The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


242. 242

Ripple and Sentinel both sat in the library, reading different officer’s manuals. Ripple looked serious and was focused on her reading. Sentinel was distracted. A useful spell from Bucky had gotten rid of the stink, but the memory lingered on.

Barley was in the room with them, reading through a book borrowed from the Ponyville library. He was silent, his eyes were on the book, but his mind was someplace else. There was so much to worry about. The refugees and the coming fall and winter. Concern about the spreading cases of infectious hoof rot. His overly curious nephew that had tried to eat a skunk. And the concern of having enough food to make it through the winter, not just for the town, but here at home. Unicorns ate a lot of food when using magic. Root vegetables were being planted for the fall, as well as some squash and a few other fast growing late summer early fall friendly crops. He hoped there were enough neeps and tatties to get them through the winter.

Rising Star came into the library, flopped down in a chair, and then he levitated over a book about practical applications for pyromancy. He yawned, having had a long day, and then settled in for some serious reading. Tonight’s chapter was all about a spell called “flamewhip” and its many uses, both in and out of combat.



“We’ve been home all this time and no grocery store,” Piña said in a low whisper to Dinky, who was in the bed beside her. “Papers say the grocery stores are kinda empty though. I guess there is no point in going.”

“Things will get better soon Piña,” Dinky responded reassuringly.

“All of the seats have been torn out of the theatre and it is being used to house sick ponies who can’t be outside,” Piña said, glad to have Dinky close. “Think Ripple will come to bed with us tonight Dinks?”

“I hope so. I miss sleeping with my mom… with everypony. We all slept together in a big pile for so long. Now I can’t even sleep unless I have somepony in the bed with me. Sentinel has his own room. Nothing is like it was,” Dinky whispered in reply.

“I feel really bad about what Diamond Tiara did to Sentinel. I’m kinda angry with her. But at the same time, I understand she’s lonely. She’s older than us and she likes colts. I don’t know what to do Dinks. I feel bad that she did what she did to Sentinel and Luna. We spent so much time telling Sentinel how she was our friend and she-”

“She made a mistake Piña,” Dinky interrupted. “What are we going to do? Ditch her? Abandon her? Sentinel is able to forgive her. We should too. It will be awkward for a while but it will blow over.”

Piña pulled Dinky closer and squeezed the now smaller unicorn. Piña had grown over the summer. Where once they had been almost the same size, Piña was now larger, heavier, and bulkier, filling out as an earth pony usually does as they race towards their first milestones of maturity.

“Gonna be your birthday soon,” Dinky said just before she yawned.

“You know, I don’t wanna celebrate my birthday,” Piña said.

“Why not?” Dinky asked, now puzzled. She felt Piña stroking her side along her ribs and began to feel even more sleepy.

“Just don’t. Feels wrong. There is all these foals living in dirty camps with hoof rot and I am in this warm soft bed with you and I am completely safe and secure with a whole army of parents and siblings that love me and there are no shadow wolves trying to eat me or crystal liches trying to scare me to death and I have it really good right now… and a birthday party really isn’t necessary,” Piña explained in response. “I heard Berry and Bon Bon talking. There might not be enough food to make it through the winter here on our farm. We’re going to have to feed the earth ponies we have working the land and all of us.”

“You sound like a grown up,” Dinky retorted.

“We’ve both grown up,” Piña stated. “We’ve matured. We’re not the foals we used to be.”

“Diamond Tiara is a bit like us… she’s matured. Sure, she did something stupid, but she knows she did something stupid. And she feels bad. I think were all going to be different from the other foals around us. More grown up because of what happened,” Dinky whispered in the dark room to Piña.

“We still get along okay with Citrus. She is about our age,” Piña stated.


“Yes Dinky?”

“Have you noticed anything different going on “down there” between your legs now that you’ve gotten a little older?”

“I haven’t had a heat.”

“I know… but I kinda noticed the other day when I was climbing over the arm of the couch and I straddled it for a moment like a ponyback ride, I kinda rubbed up against it and it made me feel tingly all over down there and my pucker clenched up and felt real tight. My dock had this prickly feeling like little bugs were crawling all over it,” Dinky confessed.

“I’ve had that happen once or twice,” Piña admitted.

