The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


357. 357

“Sentinel is gone, Dinky and Piña are busy… occupied, out of the way, and we have a few private moments just to ourselves. Belisama and Thistle off together… and we might not get another chance like this one for a while,” Berry Punch suggested, looking Berry lewd as she spoke, hiking her tail up high and giving Bucky and Derpy the eyes.

Derpy brightened, a smile spreading across her face. “It does seem like a good opportunity,” she agreed.

“Well, go on, get moving, go go go!” Bucky demanded, pushing Derpy off of the sofa with his right front hoof. “Get moving, both of you, I have needs!”

“Don’t need to tell me twice,” Berry remarked as she took off for the back bedroom.

“We’ll be gentle,” Derpy promised, looking back at Bucky as she too took off after Berry. “Your head still worries me.”

“So long as the staples hold I’ll be fine,” Bucky announced, hobbling along after his wives, grinning a lopsided grin as he followed them down the hall.



Bucky watched with intense fascination as Berry Punch and Derpy both made out with one another. It was always something that captured his attention. Being old friends, the pair had a way of knowing exactly what made the other tick. The sights, the sounds, seeing the two bodies entwined with one another, Berry’s sultry moaning, Derpy’s giggling, it was just the three of them together again, and Bucky remembered back to the night of their wedding, their first night together.

He was pulled from his moment of reflection by a needy grey mare who wrapped her forelegs around his neck, pulled him close, and then she smooched him. A moment later, Bucky found himself sandwiched between the two mares, both of whom were rubbing themselves up against him, he could feel them both, their bodies, the soft hairs of their pelts, the warmth of their bodies, and he lost himself in their embrace.

He opened his mouth to say something, but Berry cut him off, her lips pressing over his own, and as he leaned into her he felt Derpy squeezing them both together and then he felt her lips pressing in for a three way smooch. Bucky felt himself growing warm, almost too warm, the feeling of both of their bodies up against his was almost too much. He felt himself growing stiff and he was gripped by a painful aching need. The three way kiss intensified and Bucky felt himself becoming overwhelmed by the two mares that knew all too well how to push his buttons.

Taking control, Berry Punch shoved Bucky backwards and down onto the bed, laying him on his back. She shot a wicked glance at Derpy, and both mares gave a knowing nod to one another as Berry licked her lips. “Time for the tickle torture,” Berry announced.

Before Bucky could protest, he felt feathers brushing along the length of his shaft, causing his stomach to immediately clench and go tight. Back and forth the feathers teased, and in seconds, Bucky was not only hard, but his hips jerked with the need to bury himself into something warm, wet, and soft. Alas, there was no relief to be had. Berry held him down while Derpy continued to tease, her soft primaries stroking his shaft slowly, too slowly, it caused too much tension and need.

Unable to fight back and knowing the rules, Bucky used the only weapon he had, his magic. Nothing major, nothing serious, nothing from the book he had been given, but something he had learned from Lyra instead, reaching out with his telekinesis, he gave both Berry Punch and Derpy a teasing tickle, seeking out two little nubbins of flesh that meant more to him than almost anything else.

The effect was immediate. Berry let out a lewd whorsey moan and Derpy giggled, squirming around as the invisible invader squeezed and vibrated her clitoris, gently tugging and stroking the sensitive knob of flesh. Derpy bit down upon her lip and sucked in her cheeks, making needy little whimpers as she continued to stroke Bucky, while Berry Punch simply fell over onto her back to enjoy the experience.

“You have thirty minutes to cut that out Bucky,” Berry breathed in a breathless whisper, her eyes rolling up into her head. She spread her legs out wide and gave Bucky something to look at, a bead of moisture already appearing on her eager cleft.

“I can feel it… creeping its way inside of me… teasing and tugging on my lips down there,” Derpy whispered, her eyes closed as she continued to try and tease Bucky with her wing, but her efforts were distracted. “I can’t help but wonder if Lyra does this for Bon Bon.”

“Lyra is the one that explained how to do this and taught me the technique,” Bucky admitted, intensifying the vibrating sensation. Beside him, Berry writhed, and Bucky was sorely tempted by her eager inviting body, her spread legs, and the way her tongue was dangling out of the side of her mouth. He allowed his magic to work its way a little deeper, creeping inside both mares, pulsating deep within their hidden places, which caused the room to absolutely stink with mare musk.

Falling over, Derpy was powerless against the invisible invader plundering her snatch and testing her snatchlasticity, pulling, pushing, probing, prodding, and penetrating. She let out a little needy whimper when she felt something creeping along, the invisible invader creeping up under her dock, and then she felt something apply pressure to her pucker. She heaved a contented sigh and melted into the mattress.

“Sexual sorcery is awesome,” Berry huffed, her nostrils flaring. She rolled on her side and looked at Derpy with half closed and needy looking eyes. “Take her, I want to watch while I enjoy this,” she demanded, her eyes darting up at Bucky who was still sitting between them.

Bucky, not needing to be told twice, eased himself down on top of Derpy, who welcomed him eagerly. He could feel her milk swollen teats pressing up against his belly and the vibrating buzz of his magic could now be felt on his own skin. His lips lingered over her neck, planting little pecks and traveling upwards towards her jaw. He could feel her muscles quivering against his own, and he could hear her soft needy snorts as her breath heaved through her nostrils. Beside him, Berry had pulled herself close to Derpy and the two mares had once again locked lips. He rubbed his cheek against Derpy’s neck, feeling her life’s blood pumping through the thin flesh around her windpipe.

