The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


288. 288

Yew Wood carefully stepped on Lugus’ back, making his spine crackle as she pranced around on his backbone. The big warrior grunted as the much smaller pegasus danced across his back, his eyes narrowing or going wide as she moved and shifted over his broad body. She was only a quarter of his size, and Lugus loved her more than he had any words to express.

“Do you remember our first time?” Yew asked as she applied her weight to her front hooves, pressing down between Lugus’ wing joints and causing a popcorn sound to fill the air. She smiled when she heard Lugus groan and continued to press down, until there was finally a loud pop and the big griffon went completely limp beneath her.

“How could I forget?” Lugus replied, his beak not moving, and his voice coming from deep within his throat. “It was a very memorable time for me.”

“For me as well,” Yew responded right away, balancing perfectly upon the monstrous brute she called her husband. “It was the first I felt truly loved… even though I had been previously married.”

“It was right after the battle,” Lugus said, reminiscing to a time not all that long ago.

“What was it that really made you fall in love with me?” Yew inquired, leaping off of Lugus’ back and settling down beside him on the bed.

“Your pretty face,” Lugus admitted in reply.

“With the big jagged scar running down one side and my missing eye?” Yew sighed. “You sweet talker. Just when I think we have something meaningful between us, you have to go right for the physical attraction.”

“The scar is… how you say… sexy,” Lugus muttered. “But I love you for other reasons too,” he added before he got himself in trouble.



The much larger griffon looked down at the much smaller pegasus who was looking up at him with one curious eye. He reached down and grabbed her with his talons, lifting her up to eye level, and carefully held her. He was able to wrap his talons completely around her body, his claws meeting together, and he squeezed her gently, understanding that pegasi liked a little squeezing. He watched as she folded her forelegs over her barrel and peered at him. It took an enormous amount of trust to be held in the claws of a creature that could bite your entire head off.

“So how are we going to do this?” Yew asked.

“Wait, I thought you were once married and had a foal?” Lugus said in a teasing reply.

Reaching out, Yew Wood rapped Lugus sharply on the beak and shook her head from side to side. “One of your hind legs is actually larger around than my body is. Really. What is the plan?”

“I don’t know,” Lugus said, being serious. “I have some concerns about hurting you.” He gently set the pegasus down upon the floor of their small cabin on The Scorned Mare and stepped back.

“Test run. I’m going to stand here, and you are going to act like you are mounting me,” Yew instructed, flicking her tail around. She turned around, presented by hiking her tail up, and dropped her front half down to the ground, leaving her rump up high in the air.

Lugus, being a very playful feline, reached out with one wing tip and gave her a tickle just below her tail, causing the mare to wiggle and giggle. He then attempted to mount her.

Yew vanished.

He stood over her, and she was completely gone. He dropped his head down to look between his front legs, and he could see her beneath him. She was halfway between his front and rear legs, and he was no where near where needed to be to penetrate her. He stepped forward, still looking at Yew, and banged his head into the wall, causing Yew to giggle.

“I’ll back up,” Yew offered.

Lugus watched and she scooted backward between his hind legs. Another problem presented itself. She was short, and he was tall. With her rump waggling around pleasingly in the air, she was still about a foot away from his hips. He dropped himself down a bit, finding the angle awkward and rather painful, until he felt his balls brush up against her.

“You still have the largest stones I’ve ever seen,” Yew announced from beneath him. “Almost as big as my head… they’ll make a nice place to rest my noggin I bet.”

“This isn’t working,” Lugus observed.

“Yeah, I know,” Yew replied. “You’d make a nice shelter though. Keep the rain off of me,” she added, standing up beneath him.

“There is going to be a much larger problem,” Lugus said in a low voice.

“And that is?” Yew inquired.

“When erect, my penis is longer than your whole body,” Lugus answered.

“Oh… my… gosh… really?” Yew breathed. “Lugus, I love you, but I’m worried.”

“So am I, I would never hurt you,” Lugus promised reassuringly.

“Roll over,” Yew commanded, reaching up and prodding Lugus’ belly.

The giant griffon flopped over on the bed and rolled over onto his back, his legs splaying out in different directions. He looked over at Yew, who was climbing into the bed and then climbing up on top of him. She stood on his ribcage, her weight easily supported by his bone structure.

“What do I have to work with here?” Yew said, using her nose to root around in Lugus’ groin. “Oh my… what do we have here?” she asked, sniffing and snuffling around. “Something is peeking out,” the pegasus announced excitedly.

“That feels very nice,” Lugus uttered as he felt Yew’s warm damp snoot brushing up against his bare flesh.

Not quite believing what she was seeing, Yew teased the tip of what was peeking out. “I dunno if it grows thicker, but it seems skinny,” she said.

“Very long and skinny… and there is a bone in there,” Lugus heaved as she felt her heavy breathing on his most sensitive areas.

“I’ve seen pony peckers bigger around than this… but never anything this long… and it keeps growing!” Yew admitted. She gave it a curious lick and she felt Lugus convulse beneath her. “Salty!”

“Oh… that… felt very good. It has been a while since I have done anything,” Lugus whispered. “This can’t be fair to you… I know from reading, your kind has foreplay… your kind at least tries to give the females pleasure… they call it hunt the radish. But I am incapable of such a thing,”

“So when you peek out, the bone just slides into place?” Yew asked.