“When we were staying in Canterlot, I woke up in the middle of the night and I heard Moonbow in the bed next to us. She was rubbing herself and kinda moaning Sentinel’s name. I would hear wet squishy sounds like a pony stepping in the mud. It made me feel really confused and funny all over. I still don’t know how to feel about it. I haven’t told anypony until just now,” Dinky whispered.

“Yuck,” Piña gasped.

“It was kinda gross but it was also kinda sweet. I mean, she was thinking about our brother while she was… you know… um…” Failing to find any suitable words, Dinky fell silent.

“Yuck!” Piña said again with a shudder.



“Hoo howdy sure is a pretty moon out tonight Silver.”

The orange mare’s beauty was breathtaking under normal circumstances, but seeing her in the moonlight, soaking wet and streaming water as she sat on a rock after a late night swim inflamed Silver Shill. He coughed a little bit to clear his throat and moved a little closer to the earth pony mare.

“I know what you’re up to loverboy, creeping up on me all coy like and hoping I won’t notice ‘cause I’m looking up at the moon. I bet you your trying to think of something clever to say with that there silver tongue of yours.”

“I am much happier as an honest earth pony,” Silver Shill confessed.

“Lying ain’t no good for us earth ponies. Gives us the heebie jeebies and discombobulates us from nature. I know from experience. Earth ponies was made to be honest.”

“We’ve been friends for quite some time… well, business partners, then friends… and recently, things have changed and I don’t feel honest anymore being around you,” Silver Shill admitted.

“Oh? And what great lie are you telling now, grifter?”

“Applejack, I don’t wanna be your friend anymore… withholding the truth is the same as lying,” Silver Shill said as he scooted just a little bit closer to the fiery mare.

“Oh… I see how it is… so that’s how it is gonna be, huh?”

“Applejack, I’d rather have you as a wife,” Silver Shill stated in a low voice, looking up at the moon and hoping that his heart didn’t explode in his barrel.

“Well… shucks. Why didn’t you say so sooner? You kept me waiting you silver tongued con artist,” Applejack said with a snort. “For a time, I thought your gate opened the other way. I’ve been sending all kinds of signals.”

“I know. I wanted to prove myself, to show I was being honest,” Silver Shill responded.

“Oh I has me a plan on how you can show me that you’re honest. I’m gonna put that tongue of yours to work, you sly trickster you. Now I’m gonna lay my body down in that soft grass over yonder, where it is damp and cool, and you’re gonna hunt my radish…  got it?” Applejack said.



Sitting at the kitchen table, Derpy thought about everything that needed to be done. Her old house needed to be packed up and cleaned out, and everything brought here. She had no idea what to do with the house. Much to her surprise, it had been paid off completely by an anonymous source and she was the sole owner. Holding on to it seemed wise. Sparkler and her herd might want to move out someday.

The house was quiet. The foals were upstairs asleep. Sparkler was outside in the cool of the evening running laps around the house and the lake. The rest of her herd was in the library. Derpy loved quiet moments like these. Soothing downtime for any introvert. She knew that Bon Bon and Lyra were on the back porch relaxing after a long day of work. She didn’t know what Bucky was doing. He had vanished. Berry had taken a bath and Derpy guessed that she had gone to bed. She wasn’t sure where Thistle was, but the lake was a safe guess.

“Derpy… come to bed. We have a surprise for you,” Berry said in a sultry whisper from the kitchen archway. She gave the grey pegasus her best seductive gaze and batted her eyelashes.

Giggling, Derpy slipped from her chair and followed Berry down the hall.



Bucky was tied to the bed and Derpy felt something inside of her break. Raw white hot anger flared. She lept forward immediately to free him. “Just because he is my slave doesn’t give us the right to mistreat him!” Derpy said furiously. Reaching the bed, she pulled the cloth gag from Bucky’s mouth and patted him gently, feeling awful for his predicament.

“Are you okay?” Derpy asked, her tone both worried and furious.

“I am a unicorn,” Bucky whispered. “Do you think ropes could hold me in this situation?”

“Oh…” Derpy gasped, realising a mistake might have been made. Her anger melted away and was replaced by confusion. She turned and looked at Berry, flashing a sheepish grin. She turned back to Bucky, put the gag back into place, and then patted him softly once again and he made a muffled moan into the gag. He was tied down on his back and was completely exposed. She turned her head once again, looking at Berry and Thistle. “I don’t understand this. Sorry if I overreacted. I might own him but I never ever want him abused.”

