The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


384. 384

“Belisama, help me, I can’t roll over,” Thistle said as she floundered in the bed.

The griffoness blinked, struggling to wake up. She yawned, stretched her back, and realised that the bed was now empty except for her and Thistle. She looked at the kelpie that was stuck on her back. “I doubt I could roll you over. I’ll go get help.”

“Hurry… the foal is smashing my bladder over and over!” Thistle urged, her tone frantic. She wiggled some more, rocking from one side to another, completely unable to roll over. “Oh this is awful… I should have stayed in the lake but I wanted to be in the bed with all of you.”

Rolling out of bed, Belisama hobbled away on three legs, tucking her cast up against her belly, and she stretched her wings as she made her way to the door. She picked up her pace and got a move on, understanding all too well the pressing need that Thistle must be feeling.

“HELP!” Thistle cried, hoping somepony would hear her as Belisama slipped out the door and started down the hall. “Oh please stop trying to swim in there, I think I can feel your little tail flapping.”



Watching as Lyra disappeared out the kitchen archway and down the hall, Derpy sighed, understanding that Thistle was going to become a serious problem in a the very near future. “She’s got about three more months,” Derpy remarked as Lyra’s swishy tail vanished from view.

“Running of the Leaves soon… then Nightmare Night at the end of the month and from there, two months until Hearth’s Warming. Sounds about right,” Berry Punch said in a Berry half awake voice. “My backside is sore,” she grumbled.

“Who’s making your backside sore?” Bucky asked in mock concern. “As your husband, I demand to know.”

“Not you… you never came to bed last night, you jerk,” Berry growled. She picked up a biscuit from the plate on the table and chucked it at Bucky’s head. It bounced and she saw it caught up in the blue-green glow of Bucky’s magic. “We grow lonesome in that bed, all of us mares all piled up together, with nothing to do but each other,” she said as she watched Bucky eating the biscuit.

“Belisama is a party pooper though. She doesn’t understand the fun two females can have together,” Derpy said in a pouty voice.

“She doesn’t have lips like we do so some parts of our sexual activities are alien to her… she’s terrified of sex, she’s still having terrible nightmares because of what happened to her sister, so cut her a little slack,” Berry Punch said as she thought about throwing a biscuit at Derpy.

“Fair points,” Derpy said dejectedly. “Bucky, don’t forget, you have a wedding to perform this afternoon. Rarity and Coco are counting on you.”

Swallowing his last bite of biscuit, Bucky nodded and then wiped crumbs away from his muzzle. “Those biscuits are so moist. I don’t know how she does it, but we need to give our cook a raise.”

“Really Bucky, Coco and Rarity really are counting on you,” Derpy insisted, looking directly at Bucky with her good eye and closing her bad eye.

“I get it… if I fall asleep, wake me up,” Bucky answered. “Where is Bon Bon?”

“She is upstairs having a chat with Diamond Tiara,” Berry responded. The earth pony yawned and let out a long low moan that was almost sexual sounding. “I’m feeling lazy today. I think I am going to go back to bed and cuddle with Thistle. She’s so warm and snuggly lately.”

“Plus, she’s so full of foal that her little love button stays perpetually popped out, which makes it really easy to play with,” Bucky remarked as he looked out the window.

“Mmm,” Derpy moaned, her tongue darting out from her mouth and flicking against her lips as she did so. For a moment, the grey mare looked hungry.

“We’re living through the last moments of peace we will ever know for a long time,” Berry Punch mused, sharing her thoughts out loud.

“Huh?” Bucky grunted, looking over at Berry Punch.

“I’m confused,” Derpy stated, shaking her head.

“We have Harper and Peekaboo, but they’re not too bad. Bittersweet looks after them and Semillon loves to dote on them when she isn’t cooking. Dinky and Piña aren’t too bad. Our older foals are mostly independent. In just a few months time, Thistle will have her foal… not long after, Derpy and I are going to squirt out four foals between the two of us. If Belisama was to become pregnant right now, she could possibly have her young before the two of us, because Magpie tells me that griffons stay pregnant for about one hundred and ten days, give or take, which is about three and two thirds of a month. We will be overrun with young, all of which will be screaming for a teat, or to have a diaper changed, or for attention, or just screaming for the sake of screaming,” Berry Punch explained.

“Wow, griffons squirt out cubs quick… no wonder they repopulate so rapidly,” Bucky commented, looking distracted. “It is easy to see how they could potentially take over the world.”

“You dunderhead! We’re about to be overrun by foals and you’re busy thinking about griffon populations,” Berry groused, a Berry fussy expression upon her face. “Even with help, we’re going to be overwhelmed. No nookie! All of us will be exhausted. We’ll never know a restful nights sleep or a satisfying orgasm ever again. This is the end of our happy and relatively responsibility free existence. From here on out, everything is uphill.”

“No shagging?” Bucky cried, his eye going wide. “This is horrible! Why didn’t somepony warn me about this beforehoof! We have brought this doom upon ourselves with all of this randy screwing of one another! Quick Berry, bend over this table, we must remedy this situation with as much boning as possible now!”

Rolling her eyes, Berry Punch heaved a sigh. “You just wait Bucky, you just wait.” She watched as Derpy threw herself down over the table and hiked her tail into the air. Berry Punch snorted as the needy pegasus spread her wings and giggled. “You know, Semillon will kill us if we mess up her kitchen.”



