The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


32. 32

One very frustrated and over emotional alicorn allowed the door to shut behind her as she departed. What was now going on behind the closed door was deeply personal and private, a moment for family members to treasure. And Twilight was not in the mood for socialisation.

She was furious. Red eyed, bleary, fatigued, and furious.

Cloudstreaker was returned home, to a family she had some trouble remembering, but it was a bond that could be fixed in time. Twilight Sparkle was grateful she had a chance to help restore a family.

Exhausted, tired, but seething with rage, Twilight Sparkle spread her wings and took off for Canterlot, leaving a wake of stunned pegasi behind her, all of whom saw the alicorn in new light. A single blue streak trailed behind her, leaving behind a rainbow coloured contrail as it flew to catch up.



There were no mothers quite like pegasus mothers.

Nature had to work overtime to create the pegasus female. Pegasi, living among the clouds and the high mountain peaks, had to share territory with dragons, griffons, drakes, wyverns, and all manner or monstrous hordes, all of which considered pegasi young to be delicious snacks, a highly desirable meal that was a lot like certain types of potato chips. You couldn’t eat just one. Pegasi rookeries were heavily defended, well protected, and pegasi mothers were dangerous. For a long time, it was a dragon rite of passage that a juvenile dragon had to go and snatch a pegasus foal and return home with it, something many dragons perished doing.

Pegasi protectiveness extended far beyond their young, if given the right circumstances. They were loyal friends, staunch companions, and faithful mates if their instincts were tapped.

So it was no surprise that one grey pegasus mare hadn’t done much to leave the bed, guarding her fallen flockmate. Her mane was dirty and disheveled, she only took food that was brought to her, and only got up to relieve herself when she absolutely had to. Instincts were powerful things.

And Berry Punch was feeling a little peeved at a moment. Derpy was running herself ragged, and Berry didn’t want to have two ponies to look after.

“Lyra is off with the foals, visiting Diamond Tiara in the hospital. Derpy, you need a bath. This room stinks of hot sweaty pony. Both of you need a bath actually. I know you can’t get your horn wet, but I think we can get you into the bath and keep your horn dry. Just keep your head out of the water,” Berry said, looking stern. “And Derpy, you’re going into the tub with him. To hold him up. He’s weak as a kitten.’

Derpy grumbled but did not reply. She sullenly rose up out of the bed as Berry carefully disconnected the feeding tube from the now empty canister, and closed off the valve. And then, she stood by the bed and waited, gesturing with her eyes that Bucky should be placed on her back again.

Derpy rose into a hover, bumped her head on the ceiling, she growled, staring up at the ceiling, which wouldn’t last long in a fight with a pegasus.

Especially a nesting pegasus with a lot of pent up frustration.

The broody mare gently lifted the limp unicorn and carefully arranged him on Berry’s back, making sure his legs were comfortably situated, his hooves nearly dragging on the ground. Bucky grunted a bit as Berry shifted his weight around, and then she slowly took off to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, after the tub had filled a bit, Derpy took Bucky into a hover and then gently lowered herself and Bucky into the hot water. Bucky hissed as the hot water hit his backside, squirming, the pegasus gently easing them both into the water.

“I’m going to go feed myself,” Berry announced, departing.

Derpy eased back into the tub, pulling Bucky up to her barrel, leaning him back with her. Bucky tensed, at much as his frail body would allow, suddenly aware of a number of very concerning issues.

First and foremost, two small somethings pressed into his lower back, near his hips, standing out in sharp relief, two sharp little pebbles protruding from two small pillowy mounds of flesh. And below that… There was something that was even hotter than the water pressing up against his flesh. It moved as he squirmed, making the mare move with it. He felt two forelegs around him, pulling him closer, shifting his body and his weight around, trying to make him comfortable.

As Bucky flailed feebly, panic rising up in his barrel, two lips brushed up against the good side of his face, from behind, a gentle kiss, and two legs pulled tighter.

Very much to his surprise, Bucky found himself relaxing, feeling oddly secure, even with the embarrassing knowledge that the mare had her squishy bits pressed up against his back. He could feel her squirm as well, shifting her hips, her whole body tensing and relaxing, her hot breath on his cheek.

“I can feel your filly bits,” Bucky confessed in a shuddering whisper.

“And my teats too, probably,” the broody mare replied.

“Oh yes, there are those,” replied Bucky, his voice wavering.

“Fair is fair,” Derpy replied, moving a hoof downward, brushing over a very personal location on Bucky’s anatomy.