“Understandable. I suppose I should have warned you,” Berry replied.

“So why is he tied down? I don’t get what is going on,” Derpy said, her eyes straying to a spot between Bucky’s legs.

“This is all about trust. Bucky is tied down, helpless, gagged, and he has to trust us to take care of his needs as we take care of ours,” Berry said as she came forward and mounted the bed. She made a gesture for Thistle to come over. “We can do anything to him when he is like this.”

Reaching out with her leg, she ran her folded fetlock over his breastbone and began working her way slowly down Bucky’s belly. “We can make him our toy. We can give him a little loving abuse. We can tease him mercilessly. We can use whatever parts of him we want to satisfy ourselves. But make no mistake, we will use him. If he is naughty, we might spank him. If he is a good little toy, we might let him get off without waiting for too long… but he is ours to play with.”

“Trust?” Thistle asked.

“He has to trust us not to hurt him for realsies. There is play and there is real hurt,” Berry explained in a teasing tone of voice. The soft side of her fetlock lingered over a very delicate place on Bucky, rubbing in a little circle. “But the rope lets him know that we are in charge. It is a two way street. We have to trust that Bucky will play by the rules and stay tied down. He could free himself at any time and spoil our fun. So this is a choice for him.”

Licking her lips, Derpy leaned over Bucky. “So, what do we do first?” she asked.

“Well, I was thinking tickle torture,” Berry announced.

“I’m in the mood for… meat,” Thistle whispered. After a moment, she tittered, unable to stay serious after what she said. “You know… after we get done with Bucky, I say we tie up Berry Punch and do awful things to her.”

“I really like that idea,” Derpy said. “We need to hogtie the wild Shetland mare.”



Berry Punch checked the ropes once again. With a nudge, she was able to slip the loop from Bucky’s stump. Smiling, she slid it back into place over the end of his severed limb. "If we hurt you at all, or something goes wrong, you just pull this leg free from the rope, wave it around, and we’ll cuddle you until you feel better. Okay?”

Bucky nodded, unable to reply with the gag in his mouth.

Smiling, Berry turned to look at Derpy and Thistle. She stood up over Bucky with her tail over his face, the long fine hairs spilling over his muzzle. “So, what do we do?”

“I say we get each other warmed up,” Thistle said as she pushed Derpy over and flopped down on top of her. She struggled with the grey mare, and the pair began to flounder around the bed, each trying gain dominance.

With Thistle being pregnant, Derpy didn’t try very hard. She allowed herself to be pinned down and dominated, even when Thistle sat down upon her head and dry humped her face.

Still standing over Bucky, Berry Punch looked down and noticed something was peeking out. “Hey ladies… I think this naughty stallion likes to watch his mares to fight one another.”

“Am I sexy?” Thistle asked Berry as she sat down on Derpy’s head and ground her bottom against the pegasus. She yelped softly when she felt a gentle tugging nip.

“So very sexy,” Berry admitted as she watched Thistle get rolled over by Derpy and held down for a moment. Berry saw a flash of orange tongue plunging into Thistle’s fuzzy cleft, and there was a long low moan from the kelpie. She felt the muscles in her dock tensing and her tail slowly rising in arousal. She knew that Bucky was down below her, getting quite a show from the two mares beside him or just by looking up.

“Not fair, you went right for the licking,” Thistle protested.

“You sat on my face,” Derpy argued as Thistle wrestled her over.

Sitting on top of Derpy, Thistle straddled Derpy’s already moistening minge, the mare making meek muffled moans as she did so. There was a salacious sound of succulent suction, as two lewd luscious labias longingly latched, locking lasciviously to one another in lurid lovestruck lust.

Looking down, Berry Punch could see that Bucky definitely liked what he was watching. She dropped her head and gave a long lick, starting at his flared tip and slowly working down to his balls. The half hard cock twitched and Berry held her head over it, breathing slowly onto the skin. She could see the goose bumps all over Bucky’s body.

Derpy and Thistle continued their tribadism, something Thistle enjoyed a great deal. Berry took note that Thistle enjoyed external stimulation more than internal stimulation.

