The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


418. 418

Waking up, Bucky experienced a troubling thought as his morning wood lay against his belly. What would having the embodiment of love in the house do to the household arousal levels? Bucky thought to himself. There were horny teenagers upstairs. There were horny mares aplenty. Fearful of what might happen, Bucky moaned in his half awake state.

Rolling over and flailing about, Bucky grabbed whatever warm body was closest and gave it a snuggle. He heard a murmur of not quite awake surprise. He buried his nose into a mane and sniffed as the body body against him squirmed and he could feel his hardness pressing against a muscled back.

Bon Bon, he thought to himself when he smelled the sweet scent of candy. Nope, penis does not go there his half awake brain informed him as the mare he was snuggling began to wiggle and giggle, trying to squirm away from him.

Unfortunately, Bon Bon was catch and release and Bucky let her go after planting a kiss on the back of her neck. Rolling over, he reached out and grabbed another mare, not bothering to look. He tried to pull a warm body closer and found that he could not. Thistle, his brain informed him. Penis could potentially go there… later, his brain announced helpfully. He snuggled up closer to Thistle’s warm body and wrapped his foreleg around her large round belly.

“Ooh… something is poking me,” Thistle announced, now startled awake. She smiled pleasantly as she realised that a half awake Bucky was groping her. She giggled, feeling something tickling against her. “Stop Bucky! I have to pee!” the kelpie begged.

“I’ll take you,” Bucky offered, opening his eye and yawning. “Oooh I get to watch a pregnant pony pee… I like how this morning is turning out.”

“Pervert,” Thistle muttered. “Please hurry!”

“Okay, but afterwards, I get to toss you into the bath and scrub every inch of you,” Bucky mumbled as he struggled to banish the cobwebs from his mind.



Twilight Sparkle found that she liked the morning hours. It was an excellent time to get stuff done. The day was young and there was the feeling of challenge, making a sort of game on how much one might get done before noon and lunch.

Swooping over the skies of Canterlot, she rolled through the air, enjoying her morning flight, and as she leveled out, she saw Pony Joe’s donut shop. Licking her lips, she made a mental note to stop and have a donut when she was done at Canterlot castle.

Twilight Sparkle had a friend in need and she was worried about her brother.



“The foal is kicking,” Thistle announced, waving her hoof at Bucky in a gesture to come closer. She smiled excitedly.

Leaning over the edge of the bathtub, Bucky placed his head against Thistle’s belly and then allowed Thistle to shove his head to the right location. He waited, his whole body tensing, and then he felt it. A faint kick that could be felt against his cheek. He held his breath, hoping to feel it again. He waited, and waited, then, after waiting a while longer, he waited some more. Just as he was about to pull his face away, he felt it again.

“Kicks!” Thistle squealed.

“I know!” Bucky said, now lifting his head.

“I plan to name her Bell Heather,” Thistle whispered, her face slipping into a blissful dopey smile. “Unless you have some objections.”

“Hi Bell,” Bucky said, speaking to Thistle’s belly. “Please don’t cause your mother to explode. I will be very cross with you if you do.”

Giggling, Thistle splashed water over her belly and rubbed. The kelpie continued to giggle, unable to contain her happiness. She looked up at Bucky with wide happy eyes. “Come here,” she beckoned, giving Bucky a seductive look. “Come closer.”

Stepping closer, Bucky lowered his head over Thistle’s snoot. He felt her forelegs wrap around his neck and then he was hauled in for a kiss. He felt his legs go weak and his knees wobbled. Thistle was certainly using her talent of sex appeal. Just when he thought he could take no more, the kelpie pulled away and Bucky stood there gasping.

“There’s plenty more where that came from,” Thistle said in a sweet sultry voice that was almost a growl. “Now could you help me scrub up down there?” she asked, her eyes half opened and her ears drooping back against her head. “That kiss left me feeling… sticky.”



“Raven, I really need some help and I didn’t know where to turn to,” Twilight Sparkle said to Princess Celestia’s personal assistant. Twilight looked at Raven with a hopeful expression and offered a sheepish smile. “I know you’re terribly busy but I really need the help.”

“What do you need Princess Twilight Sparkle? It is part of my job description to help you in any capacity that I can,” Raven replied, giving Twilight her full attention.

“I have a friend… he needs a secretary… but not any secretary. He needs somepony that can do a little bit of everything, can deal with bureaucrats, has strong organisational skills, can be just a little bit intimidating, can be a whole lot intimidating if need be, is utterly fearless, can deal with having a really scary sometimes super scary boss, deals with pressure well, and is capable of being utterly ruthless, cold blooded, and absolutely savage when it comes to boardroom meetings,” Twilight Sparkle explained.

“Buckminster needs a personal advisor,” Raven deadpanned in reply, her eyebrow twitching for a fraction of a second before total control was regained. “I knew this day would come and I’ve been preparing.”

“How did you…” Twilight started to say and then trailed off. She blinked a few times and stood there with her mouth hanging open.

Reaching out, Raven carefully closed Twilight’s mouth and then patted her cheek. “Close your mouth dear. Standing there and drooling does not become a princess.”

“But how did you know?” Twilight questioned, shaking her head in disbelief.

“Never mind that,” Raven remarked, shaking her head. “I have what I think might be an ideal candidate. She keeps getting temp work and ponies complain that she is… abrasive. She is a little temperamental. She is good at what she does… but she is… forceful. She worked as the personal seneschal for Fancy Pants. He highly recommends her. Her name is Violet Velvet and yes, she is a cousin of yours. Distant. Ponies tend to call her Violent Velvet… and sometimes they call her the Pugilistic Punchy Punchy Purple Pony Pounder, but never to her face.”

“Hmm,” Twilight hummed, looking thoughtful.