“I suppose so, I do not know the actual mechanism,” Lugus replied.

“That’s a really big cock,” Yew gasped. It was indeed as long as the length of her body, skinny, veiny, and free of barbs. It was an odd shape compared to what she was used to, and she noticed that Lugus had an odd smell that she found she rather liked. “This is gonna be a really morbid question, but what happens to griffonesses who are about my size?”

“Do you really want to know?” Lugus inquired.

“Yeah… kinda,” Yew replied, feeling somewhat afraid.

“If a warrior such as myself takes a smaller female for the purposes of satiating his lust, he usually jams it in as far as he can to satisfy his need. The smallest low ranking females… many die from this kind of copulation,” Lugus responded. “I have never done such a thing.”

“That’s what I thought,” Yew whimpered. “That’s awful.”

“My kind has no respect for any race, even our own,” Lugus stated. “We only respect strength, and we even eat the smaller members of our own race.”

“Oh YUCK!” Yew shouted, sticking her tongue out in disgust.

“We only respect strength, and they are weak. If you don’t want to be food, be strong enough to survive. If you do not wish to be raped to death, be strong enough to say no and defend your body… it is how we are,” Lugus explained.

“Okay, new rule, only sweet talk from here on out,” Yew announced as she prodded the enormous penis pointing up at her with her hoof.

The smaller pegasus turned around, straddled Lugus’ chest, and then began to back up with her tail hiked up into the air, wiggling over his body. Reaching back with a wing, she pulled the enormous griffon cock downwards and maneuvered it until she felt it prodding at her already somewhat damp slit. She jammed herself backwards and felt him slip in, and immediately  bottomed out. Yew cried out a lusty cry and chewed on her lower lip.

With a squawk, Lugus felt the pegasus grinding herself on the tip of his penis. Only a small portion of it was inside of her, and her inner flesh was far hotter than he was used to. He had to force himself into submission and not succumb to the sudden urge to grab Yew in his talons and force her down the length of his cock, the urge to penetrate, to bury himself in her, it was almost too strong to resist. He allowed her to continue pleasuring herself even though it wasn’t doing very much for him.

Realising that something might not be right, Yew came to the slow conclusion that she was only teasing the tip of the giant griffon’s pecker, and she started to try and figure out what to do to satisfy Lugus. Already, she was close, All she had to do was push back on Lugus’s shaft and she could grind herself against his bone hard rod at just the right angle, applying pressure directly to her little nubbin, causing the most delightful feelings of the shudders to go tearing through her body. It was like rolling around in a thundercloud on a stormy day.

Seeing the look on Yew’s face did something to Lugus, and he felt a most peculiar emotion coursing through him. He could not put a name on what he felt, but the feeling was almost overpowering. She was chewing on her lip, her eye was closed, and her ears rotated and pivoted about. Her mouth fell open and she began to whimper as she rubbed herself on the end of his shaft. Finally, she cried out once, then again, and finally a third time, before her movement’s slowed. He reached out his talons and touched her gently, stroking her side, his knuckles trailing over her soft perfect wings.

“You aren’t hurting your leg are you?” Lugus asked as he continued to gently stroke the pegasus he loved in her ogasmic afterglow.

“No… I haven’t even felt my leg now until you mentioned it. I was too busy with other things,” Yew giggled. “Now we have to figure out how to get you off,” she said thoughtfully.

She pulled off of the large still erect cock and then started to slide her wet cunny down along Lugus’ shaft. She went slowly, teasingly, stopping to rub herself backwards and forwards along the length as she went. She saw Lugus’ eyes close and she knew she was doing something right. In no time at all he was slick with her wetness and Yew was able to slide back and forth along the length. She could feel him throbbing beneath her, and she was already approaching her second climax.

“Let me know when you are close,” Yew whimpered as she ground herself along Lugus’ shaft, sliding up and down its length. She could feel the griffon trembling beneath her.

The meat pole ride was lovely.

Quivering, Yew felt her hips bucking, she needed something inside of her, and she continued to grind away on Lugus’ long shaft. She ground herself near the base, where his balls were, wrapped her forelegs around the length, sliding them up and down, and then using her tongue, licked around the lip, making out with the slick pink flesh. She felt a shiver when Lugus squawked and then hissed. She slide the entire length of her plush body against his length as she licked little loving circles around the opening.

“I’m… going… to burst,” Lugus warned.

Moving quickly, Yew Wood clambered up Lugus’ body, positioned his tip against her snatch, and took him as deep as she could. She wrapped her good hind leg around his length and began to slide it up and down, hooking her hock along the underside of Lugus’ throbbing shaft, and each movement of her leg made Lugus squirm and gasp.

She was rewarded for her actions with a hot flood of seed spurting deep inside of her, she continued using her leg to pump Lugus’ shaft, working up and down the length, and she felt a delightful fullness in her groin as she was flooded with spunk.

Breathless, she finally collapsed upon his belly, the tip of his cock still inside of her, and she rubbed her cheek along his fur. “That was nice,” she purred. She felt a final hot spurt deep inside of her, and then Lugus moved a bit beneath her.

“You make adorable faces…”
















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