“Oh hoo hoo…” Bucky breathed, squirming in the broody mare’s now amorous embrace. She scrubbed gently with her hooves, using the hot water, rubbing the crusty sweat out of his thin pelt.

Something as warm as the sun pressed up against Bucky’s spine, grinding gently against him as he was scrubbed, the vigorous motion causing him to rub up against the hidden warmth. Two little hard points pressed into his flesh, poking through his pelt, rubbing up against his skin directly.

“This isn’t so bad, is it?” Derpy asked.

Bucky could not make a coherent reply, he had gone completely limp in the mare’s embrace, his head resting on her angled neck and shoulder, his body completely draped over her body, locked  in her embrace.

“When two ponies are close, things are bound to touch. It happens. Some touches are just a touch and should be ignored, other touches have meaning,” the amorous mare said, her hoof suddenly plunging deep into the water, stroking Bucky’s thigh, and then it slip upward, and she began to stroke something down there below his sheath and near his thighs.

“Oohumum,” Bucky murmured, his eyes closing, feeling a strange feeling, the pegasus’s breathing was strangely hypnotic.

“Dinky Doo needs a sibling or six and I’ve found someone I want to make a nest with. Do not disappoint me, my heart is fragile and I am so afraid right now,” Derpy whispered. “You and Berry and I are going to have lots of little foals for me to protect,” she murmured, her voice almost a mewling cry of pleasure. “I’ve seen how you are with foals, it makes me want to jump your bones and make you mine,” Derpy explained, her voice nearly panting, making her intentions very clear by stroking Bucky’s water softened pouch of flesh where Derpy’s real interests were hidden and carefully stored.

“Oh my goodness, I’m gonna have to go rub one out,” Berry said, standing in the door, her eyes wide, the bathroom filling with the scent of heady perfume.

Derpy smiled at Berry, still stroking and squeezing. “You were right Berry,” Derpy announced in sultry tones.

“Right?” asked Bucky in a whisper, his breath coming in slow gasps.

“I figured this was our best chance to break you down and try to make you whole again. You’re like an infant right now, you have to rely on us for everything. We’re slamming through your barriers, your shame, your guilt, and your repression with every change of the bedpan, every touch, every caress. And your brain is receptive right now because of your physical and emotional state,” Berry explained.

“Celestia said something about busting down your barriers and that you’d be ‘imprintable’ for a few weeks, whatever that means,” Derpy said.

“You suffered a mental break Bucky, at least that is what was explained to us. I only understand it a little bit, but you were faced with a situation so disturbing that it broke your mind a bit. Mental trauma. I’m not sure what was so traumatic about Dinky being adorable, but it broke you in a few places,” Berry explained. “Celestia said you would be impressionable and imprintable for a while, and to use this time well.”

Derpy squeezed gently, nuzzling her nose along Bucky’s good ear, her breath making his ear quiver. She was glad the words were being handled by Berry, Derpy had more effective ways of leaving an impression. The tip of her tongue traveled along the edge of Bucky’s ear, causing his whole body to tense and wiggle. She withdrew, tasting salt, feeling very pleased with herself as she continued to gently rub two objects of great interest to her with the soft edge of her fetlock.

“And Bon Bon can help you, apparently. Bon Bon helped Lyra after Lyra suffered a bad mental break. Celestia seems to think she can help, even though she’s not a psychologist, but she is an earth pony, and we have special feelings about herds and ponies. Certain senses, even if we can’t always describe them,” Berry added. “Bon Bon is probably gifted with a strong herd sense, just like I am.”

“Why her and not you?” Bucky asked, his brain struggling to reason as his senses were overcome. He felt a powerful sense of security and safety, but he also felt afraid and confused.

“I’m involved, and she has an outside view?” Berry replied, her reply more of a question as her tone was quizzical. “Whatever happened, it did more damage to the inside of your mind than the outside of your body.”

“Wha-hey!” Bucky gasped, feeling something soft brushing up against his dock.

Berry dragged the chair over the floor and sat down, resting her hind hooves on the side of the tub, just as she had done not that long ago. “Bucky, you need to let go. Right now, you are safe, and you are not doing anything that you need to feel guilty or ashamed of. This isn’t something to be embarrassed over. Have you ever even looked a mare? I mean looked, really looked, like when a mare is displaying to you?” Berry asked.

Bucky shook his head no.

“So all those times I’ve lifted my tail and gave it a swish, you’ve turned away rather than catch a brief peek at what I’ve had to offer?” Berry questioned.

Bucky nodded.

“That’s awful, because I checked you out the first day I met you, at the birthday party. I found it irresistible because you kept trying to hide it.” Berry confessed.