Hearing the moaning from the two mares was making Berry feel wet. She felt something dribble, hot sticky liquid trailing from her now clenching marehood, and she could hear Bucky’s surprised murmur through his gag. She knew without looking that she had dripped on him. Sticking out her tongue again, she gave another long slow lick to Bucky’s now fully erect cock. Her tongue lingered over the flared tip, moving in a circle, and then moved down, zigzagging from side to side as she trailed her way downwards.

Feeling a spike of jealous envy, Berry could hear Derpy was already approaching orgasm. Her oversized clitoris and pent up state allowed her to scratch her itch against Thistle, who was humping back and forth in a furious fashion, her mouth open and her tongue hanging out as she ground away on Derpy’s clenching cleft with her own madly winking and now swollen slit. Berry waited for just the right moment, her body ready to pounce.

When Derpy started to let out whimpering cries, and with Thistle nowhere near the finish line, Berry Punch sprung into action. She pushed Thistle over, knocking her onto her back, and Berry dove down between her legs. She could taste Derpy’s distinct flavour upon Thistle’s luscious labial lips, and Berry plunged her long tongue down deep into Thistle’s now overly hot and excited folds. The fuzz along the edges was glazed over with squalene secretions, and Berry loved every inch of Thistle’s small delicate marehood. It was like a tiny fragile blossom, a delicate bloom, a rare treat for a hungry earth pony to devour. Thistle was tiny and delicate, and her cunny wasn’t very deep. Berry could lick its deepest and most hidden recesses without effort.

“Wow, Bucky is really turned on… he’s drooling… there is a puddle forming on his belly,” Derpy announced breathlessly as Berry Punch continued to work poor Thistle over.

Derpy, feeling creative, maneuvered around the bed until she was sitting at Bucky’s backside. She grabbed his left hind hoof and held it between her own two front hooves, lifting it as much as the rope would allow. Her eyes narrowed into a mischievous expression of well meaning malice. Her tongue came out and she slowly licked one of Bucky’s frogs.

The effect was immediate. Bucky exploded with muffled laughter through his gag and his whole body tensed. He squirmed against his bonds and was unable to stop Derpy from taking a second lick.

Derpy allowed her tongue to linger, moving in a lazy circle, pressing down on the soft fleshy pad in the center of Bucky’s hoof. Derpy, still riding the aftereffects of her first orgasm, felt a spike of arousal. Seeing her husband completely helpless and at her mercy turned her on. She also felt a tiny bit of shame because she enjoyed it so much. Watching him and feeling him thrash against his bonds made a hot prickly heat appear in her nethers. She licked his frog again, knowing there was nothing he could do to make her stop. This made Derpy feel incredibly naughty with a touch of guilt. She was torturing her husband and she found herself enjoying it.

The only thing that allowed her to continue was knowing that Bucky could make this stop at any time. She moved on to his right hind hoof and then gave it a teasing lick, and she could hear a frustrated moan from Bucky, followed by involuntary laughter.

Meanwhile, Berry was getting Thistle frustratingly close to orgasm, only to back and away and tease. Thistle was making little mewling pleading cries now, begging for release. Ignoring Thistle’s cries, Berry focused on Thistle’s teats instead, giving each one a lick with the rough side edge of her tongue.

“Berry please… don’t tease,” Thistle whined.

“Oh… we have a beggar… maybe we’ll tie you up next,” Berry said, her hot breath blowing over Thistle’s most delicate places and making the kelpie jerk and twitch. Without a word of warning, Berry latched on to Thistle’s winking nubbin with her lips and suckled, causing Thistle to kick all four legs into the air and squeal, an adorable fillyish squeak of bliss as she finally slipped over the edge, shuddering with a powerful orgasmic spasm in her chasm.

Lifting her soaked and dripping muzzle from Thistle, Berry turned her attention to Bucky and Derpy. She watched as Derpy licked Bucky’s frogs and Bucky’s reaction was certainly something to see. With each lick, his cock twitched and thudded against his belly.

Repositioning herself, Berry got herself a mouthful of cock and began sucking. It was far too girthy to get much in, not without making her jaw ache from opening too wide, but she was able to gobble the flared end well enough. She ran her tongue over the tip and teased the opening. A bitter liquid trickled out and Berry shuddered from the taste.

Bucky didn’t taste like other stallions. His taste had changed since the introduction of meat into his diet. Berry wasn’t sure what to make of the flavour, but it was strong, bitter, pungent, and musky.