With a well practiced movement, he plunged himself into her, causing Derpy’s whole body to tense beneath him. The sudden transition of cool air to searing hot moist flesh made Bucky shudder; he buried himself balls deep on the first thrust, making Derpy squirm and gasp. He felt her hind legs wrap around his hips and push him in further. He could feel the tingling vibration of his own magic and it caused his breath to catch in his own throat.

There was no need to hold back, Derpy was hot, slick, and good to go. He pulled halfway out and then slid back in, grunting from his effort, and he could hear the wet slurping sounds of her drenched flesh taking him in and the wet smacking sounds of Berry and Derpy’s passionate kiss. Derpy had expanded a bit due to pregnancy, she was soft and well cushioned now, and Bucky made the most of it as he slid in and out of her, grinding his pelvis against her needy winking nubbin with each plunge.

Berry pulled away panting, her mouth open, and Bucky was seized by an idea, a terrible wonderful horrible idea. Using his telekinesis, he dragged her up higher upon  the bed, and Berry let out a confused and worried moan, wondering what was happening but unable to fight back. When her glistening slit was inches away from his face, he lifted his head from Derpy’s neck, gave it a single loving lick, and then he acted upon his plan.

Reaching out with his stump, he teased the drenched opening, soaking his diminished appendage in Berry juice. Berry Punch wiggled and giggled as Bucky prodded her, soaking himself in her juices. Finally, when he was slick with her squalene, he pressed his stump up against her cleft, applied gentle pressure, and with a surprised squeak from Berry, sank his stump into Berry’s too tight snatch, spreading her open and making her squirm and buck. He eased his way in slowly, twisting and turning his stump, until he felt himself bottom out inside of her. Berry Punch let out an excited bleating sound, causing the bedroom to suddenly sound like the forbidden love of the Shetland Isles.

“You’re screwing Berry Punch with your stump,” Derpy announced breathlessly, panting out each word as her ears twitched from each rhythmic thrust. “That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

He could feel Berry clenching around his halved limb and her legs kicked as he pulled in and out, twisting and turning as he penetrated her slick snatch. He timed his stump thrusts with his own pelvic thrusts, and he continued to bury himself into Derpy, growling and grunting from his efforts. Each thrust made Berry bleat, and Bucky intended to screw her silly and leave her unable to walk, all while he was busy laying pipe in Derpy.

He pulled out with a rude sounding “schlorp” sound, angled his hips, and using his magic, he teased open Derpy’s now slick pucker. He lined himself up with the smaller tighter opening, pressing his soaked flared tip against Derpy’s clenching pucker.

“Oh yes… there… gimme gimme,” Derpy begged, bucking her hips upwards so Bucky could get a better angle for penetration. “It’s been a little too long since you’ve invaded the brownie bakery,” the mare panted, her words causing Bucky’s ear to flicker.

Carefully, lovingly, Bucky eased his way in this time, and Derpy took him in her crushing embrace, squeezing him with her forelegs and hind legs, pulling him closer. He could feel Derpy’s wet cunny pressed against his belly, his telekinesis still buzzing away on her love button. Berry was still being stuffed, the earth pony going from one orgasmic plateau to the next, her bleating interspersed with delirious moaning.

Delightful friction gripped Bucky as he pounded the precious pucker, playfully penetrating the perky pegasus. Her iron grip stretched and pulled at his soft tender skin, causing electric tingles to travel through body, along his spine, up his neck, and a second heartbeat could be felt in his dock. He was close, too close, he didn’t want this to end. He could feel Derpy clenching as she rode out a powerful pucker sucking orgasm, which pulled him in deeper.

When an exceptionally powerful orgasm ripped through Derpy’s body, Bucky was unable to hold back any longer. Closing his eye and gritting his teeth, Bucky blew his load deep inside in the pegasus that he so loved. He went limp and with a wet pop, he pulled himself free of Berry Punch. He allowed his magic to die, and he lay atop Derpy, still inside of her, both of their bodies still spasming together, muscles quivering, all three of them barely even able to breath.

“I’ve… been… stump… screwed,” Berry Punch gasped, barely able to talk. She flopped and wiggled down along the bed until she was once again by Derpy’s side and pulled Bucky off from on top of Derpy, causing him to slip free from her well loved pucker.

The two mares sandwiched Bucky in between them, basking in the afterglow, sweating, soaked, the bed was completely ruined, and none of them cared.

“We need to sneak off to the shower,” Derpy whispered. “I can smell us. We stink like desperate parents who have forsaken their foals for sex.”

Giggling, Berry Punch could not reply, she stroked Bucky’s side, glad to have him with her once more. She kissed him on the side of his mouth and then lay back and went limp on the bed, her filly bits felt thoroughly abused and well loved.

“He fell asleep,” Derpy whispered.

“Well, he needs sleep,” Berry whispered in reply. “He never gets enough.”

“We should sneak away and get a shower. Sentinel will be back soon and Dinky and Piña are gonna start snooping around if they can’t find us,” Derpy said in a soft voice as she stroked Bucky gently.

“The dangers of sex during the daytime when you’re married and have foals,” Berry mused. “But I have to admit, the idea of getting caught adds to the thrill.”

“Pervert,” Derpy tittered.

“And proud,” Berry responded.






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