Slumped over her desk, Loch Skimmer felt her eyes glazing over as her teacher, Bill Neigh, continued his lecture about something or other that Loch Skimmer couldn’t be bothered to care about.

Secondary school was, for the most part, something she enjoyed. But some classes were challenging for her, like this one. She had more than enough political stuff at home, and taking a required political science class was almost painful.

“...given the current political climate, a pony has to wonder if perhaps Equestria has a moral obligation, along with the Sea of Grass, to take over the governance of the world…”

If Loch Skimmer wanted politics, all she had to do was ask Bucky about it. Or Rising Star. Or Sparkler, if Sparky was in the right mood. Ripple had interesting means of debating politics, and it involved bloodied snoots and contusions. There was only one way to prove you were right, and that involved moral combat.

“...ethically speaking, now that the Noble Houses are gone, Equestria is ruled by the Immortal Goddesses, so one might say we owe it to the world to make it a better place and share our Goddesses’ wisdom with the rest of the world…”

Yes, the Immortal Goddesses, full of grace, Loch Skimmer thought to herself. Perhaps Mister Neigh should watch Auntie Loony light her own farts on fire. Loch Skimmer struggled not to giggle and lost.

“Want to tell me what is so funny?” Mister Neigh inquired, interrupting his own lecture and looking at Loch Skimmer sternly.

“You know, Princess Luna is my godmother-”

“Yes, I know, there is no need to brag,” Mister Neigh interrupted.

“-and she likes to light her own farts on fire. How is that for immortal wisdom?”

The class exploded with laughter, which Mister Neigh quickly silenced and shushed. He glared at Loch Skimmer, his face quivering with apoplectic rage. “Miss Skimmer, I will not stand here and listen to you slander our regal ruler… detention!”


“More detention!”

“But I-”

“That’s another!”

“But she-”

“There is one more! Want to keep going? I can do this all day!”

Unable to hold back, Loch Skimmer did the one thing she promised herself she would never do, given who her family was. “You just wait till I tell Auntie Loony what you’ve done!” Loch Skimmer threatened.



“Who knew motherhood could be so rewarding?” Rainbow Dash asked herself as she slapped down a piece of bread and finished off a daisy sandwich. She hovered across the small kitchen and slid the plate down in front of Glass Slipper, who eyed it hungrily. “We’re gonna get you enrolled in school soon… you gonna be okay with that?”

Her mouth full of sandwich, Glass Slipper nodded.

Rainbow Dash hovered off, back to the counter, set out a glass, poured in some milk, and then looked at the bottle of chocolate syrup, trying to get some idea how much it took to make chocolate milk. Finding nothing, she turned the bottle over and squeezed the bottle between her hooves, squirting out a massive glop of syrup. She squeezed again, the glass now filling closer to the top, and the bottle made a rude flatulent sound that made Rainbow Dash giggle immaturely. About two inches worth of syrup in the glass seemed like enough. She stuck in a spoon and stirred carefully, tossed the spoon into the sink, thought about how awesome she was for making such a great shot, stuffed a straw into the glass, and then brought the glass to the table and set it down.

“A wholesome glass of milk,” Rainbow Dash announced. “Twi doesn’t know what she’s talking about when she says I can’t be responsible to look after foals all by myself.”

“Thank you,” Glass Slipper said around a mouthful of sandwich. She swallowed, took the straw into her lips, took a drink, and immediately, her pupils shrank to pinpricks. The foal shook in her chair, her mane bobbing and her tail twitching as she began to vibrate very much like Pinkie Pie did during certain states of being.

Rainbow Dash began to feel very afraid, but she could not put her hoof on why.



“You know, my dearest Fluttershy, it occurs to me that I have a cutie mark now,” Discord commented, looking over the table at Fluttershy. “We now share a little part of one another and it seems I have a little part of your destiny.”

Looking exceptionally queasy, Fluttershy nodded.

“I’m going to be a mother! Just like Bucky… I wonder if our foal will call me ‘mama’ like little Harper does?” Discord questioned, speaking his thoughts out loud.

“Little Harper is so sweet,” Fluttershy said as she wrapped her forelegs around herself and gave herself a squeeze.

Buttering up a slice of bread and then spooning on a dollop of jam, Discord watched Fluttershy and felt a strange feeling of happiness that he had never known. He folded the slice of bread in half and devoured it in one bite. After swallowing, he began to stroke his chin. “Fluttershy, are you happy?”

Smiling her soft serene smile, Fluttershy nodded. “Yes, even though things are weird, I feel okay about it. Discord?”

Sensing a question, Discord began to pay attention. “Yes Fluttershy?”

Looking down at the table and squirming in her chair, Fluttershy began to bashfully wrap her mane around her hoof. “When did you realise that you loved me?”

“I don’t know,” Discord answered honestly. “Tirek was heading for Canterlot and Ponyville… all I could think about was keeping you safe. I think about this a lot actually. Sometimes I think I knew before Tirek, but then I change my mind and think about other times… and it changes… and I don’t know.”

“Discord?” Fluttershy asked, still wrapping her mane around her hoof.

“Yes little sunshine yellow pegasus dearest to my heart?” Discord replied.

“If I hadn’t been here, would you have battled Tirek?” Fluttershy questioned.

Pausing only for a moment to think, Discord shook his head. “No. Before you, I never cared about anything other than myself. Now, all of the feelings of self love are focused on you. I don’t even stop to think of myself anymore.”

“That’s very honest… thank you Discord,” Fluttershy said, offering a shy smile.




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