Berry lifted her head away, locking her lips around him with powerful suction to tease him as she pulled up. She could feel Bucky straining beneath her. He was moaning and laughing as the assault upon his frogs continued. She gave a long lick, moving her tongue from his balls up to the tip of the shaft, lingering for a moment as she traveled.

Thistle, recovering, moved over to Bucky’s left side since Berry was on his right, and Derpy was in the middle. She began licking Bucky’s shaft, her tongue commingling with Berry’s as they worked together. Each shuddering breath was hot upon Bucky’s throbbing foal making pole.

Derpy, realising she was missing out on the fun, moved up between Bucky’s legs and stuck her head in between Berry and Thistle. Cheek to cheek with her two fellow-wives, she gave Bucky a loving lick, languidly lingering lazily over his balls. They were salty, a bit sweaty, and Derpy rather liked the flavour. They were large, soft, and slipped around in the little sack they called home. This was Derpy’s most treasured object… the source of all future foals in her family. She curiously slurped a testicle into her mouth and applied careful suction.

“I am so turned on right now, I am about to go off from the feeling of my own winking,” Berry panted, lifting her head up for a moment to take a breather. She was incredibly aroused from watching Bucky struggling against the ropes.

“More goo is dribbling out,” Thistle said between licks.

Berry went back to work, teasing with her tongue around the tip. She felt Bucky spasm and knew he was close, so berry close to going off, and Berry wrapped her lips around his flared tip. She ground her tongue down upon the narrow opening and waited, wondering how much of a load Bucky would blow.

With a grunt, Bucky went off and Berry’s mouth was flooded with hot, salty, bitter, foul tasting cum. Stallion spunk was actually something Berry didn’t mind, but this was even worse than the cock snot she had sampled earlier. She struggled to swallow, gagged, and then fled from the bed and out the door to the bathroom as the rest of Bucky’s seed shot all over his belly and his barrel.

Feeling adventurous, Thistle gave a lick to the still warm semen. She shuddered. It didn’t taste good at all. Far too bitter. She watched as more stringy strands came spurting out, Bucky’s cock jerking spastically with each burst.

Crinkling her nose, Derpy watched as Thistle shivered and pulled away. She climbed up over Bucky until she reached his head and loosened his gag. “How was it?”

“No more frog licking!” Bucky shouted.

“So… more frog licking in the future,” Derpy replied.

“No… it tickles,” Bucky begged.

The door opened and Berry came back into the room. “Sorry about that,” she said in an embarrassed voice.

“You know, Berry is the only one of us who hasn’t gone off,” Derpy announced.  

“There are ways to fix that,” Bucky said, his horn flashing.



Derpy took a long lustful look at Berry Punch, who was hogtied on the bed. She wasn’t tied down like Bucky was. All four legs had been bound together, she had been gagged, blindfolded, and left on her back. Her curvaceous backside was exposed for all to view, her winking pulsating sex out on display. Derpy could even see her tight perky pink little pucker sitting just above her dock.

“Naughty mares who waste spunk have to be punished,” Derpy announced. She grinned when she heard Berry moan. She gave Berry’s buttocks a good swat and watched as Berry’s marehood quivered in response. She gave another good brisk slap, striking Berry right on the left strawberry, which made Berry cry out into her gag.

“Did I hurt you?” Derpy asked, now worried, the act dropped.

Berry shook her head no.

“This kinda play makes me nervous. How do we know when to stop?” Derpy asked.

“Comes down to trust,” Bucky stated. “She wants to be dominated. I dunno about you, but I am going to screw this earth pony silly.”

Berry nodded enthusiastically, unable to respond in any otherway.

“Before you do, I have my own plans,” Derpy said. “Thistle?”

“My back hurts. I’m going to lay here and watch. I’m worn out,” Thistle replied.

“Be my guest,” Bucky said to Derpy with a waving gesture towards Berry.

Derpy dove in, her head darting down to get lick of Berry’s exposed and helpless folds. Berry was tangy and salty, there was a faint hint of something almost like garlic.

Her bound legs squirming against her bonds, Berry kicked and wiggled as Derpy worked her way in deeper and deeper. Berry could feel Derpy’s strong tongue parting her folds, licking around little secret nooks and crannies, and going especially deep into her cranny.

