” Pinkie Pie hollered.



“I need to know what happened. Try to give me details,” Twilight Sparkle instructed as she examined Bucky’s limp body. His slitted pupil kept changing size rapidly and he lay there giggling as she prodded him.

“Cadance zapped him!” Derpy cried.

“Um, actually, Bucky was, um, kind of flirting with Derpy,” Sunset Shimmer explained in an embarrassed voice. “He was… um… touching her and being very affectionate.”

“Hmm,” Twilight Sparkle hummed, looking thoughtful.

“And they were right next to the crib,” Sunset Shimmer added helpfully.

Looking bashful, Derpy smiled. “Bucky was rubbing me where my tummy has a bulge now… it felt really good… really really good. The kind of good where you go moist and everything feels all hot and sticky back there.”

“Too much detail!” Twilight protested, backing away from Derpy as she did so. Shaking her head, Twilight Sparkle squeezed her eyes shut. “Cadance draws power off of love and affection. I think you gave her a surge. Cadance, being Cadance, shared the love. Probably by accident.” Opening her eyes, Twilight looked at Bucky, feeling worried.

“So pure concentrated love. Master has been put down and knocked out by love,” Sunset Shimmer stated. “Considering who he is, love is probably an anathema to him.”

“A being that feeds on hate being hit by pure love… look at him… he’s as harmless as a newborn right now,” Twilight Sparkle said, feeling inspired by Sunset Shimmer’s line of thought.

“Well, if Master ever goes rogue, we know how to bring him down,” Sunset Shimmer stated, a wry smile upon her lips.

“Sunset!” Twilight snapped.

“Master gave me instructions to find creative ways to take him down and render him helpless in the event of an emergency. I’ve come up with exactly nothing. I even ambushed him one night in his office up at the top of the tower just to see what might work. He sucked the fire out of me and left me completely helpless on his office floor. I’ve been worried ever since Twilight. Master demands results when he gives commands,” Sunset Shimmer explained.

“You ambushed him and he was able to resist you?” Twilight asked incredulously.

“Master seems to be improving when it comes to defensive spells. He used some dark magic abjurations and defensive enchantments that I have no knowledge of. He laid me low in a hurry,” Sunset Shimmer replied, looking Twilight Sparkle in the eye as she spoke.

“Bucky has been studying more since he came back from Las Pegasus,” Derpy remarked. “Those black books. The ones that make the air around them feel freezing cold and if you stare at them your eyesight goes blurry and your head starts to ache.”

“Yes… those books,” Twilight said with a shiver. “Does he keep those in the house?”

“Not any more… they are all in his tower. In his vault where he keeps that weird orb and in his office,” Derpy answered. “I’ve been in his vault a few times now. There are weird things in there Twilight. Spooky stuff.”

“I could imagine,” Twilight responded and then shivered again. “Bucky should be fine. Just let him sleep it off. He’ll probably sleep like a foal after a while.”



Keeping a watchful eye upon his sister, Rumble sat at the edge of the school playground with Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom on one side of him, and Scootaloo on the other. He watched as Cloudstreaker played with Dinky and Piña, glad to see his sister happy.

“My parents didn’t kill me. My dad was actually proud of me for owning up to my mistake and working hard. He didn’t let my mothers touch me,” Rumble said to the fillies around him.

“Big Mac started to punish me, but Cheerilee wouldn’t let him. She said it was clear I suffered enough. He was still plenty angry though, but after he heard about all the work I did, he slid me an extra slice of pie that night after dinner,” Apple Bloom said as she watched the other foals playing on the playground.

“We’re just foals but we made a difference in other ponies lives,” Rumble said in a low solemn voice. “I wanted to grow up and be in the guard. Go out and beat up stuff that threatens us. Now… after Baltimare… helping other ponies… I think… I think I’d like to be a police officer like my dad maybe. I want to keep saving ponies.” The little pegasus colt lifted his head higher and a proud expression came over his face as he assumed a dominant protective posture.

“I gotta be off to the hospital in a little while,” Sweetie Belle announced.

“What do they have you do there?” Apple Bloom asked.

“Well, I haven’t done it very long, just a couple of days, but usually I go around to the older ponies that are there and I just talk to them. I go into their room, sit by their bed, say hello and then sit back and listen. I also read newspapers to some of them. I read books to foals. Simple stuff really… but really important stuff I suppose,” Sweetie Belle answered, her voice squeaking from nervousness. “I saw Babs.”

“How is she?” Scootaloo inquired, looking at Sweetie Belle.

“Better. They are going to release her soon. Some kinda healing stuff from the princesses made her all better… the doctors are just watching her now. She still has some pain but she seems okay,” Sweetie Belle responded, looking first at Scootaloo and then at Apple Bloom.

“My sister has been real torn up over this,” Apple Bloom said in a worried voice. “She cries a lot. She keeps telling me to give Bucky a hug whenever I see him and say thank you to him for all that he does for us earth ponies… I think my sister needs more sleep again.”

“I think my sister needs glasses,” Rumble mumbled in a disheartened voice.

“There’s a lot of pressure on a pegasus to see well,” Scootaloo remarked.

“I know. I said something in front my parents and they all glared at me. At least Flitter said that she was going to schedule an eye appointment,” Rumble said as he watched his sister play.

“I can’t believe that Sentinel is staying after school to help Cheerilee grade papers,” Apple Bloom said as she kicked the ground with her front hoof. “And when I offered to help she gave me the brush off. I speak real good.”



“Bonnie, I gotta admit, this is making me drip,” Lyra confessed as she looked down at Bon Bon’s newest confection. It was a hunk of chocolate molded to look like a partially opened marehood. Deep down in the split crevasse, there was gooey raspberry filling. Lyra really wanted to slip her tongue into there and lick some out.

“I’m still working on the molds but I plan to make chocolate -ahem- stallion parts and maybe even little chocolate pony puckers,” Bon Bon announced as she gave Lyra a lascivious wink.

“That’s a chocolate cun-mmmphle!”

Golden Harvest’s words were cut of by Bon Bon forcibly inserting a chocolate marehood into her mouth. The earth pony stood there chewing in shock and surprise. Her eyes went wide.

“Mmm, raspberry,” Golden Harvest announced around a mouthful of chocolate.

“I’m also planning on a messier version that is more split open and is stuffed with marshmallow fluff,” Bon Bon said to the mares present .

“Some mares might like that… I guess,” Lyra stared, looking just a little disturbed.

“Some stallions too,” Helia announced. “I dated a stallion that loved to lick up his own mess after he was done.”

“EW!” Lyra shouted, cringing in disgust as she squeezed her eyes shut. “Dick vomit!”

“Lyra!” Bon Bon scolded.

“No, you don’t get to scold me…  you made chocolate foal holes… you know, the raspberry filling makes it look kinda bloodied,” Lyra retorted and after a pause, shared her observation.

“So freshly split filly bits and freshly creamed filly bits… lovely,” Golden Harvest remarked in a snarky monotone.

“We needed something that will make ponies talk,” Bon Bon said defensively.






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