Bucky whimpered, a faint sound, and Derpy ground her filly bits against his spine.

“This is why so many unicorns wear clothes and have created a fashion industry. Just more unicorn neurosis trying to prove somehow that society needs to change its values to accommodate it,” Berry huffed. She turned in her chair, pivoting her body, leaning back in the chair, making herself comfortable.

She was also totally exposed, sitting with her legs sprawled wide open, both hind hooves resting on the edge of the bathtub, instead of sitting with her legs pressed together like she usually did.

Bucky jerked his head away and closed his eyes.

“Meh, I’ve seen it before,” Derpy said, her tongue briefly licking her lips.

Berry stretched, raising her forelegs up over her head, extending her spine, leaning backwards, and kicking her hind legs outwards and apart.

“Berry, when the time comes, I am going to make you my saltlick,” Derpy growled.

“Intriguing,” Berry responded, raising an eyebrow. “Now why would you be so ashamed to look at this if I want you to look at this?” she asked Bucky. “This is an invitation, you shouldn’t feel bad for looking if a mare wants you looking. Besides, we’re naked, stuff peeks out. Stallions unsheath sometimes, mares wink out, stuff happens, and you just tune it out and ignore it, but you don’t take what is beautiful and make it dirty and unclean.”

Derpy shifted and Bucky felt the two pebbly protrusions travel along his skin.

“This,” Berry said, pointing down at her exposed and winking inner flesh, “is not dirty. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Foal batter goes in, foals come squirting out, and this is a vital part of being a pony, making other ponies.”

“Plus, it is salty, and ponies like to lick salt,” Derpy added in husky voice.

“I watched Dinky go squirting out of Derpy and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Berry said, nodding her head at Derpy, who was looking up at her. “Ever watch a foal being born?”

Bucky shook his head no and grunted.

“Would you like to see a foal come squirting out?” Berry asked. “Because I’d like for you to be there when I have mine. After all, you are going to help me make them.”

Bucky squirmed and gave a faint cry. He opened up his eyes, shot a brief glance at Berry’s exposed filly bits, and then looked her in the eyes.

“Hey, you, my filly bits are down there, stop looking at me in the eye when I’m talking to you, you big dumb numpty,” Berry huffed. “This is difficult to wrap my brain around. I can’t imagine a colt and a filly not being curious at all. I was just hitting my double digit ages when a colt nosed me for the first time and I nosed him, and we spent some time checking each other out, figuring out what made us different, even doing a little touchy feely but nothing to serious. Colts look funny back there, all dangly and hangs down like a church bell.”

“I think I was about the same age. I pinned down a pegasus colt on a cloud and gave him the once over. I was curious,” Derpy confessed. “He tried to resist and I had to swat him down a few times. Even back then, my eyes made me an outsider.”

“I like your eyes,” Bucky whispered. “I like flawed things that I cannot fix or control. I like watching things I have no control over. Like lava lamps. I become fixated over things I have no control over. And Berry is wild and unpredictable and I never know what she is going to do next.”

“Aw,” Derpy said, in a sweet syrupy voice.

“Finally, some open honesty,” Berry said in a relieved tone.

“When I would be open and honest in therapy with my mother and father, they would use what I said to hurt me later,” Bucky mumbled, closing his eyes once again. “Always hurting!” Bucky spat, his body jerking slightly.

Derpy squeezed and pressed her muzzle against Bucky’s face, just below his ear.

“Finally I stopped talking,” Bucky confessed.

“You talk plenty, you stopped being open,” Berry corrected, her tone gentle. “I need you to be open. Like my legs.”

“There is a little radish in there someplace that I need to find,” Derpy said.

“Bucky, you are being obstinate. Stop that. Just open your eyes and have a look, I promise it doesn’t have teeth and it will not bite you,” Berry said affectionately.

“You’re not all that pink down there Berry, more of a red wine colour,” Derpy observed, causing Bucky to twitch slightly.

“Look Bucky, don’t make me point out the obvious here,” Berry threatened good naturedly. “Come on, just have a peek.”

Bucky squeezed his eyes shut even tighter.

“Fine. You leave me no choice. Just think Bucky, at some point in your life, you’ve had your mother’s vagina wrapped around your neck and your dangly little colt bits have brushed up against her filly bits. Just think about that for few minutes!” Berry exclaimed.


Author's Note:

And Berry brings up one very terrifying point.

At some point, I am going to have Berry espouse her views on feminism, and how monogamous marriage stole power from females. Still working out the kinks to that one. That should be an interesting chapter.

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