“I’ve already done the personality profile matches. She is almost an ideal match for Buckminster. She will stand up to him and tell him when he is being an idiot and she will do so in no uncertain terms. She is motivated, goal oriented, and a rather powerful type two unicorn that has studied magic extensively to reach the upper echelons of what a type two is capable of. She likes foals and has even been seen smiling around them on occasion according to my sources. She hates wasteful expenditures. Also, she spent two years in university studying how to properly serve tea and tea time etiquette.”

“Huh. Bucky would like that I think,” Twilight remarked as she began to rub her chin with her hoof. “She sounds ideal.”

“She is desperate for work. She likes doing a meaningful job. She has a small studio apartment here in Canterlot that she can no longer afford. I am positive that she will take the job if it is offered to her. Her resume indicates that she is more than willing to relocate to any location,” Raven said, reciting every detail she could think of. “Oh… she also worked as Fancy Pants’ bodyguard… I don’t think that our beloved Buckminster needs a bodyguard, but Violet knows what she is doing if the situation becomes threatening,” Raven added as she adjusted her glasses.

As Twilight watched, another Raven went walking by. She did a double take, blinked a few times, and then stared curiously at the Raven speaking to her.

“What? You think you’re special? That you are the only pony to use time manipulation spells? For all of your talk of organisational skills, obsessive scheduling, and list making, you are only a type four organiser,” Raven said in a somewhat smug sounding voice.

“There are graded levels of organisation?!” Twilight cried. “What are you?”

“I am a type nine,” Raven said proudly.

“Nopony told me this!” Twilight squealed. “I need to know… WHAT IS PRINCESS CELESTIA?” she demanded in a manic voice, one eyelid twitching rapidly.

“Princess Celestia invented the grading system and only tells somepony about it when they score as a type five or higher. Princess Celestia scores as a type twenty according to the criteria,” Raven explained in an informative monotone.

“I’m only a type four,” Twilight mumbled despondently.

“You lack a motivation for creative organisation,” Raven stated. “Even Buckminster has figured out how to use time manipulation to assist him in his day to day tasks, even though he has only done this once so far. He shows such promise… it is why he made such a wonderful accountant. When he chooses to do so, Buckminster is capable of extraordinary levels of planning.”

“Don’t tell me his score, I can’t bear to know,” Twilight demanded, thinking back to how Bucky knew in advance about being detained by the zebras when he went to the Sea of Grass and had a plan ready.

“Very well,” Raven agreed. “But Celestia is thinking about telling him about his grading when the time is ideal.”

“Um, what is Violet Velvet?” Twilight questioned.

“She is a type six. Being a type two unicorn, she is not capable of time manipulation, but she more than makes up for it by being incredibly abrupt, to the point, and forcing ponies to do her will through raw intimidation rather than spend hours trying to persuade them,” Raven replied, waving to herself as she walked by as she spoke. “It is also rumoured that she can stop a clock by scowling at it.”

“She sounds ideal,” Twilight Sparkle squeaked nervously.



“Mayor Mare is going to hold the Running of the Leaves as a memorial to Mister Rich,” Berry Punch announced. “Tomorrow, Ponyville runs.”

“Are you going to be there Bucky?” Derpy asked as she looked at her husband, who was enjoying tea with his breakfast this morning.

Holding a butter knife in his magic, Bucky did not reply right away. He spread butter over his toast, the bread was home baked, sliced thick, and was very crusty. He spread the butter carefully and evenly, making sure every square inch was covered. He then began to apply loganberry jam, spreading it out in a thick even layer. Looking pleased with his efforts, he smiled. “I think I might go. Sit at the finish line. I know that Loch Skimmer and Ripple plan to run. Maybe we’ll bring the foals and make it a family outing.”

“This will mean having guards I guess,” Berry huffed and then looked over at Belisama, who was pecking at a cheesy biscuit. “The biscuits turned out good.”

“I’ll say,” Belisama agreed. “Semillon used mealworm flour,” Belisama said as she opened her beak for a bite.

Savagely ripping off a huge bite of his toast, Bucky allowed himself the pleasure of a growl as he tore into his food. He chewed for a bit, licked the jam from his muzzle, and then worried free another bite of toast.

“Is it just me or is it kinda erotic to watch Bucky eat?” Berry asked, looking around the table at the other ponies and the griffoness sitting there. “I can’t help but think about how he is eating right now when he’s about to go down on my filly bits.”

“And how is Thistle’s filly bits?” Derpy questioned as she looked over at Bucky.

“Thoroughly and lovingly scrubbed,” Bucky replied around a mouthful of food.

“I heard her squealing in there with you… when she came back into the bedroom she was about half delirious,” Derpy remarked, a smile spreading over her muzzle as she spoke.

“The foal was kicking. I got to feel it kick me in my cheek. Her name is Bell Heather,” Bucky said just before cramming the last of his toast into his mouth.

“Bell Heather… that’s a pretty name. Type of flower common to the Shetlands,” Berry Punch said, looking lustily at Bucky as he chewed.

“Today, I am going to go into town and I am going to pay a visit to Bon Bon’s shop. I haven’t been in there. If I go in there, it might help Bon Bon’s business out a little bit. I’ve been neglectful of her needs,” Bucky announced as he lifted his teacup. He slurped down some tea and then smiled.

“Can you take Diamond Tiara with you? She needs to get out some. I doubt she’s up for walking that far, but I’ll carry her,” Berry Punch said as she looked at Bucky and made an offer to help out.

“All those mood pills bother me,” Derpy mumbled. “Scares me a little.”

“It is only for a little while so her stomach can heal and she can have a bit of a break,” Berry said, trying to reassure Derpy.

Every ear at the table perked when the loud shriek of a foal crying could be heard.




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