And then, she felt the tongue someplace else. Berry squirmed as Derpy’s tongue circled her pucker. Berry never quite understood Derpy’s fascination with anal play. She took a deep shuddering breath as intense pressure was applied to her clenching tailhole. She felt herself growing moist back there, the skin becoming soft and slick, and she thought back to the time when she had shared Derpy’s sensation of backdoor penetration and sex. She felt her heart race just a little bit faster.


Bucky watched as the tip of Derpy’s tongue wormed its way inside of Berry’s flexing pucker, pushing apart the wrinkled skin. Berry squirmed and wiggled, trying to get away from the randy pegasus that was giving her a rimjob.

Leaning down, Bucky gave Thistle a slow tender kiss, allowing his tongue to creep into her mouth and explore the hidden fleshly places beneath her tongue. When the long kiss was over, he trailed little kisses along her cheek, down her neck, and then began to work his way down further, each peck making Thistle let out a tiny squeak. Finally, he kissed her navel and went no further. He worked his way back up, slowly, teasingly, little kisses being trailed over every inch of progress, until he found himself at her ear. He gave her ear a teasing lick, and then kissed her one last time just above her eyes. Leaning over her ear, he took a deep breath. “I love you dearly. I hope I can provide the life you wanted,” he breathed into Thistle’s ear.

“I’m a very happy kelpie,” Thistle whispered.

As Bucky watched, Derpy disengaged from Berry, stepped over the hogtied earth pony, sat down near Berry’s head, spread her legs, tore away Berry’s gag, and grabbing ahold of Berry’s ears, forced Berry’s muzzle into her hot damp folds. He could see Berry’s orange tongue licking, probing, finding its way into Derpy’s depths.

He lay down beside Berry punch on his side and scooted closer, until his belly was pressed against her soft silken sides. He then began to wiggle his way upwards, until he had positioned the tip of his cock against her smouldering snatch. He could hear the wet sloppy sounds of Berry working Derpy over. He snaked one leg through Berry’s hogtied limbs, wrapped it around her, pulled her close, and then, he thrusted, sinking himself almost halfway in.

He heard Berry hiss and he waited for a moment. All she needed was a moment. He gave her that. He then pulled out, leaving only the tip inside, and, with one well practiced thrust, buried himself balls deep in the earth pony. He wasted no time hammering her as hard as he dared, each slamming thrust forcing her muzzle deep into Derpy’s snatch. He worked with a slow steady rhythm, Berry needed a moment to gasp for some air after all, but he gave her the sort of rough rutting she had been begging for. He spared her backside no mercy. Each one of his frenzied thrusts caused Derpy to cry out as Berry’s muzzle collided with terrific force against her stench trench.

Derpy kept a tight hold of Berry’s ears, pinching them in her folded fetlocks, pushing and pulling Berry’s head up and down to force her tongue to move over all the right areas as Bucky continuously collided against Berry’s cunny curtains.

Thistle watched with growing interest as Bucky’s pecker, glistening with juices, slid in and out of Berry Punch. She could see the skin stretched tight all around, and she watched as Berry’s foal hole changed shape, getting pushed inwards on each thrust, and stretching outwards each time Bucky pulled out. Thistle became quite aroused by the sight of the stretching distorting skin, how elastic it seemed to be.

Bucky knew he was doing a good job because Berry began bleating each time his balls slapped into her. He could feel her growing tighter around him, and then, after a few more solid slams, Berry let out a muffled cry into Derpy’s slick snatch.

He was close now, so close, and with a wet “schlorp!” sound, he pulled free of Berry’s well plowed furrow. Berry made a confused needy cry as he repositioned himself, sitting on his haunches, and bumping his groin up against her backside. He grabbed her by her hogtied legs, his hind legs stretched along each of her sides, and then, he pulled her down violently onto his cock, impaling her, going in as deep as possible.

Berry bleated uncontrollably as she was speared.

With a few quick thrusts, Bucky approached his breaking point and blew his load, filling Berry Punch with hot creamy foal batter. He gave a few more humps, keeping himself deep inside of her, squeezing his hind legs against her sides.

His balls turned to ice when there was a soft knock at the door.

“Aye lad, finish up in there, Luna’s arrived unannounced for a lesson, I’ll try to stall her.”








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